Thermador Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Thermador Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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In this Thermador refrigerator review, I’ll be going over the ins and outs of this refrigeration marvel, as well as all of its various features. Thermador is a well-known brand in the world of home appliances, so it’s no surprise that their refrigerators are fantastic.

This isn’t just a great refrigerator, but a great refrigerator for people who love to entertain and have parties, as well as those who enjoy cooking.

For something that looks so sleek and streamlined, it takes up a lot of space. The Thermador refrigerator is the perfect model for someone who craves organization and simplification in their lives. It features six drawers, four shelves, and LED lighting, all while being energy star certification.

Style Overview

Style Overview

Thermador refrigerators offer a variety of complete flush design and style options. You can also choose your preferred cabinet wood. Every built-in refrigerator comes with a different handle. You can choose from the sturdy Professional handle or the sleek Masterpiece handle to suit your design style.

Interesting Features Shared Across All Styles Certain features are easily noticeable across all Thermador refrigerator styles. Thermador fridge ensures these features are present in their products as a cutting edge design and for added convenience. Push to open door feature enables you to open the refrigerator even with your hands full.

Top 5 Best Thermador Refrigerators

1. Thermador Freedom Panel Ready French Door Refrigerator is the Best Overall Refrigerator

Thermador French door refrigerators have a reputation for being versatile and easy to use. This panel-ready French door model from Thermador is proof of that. This fridge model has a 19.4-cubic foot capacity. Cool Air Flow technology evenly distributes cold water throughout the unit. The built-in freezer drawer features Diamond Ice, made with twist tray technology, and provides unique shaped ice.

Other features include:

  • All-Leg Leveling reduces the time it takes to install.
  • Interiors in premium stainless-steel
  • Open Door Assist Feature lets you push or pull the fridge door open.
  • A water filter that removes 99.9% of sediments
  • WiFi connectivity allows remote temperature settings and notification via the Home Connect App.
  • Quick Chill quickly cools your fridge.

2. Thermador Freedom Panel Ready Built-In Column Refrigerator is the Best Column Refrigerator

Top 5 Best Thermador Refrigerators

Thermador refrigerators have the best panel-ready refrigerators. Their elegant design and seamless integration are unmatched. This column refrigerator, like the other models, features Cool Air Flow technology. However, it also increases the preservation features and better controls temperature, humidity, and light through the ThermaFresh System.

Large produce bins can be used to store delicate fruits or vegetables.

3. Thermador Double Drawer Refrigerator is the Best Under-Counter Refrigerator

The under-counter collection is last on our Thermador refrigerator wish list. The double drawer unit is designed to give culinary enthusiasts complete freedom. It has a flush integration and will fit perfectly into a 24-inch cabinet. This collection is a great companion to any kitchen.

THERMADOR Freedom 36 inch...
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You can choose from either the Professional or Masterpiece stainless-steel options, or you can create your panel to fit your fridge. The electronic touch screen allows you to easily navigate preset modes that are calibrated and allow you to store a variety of foods and beverages at the right temperature. The fridge’s contents are illuminated by LED lighting so that food fresh is easily seen.

Other features include:

  • The Customizable Cooling Mods include a mode to cool everyday items, a cellar mode, and a bar mode to chill super-chilled beverages.
  • SoftClose drawers offer a soft, automatic closing.
  • Drawer dividers or removable shelving can be used to personalize your appliance. They also keep drawer contents in place and provide leveled storage space for large platters and wine glasses.
  • The removable drawer mat prevents fragile items like bottles from sliding when the drawer is closed or opened. This mat is removable and can be easily cleaned.

4. Best Counter Depth Refrigerator: Thermador Freedom Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Thermador bottom freezer models are a great option if you’re looking for a compact fridge with plenty of storage space. The bottom freezer fridge is ideal for smaller households with limited space. It can store perishable goods up to 16 cubic feet.

The Freedom Hinge, SoftClose Drawers, and Open Door Assist features are part of this Thermador fridge. This fridge will look great in any kitchen and can be used to host parties. The external ice maker produces diamond ice so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks ice-cold. Additionally, the carbon filter reduces food odors to keep your kitchen as fresh as possible.

This model is the most potent overall refrigerator model. It also features an Automatic Ice Maker with filtered diamond ice, Cool Flow technology, Open Door Assist, and WiFi connectivity.

If you can’t pull the door open, you can gently push the door to release the door seal. Dual compressors create a more efficient circulation of cold air inside the refrigerator to keep food and beverages fresh. SoftClose doors and hinges prevent any forceful door closing. Next-level airflow and filtration devices keep cold air in and warm air out.

5. Thermador Freedom French Door Refrigerator is the Best

French door refrigerators are so prevalent in household kitchens that we had to include another Thermador model. This unit is one of the best-selling Thermador fridges. It uses ThermaFresh technology to provide optimal temperature and humidity for chilled items. Thanks to the Delicate Produce Bin, you can store perishable foods for extended periods without worrying about spoilage.

The Freedom Hinge feature allows for a seamless installation and flawless kitchen décor. The drawers and doors have SoftClose, and Open Door Assist features. You can also take advantage of the Door Open Alarm with adjustable glass shelves, LED lighting, and a double door swing.

Bonus: Thermador Refrigerator Features Recap

Bonus Thermador Refrigerator Features Recap

Several features are common to all Thermador refrigerator models. These features are part of the refrigerator’s cutting-edge design, beautiful presentation, and easy operation.

  • The push-to-open door allows you to open your refrigerator even if your hands are full. To open the door, push it gently.
  • To keep food and drinks fresh, dual compressors provide more efficient cooling of the fridge’s cold air.
  • SoftClose hinges and doors are designed to prevent door closures that are too forceful.
  • The next-level airflow devices and filtration devices allow cold air to pass through and keep warm air out.
  • Always clean, filtered water and ice ready for consumption.
  • There are some standard features across all styles.
  • Several features are visible across all Thermador refrigerator models. These features are included in all Thermador refrigerator models as an added convenience and cutting-edge design.
  • The push to open door feature allows you to open your refrigerator with just one hand. To release the seal, push the door gently instead of pulling it.
  • Dual compressors allow for better air circulation within the fridge. This ensures that your food stays fresh and cold throughout the year.
  • SoftClose hinges absorb the forceful impact of door closings, so refrigerator doors close smoothly every time.
  • High airflow and excellent filtration
  • Filtration for ice and clean, filtered water

Why should I buy a Thermador refrigerator?

It’s not surprising that this brand was included in our top refrigerators list. A Thermador refrigerator offers many additional benefits. Thermador is a premium appliance brand that puts extra effort into making refrigerator models that are more efficient, last longer and enhance your home’s aesthetic. These are five compelling reasons why you should consider buying Thermador fridges.

High-End Product Line with Premium Features

Thermador offers premium features in all of their refrigerators. These features, such as the SoftClose Door and Open-Door Assist, enhance the user experience and make it easier.

Storage flexibility

Thermador refrigerator columns can be used to create more storage space than you need for your refrigeration needs.

Design Flexibility

You can choose from a stainless-steel or panel-ready Thermador refrigerator for a customized look. To match your kitchen’s style, you can also choose from the Pro or Masterpiece handles.

Best Package Discounts

Thermador is the most trusted brand for package discounts. Thermador is the best when it comes to offering package discounts. You could save as much as $8,000 by remodeling your kitchen with their One-Two Free sales program.

Better Integration for a Seamless Finish

Thermador refrigerators are easy to integrate with your kitchen cabinets, resulting in a seamless look. You can install most of their refrigerators installed flush, giving your kitchen a traditional, built-in look.

Best Thermador Refrigerators

Best French Door: Thermador T36BT920NS

The T36BT920NS French door refrigerator from Thermador is the best on the market. The refrigerator uses the robust ThermaFresh technology to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels for all items. You can store perishable foods for more extended periods with the added “delicate produce bin” features.

The Freedom Hinge feature allows for a flush installation. Doors and drawers are equipped with the Open-Door Assist and SoftClose Drawer features, which offer additional convenience. The T36BT920NS also features the Door Open Alarm and adjustable shelves. It also has brilliant LED lighting and an icemaker.

Best Bottom Freezer: Thermador T30BB920SS

The 30-inch bottom freezer combines some of the best features of the top three Thermador refrigerators. It makes it the ideal Thermador refrigerator to fit into a tiny home. ThermaFresh’s temperature/humidity management system and delicate produce bins for fruits, vegetables, and the diamond-icemaker are just a few of the remarkable features.

The T30BB920SS has a carbon air filter to reduce food odors and a touch control panel that controls refrigerator functions. SoftClose drawers/bins are also available. Thermador offers both the panel-ready and stainless-steel options, with either Masterpiece or Pro handles. This allows for greater integration.

See also:

Best 48-inch Side by Side Columns: Thermador T30IR900SP & T18ID900LP

The 48″ Thermador side-by-side refrigerator set is made from the T30IR900SP and T18ID900LP (30″ or T18IF901SP with no external water/ice columns).

The refrigerator set includes extra storage space as well as SoftClose Drawers and Open Door Assist features. The T18ID900LP complements the T30IR900SP. It includes an external ice dispenser (which produces diamond ice) and smooth filtered lighting.

Best 60-inch Side by Side Columns: Thermador T30IR900SP & T30IF900SP

The 30″ Thermador T30IR900SP refrigerator columns can be paired with the T30IF900SP refrigerator columns to make a 60″ refrigerator set that could serve large families.

ThermaFresh Systems are included in both columns. Freedom Hinge allows for flush installation, and large, delicate produce bins can be used to store your fruits and veggies. SoftClose Drawers, adjustable shelves made of glass, carbon air filters, ice makers, and touch control panels are all included in the refrigerator set.


Who makes the Thermador refrigerator?

BSH Home Appliances Corporation

Thermador is a part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of BSH Hausgerate GmbH. This company is the third-largest manufacturer of home high-end appliances in Europe and one of the most prominent companies in this sector.

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Are Thermador and KitchenAid the same company?

All of them confirmed that KitchenAid manufactured the refrigerator. It is also branded as Sub-Zero and KitchenAid. It is the same fridge with different brands.

Bursts of dry air prevent frost and freezer burn from occurring inside the freezer, allowing for optimum preservation conditions and humidity levels for each type of food. Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas, a natural compound found in spoiling food.

Sub-Zero’s refrigerators come with an anti-microbial air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene, as well as mold, viruses, and bacteria, every 20 minutes to fight spoilage and odors.

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Are Thermador Refrigerators worth the money?

Thermador is a top-quality brand of kitchen appliances. Thermador refrigerators offer excellent performance, reliability, and a better user experience at an excellent price.

Which is better, wolf or Thermador?

The dual-stacked, sealed Wolf burners are fast and easy to clean. However, Thermador’s Pedestal Star flame burners are hard to beat. Thermador wins this round thanks to its ergonomic design, which provides consistent heat and is easy to manage.


We hope you have been able to find the best Thermador refrigerator for your needs from this list. We have compiled 5 of the best Thermador refrigerators on the market to help you make a wise decision when it comes to adding a new fridge to your kitchen.

If you have any questions about these appliances or Thermador in general, please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.

Thanks for reading! For more reviews, tutorials, and free stuff, make sure to follow this blog. We are constantly posting new posts, reviews, and news. If you have any questions about one of the products listed, please send us an email.

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