Vibe Cooler Review 2022: Best Information For You

Vibe Cooler Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

Vibe Cooler Review is a countertop cooler that keeps food and drinks cold without the use of ice chests. Vibe Cooler is very cost-effective because it can be reused indefinitely.

The Vibe Cooler works by running the motor to create a cooling and circulating air effect. Vibe Cooler can keep food and drinks cold for up to six hours. It works best on items that are small enough to fit into the Vibe cooler’s small chamber.

Vibe Cooler can also keep recently viewed items fresh for up to 48 hours. Vibe Cooler is an easy way to operate and comes with instructions on how to set it up. Read more below!

Sizes And Dimensions Available Vibe Cooler Review

Sizes and Dimensions Available

Marketing is all about catering to different preferences and needs. This is one of the most critical aspects. The vibe is limited size options but tries to meet as account new customer needs as possible. Here are the Vibe coolers that you can grab right now:

Vibe Element 20

Although the Element 20 may be Vibe’s youngest model, it still has larger models’ cool features. It is an excellent choice for picnics, beach days, and work sites. This is why the Vibe Element 20 is so popular.

The cooler measures 21.1″ x 13.3″ x 14.3″ and weighs approximately 15 pounds when empty.

Vibe Element 45

Maybe you are looking for something more flexible that can do multiple tasks at once. The Vibe Element 45 ( overall star rating 5-star) is a great choice if that’s your case.

The 45 cooler is designed to last longer than the previous cooler and serve larger purposes.

This cooler is a great choice for small game hunters and anglers because it measures 26.7×16.6x 16.3Inches and weighs 23 pounds empty.

Vibe Element 75

If you are still thirsty, then you should look for a beast like Vibe Element 75.

The Vibe Element 45 would satisfy most people, but larger tasks require large coolers.

The Vibe Element 75 was designed to meet the needs of professional and amateur anglers/hunters. It has a decent capacity and excellent ice retention.

The Vibe Element 75 is approximately 33.5″ x 18.2″ x 17.9″ and weighs 32 pounds.

Vibe Element 110

The Vibe Element 110 cooler ( pressure release valve) is large enough to cater for a group camping trip. This is not a joke. Element 110 can cater to a group of people over a weekend trip. You can see how valuable this cooler will be on any boat.

The Vibe Cooler Review is a great tool for hunters, anglers, and campers alike.

It is important to mention that the cooler can be ordered in both a hunter camo and standard alpine grey.

While there are still a few models that you might like, the four above should be sufficient to satisfy your needs. If you are still hesitant, perhaps you could see a preview of the brand’s design/quality and other brands ( or viewing product detail pages here).

Insulation Capability/Ice Life Of Vibe Coolers

The ability to retain ice chest for a long time is one of the most important aspects of a cooler. A cooler that doesn’t retain ice is just an adventure as expensive as a box.

All of the cooler features Publican Anker loves about Vibe Coolers are included in this cooler. Every Vibe Cooler is constructed using roto-molded coolers technology. The shell is made from high-quality plastic insulation up to 3 inches thick at certain places. It is important to have thick walls for retaining ice chests because it reduces heat conduction.

Vibe Coolers use thick freezer-grade gaskets for hardware that is related to ice retention. They have a lot of squeezes and seal in the air inside from the outside. The rubber T-latches, which are thick, allow you to squeeze as much as possible between the body and lid.

The freezer-style lid gasket and heavy-duty rubber T-latches keep warm air from intruding (limiting ice melt. All cooler sizes also offer a pressure release valve on the front so that you can open it easily on hot days.

The Vibe Cooler’s ice life results were comparable to other premium coolers after testing. Below are graphs that show the expected ice life.

It is essential to keep in mind that hold ice life can vary depending on many factors. Your actual ice life expectancy will be affected by the external temperature, how often the cooler is opened, how much held ice you place inside, and the volume of the premium coolers. Cooler companies may advertise that their coolers can keep ice for X amount of five days. However, this number often refers to ideal conditions that most people will never expose their high-end coolers to in the real world.

We prefer numbers that align with everyday scenarios. Anker will then create an estimate of the best-case and worst-case scenarios. Your actual results will likely fall somewhere between.

These results are similar to those we’ve seen with coolers of similar size from other cooler brands. The results are very similar to those we observed with nICE coolers (which, coincidentally, share many reviews of the same features as well as the exact cooler sizes).

You will immediately notice a direct correlation between cooler size and ice life. Coolers with a larger capacity can store more ice and last longer.

We have tested coolers with a 200-hour ice life. However, the coolers were larger. We are confident that Vibe would have similar success if it launched a 100+ quart cooler.

Insulation Capability Ice Life

Features of Vibe Coolers

Vibe coolers can keep ice chest for several days, as our tests have demonstrated. Vibe Element Rotomolded Coolers come with not one, but two built-in bottle openers. When the lid is closed, they double as an integrated locking system considers things. Talk about a double feature!

The coolers are made using roto-molded coolers construction for maximum durability. Three inches of insulation are included in each wall of the roto-molded cooler walls, which ensures extreme ice retention. The walls are strong enough to withstand the harsh elements of the great outdoors. They also include UV protection. The walls are protected against the elements so that they don’t sustain damage over time.

The freezer-style lid gasket and the heavy-duty rubber T -latches prevent warm air from entering (limiting ice test melting). The cooler sizes all have a pressure release valve at the front, so you can easily open it on hot days.

This means that the cooler can still be opened even if filled with an ice chest and sitting in the sun. This issue may have been an issue for us in several of our problem filtering reviews videos. Your ice-cold drinks will always be available when you need them.

Built-In Bottle Opener

All Element coolers have a built-in bottle opener that is located on two sides of the cooler; so no matter how it is sitting in your truck or your kayak, it will be within easy reach.

All Element coolers come with bottle openers on both sides. This means that no matter where your cooler is, whether it’s in your truck or your kayak, it will always be reachable. These metal bottle openers can be used for multiple purposes, including locking down your cooler.

The Vibe Element cooler 20 has a metal handle wrapped in foam. For handles or other hand, the larger sizes feature nylon straps wrapped in rubber (for comfort) at each end. A fishing kayak manufacturer makes this cooler, so convenience is paramount. A cooler’s fish ruler is a great feature.

Our badass coolers share the same legendary tough-built DNA that our fishing kayaks have, and at a fraction of the price of competitor coolers. They are Mother Nature armored and super-insulated to keep catches and beverages frosty no matter the heat outside – from your backwaters to your backyard and everywhere else adventure demands.

On the other hand, the top also has a fish ruler that seems to cheapen the look of it to me. $30 coolers from a superstore have fish rulers too and maybe that’s why it strikes me as cheap.

A rapid-flow drain spout makes it easy to clean your cooler when you’re ready to go home. To ensure you don’t lose it, the drain spout cap has a chain attached to it. The drain plug on the side does not leak at all, no condensation either. Handles are of a nice thick rope with rubber handles. As soon as I took it out of the box, I decided to put it to the test and see how long it would hold ice for.

Design & Build Quality

Vibe coolers aren’t all about design. This is evident right away. These coolers are clever. They are sharp, trimmed, and to the point. A Vibe cooler ( pressure release valve) isn’t very distinctive, but that’s precisely what makes it stand out.

Every premium brand knows that design speaks louder than action, and vibe sea ghost is aware of that fact. We don’t mean to say that Vibe coolers lack in any way, but sometimes it’s the most effective design not to obstruct the norm.

This makes Vibe coolers less likely to inflict any inconvenience or damage during storage/transport.

Vibe shines in quality, however. The vibe is a worthy runner-up, especially in comparison to the bigger dogs.

Vibe coolers can withstand wild animal attacks 100% wooly mammoth proof.

The thick exterior polyethylene crust and the rotational molding design should keep anything from getting into these coolers. This is something outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate.


The Vibe cooler must be as rugged as the best. Vibe hopes to meet the demand and offer a competitive price while still using quality parts made of thin plastic.

The thick walls of rotomolded ice are excellent for keeping it cool, as we have already mentioned. It also makes coolers extremely durable. A cooler with fewer parts can percentage breakdown. It is possible to make the whole cooler shell from one piece. This makes it highly recommended durable and doesn’t have any significant weaknesses.

Vibe Coolers also use high-quality hardware. The rod that holds the lid on the body is thick. T-latches made of premium rubber are thick enough to withstand thousands of cycles without breaking.

The Vibe Element cooler gives off a feeling of security and toughness when it is closed. This makes it feel more comfortable being outdoors. The cooler’s design is simple average: it doesn’t have many moving parts and no additional components. Simpler things are more durable.

We have one minor complaint. Vibe hasn’t been certified by the International Grizzly Bear Committee. Although this isn’t a criticism of the cooler, it is an achievement that other premium cooler companies have achieved and a great marketing opportunity. We believe Vibe would not have any problems getting their coolers passed.


A cooler’s asking price is always a top consideration. Budgets are essential for everyone. The best coolers in the business can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars.

The Vibe Element Coolers have great features price for what they offer. They are not a budget cooler, but they offer comparable ice life, toughness, and features to those of other brands.

Great cooler aside from the fact that it’s $150 less than its comparable Yeti coolers. A bunch of awesome accessories round this cooler off as one of the best cooler choices on the market. Cup holders, built-in bottle openers, pressure release valve, cutting board divider, and of course rolling wheels.

I was comparing to other premium cooler brands RTIC, Yeti coolers, Grizzly, Engel, Pelican, Orca. The vibe is known for being the most affordable cooler brand for any size.

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Vibe Coolers Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better Cooler For You?

Without a comparison to the industry standard, a cooler review Vibe is incomplete. We will also try to provide unbiased comparisons between the brands in this segment. This should help you understand the differences between Yeti and Vibe Element coolers.

We must be careful as Yeti is a defeated champion. Many brands can easily overthrow Yeti. Yeti Roadie is still a formidable figure in the industry. The brand is reliable, resilient, and strong, but it doesn’t justify the high price tag. On the other coolers hand, Vibe Element coolers are significantly cheaper and can compete with Yeti’s claim.

Roto-molded Vibe coolers can also be found. They are made from the same material as Yeti’s, have thicker insulation, and match Yeti’s ice retention time. The best part is that you can purchase the entire package at a low price.

The conclusion is that yeti remains the King. However, Vibe coolers wait in the dark for an opportunity to overthrow it. This should be enough reason to give Vibe Element cooler another chance.

Yeti coolers, for example, only offer two inches. Vibe coolers also come with a limited lifetime warranty, which means all manufacturer defects will be covered at no cost to you. Yeti only offers a five-year limited warranty against defects.


Does vibe still make coolers?

Vibe kayaks are a well-known brand, but they now sell coolers Vibe. The current range includes a 20-quart and a 45-quart model, as well as a 75-quart model. These models are called the Vibe Element cooler 20, 45-quart and Vibe Element 55, and Vibe Element 75.

Where are lifetime coolers made?

The USA is indeed the manufacturer of Lifetime Coolers. Established in 1986, the company has since grown to include over 1,500 employees and a small warehouse with 15 employees.

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Final Thoughts

Vibe Cooler is a new portable device that will make you comfortable when you’re in a sunny or humid environment. It’s easy to take anywhere because it’s lightweight and compact. It also features a huge fan that will keep the air circulating your body, creating a cool breeze.

Not only will it keep you cool, but it will also help to keep food fresh for a longer period. The creators of the Vibe cooler claim that it can keep food and drinks cold for up to six hours.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review! What do you think of the Vibe cooler? I will leave you with this cool video. Enjoy!

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