Sub Z Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Sub Z Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The sub z cooler review was very straightforward to install. It took about five minutes to have it installed with just one person. The sub z cooler comes with everything you need to install the cooler, even mounting hardware to hang it if you do not want to drill into your wall.

The sub z has a tinted window, so you can easily see your drinks without opening the door, which is very convenient. You can use this good cooler for any drink, beer, soda, wine, water, juice, etc. It can hold ice up to 6 cans or 12 bottles.

There is also a holder included in the package. This has a carrying handle that makes it very convenient for anyone to carry it around.

The Sub Z Features

The Sub Z features

Sub Z coolers have a heavy-duty rubber latches construction that can withstand the demands of your busy lifestyle. These coolers can be used for camping trips, boating, or just about any outdoor activity. The double-locking lid ensures that even the smallest coolers are kept cool and protected inside.

Arctic Dome lid gasket is used to seal the lid. This seal ensures that no heat can escape the cooler’s double-walled PE shell, rotationally molded PE shell. Thanks to the seal and 1.5 inches of foam insulation, this can keep holds ice for days.

With up to 2.5″ thick Arctic Insulation, an interlocking lid, and a watertight Glacier Gasket, this 48-quart rotomolded cooler has everything needed to store ice and keep your contents stuff cold for days.

Nash Sub Z Cooler
89 Reviews
Nash Sub Z 23 Quart Cooler...
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Sub Z Rotomolded Cooler with...
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The smaller Sub Z coolers come with a carrying handle made of stainless steel handle and padding for ease of transport. Non-skid feet ensure that the cooler won’t non-slip feet on wet decks. There are many color options. There are subtle colors such as blue, white, and tan. Bolder colors, like orange and green, are also available. The padded seat back is a popular accessory that allows for even more customization.

Rugged cooler made just for outdoorsmen High-back, padded camo seat cushion on top build quality molded, double-wall, polyethylene construction.

Larger coolers include baskets, divider/cutting board, WHEELS, and even a cushioned seat cushion. To protect you, larger coolers have molded-in handles. The Extendable handle allows you to pull the cooler along rather than carry it (when the surface is smooth).

Each cooler has a unique drain channel shaped like a V. This helps ensure that the melted ice does not get into food or drinks. This oversized drain plug is large enough to drain ice quickly and efficiently.

It is incredible to see that the Nash Sub Z weighs 30% less than other coolers, considering all of the features mentioned above. But, it is just as durable.

Many of our readers will be impressed that the cooler is made in America, Fort Worth, Texas. A 1-year warranty will cover the cooler for any product defects.

All Sub Z are made with heavy-duty construction making them more than capable of keeping up with your busy life. These coolers are ideal for camping trips, time in your boat, and just about anything outdoors. Even the smallest coolers have a double-wall lid to ensure that your contents stay cold and secure inside.

Nash Sub Z Cooler Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Nash Sub Z Cooler Review Does it Live Up to the Hype

Nash Sub Z Holds Ice Chests: 100% Made in the USA

People also love the fact that coolers are 100% made in the USA. This is a great thing to have.

Given the importance of American-made products to many consumers, the closest competition Nash has is Engel and Pelican. Both are more expensive and offer little in the way of design and performance. Most YETI coolers were made in the Philippines.

Sizes, Colors, Warranty, and Ice Retention

Although the 48-quart Nash ice chest is larger and more wheeled, we will be concentrating on the Sub Z of 23-quarts. It is available in five colors currently (blue, orange, yellow, tan, white, and lime green).

You can save some money and get the cooler for just over 100 dollars.

The Sub Z is a true-to-size 23-quart. This is in contrast to YETI coolers, which are slightly smaller than their model numbers. The YETI Roadie is 20-quart, so the Sub Z is a bit larger. However, many people feel it’s perfect for carrying one person.

The cooler is 16 lbs empty. It measures 18.5″ Wx 15.75 “Hx13″ D. The inside measures 13.75″ Wx11.5″ Hx9” D.

It can hold approximately 20 12-ounce cans filled with full 10-lb bags of ice. However, giant pint and bottle cans will fit just fine.

You can be sure that Sub Z will retain ice for up to five days in the hot sun.

The Sub Z warranty is perhaps the weakest link of all the top brands. It only comes with a 1-year limited warranty, compared to YETI’s 5-year.

Sub Z Performance

Sub Z may not be as well-known as Yeti or Pelican, but they are still great coolers. According to most current owners, the Nash is of great value and can keep ice for many days. Larger coolers can hold 64 cans of your favorite drinks and 10 pounds of ice. Smaller coolers can hold 20 cans of your favorite beverages and enough ice for 5+ days. We agree with the 4+ Stars rating that is most commonly found online.

The Nash lasted more than five days in temperatures of 90 degrees during our tests. This cooler’s lid was consistently reading over 130 degrees in the afternoon. The 48-quart came with wheels.

What Are People Saying?

We have already mentioned that Sub Z has received a lot of positive reviews. It is lightweight, and people love it. They also rave about its performance in ice retention.

After comparing the YETI Roadie to the Nash Sub Z, you may be surprised at what he has. (Here’s another from someone who also owns the coolers to the right).

Although Sub Z has received great reviews for maximum durability and ice retention, some people complained that it doesn’t have the same nice finish as top brands. They don’t have to compromise on performance, but they mention that they aren’t as beautiful.

Nash Sub Z vs. YETI Roadie – The Final Verdict

Which one to choose between the two? The Nash Sub Z or YETI?

Nash is a relative newcomer to this industry. While initial reviews are positive, they don’t have YETI’s reputation and years of experience.

People also buy YETI for the lifestyle image. They’re the kings and queens of the outdoor lifestyle. People know that if they have one, you’re not a novice outdoorsman.

On the other side, a Sub Z won’t give much information about how hardcore you are as a hunter/fisherman. It is up to you whether or not it matters to you.

If you are strictly concerned about performance, there will be no difference between the Sub Z or the Roadie. At least, not in terms of ice retention or day-to-day functionality. It remains to be seen if the Sub Z ice chests will last for many years, much like the YETI.

The main reason for choosing the Sub Z over a YETI is its price. At literally half the cost, it makes financial sense to choose the former. However, keep in mind that the Nash only comes with a 1-year warranty, while the YETI offers a 5-year warranty.

The Sub Z is a great cooler if you have a tight budget. Based on what we have seen, the Sub Z is a cool cooler.

The YETI Roadie is a great choice if you want the brand name and image to be remembered.

If we were looking for this size cooler right now, we would choose the Sub Z for ourselves. We love the Roadie, but that’s not why we don’t like it. We love Sub Z’s performance for the price. We also like that it is made in America.

Where To Buy Nash Sub Z Coolers

If you are ready to buy a Sub Z, make sure to check Amazon. Their prices are much lower than those on the Nash website, and they offer free shipping for all coolers.

When this post was written, they also had everything they needed for the Sub Z 23-quart size, including five colors (blue, lime, orange, tan, and white).

Amazon might sell out of the color you are looking for. However, you may end up paying a little more if they do.

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How many cans does a 23-quart cooler hold?

20 cans

This cooler can store up to 20 cans of ice and enough ice for almost five days.

What size cooler should I buy?

Remember that ice will take up about 30-50% of the cooler’s capacity. A 40-quart will suffice for three people who are going on a day trip. A 50- to 60-quart cooler will be sufficient for the same group of people on a weekend camping trip.

How many pounds of ice will a 50-quart cooler hold?

The Bison 50 qt is a great mid-sized option. The cooler can hold 42 cans of 65 lb. Ice.

Do ice packs go on top or bottom of the cooler?

Ice packs should always be placed on top of any food that is in a cooler. Keep in mind that cool air falls and warm air rises. You can freeze water bottles or ice in resealable bags if you don’t own ice packs.


As coolers have become more and more popular with consumers, more new brands have surfaced. However, there are two that stand out in the market: Coleman and Igloo. While these companies are at the top of the food chain, they are also costly.

That is why some people are so excited about the Danby Durability Refrigerator/Freezer Performance. This is comparable in quality to any other while being sold at a fraction of the price.

Thanks for reading. Do you own this cooler? Please tell us in the comments section below!

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