Review Samsung Refrigerator 2022: Best Information For You

Review Samsung Refrigerator 2022 Best Information For You
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Are you looking for the post review Samsung refrigerator? That is the best choice when you come to us! Publican Anker is reviewing this product right now. Let’s follow all the articles.

Samsung is a world-renowned brand that has been making household items since the 1960s. Their products are high quality and offer innovative features for every need imaginable. This refrigerator review will cover some of the best attributes of this particular model, as well as what sets it apart from others in its class.

It’s time to get organized! If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with a new refrigerator, then take a look at Samsung’s latest models on display at their website today! From counter-depth 4-door refrigerators to side-by-side options, there is something for everyone and every budget.

Different types of Samsung Refrigerators

Different types of Samsung Refrigerators (1)

Samsung offers a variety of fridges at a range of price points. It might be worth looking into the brand to find a suitable model for you. The brand offers a variety of fridge styles:

  • Top-mount fridges
  • Bottom-mount fridges
  • Side-by-side fridges
  • French Door

What Makes Samsung Fridges Different?

Samsung counter-depth refrigerators can be described in one way. Each model appears larger inside than on the outside. SpaceX technology, which is available in specific models, suggests that counter depth refrigerators offer a lot of flexibility.

These are some things you should be aware of:

  • Twin Cooling Plus: Prevents odors from mixing with airs. You can also control each compartment independently and switch sections on or off whenever you like.
  • Convertible bright doors: A refrigerator equipped with an intelligent door that converts to an intelligent door typically has four main compartments. You can adjust the temperature of each section with the bright convertible door.
  • Family Hub: Available on smart fridges (SRF671BFH2), this feature allows you to place orders, look inside the fridge, and even play entertainment.

Samsung Top Mount Fridges

A top mount refrigerator is a good option if you don’t care about all the extras in modern refrigerators. This design, unlike side-by-side refrigerators, is more likely to fit into most spaces.

The price is also lower than the rest at less than $1,600. This is a very affordable option considering that many standard side-by-sides fridges can cost upwards of $3,000.

There are many models available from Samsung, including:

  • 270L Top Mount Fridge (SR270MLS): $899 RRP
  • 471L Top Mount Fridge with Twin Cooling Plus (SR471LSTC), $949
  • 400L Top Mount Fridge with Twin Cooling Plus (SR400LSTC), $1,049 RRP
  • 628L Top Mount Fridge (SR625BLSTC): $1,549 RRP

Samsung 400L Top Mount Refrigerator

You don’t want to spend a lot on a high-end appliance, but you also don’t want the lowest price fridge. Consider the 400L Top Mount Refrigerator SR400LSTC as a compromise.

You will find a variety of features, including an intelligent convertible freezer and stainless steel finish. There are also separate cooling systems with Twin Cooling. You can also store your meat and seafood separately to make sure you have fresh surf and turf on your plates.

Here are some specifications that you might be interested in:

  • Star Rating: 3.5-star energy Stainless steel
  • 285L refrigerator capacity
  • 115L freezer capacity
  • The 525L Top Mount Refrigerator, SR520BLSTC, has more space for $400.

RRP: $1.049

Samsung 628L Top Mount Refrigerator

This 628L Top Mount Refrigerator looks excellent in a modern kitchen. It features a minimalist black stainless steel finish with a flat front. The appliance can hold 628 L of food and beverages, which will allow you to display it to the world.

The (SR625BLSTC fridge) also features a movable Ice Maker that can be removed and installed depending on how much freezer space is needed, as well as whether or not you wish to store ice.

Additional features include:

  • There are three refrigerator shelves and one freezer shelf.
  • Twin cooling system
  • Door alarm
  • There are five modes.

The refrigerator is its most expensive top-mount unit. The 525L Top Mount Fridge, SR520BLST (100%), is next in price at $1.449.

RRP: $1.549

Samsung Bottom Mount Fridges

Are you having trouble reaching the frozen microwave meals in the back of your freezer? Consider getting a bottom-mount fridge such as the 458L Bottom Mount Fridge SRL456LS.

These fridges have a fridge on the top and a freezer at the bottom. If you have difficulty accessing the freezer compartment or don’t use it often, this style may be worth looking at. This also means that the freezer size may be smaller than other types of refrigerators, such as side-by-side or French door fridges.

Samsung’s bottom-mount refrigerators are energy efficient. The size of your fridge can impact how much energy star it consumes.

Models with a lower capacity up to 380L may be more suitable for smaller households. If you have more than five people in your family, you may want to look for fridges with 500L or greater capacity.

These are just a few of the models that Samsung currently offers:

  • 336L Bottom Mount Refrigerator (SRL334NMB): $1,049 RRP
  • 458L Bottom Mount Refrigerator (SRL456LS): $1,249 RRP
  • 455L Bottom Mount Refrigerator (SRL447DMB): $1,449 RRP

Samsung 458L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Bottom mount fridges dominate Samsung’s range of energy-efficient refrigerators. The 458L (SRL456LS unit) seems to be an efficient model with a 4-star efficiency rating.

Innovative Sensor technology monitors the temperature and humidity-controlled levels inside the fridge and can even track your usage patterns to adjust the cooling settings.

This model comes with corner to corner cooling and multi-flow technology, easy slide-out drawers for quick accessibility, four adjustable door guards that can be used to store eggs, cheese, etc., and a triple-foldable shelf.

We use a drawer within the freezer drawer is great for separating small items or quickly consumed items.

RRP: $1.249

Keep in mind. However, that bottom mount unit are limited in capacity. There are only 336L, 455L, and 458L Bottom freezer refrigerators.

Samsung 455L Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Innovative Sensor technology in counter depth refrigerators such as the 455L Bottom Mount provides a new way to ensure ‘optimal performance. Five sensors are used to monitor temperature, humidity, and usage patterns to determine if any adjustments need to be made to your fridge to keep food cool.

A triple-foldable shelf is available on the bottom freezer refrigerator (SRL447DMB). This allows for greater storage flexibility and can be used to store bulky items. Fold the shelf in half to fit taller items such as orange juice cartons.

The model comes with a non-plumbed water dispenser, allowing you to install your fridge in the kitchen quickly.

RRP: $1.449

Samsung Side-by-Side Fridges

Samsung Side-by-Side Fridges

Side-by-side refrigerators are great if you live by the motto “go big or go home” in your kitchen. These refrigerators are more efficient than other types and are best for households with at most four people. They can be challenging to fit into small kitchens due to their size.

Depending on how they are designed, some models may not accommodate more oversized items, such as platters or pizzas.

SAMSUNG RS25J500DSR 36'...
22 Reviews

But, the large storage capacity can also mean high power consumption. This is why these refrigerators are better suited to larger households than for single- or two-person households. A side-by-side refrigerator costs more than a regular refrigerator.

These are just a few models that are currently available.

  • 696L Side-by-Side Refrigerator (SRS692NMB): $1,549 RRP
  • 676L Side-by-Side Refrigerator (SRS675DLS): $2,099 RRP
  • 621L Side-by-Side Refrigerator (SRS620MDMB): $2,229 RRP

Samsung 696L Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The 696L side-by-side model (SRS692NMB) is recommended for large households. It uses SpaceMax technology to provide more storage space without actually expanding the appliance’s dimensions.

This is possible because it uses a “minimal amount” of high-efficiency insulation to make the interior walls thinner than other models that don’t have this SpaceMax system.

Samsung refrigerators also include comprehensive cooling technology that will keep your food fresh. Each shelf has multiple air vents that distribute cool air evenly. This is claimed to help reduce temperature fluctuations and preserve freshness longer. Other functions include:

  • Power Cool: Uses frigid air to rapidly excellent contents
  • Power Freeze: Provides a quick blast of cold air to the freezer to freeze, firm up frozen food or make ice
  • Air deodorizing filter: This prevents the air from becoming odorous and preserves food’s original flavor and around. An activated carbon filter is used to remove odors from the air.

696L Side by Side Refrigerator has a 431L refrigerator capacity and 265L freezer.

This refrigerator is in black stainless steel and is fingerprint-resistant. It will show smudges from dirty hands though which should be common sense.

The freezer drawer is huge and fits more than the traditional side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. It has a divider in the main freezer section and also has a sliding freezer drawer to separate foods.

RRP: $1.549

Samsung 621L Side-by-Side Fridge

The fridge (SRS620MDMB)-Black stainless steel, which features FlexZone technology, allows you to adjust the temperature in specific parts of your fridge. There are four preset settings for cooling, preserving, fruit, and cool beverages.

It has all-around cooling that will keep your food cool no matter where it is stored, including in the refrigerator and water dispenser.

This model features SpaceMax technology, which uses minimal high-efficiency insulation to keep the internal walls of the refrigerator thin. It also gives you more fridge space without making it more prominent on the outside. Other standard features include all-around cooling and a plumbed water dispenser.

RRP: $2.229

Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Samsung French Door Fridges

Are you looking for a refrigerator that can store many items and has a broader range of features? Samsung refrigerator offers a wide range of French door. French door fridges tend to be a little wider than other styles, making them great for storing cakes and platters.

These units usually have two doors that open outwards and a separate freezer compartment that pulls down below. Several models with four doors are also available from the brand. They have a bright door that converts to a freezer or fridge.

This design uses three separate cooling systems to ensure that each compartment has the right temperature and humidity.

There are a few models that Samsung refrigerator currently offers:

  • 495L French Door Refrigerator (SRF5300SD): $1,649 RRP
  • 488L French Door Refrigerator (SRF5700SD): $2,049 RRP
  • 649L French Door Fridge (SRF7100S): $3,049 RRP
  • 648L French Door Fridge (SRF7500SB): $3,899 RRP

French doors range includes some smart fridges from its Family Hub series. These fridge doors allow you to shop and schedule your day, as well as entertain, right from your refrigerator door.

Samsung 671L Family Hub Refrigerator

671L Family Hub Refrigerator RF671BFH2It can be difficult to get children to eat other than chicken nuggets and lollies. This fridge may be a smart way to get kids excited about different dishes. It has more than 180,000 recipes that you can access right from your fridge door.

You can also use the Family Hub feature of the 671L Family Hub refrigerator (SRF671BFH2) to order groceries at Woolworths, view what’s in the fridge without opening it, leave messages to other family members, and organize to-do lists, schedules, and tasks. You can also play music and movies, as well as show photos.

Samsung is back with a third-gen model—aptly named the Family Hub 3.0. It’s available in 14 different French-door models, consisting of three-door, four-door, and four-door flex (for flexible freezer compartment ) configurations that range in price from $3,300 to $5,200.

Some functions include:

  • Flip-up and foldable shelves
  • Compatible with the SmartThings app
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The large-capacity refrigerator (SRF671BFH2) has triple cooling technology, which maintains temperature and humidity.

It is also believed to reduce the number of odors that are shared within the fridge. The French Door fridge has a metal cooling plate that keeps the air cool and fresh.

While Side by Side and French Door are rich with features, the 4-door models, like the RF28K9380SR 4-Door Flex Full Depth, pack most of the innovative features.

Among the four style choices, you will notice that there are lots of configurations. Models with “Food ShowCase” doors or “Family Hub” touch screens built-in to the doors are the most prominent configurations among all styles.

RRP: $4.999

Samsung 488L French Door Fridge

Are you having trouble finding the tub of ice cream among all the other frozen meats and vegetables? French Door designs like this 488L French Door Fridge, SRF5700SD, are said to make it easy to quickly reach your fridge’s contents, particularly your most essential items.

Due to the dual handle doors, larger pots and pans may not be as problematic due to their ability to open easily.

You should also keep these essential details in mind when buying a fridge:

  • The rating of three stars
  • Adjustable shelves
  • In-built water dispenser (non-plumbed)
  • Vegetable crisper
  • Twin Cooling Plus system

The Samsung refrigerator (SRF5700SD) has a capacity of 329L refrigerator and a 159L freezer.

RRP: $2.049

Samsung 649L French Door Refrigerator

The 649L French Door Refrigerator, SRF7100S, is sure to impress. The flat door design is accented with recessed handles to give it a high-tech appearance. The recessed handles are coated with an antimicrobial coating to keep bacteria and germs away. Exterior surfaces of the fridge have anti-fingerprint finishes.

The model has more extensive door bins that store large milk bottles (2-3L) without clogging up the internal fridge space. It also features a larger-capacity vegetable crisper. You can also remove and detach the twist ice maker at your leisure.

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The refrigerator offers a wide range of refrigerators to fit different tastes. Top mount refrigerators are the best option for those with tight budgets. A bottom mount refrigerator is the best option for energy and long-term savings. Keep in mind that the fridge’s size plays a significant role in how much energy star it uses.

Samsung refrigerator has a side-by-side refrigerator range. These fridges are said to be highly convenient with large freezer volumes. They also have a larger size and more features. French door may be the most functional, with many innovative features and large capacities.

Samsung has a variety of fridges that will suit different budgets. However, if you are looking for the most advanced technology and features that the refrigerator is famous for, you may have to spend more and possibly compromise on energy efficiency. You might find it helpful to review consumer ratings and reviews on various fridge brands at the link below.

How are ratings calculated?

We don’t use a simple average to calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by the star. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.


Are Samsung fridges any good?

Samsung and LG are two of the most popular refrigerator brands in the world. Their refrigerators are among the most reliable on the market. It is easier to repair a Samsung or LG refrigerator because of its popularity.

Are there problems with Samsung refrigerators?

A class-action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of thousands of refrigerator owners. The owners claim that the appliances are defective and blame the ice makers. According to the suit, the problems include leaking and slush and over-freezing of the ice compartment. Water filter leakage is also a problem. These issues have plagued Sproul since 2017.

What brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?


Whirlpool refrigerators are highly respected for their quality and durability. Whirlpool fridges are popular for many households as they last longer than other brands and require less maintenance.

Do Samsung refrigerators have ice maker problems?

Sometimes, the most common negative criticisms revolve around the ice dispenser being slow to replenish and a lack of shelf repositioning options. If I had to complain about anything, it would be the limited space around the ice dispenser. However, I happily traded it for a fresh cooling water filter and ice convenience.

Samsung products currently do not have any recalls for its refrigerator models regarding the ice maker issue. … The social media complaints were not the only ones. A class-action lawsuit was also filed in 2017 regarding ice maker problems with certain French-door refrigerators.


One of the most popular refrigerators this year is Samsung. If you are looking for a new refrigerator, it might be worth considering purchasing one from them.

They have many benefits that will make your purchase worthwhile, including their stylish design and long-lasting quality. You can learn more about all the great features they offer by visiting Publican Anker’s website or clicking on any of our links to buy online today!

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