Samsung Refrigerator Family Hub Review 2022: Best Information For You

Samsung Refrigerator Family Hub Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

As more families are adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, many are switching over to non-traditional appliances. Samsung Refrigerator Family Hub Review is a perfect example of this.

Not only does it have sleek tempered glass doors, but the interior features shelving specifically designed for small families. Its innovative touchscreen interface also sets it apart from its competitors, who struggle to catch up in the digital age. With this level of quality, it’s no wonder it has had some glowing reviews.

What is Samsung Family Hub?

What is Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is an Internet of Things-enabled refrigerator that smart features a large touch screen and brings French door refrigerators into the future. It acts as a giant tablet attached directly to your refrigerator door—Bixby, a voice-controlled assistant that recognizes individual voices and provides personalized information.

You can, for example, leave a message for one of your kids that will be played back if that child asks Bixby. This will make your family feel like they live in the future.

What are the advantages of Samsung Family Refrigerators?

There are many benefits that the Samsung Family refrigerator offers. It syncs up food storage, offers an internet connection, allows you to send and receive messages, and has 36 Samsung apps, including Spotify, FreshDirect, and Uber. Morning Brief gives you a summary of your day, with outlines, appointments, and a to-do list.

Samsung’s Fridge Manager app regulates the fridge temperature of your French door refrigerator. This proves that Samsung doesn’t forget about its core purpose. You can connect it to other Samsung appliances to track their status and provide entertainment and games for your children. Imagine telling your children that they can play a game right in the kitchen if they don’t eat their vegetables. Even news sites and other pages can be read directly from your fridge.

This fridge’s ability to upgrade itself over time is one of its most attractive features. Technological advances in appliance technology won’t leave you behind. The Samsung Family is well worth the extra cost of a few hundred dollars.

For whom is the Samsung Family refrigerator best suited?

Family living together is the best use of The Hub. It consolidates the hectic schedules, messages, and notes of busy families and helps to organize them. We have Samsung as the top choice in our highly coveted best refrigerator brands rankings.

We don’t need another device in our daily lives. Samsung Family Hub is an excellent option if you want a sleek fridge and the latest technology. The adults will use it to keep family business, make shopping lists, and post quick tasks. The family’s creative side will use it to post pictures and decorate the large screen with “screen-savers.” Modern refrigerators can be a powerful hub for the entire family.

Let’s dive into the details a little more. We’ll be highlighting four areas where the Samsung Family hub can make a positive difference in your family’s and daily home life.

Four Pillars of Samsung Hub

1. Food Preservation

This section will discuss how Family Hub can help with recipes and managing your fridge space.

Shopping and Fridge Space

Imagine being able to see into your fridge while shopping at the grocery store to find what you need. The Hub makes it possible. The Hub’s View Inside feature lets you view your fridge’s interior anywhere you are using your smartphone. This makes it easy to check whether or not you have enough butter and milk.

To stay organized before you go to the store, you can create a shopping list using the touch screen. Then, transfer it to your smartphone. The Food Reminder ring app can be used to identify items in your fridge that have expiration dates, so you receive notifications when they expire. The Family Hub will save you hundreds of money by making sure you never buy food that you don’t use.

Are you looking for great deals? Samsung’s New Deals app lets you save on sale groceries and even get a loyalty card for your purchases.

The Fridge Manager app allows you to view and adjust the temperature and settings of your fridge, as well as all technical aspects of it. What if you don’t want to cook for the week? With just one click, you can order food directly from Instacart or GrubHub to be delivered right to your door.

How to manage recipes and meal plans

Are you ready to start cooking? The Meal Planner app helps you plan your week and reduces the stress of figuring out what to cook every night. Your fridge can notify you when your recipe calls to marinate a steak or chill a bear.

The Hub’s online connectivity allows you to access thousands of recipes and make new dishes. You can no longer flip through old, tattered, and greasy recipe books or stare at the tiny screen of your smartphone that turns off constantly.

The backlit screen displays the recipes. You can also use the Meal Planner app to suggest recipes based on food allergies and preferences. Your fridge is more than a food storage device. It’s now your official assistant chef.

2. Connecting the Family

Samsung Family Hub has a wide range of apps and features that will keep your family connected and close. Although we won’t cover everything that the fridge can do for family time, we can try.

You can easily share your schedules and track your week’s activities with the built-in bulletin board and calendar functionality. Every family member has access to the same centralized calendar so they can see each other’s plans. This eliminates missed appointments and double-booked events. Imagine your teenage children being able to schedule who gets the extra car from their fridge. There will be no more arguments about who gets the keys.

You can also use the built-in To-Do Lists and memos to help you keep track of what you need and what information your family needs.

The Whiteboard feature allows you to post messages, leave notes for children, draw pictures, and even share them. This is a fun and helpful feature that both you and your kids will love. You can leave homework reminders, sweet notes of love, or funny photos that you and your family will enjoy.

You can share your family’s favorite memories with others while you are cooking in the kitchen. Slideshow and photo-sharing capabilities transform your fridge door into an open canvas for memories and beautiful images from your family’s life.

You can let your family know that you are on your way by using the Glympse app. It allows you to share your location with the Glympse team and shows how far you will be from home. You can also book an Uber from your fridge for more travel options.

You can also use the Pinterest app to share your interests with family members. Parents can also control app access so that children are not able to see it.

3. Fun

Four Pillars of Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub is changing the way people think about refrigerators. Spotify and other third-party apps can be used to play music from your fridge. The fridge’s AKG sound system blasts out home-filling playing music. You and your family will soon make kitchen dance parties a family tradition.

It would help if you got to the kitchen, but you don’t want to miss the action during the big game. Your Family Hub screen can be set up to mirror your TV, so you are always in touch with the latest news even when you aren’t in the kitchen. The idea of Samsung TV viewing on your refrigerator will be a hit with your family.

A fun and new activity you can do on your fridge. Browse the internet. You can now access the web from your refrigerator by touching the screen.

4. Remote Management via App

The Family Hub App is the most brilliant refrigerator in the world, with a host of connectivity options. The fridge can be used to control and monitor your smart refrigerator home setup, including seeing who is at the door when it rings. You can also power cool functions up the Samsung PowerBot vacuum cleaner directly from the Family Hub fridge screen.

Your refrigerator can be used to set light levels, adjust the temperature or thermostat, and monitor your baby while they sleep.

Designer Appliances sees these capabilities as more than gimmicks. These appliances provide a central hub for managing your home from a place that is already the center of your home, the kitchen.

Important feature

The Family Hub is a large fridge-freezer that has a touch panel 21.5″ on its door. The panel controls the functions of the fridge, including setting the temperature zones. However, it can also do everything you would expect from a tablet: you can surf the internet, stream music, or watch YouTube.

Although it may seem odd to view videos while cooking, we discovered that the Family Hub was a handy feature. It can be used to reference cooking shows and to follow along with recipes.

We watched a clip on cooking techniques using an app built into the Samsung smart TV. This is a great feature to have handy when you’re busy in the kitchen. You can mirror your Samsung smart TV’s screen to the fridge if you own a new model. This will ensure that you don’t miss any of the actions when you make nachos.

The ice maker alone takes up almost an entire cubic foot of precious flexible storage space. There are a few retracted shelves, but not enough for our tastes. Samsung advertises that the fridge cavity has 15.6 cu. ft. of storage, but that’s only when there are no shelves or bins.


You will need to pay to install a TV in your refrigerator. The cost of adding the family hub option can vary depending on the day and retailer. It could cost up to $800.

According to what I hear, Samsung loves to dictate the price to retailers. The 28 cu. The Samsung Family Hub fridge in black stainless steel, 28 cu.

With $500, you can buy a lot. That’s almost the amount I spent on my Breville microwave and toaster oven. This is more than what I spent on my 55-inch TCL TV. It’s a lot to add to an already high-priced refrigerator.

Does it feel worth it? Yes and no. The price is about the same as other 4-door refrigerators without a computer inside, so I didn’t mind spending the extra $500. It’s a highly locked-down version of Android, which makes it less valuable.

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Samsung Fridge App

Family Hub’s best smart home tech feature is the ability to create lists and notes using apps. Although there are many apps, they all allow you to leave extensive notes on the screen that others can read. This digital version is a fridge door notepad, but you can also send messages to your phone from the fridge.

This is a better way to communicate with someone than sending them a text message. It’s excellent for general notifications within a busy household. If you forget to take your dinner out of the flexible freezer compartment, you can ask anyone passing to get it. This was even used to send a friend a happy birthday message via the fridge.

The internal cameras and the shopping list app are two of the most valuable features. You can’t take selfies in the fridge. However, one of the doors has cameras built into it that allow you to photograph the contents remotely. This seems like a scam until you go to the supermarket and try to remember if you have mustard.

Samsung’s Refrigerdating app may help you find the love of your dreams. This new dating app will turn your fridge into Tinder. It allows you to upload your fridge contents, and others can swipe left or right depending on how they like your leftover lasagna.

Food Reminder’s camera app allows you to assign use-by expiration dates for food. There is a smart display when you need to replace an item. Your phone can also sync with the Family Hub’s Shopping List app.

If someone adds an item to their shopping list, it will immediately show up on your phone. This could help you save time and money if you are already browsing the aisles at your local supermarket.


Can you customize the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator screen?

The Family Hub smart fridge system’s home screen can be customized. This Black Stainless Steel model is one of the best features. You can move and remove icons and reorganize apps. Each family member will have a screen they can customize to suit their needs and pick the background or family photo displayed. Even with these screens, the main controls of your fridge are just one swipe away.

What does the Samsung family hub refrigerator do?

Family Hub(TM) smart fridge connects you to every aspect of your life. You can remotely view inside your home, shop, send messages and schedules, check who’s at your door, and much more. Home now has a hub. Your kitchen is your heart.

Does the Samsung family hub refrigerator have a camera?

Family Hub Screen features include built-in cameras, 21.5″ touch screens (more significant than an iPhone), exclusive apps like Meal Planner, Built-in Calendars, Spotify, and *WhiteBoard.

The touch screen connects to three cameras mounted inside the fridge, which provide a panoramic view of the top three shelves, so if you’re at the grocery store wondering whether you’re out of milk, you can check the video feed from the Family Hub app on your phone.

Are Smart Hub refrigerators worth it?

The new intelligent fridges from Samsung and LG have great features and are much more affordable than the older models. Smart fridges are not worth the money, even if they’re affordable.


From the kitchens of the world to your kitchen, Samsung has answered the call for an easy-to-clean family hub. Truly bringing modern conveniences to traditional values, the Samsung Family Hub brings the all-in-one sensibility of a full Family hub refrigerator with an oven, range, dishwasher, washer, and dryer into the heart of the kitchen.

This Samsung family hub refrigerator has more benefits than you could have ever imagined. It contains 2,420 cubic feet of storage for all your groceries and family essentials. The largest capacity in its class can fit up to three large portable coolers without taking up too much space inside the fridge.

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