RTIC Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

RTIC Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The RTIC Cooler Review is a great sturdy piece of equipment that ensures cold drinks and food in the summer and winter months. It keeps Ice for three days in the summer sun, and you can use it at home on the kitchen counter to keep foods and ice-cold while cooking or baking. The RTIC cooler review is made of high-quality materials that are designed to last for years, not weeks.

The sleek design looks great with a variety of kitchen décor. We received this product for free in exchange for an honest and impartial review. This post may contain affiliate links.

Comparison Vs. Other Coolers

Comparison Vs. Other Coolers

We decided to test the rugged cooler against the best coolers we have tested. The RTIC 65 would be compared to the OtterBox 45qt, Kong 50 qt, and Techni Ice63qt. We tested almost all soft-sided coolers in the same way we test them:

  • Pre-Chill Coolers 24 Hours
  • After 24 hours, drain the cooler down.
  • Ice frozen the Coolers
  • Add Beverages (Not Pre-Chilled)
  • Rotate Beverages 3 Times A Day
  • Keep Coolers Out During Test
  • 121deg During Cooler Test

All Ice was bought from the same place on the same day, even the ice chests we used to top up coolers. To ensure that neither more excellent cast shadows on the high-end coolers, we ensured enough space between them.

RTIC Hard Cooler, 45 qt, Tan,...
736 Reviews
RTIC Soft Cooler 30 Can,...
3,154 Reviews
RTIC Day Cooler Bag 15 Can,...
4,539 Reviews
RTIC Lightweight Backpack...
1,501 Reviews
RTIC Soft Cooler 12, Insulated...
20 Reviews

The soft-sided coolers were left outside during the test, which took place in June in Central Florida. The ambient temperatures ranged from the low to mid 90’s each day, with temperatures exceeding 121 degrees. The test was so intense that one of our Thermometers’ LCD screens burned from the heat of the quality cooler lids.

Are you wondering about RTIC vs. YETI coolers?

This article does not include RTIC Cooler Reviews, as you may have noticed.

This article will show you how YETI coolers and RTIC coolers compare. The YETI cooler range would be the closest to hard coolers. Their three most popular models are the YETI Roadie (20), YETI Tundra coolers 45, and YETI Tundra65. They are most similar to the RTIC 20, 45 qt, and 65 qt.

If you are looking for the more expensive YETI coolers, the YETI cooler accessories could be a good option. RTIC and YETI coolers both make great coolers. Read the article linked above to learn more about how to choose between them.

RTIC is one of the most popular cooler brands, but be sure to check out our more excellent reviews for more information on other coolers and their comparative ratings. An RTIC ice chest can be a great option, but there are other options.

Looking for the perfect cooler, something that holds ice for at least a day or two and light enough that a gal can lift it when filled.

Where’re the RTIC Coolers with Wheels?

Where're the RTIC Coolers with Wheels

RTIC does not currently make a cooler that has wheels. You will have to carry your cooler. This has been a hot topic, with only two or three other companies making a wheeled cooler. There are some fantastic “after-market” wheels that you can purchase that will save you money.

Quality of Manufacturing & Materials

Rotational molding is a method of making ice chests. This involves filing a hollow mold with molten plastic and rotating the RTIC excellent reviews mold. As the plastic cools, it rotates, and you can create thick walls without seals by adding more molten. This type of icebox uses thick foam insulation to cover the plastic.

Roto-molded coolers are free from heat leakage and can be exposed to water through their seals. The seals are more susceptible to water damage in boats and other marine environments. This makes these coolers perfect for boating, outdoor activities, and another marine cooler.

The coolers are virtually indestructible due to their thick walls (up to 3 inches thick). Roto-molding can be more costly than Coleman, which makes RTIC coolers more expensive. However, you will save money on Ice, and the cooler will last for years. You also get something that works.


RTIC coolers are built like tanks and have handy features that make them great companions for any activity. Here’s a list of some of our favorite features. RTIC has made improvements to its manufacturing process and added some great features since we wrote the article.

The lid and body have been molded so that both the front corners have a small opening that can be used to secure your goods from animals or other people. They can be used for tie-downs. This is why coolers are often described as bear-proof. RTIC coolers are not bear-proof.

The lid’s heavy-duty freezer rubber gasket is embedded inside. It seals the cold better than cheaper coolers. It acts as a barrier to food odors and repels wildlife. You can also use the locking system by inserting a padlock into one of the corners of the lid.

People are using dry Ice in their coolers these days. This is a dangerous way, as the gasket creates an airtight seal that can be very dangerous when working with dry Ice.

Two T-shaped rubber latches are used to secure the latching system. They snap in tightly and can be opened or closed quickly. These rubber latches were susceptible to degradation in the past. However, RTIC has improved its manufacturing process so that they are now of excellent quality.

Non-slip feet secure the more remarkable to any surface. The slight lift also prevents ambient heat from heating the insulation. It has a new traction grip top that makes it easy to stand or sit on and also allows you to store your tackle box or other items when the cooler is not in use.

RTIC has added second drain plugs outlet to its coolers for faster and easier draining. The lid is airtight, so it drains slowly. This airlock can be broken by opening the second drain plug.

Performance Results

The RTIC was the largest of the five coolers and fell out of first place. All of our more great comparisons have shown that the size of coolers plays a significant role in ice retention. At 4.75 days, RTIC 65 ran out Ice. This was the same time as the Kong 50qt Grey.

The white Kong 50 qt held Ice for 5.25 days, while the test winners, Techni Ice63 and OtterBox 45, lasted 6.5 days. We can conclude that the manufacturer is more important than the cooler. Larger coolers are expected to hold Ice for more extended periods. The OtterBox 45 (20 quarts smaller than the RTIC) held Ice for almost two days longer.


Ice retention is not an accurate measure of coolers. The RTIC was twice the price of an OtterBox, even though it held Ice for longer. The RTIC cooler review is budget-friendly and can hold Ice for long enough to satisfy most people.

The 65QT cooler was comparable in build quality to other roto-molded coolers. The RTIC coolers are an excellent value for money. These coolers are usually cheaper than similar-sized coolers. This is especially true for larger coolers.

Sizes and colors available

RTIC coolers now come in a wider variety of sizes. They are available in 20 quarts up to 145. Soft coolers are available in three sizes: 20 quarts, 30 ounces, and 40 ounces. You can also buy a variety of colors, including our favorite, blue. The 65 qt model has a pink option, which is a great addition. A lighter color RTIC ice chest will usually have better performance as it holds Ice longer. However, the colors can sometimes be too cool to resist.

Warranty and Customer Service

RTIC offers a limited warranty of one year on their coolers, for both hard and soft coolers. At the same time, some brands offer lifetime warranties, most manufacturing defects that the warranty covers do not usually occur before one year. We have had nothing but positive experiences with their customer support. It all depends on who you call that day. It is!

Some Relevant Posts:

All Sizes of RTIC Coolers

All Sizes of RTIC Coolers


The RTIC 20-quart cooler is our first choice for RTIC coolers. Although it might not seem like much, this cooler is an excellent example of a small but mighty product. The roto-molded cooler is quite heavy because they have thick insulation that provides superior ice retention.

The minuscule RTIC 20 icebox is lighter, so you can carry it around for shorter day trips. However, it still has enough space to store lunches and snacks for your family with ice packs.

It can hold Ice for up seven days. This is subject to a few factors, but you should get five days without any problems. You can choose from four colors: tan, white, grey, and blue. We recommend that you stick with white. However, its small size and excellent ice retention are a great way to go flashy.

It’s easy to transport with the rubber handle and locking aluminum handle. The 20-quart size is excellent. However, this will depend on the purpose and size of your group. RTIC has recently updated their rotomolded coolers with a better design to address a few issues they faced.

The main focus was sourcing high-quality coolers rubber for the T latches to ensure they don’t break down after light use. For easier draining, they have also added a second drain. They seem to have cleaned up their manufacturing, and coolers feel and look great.

This RTIC cooler review is the smallest you can find. It’s perfect for your personal use or sharing. If you have four people and want to store all your drinks cold and lunches in the 20-qt cooler, you might need a larger cooler.

If you have a few friends, 24 cans (with Ice) will fit in the cooler. You can also reduce it to 12 cans for your lunch. The cooler weighs 17.5 pounds empty. If that is too heavy, the Softpak 20 will be a better option. However, a soft cooler won’t provide the same amount of ice life.

The cooler can hold Ice longer than necessary, so you will likely run out of food and drinks sooner than you have Ice. This cooler is small and lightweight, making it an excellent choice for anyone who needs a portable, compact, rotomolded cooler.


Due to its versatility, the RTIC 45 cooler is the most widely used. It can be used for all your needs, including drinks and lunches. If you fish, it can hold your catch of that day.

Even though it is twice as large as the RTIC 20, the 45 is still manageable to carry around to the park, beach, or campsite. The 45 does not have wheels, so you will have to carry the cooler or drag it around. The cooler is not too heavy, even though it is complete, thanks to the comfortable rope handles (can’t be seen in the photo above).

The cooler’s weight is the biggest drawback we could find. The cooler’s weight is an acceptable tradeoff for excellent cooling and ice retention. This cooler is great for camping, fishing, and just about any other outdoor activity.

It can vary due to many factors. However, you can expect to receive it within five days. It can hold 36 cans, but it is still smaller than other coolers. We will cover the 65qt size below. It holds 64 cans and adds 9 lbs. This site is best for those who dislike significant events, extended camping trips, or big fishing trips.

RTIC has redesigned its coolers and used heavy-duty rubber to make the handles, latches, and feet. This rubber has not been degrading as fast as it was before. To keep the cold inside, the lid is sealed with a freezer-grade gasket.

The 65qt is a better option if you need more space. This cooler is also available in pink.


Next is our review of the RTIC 65 more excellent. Now we’re moving into the large, more relaxed category. The 65-quart size range was the size of your old cooler, so this is what most people prefer. The RTIC 65 is the perfect size for any occasion, from hunting to picnics. If you don’t think you will ever need any more than the 45, but only one cooler, this is the right choice.

This cooler is as durable coolers as the more expensive coolers. It has marine-grade rope handles and rubber latches. It also offers more than nine days of ice retention at a fraction of the cost of other brands. However, it still has a heavyweight. Is it possible to create a lighter rotomolded more superb than this one?

It’s the price we have to pay for incredible ice retention. This 65 is your first step into the big leagues. We could go on and on. This cooler is an excellent value for money, especially if it has enough space.

RTIC 110

We’re now in the big leagues. Their second most giant cooler is the RTIC 110 qt. It’s also very serious about cooling. These coolers are often used for hunting and marine purposes, but many people also buy them for their homes. The cooler is small enough to fit into any SUV. Many people use it to transport groceries from the grocery store to their homes, especially in rural areas.

These are often used as an emergency refrigerators. Because of the fantastic ice retention, you don’t need to have a backup generator to run your fridge in case of prolonged outages. Simply put your Ice into this container, and you have more than eight days worth of refrigeration.

Although Ice’s life expectancy will vary depending on many factors, you have a 5-day window to determine everything before adding Ice.

It is an excellent hunting and fishing cooler. But it’s not just because of its larger size. Anti-slip feet are a great feature to have in coolers. But once it’s placed on the boat’s floor and is held in place, it will be a blessing. This ice chest is 3 inches thick and will keep Ice indefinitely.

The thick walls can be sat on, stacked on, and stood on. You don’t need to worry about the rotomolded design breaking. The 110 has received many positive reviews.

RTIC 145

The RTIC 145-quart ice chest is the last hard cooler on our list. This cooler is not for the weak of heart or weak of arms. Similar to the 110, people love their 145-quart cooler for several reasons—the ice life.

RTIC claims that Ice can last for up to ten working days. This ice pack is highly well-insulated thanks to its 3″ insulation, thick plastic exterior, and freezer lid gasket. Other brands offer this level of performance, but it isn’t as common.

The cost of Ice is a significant saving, in addition to the savings you get compared with other coolers. While you may need to fill your cooler with more water, how often do you have to stop at the gas station to refill it? Ice lasts for seven days, so you are saving time and the cost of adding it.

This cooler is quite large, and it weighs in at under 50 lbs empty. It’s heavier when filled with Ice, cans, and fish. You should not be surprised if you use a large hunting cooler.

People often purchase these coolers to be used as a backup refrigerator in times of hurricanes or when there is no power. The great thing about these large, oversized coolers? They can be used in many different ways than a smaller cooler.

You can store your leftovers as long as you have a place to put them.

White will give you slightly better performance, but grey and blue are more popular and last a lot longer. If you are looking for all the storage, you can’t go wrong choosing the RTIC 145.

RTIC SoftPak

We have a new RTIC more excellent review for you. RTIC coolers have recently moved from strictly rotomolded models to a smaller, “soft-sided” version: the SoftPak. While it doesn’t offer the same performance, the 2″ insulation does a remarkable job keeping out heat and cold.

This cooler is great for day trips, beach trips, and getting groceries such as meats back home. The insulation is thick and has a remarkable performance. We’ve had Ice for up to three days. If you require Ice for that long, you’ll need a larger cooler. But it’s nice to know that you can still get that type of life.

It has a no-leak zipper which is great and will last a long time when combined with the durable nylon exterior. It is puncture-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, antimicrobial, and leakproof so that it will last you a long while. There’s no need to worry about the mildew smell, which can form on coolers.

The SoftPak 20 (pictured), 30 (pictured), and 40 are available in three sizes. Each can holds the same amount. They are not the giant soft coolers you can buy, but that is not their purpose. These coolers are great for ice-on-the-go or when you have a short time to spare.

RTIC 65 vs. 110

People often need to decide between RTIC 65 or 110 coolers. RTIC does not make coolers that are in-between these sizes. This can often feel like the cooler is either too small or too big. This is how you decide.

If you are more concerned about keeping your budget tight, the 65qt is likely to be sufficient. Here’s why we recommend the 110. The 110 is not much larger than the 65. It’s only 4′” longer, 3’4″ more profound, and 1’4″ taller. The thick insulation is responsible for a large portion of the cooler’s size. This extra size adds 12 lbs to the more relaxed but provides 55 quarts more storage.

If you are okay with the RTIC 110 qt’s extra weight and can fit it in your car or your boat, you will be happy that you have it. This is especially true if there is an extended power outage or you plan to have a large family, or you hunt and fish.

As you can see, the 110 allows for an extra divider, which will allow you to keep your food, drinks, and other items separate. The 110-quart cooler will not disappoint. Just think about the number of items you have to store and the various times you might use them. If you can manage the extra weight and space, the 110-quart cooler is the best choice.


Is RTIC as good as YETI?

Yes, RTIC is cheaper than YETI in terms of cost. Most people will be happy with the performance of the lower-priced gear. But if you plan to put them through their paces and possibly subject them to severe punishment, it may be worth paying a little more.

Are RTIC coolers any good?

The RTIC cooler review is affordable and can hold Ice for long enough to satisfy most people. The 65QT cooler was comparable in build quality to other roto-molded coolers. The RTIC coolers are small in size, which is the best-selling feature.

Are RTIC coolers going out of business?

RTIC will continue to sell all RTIC products as usual as per the www.RTICcoolers.com website, keeping true to its promise of “Overbuilt – Not overpriced” products to all RTIC customers & fans.

Do RTIC soft coolers leak?


They are more insulated and can hold Ice better than many soft-sided coolers.


If you are looking for a cooler that can keep up with your thirst, the RTIC is perfect. Read on to find out how it will save you money, time, and energy this summer! We have high reviewed the RTIC cooler for your summery trip because of its benefits.

The RTIC is perfect for long trips or heat waves. Read on to see how the RTIC will save you money, time, and energy this summer for more information.

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