Samsung Refrigerator RF28HDEDBSR Review 2022: Best Information For You

Samsung Refrigerator RF28HDEDBSR Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

In blog Samsung Refrigerator RF28HDEDBSR Review by Publican Anker. This food showcase fridge door is sleek and modern, with a large interior to fit your entire family’s needs. 

It has plenty of room for all your food, plus it’s energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about adding an extra bill every month! The Samsung french door Refrigerator RF28HEDBSR will last you for many years without any significant maintenance issues, making it worth the purchase.

I hope that this review helped you decide which refrigerator is suitable for you and your family!


Consumer Reports has tested the Samsung RF28HDEDBSR french door refrigerator. French-Door models such as the RF28HDEDBSR were rated using multiple criteria in our laboratory tests.

Thermostat control measures how well the french door refrigerator’s thermostat can:

  1. Reach the initial set temperature according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Simultaneously achieve optimal temperatures in fresh food sections.
  3. Maintain internal temperatures consistent despite large fluctuations in room temperatures.

Temperature uniformity: This performance measure measures how well a model reduces heat and cold spots in its fresh food items or freezer door sections.

Samsung RF28HDEDBSR Energy...
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Through-the-Food Showcase ice and water dispensers usually offer cubed or crushed ice and filtered water, but are only available on French-door models, with a special compartment in the fresh food section. They add significantly to the purchase price-and according to our repair data, may also add reliability problems.

Energy efficiency: This is the electricity consumed per cubic foot of usable storage space. Two models may have the exact energy costs per year but different energy efficiency. For example, A unit with more storage space is more efficient.

Samsung RF28HDEDBSR French Door Refrigerator Review

Samsung RF28HDEDBSR Review

Improvements inaccessibility

The RF28HDEDBSR’s storage-in-door feature is the main draw. It can be found in the right-hand compartment Food Showcase. You can open the secondary food showcase door by simply pressing the release button on your proper door handle.

Samsung‘s solution is more subtle, solid, and stylish than the large buttons on Kenmore or LG door-in doors. Plus feature maintains both high levels of refrigerator humidity to keep perishable fruits and vegetables fresher longer, and dry freezer conditions mean less freezer burn for better-tasting frozen foods.

Unlike those LG units, this Samsung doesn’t fully enclose its Food Showcase door-mounted shelves with a plastic partition. While that means cold air will still escape even when the Showcase door is open, it also opens up enough space to store multiple jugs of milk or a whole bevy of salad dressings with ease.

This Samsung French door refrigerator does not fully cover its doors-mounted shelves with plastic partitions, unlike other LG units. This means that cold air can still escape from the Showcase door even if it is closed, but it also allows for ample storage space to hold multiple jugs or entire batches of salad dressings.

The shelves aren’t customizable, just like the door-in-door models. The manufacturer will set the heights. This is the first time that door-in-door shelves have been able to slide out.

Have a two-liter soda bottle? Pull out the drawer and place your soda bottle inside. Then push the drawer back in. This is a simple way to make a space that could be cumbersome more accessible.

The RF28HDEDBSR is a French Door Refrigerator with 28 cubic feet of space, which means it can be easily compared to other Samsung French door refrigerator in the RF28 family. This is the most common body style and size from Samsung, and most easily adapted to you and your family’s needs.

Chilling at its finest

This Samsung freezer door was without a doubt its most impressive feature. The average temperatures were between -1.13degF and -3.54degF.

This freezer burn was perfect, with only a few exceptions. It never exceeded 0degF. We didn’t mind that the freezer was below 0 degrees F, even though it had cold temperatures this low.

However, the main french door refrigerator compartment was a problem. The average temperature at the top and middle was 38.07 and 37.49 degrees, respectively. This is about the same temperature as most refrigerators.

We saw an average temperature of 40.29 degrees F down by the crisper. This is great for fruits, vegetables, and uncooked meats, but 41oF is where bacteria growth speeds up. To keep food safe, you can either watch what you store or lower the thermostat a few degrees.

LED LIGHTING SYSTEM: The high-efficiency led lighting system helps to brighten even the darkest corners of this refrigerator.

AUTOMATED FILTERED ICEMAKER AND WATER DISPENSER: The internal ice maker freezes is filtered providing fresh ice as often as you need it. And the in-door water filter has a six-month life span saving you money on expensive replacement filters.

The external ice and water dispenser also serve as a filter, ensuring that plenty of filtered water, crushed ice, and cubed ice is always on hand.

DOOR ALARM: Have kids that always leave the door open? This door alarm will make that issue a thing of the past. Door Alarm Audible alert indicating that the refrigerator door has been open for more than three minutes.

ENERGY STAR Rated Energy Star-rated products meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the government. This Samsung refrigerator is 25% more efficient than Federal Standard.

Compared to other large, French door fridges, this Samsung’s capacity is par for the course. You get a set of five shelves—four of which are adjustable—plus two crispers and a temperature-adjust drawer inside the main compartment.

Gallon Door storage on the left is minimal to accommodate the ice dispenser. The four shelves on the right, on the other hand—the one with the door-in-door—are quite usable. All told, you get 13.21 cu. ft. of usable space. The freezer is much more basic.

Behind the secret passageway

The fridge looks and feels high-end. Consumers expect a fridge that costs more than three grand to have a stainless-steel finish and high-efficiency led lighting. Crispers should slide smoothly, and Samsung french door refrigerator does not disappoint.

Ironically, it is the door shelves that stand out. They are usually the least visible part of a fridge. The shelves are made from frosted plastic and have adjustable silver bars to hold tall items in place.

The control panel has the same touch-sensitive buttons that we have seen on new Samsung French door fridges. They are also responsive. The food storage area is spacious and easy to use, suitable for even the most prominent families. Food storage is straightforward and roomy and should be adequate for all but the largest families.

Disappointing crispers

The crispers of the RF28HDEDBSR fridge didn’t live up to its high-end claims. Our test materials lost 0.22 grams of moisture per hour over the 72 hours. This is worse than the average and much more typical of what you would expect from a budget-oriented model. Take care of your produce and eat it fast.

Plus, it features the CoolSelect Pantry™ drawer, which provides optimal temperature control for your food storage needs with Deli, Fresh and chilled options – great for safely defrosting items within a controlled space. With the Food ShowCase door, the exterior showcase gives you instant access to drinks and condiments, while the InnerCase lets you store large, fresh food items.

Pricing and Warranties

The RF28HDEDBSR french door refrigerator review is based upon the current pricing at just below $1900 (September 2017), a competitive offering in the market for what you get. The Samsung RF28s french door refrigerator also offers various options, with or without certain features, so that you can choose the best option for your family.

Samsung French door refrigerator also offers a ten-year warranty on the RF28HDEDBSR. The warranty covers the compressor’s parts for ten years, the refrigeration system for five years, and all other labor for one year. This provides additional peace of mind when you invest in your home.

A slow freeze and a slower thaw

Large pull-out freezers are slow-to-chill food. The drawers in Samsung french door refrigerator are no exception. The test materials were taken from room temperature to 0degF in approximately one hour and 43 minutes.

This is roughly 20 minutes faster than the average. This is fine for most items. However, you might notice a decrease in quality if you thaw any delicate cuts of meat and fish. The insulation worked perfectly. The freezer was still fully frozen after 36 hours of being without power.

Emptying our old “apartment-sized” 18cu/ft fridge as soon as the delivery guys called to say they’d be at our home in 20 minutes, we refilled this new Samsung as soon as the power and water were connected and we saved the ice in the ice maker tray from the old fridge to put into the bottom freezer of this unit to help cool the freezer while the refrigerator cooled to temp.

LED Display with Water and Ice Dispenser An external, Ice Blue Digital Display allows you to easily control settings at the touch of a button. Great for safely defrosting items within a controlled space. Samsung Ice Master Our refrigerator’s Ice Master produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day and stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice. This space-saving design leaves more room in the refrigerator.

The customer’s review: After my first two years with this refrigerator, I have had nothing but problems. However, the problems started right after my warranty expired. I had/have to freeze in my ice maker, fan motor going out, and/or now what looks like my compressor. I purchased this refrigerator based on the capacity and the rating that it received in 2015, and now I see that it’s still be rated an 82.

If you look for reviews you’ll see hundreds of people having the same problem. Samsung won’t recall the ice maker. I see now what a terrible design it is. Don’t buy any Samsung frig with this type of ice maker. Owned it for 2 years now. Good frig.

My only complaint is ice maker jams up from time to time. I get a chisel and clear office that’s blocking/preventing ice makes from dropping cubes. Not sure if there’s a better way. The deli tray on the bottom requires that both doors be open to access. Overall I’m happy with the purchase.

An OK fridge, but a perfect freezer

An OK fridge, but a perfect freezer

You’ll find a shiny metal sheet when you open the Samsung’s right refrigerator door. It’s called the Metal Cooling Panel by Samsung french door refrigerator. It claims that metal retains temperature better than plastic, so the food showcase fridge door doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain consistent temperatures.

That’s at least the idea. Although Metal Cooling was an excellent way to improve the unit’s energy efficiency, it couldn’t keep things cool. Although we set the fridge at the perfect 37°F setting, the interior temperatures were about a degree and half too warm. The stainless steel paneling helps maintain consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator.

A basic pull-out freezer with two levels of storage. There’s a shallow shelf hidden just inside the door. Samsung’s Metal Cooling panel is supposed to help keep temperatures colder more easily. Metal Cooling locks in cold and helps to maintain consistent cooling throughout the refrigerator.

This not only gives easy access to everyday items like drinks and condiments but also saves energy by keeping more cool air in the unit. This is then also combined with Samsung’s ‘Metal Cooling’, with stainless steel paneling inside the refrigerator to further help energy efficiency – as well as looking great.

Despite being kept in crisper drawers, the internal temperatures soared to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Although extra warmth can be good for produce, the temperature at which bacteria growth begins to increase is 41°F.

You should adjust the thermostat to lower the temperature if you purchase this fridge. Also, be aware of what you store there.

The freezer worked flawlessly, however. Our test materials were all thoroughly frozen and never exceeded 0°F. This means that there was virtually no freezer burn and almost no money wasted on food spoilage.

This Samsung French door refrigerator has a lot of standard features. The only exception is the door-in-gallon door storage. You can get through-the-door water and a quick freeze (called Power Cool).

An adjustable deli drawer is located under the crispers. You can choose from three settings to ensure optimal temperature control preservation: Deli, Fresh and chilled options.

Pretty big, but not ginormous

This Samsung fridge is comparable to large French-door refrigerators. The main compartment contains five shelves, four of which can be adjusted, and two crispers.

The door storage to the left is limited to store the Water and Ice Dispenser. The four shelves to the right are usable, however. They include the one with the door-in-door. All told, you get 13.21 cu. 13.21 cu. ft. of space usable.

The freezer is simpler. The freezer is simple, with two large drawers and an adjustable divider. There’s also a shallow shelf inside the door. Here, you get 6.35 usable cu. It is pretty large for a pull-out freezer. The fridge’s incredible energy efficiency is perhaps the most remarkable feature. It only takes 0.08 kWh to cool every cubic foot of usable space in this giant fridge.

This is a cost of $50.57 per annum at $0.09/kWh. It’s pretty reasonable, especially when you consider that we had the icemaker in operation during our tests.

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Steep discounts abound on this door-in-door.

Kenmore and LG have dominated the US door-in-door market until now. The RF28HDEDBSR is one of Samsung’s first ventures into this niche market. It offers convenience and accessibility that are significant.

Samsung French door refrigerator also wins at a price, although it is only temporarily. The RF28HDEDBSR has been on sale for as low as $1900. You should take advantage of this great deal, but we are concerned that such a significant discount might be temporary.

We wouldn’t spend $3,300 on this fridge, and neither should you. That’s why we don’t give it a more heartfelt recommendation. Consider other options if door-in-door storage is not an option. You could save money by purchasing a fridge that has a built-in hot water dispenser. This is a valuable perk, and it’s not permanent.


Is Samsung a good quality refrigerator?

Samsung and LG are two of the most popular refrigerator brands in the world. They have a reason for valuing their reputation over profit. Their refrigerators collectively are among the most reliable on the market.

Does the Samsung French door refrigerator have compressor problems?

Samsung French door refrigerator doesn’t have linear compressors. They are equipped with digital inverter compressors, which they have used for many years.

How long does the Samsung French door refrigerator last?

A french door refrigerator’s average lifespan is ten years. However, they can live up to 14 years if properly maintained.

Does a Samsung refrigerator have a reset button?

Reset Instructions

Samsung refrigerators may have a reset button inside. If this is the case, the reset button will be marked and placed behind the ice bucket oder on the control panel. The fridge will return to its default settings if the reset is successful.

Another review of customer: Not going to lie, getting it into the house was a bit of a nightmare and the only reason I may consider spending more next time and having HD or Lowes deliver (assuming they bring it in no matter what obstacles). Had to take the front door off the door hinges, remove a patio light, and even with 2 big guys and a commercial dolly, it leaned against our outside brick wall and dented a small area.


The Samsung RF28HEDBSR french door refrigerator is one of the most popular refrigerators this year, so we reviewed it for you! This refrigerator has many benefits to make your decision easier.

Whether you are looking for a big or small fridge, there is something here for everyone. Publican Anker always offers several options on their website and if you need more information about our review, contact us! We hope that our reviews can help with finding the best refrigerator quickly.

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