RTIC Cup Review 2022: Top Full Guide For You

RTIC Cup Review 2022 Top Full Guide For You
  • Paul Kahan

The RTIC cup review consists of three tests: insulation, durability, and leakage. The insulation test required participants to submerge cups in water and measure how long the water was at a drinkable temperature. All cups were submerged for five minutes.

The durability test consisted of participants dropping the cup on the ground from 3 feet up, filling it with water, and measuring leaks. With leakages measured in drops, the RTIC cup review finished with the Orca coming out on top.

RTIC Tumbler Review – A Closer Look at RTIC’s Coffee Mug

RTIC Tumbler Review – A Closer Look at RTIC's Coffee Mug

The RTIC tumbler has the perfect cup for hot or cold drinks. The RTIC cup can keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm.

These tumblers come with a ready-to-use cup right out of the package. The tumbler is enclosed in a plastic bag. Wraparound labels are attached to the cup with the logo and care instructions on one side and information about service and support on the other.

How It Works

These tumblers can be used to keep drinks ice-cold, as we have already mentioned. These tumblers can also keep your drinks warm. You’ll be able to keep your contents hot and cold in a double-wall, vacuum-insulated container.

This design will give you a tumbler that is more than you’d find in your regular cup. This tumbler will allow you to enjoy your drink whenever you like, without worrying about them getting too hot or cold.

RTIC Tumbler: Keep It Iced For Over 24 Hours

The first day I filled the cup with water and ice. I enjoyed a few sips while at work, but I had to replenish my water supply by midday. Surprisingly, I had ice throughout the afternoon.

The cup was a great idea. It can lose some ice the first time it is used for ice water. But if it is used daily, it will last longer.

This is because I believe it to be true. The ice must make the cup cool on the inside the first day. However, the cup had held ice for 24 hours, and it was still cold the following day when I woke up.

Later, I used the cup to make coffee on a cold night during cross-country driving. Although it was too cold and would have worsened my breath, the cup kept my coffee warm for 5 hours. It’s slim and can be used with a standard car cup holder.

The base is also easy to hold, as it isn’t as comprehensive as YETI ramblers. As you move up the cup’s body, the difference becomes apparent. While the YETI is larger than the RTIC but is shorter, the former is much taller.

The RTIC tumbler is also sweat-proof, so you can use it on wood without worrying about the cup getting soiled. The cup’s lid is made from plastic, which creates an ‘airtight’ seal. However, there’s a spot on the lids that allows you to insert a straw. This feature is not available on the YETI ramblers.

This is an excellent bonus for those who prefer to drink from a straw. The YETI’s drinking slit can still fit a standard straw. RTIC sells a separate spill-proof lid that can be purchased separately if you plan to use it constantly on the move. It is a thin, lightweight film.

RTIC Rambler Size

The RTIC tumblers are available in four sizes to meet your beverage needs—the RTIC Lowball version in miniature at 10 ounces. There’s also a medium-sized cup at 20 ounces. The large tumbler at 30 ounces is the largest.

We think there is a size for everyone, no matter what your coffee needs are.

These cups are your go-to cup for hot and cold drinks. You can choose the size that you require or order all three to meet any occasion.

Built-In Hand Protection

This tumbler is easy to pick up and use without worrying about burning or freezing your hands. The cup’s contents stay at the right temperature, while the outside remains comfortable for you to hold.

RTIC Tumbler Quality

This tumbler is 18/8 stainless steel and is the perfect RTIC coffee mug for taking to work or the great outdoors. Its rugged and tough design means it will withstand all the environments and elements they are exposed to.

RTIC Rambler – Key Features

RTIC Rambler - Key Features

You may have heard about some of the key features that make it the perfect rambler. Here are some key features to help you make your decision.

Easy Grip Base

If the cup’s design isn’t suitable for your hands, it can be challenging to grasp. It is easier to grip and pick up the cup because it has a higher base.

Heat retention

These tumblers are best for cold drinks, but you can also use them for hot drinks. Their website states that you can expect heat retention times up to 12 hours. This means that you can have the same hot coffee at dinner as you did at breakfast.

Ice Retention

We have not reviewed the RTIC tumbler’s ice retention long time. RTIC claims that ice can be enjoyed in this cup for up to 24 hours.

Air Tight Seal

The lids of these tumblers will have the same air-tight seal as the RTIC coolers that we reviewed. To keep your drinks colder longer, you will find lids that seal in the cold.


This is the part many people have been waiting for. How much are these tumblers?

The 30-ounce tumbler is only $10 if you buy it from their website, instead of the competitors’ tumblers that are three times more expensive! Did you remember when we said we could save you money by reviewing this review? We believe we may have achieved that.

RTIC Tumbler vs. Yeti Rambler – And The Winning Tumbler Is…

We’re sure that you already know about RTIC’s competition, the Yeti Rambler.

Many users report that the RTIC Tumbler performs very similarly when placed side-by-side. We have covered many of the critical features of RTIC’s tumbler. We want to look at critical areas and points that might interest you in comparing RTIC’s product with the Rambler.

If you are still unsure whether to buy, here’s some information.

The most noticeable difference is the price, as you can see in the table. The Rambler is almost four times more expensive than the RTIC Coffee Mug.

Let’s see who wins this RTIC Tumbler-vs Yeti Rambler race.

The RTIC Cup is the best option when we consider how much we will spend. We’d choose the RTIC Tumbler if the price was 1/4 of the Yeti Rambler and based on user reports and tests. The RTIC Cup is a good value for money.

If you’re willing to spend more money on a premium brand product, we recommend the Yeti Rambler.

It comes down to personal preference. What you care about is whether you want to spend more or want brand recognition.

The RTIC Tumbler is the best choice if you’re strictly focused on performance and price.

What Are Actual RTIC Coffee Mug Users Saying?

This RTIC tumbler review has covered a lot. But, we want others to tell us what they think of these products.

One user started their review by praising the cup. One user reported that the cup keeps hot coffee hot for hours and iced drinks cold all day. They also found that if the ice is left in the cup overnight, it will bring it back in the morning.

Another user stated that ice lasts for 24 hours.

Another user shared that she purchased one for her husband, who works in warmer climates outdoors. She was so impressed with how it kept drinks cool that she decided to get one for herself.

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Where To Buy RTIC Cup?

You can see the RTIC website to see how they work directly with consumers. You won’t find them in your local shop or other local shops because they are a direct-to-consumer brand.

These tumblers can be found at Amazon, as we have confirmed. Amazon has over 7,000 reviews on these tumblers. We recommend that you first visit Amazon to check if one is available at the right price.

To better understand what you’ll be getting, you can read all the reviews and the sizes. You can then learn as much information as possible before you buy the product. If you don’t find what you are looking at on Amazon, we recommend going to the RTIC site to search for the tumbler you need.

Let’s wrap it up. If you want to know where to purchase RTIC tumblers, first go to Amazon, then go to the RTIC website.


Do RTIC cups stop working?

Yeti Tumbler cups cease to work when the vacuum seal becomes loose, and air fills the gap between the outer and inner walls. The cup loses most of its insulation properties. Unfortunately, there is no fix.

Read on: https://huntingwaterfalls.com/do-yeti-tumbler-cups-stop-working/.

Is RTIC still in business?

RTIC will continue to sell all RTIC products as usual as per the www.RTICcoolers.com website, keeping true to its promise of “Overbuilt – Not overpriced” products to all RTIC customers & fans.

Does RTIC have an outlet?

Our RTIC Outlet Store has the best selection of in-demand coolers, mugs, and other products.

Does RTIC support NRA?

Pelican and Rtic have shared social media posts supporting the Constitution and Second Amendment. Some offer discounts and donate partial proceeds to NRA.


The modern stainless steel RTIC cup is a top-rated product that many people enjoy using. These cups are easy to clean and come in various colors to suit different tastes. They also stay cold for an extended period.

The manufacturer claims that they’re unbreakable, but these cups are still susceptible to breakage. Another reason stainless steel RTIC cups can be problematic is that the dent doesn’t come out when they dent or dent. So, thanks for reading our post!

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