Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBM Review 2022: Best Information For You

Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBM Review 2022 Best Information For You
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The primary purpose of the Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBM Review is to have many different ways to store food with its adjustable shelving. You can also adjust the temperature of the refrigerator on the left, bottom, or top. Are you looking for a new refrigerator? The Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBM is worth the investment!

The Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBM has excellent features, so this is it if you are looking for a refrigerator!



Consumer Reports has tested the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM refrigerator. French-Door Refrigerators models such as the WRF535SMBM were rated using multiple criteria in our laboratory tests.

Thermostat control

This test measures the refrigerator’s ability to:

  1. Reach the initial set temperature according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  2. Maintain optimal temperatures in fresh food sections simultaneously
  3. Maintain internal temperatures consistent despite large fluctuations in room temperatures.

Temperature uniformity

This performance test measures how well a model reduces heat and cold spots in its fresh food and freezer sections. Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry Store wide items like party platters and sheet cakes or preserve large amounts of meat and cheese with the temperature-controlled full-width pantry.

Energy efficiency

This is the electricity consumed per cubic foot of usable storage space. Two models may have the exact energy costs per year but different energy efficiencies. The unit with more storage space is more efficient.

What are the specifications of the Whirlpool RF535SMBM Whirlpool?

specifications of the Whirlpool RF535SMBM Whirlpool

The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM has French doors that open above two pull-out drawers. You can adjust the shelves using either white plastic or glass. It comes with an ice maker that can make crushed or cubed ice.

Frameless glass shelves Adjustable Gallon Door Bins

Store more items on each shelf with wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves, which offer greater flexibility.

Free up shelf space in this large refrigerator by storing gallons of milk in the adjustable gallon door bins, and also enjoy wall-to-wall storage with frameless glass shelves. You’ll even be ready for special occasions with the temperature-controlled full-width pantry in this french door refrigerator that easily holds wide items like party platters. When it comes to refrigerators, you want foolproof food preservation.

You’ll even be ready for special occasions with the temperature-controlled full-width pantry in this french door refrigerator that easily holds wide items like party platters. The full-width pantry drawer allows you to store wide items like party platters and sheet cakes or preserve large amounts of meat and cheese.

The ice quickly falls through the dispenser. With a simple touch, the dispenser can also dispense water. The indicator can be read, and a removable water filter needs to be replaced now and again. This refrigerator is Energy Star compliant and has a temperature control feature. However, the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM refrigerator is not counter-deep.

Other necessary specifications include:

  • Height: 70.125 inches
  • Width: 35.625 in
  • Depth: 35.625 inches
  • The capacity of the fridge: 18.35 cubic feet
  • 6.61 cubes
  • Capacity: 25 cubic feet
  • Finish: Monochromatic stainless-steel

These specifications may not be impressive, but they are sufficient. The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM is large and has enough capacity for most users.

This refrigerator’s overall design is contemporary and appealing. The controls outside the refrigerator are bright and hi-tech. Two dispenser paddles are included that make it easy to dispense ice or water. It is easy to see which setting your dispenser is in.

We like the overall design and size of the Whirlpool RF535SMBM, but we must mention the freezer compartment. The WRF535SMBM is a large refrigerator but has a tiny freezer. It is also difficult to access all compartments from the freezer drawer.

We would love to see changes to the freezer compartment. However, the refrigerator is very affordable and offers a lower pull-out freezer drawer than a standalone middle one.

The Whirlpool WRF535SMBMBM performed well in consumer testing but was not particularly impressive. Both the freezer and refrigerator ran warm, according to many test results. The testers determined that the temperature was not low enough to complete the task after setting each compartment’s temperature to Whirlpool standards.

It’s not too alarming, but reducing the dial by just a few notches is possible. Not to be confused, once the temperature reached the correct level, both the refrigerator and freezer sections maintained that temperature consistently. Although this fridge is beautiful, its functionality is lacking. The included icemaker is too large for many consumers’ liking. The ice maker occupies so much space that half the fridge’s shelves are useless.

The WRF535SMBM refrigerator doesn’t even have a crisper drawer. This refrigerator can only be set to the production setting. This is a problem if you like fresh fruits and veggies. We chose the model without the water/ ice in the door because that is what broke on our last refrigerator very prematurely. The ice maker is in the bottom freezer drawer. There are a lot more cubic ft in the refrigerator part since there is no ice maker taking up space. The ice maker is a little loud though when it is filling and dumping ice.

This is the cheapest way to install a French-door refrigerator in your kitchen.

The interior is minimalistic and stylish. The interior is made of a lot of white plastic, which gives it a clean appearance. LED lighting adds a pale tint to the food. The crispers are an excellent choice for a cheap fridge. There is no need to use ice makers or trays.

This unit’s most significant problem is its control experience. The thermostat works on a vague scale of 0-7, so you won’t be able to tell how cold your fridge is unless you have a thermometer. This Samsung is slightly more expensive if this is a problem for you.

Things are equally well lit and easily accessible down in the freezer. Although the wire drawer is a detriment to this model’s price, it’s not too difficult to remove.

This fridge’s upper section is a little warm. Our sensors measured average temperatures at the fridge’s top, middle, and bottom at 40.04degF, 39.98degF, and 39.39degF, respectively.

This is a narrow range, which means that you can quickly turn the thermostat down one degree from the default setting to ensure food safety and chilling.

The freezer performed better than the fridge and had more precise average temperatures. The average temperature in the upper drawer was -0.87degF, while that of the lower drawer was 0.72degF. A temperature fluctuation of only +-0.36degF in the freezer is good and steady. However, you will want to lower this section to maintain temperatures below 0degF.

More Than You’re Paying For

More Than You're Paying For

Whirlpool was more than competent in our labs testing. Although it isn’t the most efficient fridge on the market at $999, it is close enough to be a good choice.

The upper section was a little warmer than the bottom. However, the average temperatures at the top were only one degree above the bottom. This makes the compartment remarkably consistent. To achieve optimal cooling, turn the thermostat down a notch lower than the manual recommends.

Even better was the freezer, which had chilly temperatures and a steady cooling rate over time. It’s not perfect. However, we noticed that temperatures fluctuated between 0 and 0 degrees F over time. This could cause freezer burn. However, if you turn it down like the fresh food area, it should produce better results.

Other tests showed that crisper drawers were excellent at retaining moisture. This is excellent news for fresh produce. Also, power consumption was low.

For in-depth performance information, please check out our full test results.

The crispers were simple, but they did a fantastic job of retaining moisture. Our test materials lost on average 0.1 grams of moisture every hour over three days. It’s not the most impressive, but it’s the best fridge material we have seen at this price. This is excellent news for lovers of fresh salad.

Whirlpool offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor for all defects not caused by the customer. The owner’s manual contains all details.

To reach 32degF in the freezer, room temperature sensors required 1 hour 33 minutes. This model is about 10 minutes slower than other French door models, but it’s still manageable given its cost.

The upper section of Whirlpool’s Whirlpool is quite spacious, even without water and ice dispensers taking up space. You get 11.9 cubic feet of usable fresh food storage across all its shelves and drawers. Although this model is smaller than some, it’s still entirely usable.

The freezer is quite large, even with the bucket and ice maker. The freezer’s upper and lower drawers together total 4.55 cubic feet. The fixed plastic dividers on the upper level might get in the way, depending on what you buy. However, the lower bucket should be big enough to hold more oversized items like whole turkeys and pot roasts.

Whirlpool can compete with some of the most energy-efficient fridges, using 0.07 kWh per cubic foot. This keeps it at par with the majority of 2015 models. If you swap out an older model, you will likely see an increase in your electricity bill. Assuming an average American rate of $0.09/kWh, this works out to $37.06/year. The icemaker is less.

The Frugal Foodies Dream Fridge

The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM French door refrigerator is a rare chance to purchase one for less than $1,000. It’s an excellent product with a beautiful design, great chilling, and energy efficiency. It is also available in black and white for an additional $100.

This Samsung is another option if you have a budget of $1,200. It did well in our tests and maybe a better design for you.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Whirlpool FRF535SMBM?

The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM is a great product, but it also has its drawbacks. Below are some of the pros and cons of the WRF535SMBM.


  • Price
  • Freezing and Thawing
  • Finish in stainless-steel
  • Energy efficiency


  • No dedicated crisper
  • Storage space is a problem.
  • It runs a little warm.


Although the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM is quite affordable, you may be able to find it for a few hundred less. This appliance’s design is costly. However, its performance is comparable to other refrigerators of similar price.

The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM is a beautiful appliance that will transform your kitchen and impress your friends. In terms of power costs, assuming an average American rate of $0.09 per kWh, that comes out to roughly $37.06 per year—less if you turn off the ice maker.


As we have mentioned, the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM does not come with a dedicated crisper. Although this refrigerator has a production setting, it does not do the job. Perishables lose moisture if stored in an area that should not be the crisper.

We appreciate the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM’s moveable shelves but would love to see a crisper. We are not ready to give up the freshness and crispness that we love about our fruits and vegetables.


Consumer testing showed that the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM manufacturer settings cause the refrigerator and freezer to heat up too much. Testers were able to achieve acceptable results by turning down the temperature a bit.

Cooling is easy once each compartment has reached the right temperature. Testers were able to cool room temperature water down to freezing within an hour and fifteen minutes. This is superior to the industry standard.

The freezer’s insulation is also remarkable. The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM was unplugged by test subjects after being left for 36 hours. Frozen items had thawed to a temperature of just 27 degrees by the end of that period. This means that food was frozen even after no power for three days. This is outstanding freezer performance.


The intermediate storage drawer of the Whirlpool WRF535SMBM is a favorite feature. We couldn’t find a comparable French door refrigerator that didn’t have a separate middle drawer.

The drawer is affordable and gives you an expensive look that will not break the bank. It also occupies a lot of valuable real estate.

Three half shelves are found inside the WRF535SMBM. Two of these shelves are equipped with deli drawers. These drawers can help organize, but they also eat into the shelf height in an unattractive way.

The large icemaker renders the shelves to the left of the appliance useless. The French door refrigerator also has a cramped appearance because it looks so big. Although there’s plenty of room to store many items in the French door refrigerator, taller items may need to be placed on their sides.


Modern consumers desire a refrigerator that has a contemporary look. The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM refrigerator is modern and stylish. This refrigerator features a fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel finish. This French door refrigerator is an excellent choice for minimalistic kitchens or chefs who want to display it in their kitchen.

You don’t need to worry about scratches or rust because the exterior is high-grade stainless steel. This appliance will look great with just a little polish.

This machine looks much more expensive than it is due to its stainless-steel exterior, middle drawer, and control panel. The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM is the perfect machine for renovating your kitchen.

You can save your money to buy new appliances or upgrades. But be careful. The WRF535SMBM French door refrigerator is not the right choice if you’re looking for a professional-grade fridge.

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Recently, it seems as if the benefits of an energy-efficient refrigerator such as Whirlpool WRF535SMBM are never-ending. From making ice quicker to provide a larger storage capacity, the product has plenty of perks for all users.

With regards to this review, we will try and demonstrate the benefits of the appliance compared to its closest competitor.

Thanks for reading our Whirlpool French door Refrigerator WRF535SMBM review. What are your thoughts on the product? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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