Rtic 45 Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Rtic 45 Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The Rtic 45 Cooler Review is a top-of-the-line cooler and will serve to be your solution in the relentless summer heat. When you purchase this well-built and sturdy cooler, it will last for years and keep your food and drinks ice cold when needed.

This huge capacity cooler will not only withstand the heat of summer but is designed to provide you with adequate temperature control. Just like any other cooler, this one has multiple compartments, which will give you the freedom to transport your food and drinks cold within the perfect cooler without worrying about them getting crushed or damaged.

RTIC Coolers Company Overview

RTIC Coolers Company Overview

We have seen dozens upon dozens of companies emerge over the past decade with the sole purpose of challenging the YETI cooler to be the tile of the best roto-molded cooler. Many of these companies failed. Many of these companies failed to understand rotomolding, while other coolers couldn’t. RTIC cooler review is different from other companies because it has created a product that retains ice chests similar to its competitors. It’s also a little cheaper than YETI coolers.

A Houston-based cooler manufacturer was founded just a few years ago. Their business plan was simple.

1. They make some of the most efficient cooling gear available, including soft coolers, drink cups, and backpacks.

2. These products should be priced to suit the real world.

RTIC cooler review is still relatively new, but they have an impressive following. This is no doubt due to their excellent customer service and high-quality products. They quickly became a well-known competitor to YETI, which has indeed become the standard in rotomolded coolers.

A Basic Overview

According to online sales, the 45-quart soft cooler is the most sought-after size of a camping cooler. The awesome cooler is small enough to be carried on long drives through the country but large enough to hold ice an entire weekend of outdoor activities. It is the best car camping cooler due to its size, weight, and overall capacity.

It is sturdy. It is solid. RTIC was the first company to perfect the construction of the rotomolded coolers, which made YETI coolers so beloved. What are Roto-molded coolers? Rotomolding is the process by which a single layer of hard plastic material can be applied to a marine cooler. The cooler’s “shell” is created by rotating the mold during application.

This is unlike traditional coolers that fused multiple panels to create the outer shell. This method is less durable and can cause “breaks” on the cooler’s surface, which will reduce its insulation.

Rotomolding is more costly, which is why YETI coolers are more expensive than regular coolers. RTIC, on the other hand, has made it its mission to offer great coolers at a lower price. RTIC 45 is approximately a hundred dollars cheaper than its YETI counterpart. That’s a lot of cheese.

This latching system is both secure and elegant. Although the cooler is advertised to be bear-resistant, it is not entirely waterproof. We aren’t sure that these small latches would prevent a full-grown bear from getting into it.

The accessory pack with the divider that can also be used as a cutting board as well as the wire basket are some nice to have added features. However, if you are going on a longer trip or really trying to pack stuff into the cooler you will notice the convenience of the cooler accessories just seem to get in the way and you can fit more in the cooler without them.



The RTIC 45 cooler is designed to compete with the YETI TUNDRA45. They are almost identical in size and use very similar construction techniques. The RTIC is very close to replicating YETI’s impressive ice retention times while slashing nearly a hundred dollars off the retail price. Even though the retain ice doesn’t last as long, think about how much camping food one could get for a hundred smackeroos.

It’s a fairly even match-up. It might be down to the value you place on a more well-known brand than a less well-known company.

If you want to cool the food quickly, we suggest you use cube ice. If you wish to keep it stay cold for a longer time, use block ice. It is advisable not to drain the melted ice water. It can preserve food and drinks better than empty air.

The Rtic 45 cooler is designed, keeping in mind bear attacks. The integrated locking system makes it bear-resistant. With this cooler in the toe, you can go camping in all your favorite places without the fear of your food being attacked by a bear. Apt drainage system Most of the coolers will require you to drain the water periodically as the ice melts inside.

With the integrated locking system, the ice and all the contents will remain safe inside regardless of where you will take the cooler with you.

RTIC 45 Cooler vs. MILEE 45 QT. Heavy-Duty Cooler

MILEE 45 is just one of the many coolers competing for the throne that YETI still holds. The MILEE cooler costs about the same as the RTIC, but it uses a slightly denser interior foam. This cooler is not as good at holding ice as the RTIC. It’s pretty striking, too. It is about a 2-day difference.

We do like a few aspects of the MILEE. The drain plug is sturdy and secure. This is important for temperature-sensitive people who like to have a little water in the cooler. The built-in bottle openers make for a great addition.

RTIC 45 Cooler vs. FROSTED FROG 45 Quart Commercial Grade Insulation Cooler

The FROSTED FROG45 is cheaper than any of the others and maybe the most affordable rotomolded coolers thermoplastic coolant on the market. We had to dig a bit to find out how they managed to charge such a high price for a rotomolded cooler. The Frosted Frog cooler looks almost identical to the MILEE 45, according to our research. They look almost identical, beyond the color.

Frosted Frog performs slightly better with retain ice insulation than RTIC. It’s worth the extra money, so we recommend it in this instance.

How to Choose a Cooler: A Brief Buyer’s Guide

It used to be easy to buy coolers. The only thing you had to choose was “red or blue?”

Things have changed. There are many options for coolers. They come in every size and shape you can imagine. To ensure you get the correct performance, it is essential to match the cooler’s specifications with your adventures.

Insulation and Ice Retention

A cooler’s number one job is to keep you cool. Insulation is the most talked-about specification for coolers. Many coolers on the market today boast ice retention times up to seven days, unlike the foam-insulated plastic coolers of yesteryear. This is a significant upgrade.

What determines the insulation rating of a cooler? It all comes down to the combination of construction materials and construction methods. Rotomolded construction, a technique developed by YETI, allows coolers to be cast from one piece rather than multiple pieces. This results in thicker walls and fewer breakpoints. It results in thicker and more sealed insulation.

This cooler is all about extremes – from impact resistance and durability to long-lasting ice retention. This midsize cooler makes a perfect multi-purpose cooler. It can be carried by one person. The RTIC 45 can do double duty as a bench, non-slip step stool, tabletop, and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables, and vital supplies cold.

Cool-Lift Design

It’s also great to know that RTIC coolers have a cool lift design that keeps the cooler above hot surfaces and off the ground. This will help ensure that you will have optimum ice retention time even in the hottest conditions. So during the hot summer season when most camping coolers can only retain ice for about 5 days, yours will have longer days of ice.

Interior Capacity

A cooler will almost always be listed online with a number (RTIC 45, RTIC 55, etc.). These numbers are not product numbers but rather indicate the cooler’s interior capacity in liters. These numbers can tell you how much volume is in the cooler. However, the exterior dimensions cannot give this information because the thickness of the walls varies from one cooler to another.

Additional Features and Upgrades

Many product manufacturers are looking to create the next great cooler. Some companies have made wise decisions to distinguish their products by offering unique features and new designs.

These are some things you should look out for when looking at the extra features of a cooler.

Bear Resistant Construction

The thick walls and latches that prevent bear-resistant coolers from opening when occupied by a bear make them bear-resistant. While this can help protect your food, it does not guarantee that you are safe from bears.

Pro tip: It is best to keep your food safe from bears when camping in bear country. Backpacker.Com has more information on “How to Hang a Bear Bag” to help you keep your campsite free from furry intruders.

More related information:

Food Baskets & Dividers

Food baskets and cooler divides can be purchased separately. They are affordable ways to organize your cooler. This is especially useful if you have many food items to sort through on a weekend camping trip.

Baskets are also helpful in keeping some items out of the ice, which can cause packaging to become damaged and result in unsanitary or unpleasant results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RTIC as good as YETI?

It all depends on the criteria you use to judge, but if we answer you (which you probably are by reading this), RTIC is nearly as good at ice retention as YETI. However, aside-by-side comparison between the brands showed that YETI got a little more ice-saving time.

We found RTIC to be just as durable and suitable in terms of construction quality as YETI. These factors are combined with the significantly lower price of RTIC, make it a clear choice. Why spend the extra money if you don’t need to?

How many cans does RTIC 45 hold?

If you use a 2:1 ratio of ice, the RTIC cooler review can hold ice 35 cans of your favorite beverage. The thermoplastic insulation will keep them cool and frosty throughout your adventure.

Are RTIC coolers bearproof?

RTIC coolers can be bear-resistant, but they are not bearproof. These two classifications have a subtle but significant difference. Simply put, a bear could probably get inside your RTIC 45 coolers if it wanted.

However, a bear might sometimes flip the cooler a few more times to check if it opens. It might deter the bear, but it is more likely that you will have more time to scare him away.

The bear territory is dangerous. You should read How to Stay Safe in Bear Habitat if you plan on going into the bear country for any length of time.

Where are RTIC products made?

The RTIC ice chest is headquartered in Texas, but its products are made in China, just like many competitors. They can charge lower prices for their products because they are manufactured overseas without compromising quality or craftsmanship.

Is 45 qt cooler big enough?

For a weekend trip with the family, 35 to 45 quarts should suffice. Anything between 45 and 65 cups will provide enough food for your family for one week. These coolers with larger coolers capacities can be as heavy as 30 pounds.

The lid seals tight with a freezer-grade gasket to keep the cold nice and tight. If you want to have the extra space, the 65qt is probably a better choice.

Does RTIC have an outlet store?

Buy RTIC coolers Outdoors

Visit the RTIC Outlet Store Page to find the best RTIC Hard Coolers or RTIC Mugs at the lowest prices. Our RTIC Outlet Store has a wide selection of products on sale.


There are many coolers that a person could purchase but, when they want a great long trip, the RTIC 45 is the perfect option. This cooler will keep their perishable foods fresh for a long time and can be purchased with a matching lid. It also has a sturdy grip so the user can carry it with one hand. Cooler will be the best choice when you want to have a great long trip.

If you’re looking for a cooler for vacation, a fishing cooler, or a road trip, then RTIC 45 Cooler is the ideal option. Thanks for reading RTIC cooler review is one of the companies that produces premium quality coolers built with the best material to protect your food and drinks from any damage.

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