ROVR Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Guide

ROVR Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Guide
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Do you want to improve your productivity? If so, you might consider checking out our article on the ROVR cooler review. With the increasingly warm weather quickly approaching, it can be hard to stay productive. Thankfully, with the help of the rovr wheeled cooler, this has never been an issue. What makes the rovr wheeled cooler so valuable? You’ll have to click the link to find out!

RovR Cooler Review Lineup

RovR Cooler Review Lineup

RovR offers a variety of hard-sided coolers as well as a smaller number of soft-sided coolers.

You can currently choose from four sizes of hard-sided coolers: ROVR 45 to ROVR 60 to ROVR 80 and ROVR 85. The number designation indicates the storage volume in quarts. There are variations in how different brands label their coolers, depending on which brand you’re looking at.

Some people use quarts, while others use liters. Others even base their names on how many 12oz containers it can hold. As it is more universal, we prefer quarts, so RovR sticks with this.

Based on how we categorize ice chests, these sizes fall into three categories: small, medium, or large. Personal-sized coolers, as well as giant-sized coolers, are not included in the selection.

These specialty sizes are rare, so it’s not surprising that more attention was given to the more popular sizes. We would love to see RovR’s future efforts to create a 100+-quart cooler.

All four sizes are very similar in terms of design and features. Only the ROVR 45 is notable because it flips the carrying handle to be on the same side as the wheels. We will discuss the great features of these ROVR ROLLR in a later section.

RovR also has a soft-sided cooler called the KEEPR. This lunch bag is not intended to retain ice for long periods. We read a lot of reviews about it and found it to be quite high quality. However, we couldn’t get one to test in this review. We will be reviewing it in the future and sharing our thoughts.

Design and Build

ROVR ROLLR 45 weight coolers can be roto-molded which puts them at the top of the cooler market. They are solid and durable and can withstand a lot. They are also bear-resistant and IGBC-certified.

The set of wheels is my favorite part of the ROVR design.

High-performance 9-inch wheels that can move on all terrains. They have aluminum hubs, interchangeable tubes, and heavy-duty rubber tires.

These coolers don’t contain any cheap plastic, which I find somewhat reasonable.

All of it is either bear-resistant material or aluminum.

RovR Ice Retention

RovR Ice Retention

Soft Cooler reviews brands will have all the cool features, but not enough. The cooler must also excel at its original purpose, which is to keep items cool. If a camping cooler brand is to survive, this aspect is crucial.

We didn’t know what to expect when we started our ice testing with the RovR hard-sided coolers. It wasn’t easy to compare the cooler with other similar-sized coolers because of its unique shape and wall thickness. We were concerned that some walls might be thinner than others. Our previous testing discovered that the thinnest walls often drive the ice life on ice chests.

These coolers use a nice gasket/latch mechanism. While we aren’t sure about the impact of the Removable Dry Bin being used as insulation, RovR stated that it provides another layer (which is something we can agree with).

RovR claims that they have reported ice chest of over ten days and more. We don’t have any information about their testing, such as how much ice was used and how often it was opened, and the surrounding environment’s temperature. We can only compare RovR ROLLR to other brands by conducting our ice testing.

We fill the cooler with about half of the ice for our testing. To simulate real-life usage, we will sometimes open the cooler for a few seconds. It being winter, it was impossible to simulate high-temperature summer conditions like Texas. This led to the numbers being increased.

We want to emphasize that all our ice chest testing results are not intended to be definitive. Many variables can affect your ice results.

As you increase the size of your icebergs, you will see an increase in ice lift. With larger sizes, the range of ice life also increases. Based on experience, factors such as storage location, how frequently you open it, and how much you use ice are all important. The larger sizes have a more significant impact. These coolers are more durable if you fill them with ice and keep it closed.

The ROVR 45, the smallest size, had an ice life between 3 and 4 days. It is suitable for weekend trips. The ROVR 85, which is the largest size, saw ice chest rise to 160+ hours under optimal conditions.

This is equivalent to approximately a week of ice chest, the same as RovR’s stated on their website. This cooler can be packed for a long road trip or a large camping expedition. You can also use it for tailgating, as the cooler will be opened more frequently.

RovR mentioned that the cooler lasted for 10+ days. However, we don’t believe these numbers are possible unless you fill it with ice and store it in a dry place.

This is a good deal compared to premium ice chest brands. RovR is not pushing the boundaries in ice chest. We believe this is because their cooler walls aren’t as thick as others. These thinner walls may be what causes most of the ice to melt. Having an attractive design and embedded wheels is the price that you must pay.


Many of these features will be compatible with the design and build aspects discussed above. This cooler is a combination of both. The details are the key to making the cooler stand out.

ROVR Wheeled coolers were a great find. ROVR’s design team designed these coolers. They were thoughtful in making sure all features were added and all details were taken into consideration.

Wheels And Tires of ROvR Cooler Review

The first is the heavy-duty tires. These tires are unique and have never been seen anywhere else in the world. Even Yeti, the industry leader, has them. These tires are almost impossible to break because they are so strong. The entire axle is made of 12.5mm stainless and can support the cooler’s weight while it is on the tires.

An aluminum handle has been attached to the cooler’s front to make it easier to transport. The handle is a pull handle, so it’s easy to locate the perfect height for a comfortable pulling experience. Dual Motorcross rubber grips ensure maximum comfort when pulling the cooler.

Lid and Latches

There are some very cool rubber latches on the cooler’s front. These rubber latches are pulled latches and ensure that the lid is securely closed. These latches have tiny holes that you can pull on and undo to attach the latches. These are strong and long-lasting, so your lid will last for many years.

A refrigerator-style gasket seals the lid and ensures that it is sealed tightly. You can be sure that the lid is securely closed so that air cannot escape.

Anchor pins are built into the lid so that you can attach the ROVR accessory prep station to it. Preparing things for storage is easy with the prep board.

Bin and Wagon Extension

The ROVR also has a dry bin that can be removed. This external wagon bin is a Deep Freeze with two compartments, making it easy to organize dry goods. Although this may reduce the space available for the cooler, the good thing is that the bin can be removed, so you will only have to put it in when you plan to use it. It is also great for keeping dry and wet well separate.

The bin is another great accessory that you can add to your cooler. This feature is available on all ROVR coolers. You can attach removable bins to the cooler’s top. This accessory was one of our favorites because we’ve never seen it in any other cooler.

The bins are attached to the cooler’s cover and folded. You can unfold the bin and use it as you wish.

This will allow you to transport the cooler and any other items in the bin, which dramatically increases your storage capacity.

You can even choose which bin you want on your ROVR 60 if you buy it. It’s pretty cool! The bin acts as an extra backpack that can be attached to your cooler.

Rubber Feet And Bike Adapter

The rubber are last but not least. Rubber gasket feet are used to ensure that your cooler is securely anchored wherever it is stored.

You can attach your ROVR ROLLR and bike to the Bike accessory for easy transport. This turns your cooler into a bicycle trailer. The big inflatable tires provide excellent traction on all surfaces, making it easy to transport the cooler.

Other notable features

You can also get dual cup holders for your bottles and cups by placing the lid around the back.

You can also buy an umbrella/rod holder accessory for fishing trips. This will allow you to have a place to keep your fishing rod.

The accessory stash bag is a small pouch that can hold keys, lighters, and other items for your camping trip. The main compartment has an outer zipper compartment.

RovR Aesthetics

Although styling might not be as important for everyone, it is worth considering. It’s always nice to have coolers that stand out from the crowd at the football game or on the lake.

RovR’s Series cooler is our favorite.

You can choose from a variety of colors depending on the size. The ROVR60 has the most variety of colors with 4, according to our research. You can choose from the following colors at the time of writing: Moss, Desert Power, Magic Hour, and Power.

RovR’s internal dry storage bin carrying tote/wagon box is another cool feature. The wagon bin accessory embossed with additional colors and styling adds a great pop to the overall look, as seen below in the “Magic Hour” color.

The color options offered are slightly less than other premium cooler brands. We have seen brands that offer more than a dozen colors in some cases. There are also specialty color schemes such as camo or professional team colors. RovR doesn’t offer anything similar.

These ice chests look great, regardless of their color. It stands out because the wheels are integrated into the cooler’s body and its aggressive overall shape. This is combined with the 5-spoke rims and aggressive tread on the tires, and you get a product that looks both attractive and tough.

The logo plate is another favorite addition. This plate included the RovR log. It is not only beautiful but also allows you to attach accessories like the BiKr Kit.

RovR should explore new color options and allow for custom logos as well as team colors. This is something we hope RovR will do in the future. This is something Yeti has done for years, and it seems to be very popular.

RovR Cooler 85 Price

We’re used to paying high prices for premium coolers. The Coleman Xtreme Coolers is no exception. These coolers are some of the most expensive on the market. These coolers are more expensive than Yetis, depending on the size.

RovR 80 Cooler offer many extra features and accessories that other coolers don’t have. High-quality wheels, Wagon Bin, and storage tray are just a few of the many features that RovR 45 Cooler offers. These are useful and smart additions that make the cost of the cooler more bearable. There are cheaper options for someone looking for a simple cooler that keeps ice cold for a while.

You can get a premium cooler that will last for many years if you want to spend a little more. It will also stand out among the crowd of RTIC Coolers and Engel Coolers.


ROVR offers a very generous warranty on its products. This only supports the argument that ROVR makes premium products. The warranty lasts for five years for the main body and 12 months for any other components.

This warranty is a good one, but it’s not the best. To put this in perspective, companies such as Otterbox, Cordova, and Pelican offer a lifetime warranty on their hard-sided coolers.

RovR vs. Yeti Cooler

Consumers often make the comparison of “XYZ” cooler vs. a Yeti. It’s not surprising, considering Yeti has been a household name for more than a decade. Their quality and performance have earned them an impressive reputation. We all know that other cooler brands are trying to steal market share from Yeti Giant.

How do RovR Coolers compare with Yeti Tundra haul Coolers?

RovR has the edge in features. Yeti offers a wide range of accessories, but RovR comes with more features. The features they offer combine the expected and the unusual with unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

Both brands have similar ice retention policies. No matter what size you choose, both brands guarantee multi-day ice retention.

They are almost identical in terms of durability. Both companies use high-quality materials. Both brands are grizzly bear-proof. Both offer excellent warranties and support to their customers.

Yeti’s advantage lies in the color and size options. RovR soft sand coolers are limited to 4 sizes and a maximum of 4 colors. Yeti allows you to choose from dozens of sizes and colors.

However, we prefer RovR’s design to Yeti. Yeti uses a traditional, safe approach to designing their coolers. RovR Coolers are more modern and have sharp edges and oversized all-terrain tires.

Let’s talk about the price. Nearly all our comparisons between Yeti and other brands show that the competitor brand is usually the more affordable option. Yeti Coolers are very expensive, despite their high-quality craftsmanship. This may make them less affordable for those who are looking to save money.

If you compare the price of a Yeti to the price of a RovR Cooler discount code, you may find that the Yeti Cooler is more affordable!

Both scenarios will require you to spend a lot of money on a cool cooler. The price difference might be negligible. Both brands might not be affordable if you have a tight budget or want to reduce your expenses.

It is difficult to say which of Yeti or RovR is better. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, though, neither can be wrong.

Other Alternatives to ROVR Coolers

Here are two options for those who have a tight budget:

Blue Coolers 55-qt Wheeled

This one is rotomolded, unlike the Trailmate. It is also less expensive than the ROVR. It does not come with all-terrain wheels and accessories like the ROVR. This vehicle is not intended for off-road use. It is not manufactured in the USA.

It is still a good cooler with the same thick insulation as the Yeti.

Igloo Trailmate

The cooler is less expensive than the ROVR or Yeti. The cooler has many interesting features. However, it is not rotomolded, so it isn’t as robust as the ROVR. Its ice retention capabilities also are inferior to the ROVR. It is not made in the USA.

If you need to know some detailed info about Igloo BMX Coolers, please click here:


Where are RovR rolling coolers made?


The RovR CampR is made in Colorado and features an 80-quart carrying container, all-terrain mountainboard wheels, and a rugged terrain-friendly design.

Read on:

How much does a RovR cooler accessories weigh?

At 26 x 18 x 20 inches and 45 pounds-empty-hauling the cooler up narrow stairs is a two-person job. Compare this to the Yeti Tundra65, which is 29 pounds.

Which cooler is better, Yeti or Kong?

The Kong coolers offer a superior cooler than the Yeti. The Kong cooler has a better ice retention rate than the Yeti, is made in the USA, and offers some amazing features not found in any other cooler.


The Rovr ROLLR Cooler review is a thermal cooling pad with two layers of fabric that helps cool surfaces up to 3°C lower than the surrounding temperature. The manufacturers claim that you can save around 10% of your energy bill with this purchase, but also make sure you have proper airflow in your workstation for this to be effective. Thanks for reading this post!

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