Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS325FDAM Review 2022: Best Information For You

Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS325FDAM Review 2022 Best Information For You
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When you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, there is a Whirlpool refrigerator WRS325FDAM review for you. However, few give you all the features you want without breaking the bank. The whirlpool side by side refrigerator, WRS325FDAM, stands out among others due to its sleek finish and stylish exterior. It is also ergonomically designed to fit in most kitchen décor. 

Now you can have a full view of what’s inside the Freezer door refrigerator thanks to its transparent door. This feature is not just for aesthetics, but it is an added benefit that helps you keep track of your food items at all times.


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Consumer Reports has tested the Whirlpool WRS325FDAM. Side-By-Side Refrigerator models such as the WRS325FDAM were rated using multiple criteria in our laboratory tests.

Thermostat control measures how well the refrigerator’s thermostat can:

  1. Reach the initial set temperature according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Simultaneously achieve optimal temperatures in fresh food sections.
  3. Maintain internal temperatures consistent despite large fluctuations in room temperatures.

Temperature uniformity: This performance measure measures how well a model reduces heat and cold spots in its fresh food or freezer sections.

Energy efficiency: This is the electricity consumed per cubic foot of usable gallon door storage space. Two models may have the exact energy costs per year but different energy efficiency. The unit with more storage space is more efficient.


This great fridge is an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers, especially considering the price. This fridge is spacious, has a proven design, and has a tremendous monochromatic stainless steel look. The water filter is also located inside the front grille, making it easy to change and not taking up too much space in your fridge.


The fridge does not have a cold water tank. This means your water dispenser will come out warm. It was measured at 60 F. The ice dispenser also splatters the water dispenser when it is being dispensed. This seems to be a fairly common issue with this fridge, according to other reviews. The ice maker takes way too much room.

This new one does not have covers for the hinges on the top, and there is no cover plate at the bottom under the doors to hide the water filter.

Whirlpool WRS325DAM Side-by-Side Refrigerator Review

Whirlpool WRS325DAM Side-by-Side Refrigerator Review

High-end looks for a mid-range price

It would be difficult to find a cheaper fridge than the WRS325FDAM. The monochromatic stainless steel fridge features a stainless exterior, through-the-door crushed ice and water dispenser, bright LED lighting, and a freezer and fridge with LED lighting. There is only one crisper, and the touch screen on the external dispenser is plastic with a few manual switches. But that’s a small price for what you get.

There aren’t many options for customization, other than the fact that there are many places you can place the bucket shelving in your fridge door. The natural layout of freezer shelves in the freezer and fridge gives you plenty of space for your groceries: there will be enough room to store gallons of milk, jugs full of iced tea, or birthday cakes.

The best thing about the Whirlpool freezer is its ability to store enough space for a family-sized frozen pizza, even though it’s on one side. This is a rare feat, especially for this price range. The freezer can quickly get cramped, despite the efficient layout. This is something that large households will need to be aware of when buying a fridge.

Watch the temperatures, and you’ll be fine.

Whirlpool performed well for the most part. Despite some extra cold air at its top, the fresh food side was stable over time and maintained an ideal 37oF temperature. However, the freezer was a little more than 9oF, which is much higher than we expected.

The thermostats for the freezer and fridge are separate. The thermostats have a temperature scale that runs from cold to hot. We tested the fridge at the recommended setting marked with a small dot. To achieve optimal chilling, turn down the temperature dial on the freezer. Then, use an external thermometer to check the results.

One crisper drawer retained moisture well, keeping produce from becoming dry or slimy before its time. It is also very energy-efficient.

The only problem with this fridge is the lack of features. You don’t have access to a water filter or ice through the door. The only thing you do have is a lock for your dispenser. This can be useful if you have curious children. We are happy with the price.

Lastly, if you decide to forgo the door-mounted ice dispenser and scoop cubed ice directly from the ice maker you’re somewhat out of luck as the ice maker is designed with a -very- small access slot to the ice cubes that makes this impractical (see attached pic for an example).

Saving money with style

A good fridge doesn’t have to cost a lot. We love the Whirlpool WRS325FDAM. It looks great, performs well, and is affordable. You can usually find it for $1,160, but we have seen sales prices as low as $1,000.

If you’re looking to save even more money, this fridge is also available in white, black, and off-white in the same vein as old bisque appliances-Whirlpool’s calling it a biscuit. These non-stainless finishes cost about $100 less.

Although the Whirlpool WRS325FDAM MSRP $1,399 is not perfect, it is one of the most affordable side-by-side refrigerator on the market. This stainless bargain has it all: crisper, low energy consumption, and good fresh food storage.

External calibration is recommended.

Even a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator can’t guarantee perfect temperatures from top-to-bottom. The fridge’s greatest strength is its ability to remain consistent over time. The fridge’s temperature fluctuated only -0.44oF over time. Average customer ratings that temperatures were a chilly 35.41oF at the top, an almost-perfect 37.18oF in the middle, and a just-right-for-produce 38.91oF at the bottom.

The freezer was not as good. We set the thermostat to the recommended dot of the nebulous control dial and measured the average temperature at 8.03oF at the top and 10.46oF below. We prefer temperatures below 0F to prevent freezing burn.

Separate thermostat dials control both the fridge and freezer, so you can reduce excess heat without affecting fresh food storage. Although a fluctuation of +-0.9oF on average is not significant, it is still better than (or at the very least, comparable to) other budget models.

Crispy carrots for everyone

Only one Whirlpool crisper? The average loss of moisture for the tested materials was 0.14 grams per hour over the 72 hours. This is fantastic because it ensures that your product will stay fresh and moist for as long as possible.

Fine freezing

After being placed into the WRS325FDAM freezer, room temperature testing materials were frozen after an hour and 27 minutes. This is about average. You can expect meat and fish to be refined once thawed but not a flash freeze.

You don’t need to worry about the power going out, as thawing was not an issue. Our items only warmed up to 28.83oF after we unplugged the Whirlpool. This indicates that the insulation is good.

Also, because it is tucked away, it doesn’t take away any valuable fridge space like in other models. What are some of its biggest problems? The biggest one that we noted is that the ice tends to fail out easily and spill on the floor. This was caused when you are dispensing crushed ice. The fridge makes too much ice and the next time you try to dispense the ice it falls out.

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A roomy fridge with low energy use

The interior lighting layout is easy to use and effective, even though it does not allow for customization. The primary storage units are four shelves, which are supported by three drawers and a crisper. The door is equipped with a dairy bin and four shelves.

Three split shelves on each side can hold gallon-sized bottles. They are also the most adjustable parts of the whole side-by-side refrigerator. They are tall enough to hold wine bottles and vases of flowers. This Whirlpool provides 11.06 cubic feet of space.

Although the freezer appears large, it does not use its space as efficiently. The freezer can hold large quantities of frozen goods on three wire shelves. While the top and bottom shelves are adjustable, the middle shelf is fixed with a sliding drawer at its bottom.

Below the freezer door’s crushed ice dispenser, you will find four small shelves. One of them is extremely shallow. You have 4.6 cubic feet of usable space. Although it’s not much, it should be sufficient for most families.

The space is kept at a shallow temperature, with every cubic foot using just 0.07 kWh electricity. This is comparable to some of the more efficient models available. This machine will cost the average American $33.69 annually to run at a fixed $0.09/kWh (with the ice maker on).

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Which is the best refrigerator in Whirlpool?

India’s Best Whirlpool Door Hinge:

  • Whirlpool 190L 3-Energy Star direct-cool single-door refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S)
  • Whirlpool 215L 4-Energy Star direct-cool single-door refrigerator (230 IMFresh Roy 4S)
  • Whirlpool 200L 4-Energy Star direct-cool single-door refrigerator (215 VITAMAGIC PRO ROY 4S)

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Is the Whirlpool fridge noisy?

When the condenser fan motor stops working, a Whirlpool refrigerator will hum. The fan will not function properly if there is too much dirt around the blades. Dirty condenser coils can also cause problems. If they become clogged, your refrigerator won’t function properly and will be louder.

Is Whirlpool more reliable than Samsung?

Two well-respected brands in the appliance industry are Samsung and Whirlpool. They both offer dishwashers that can meet your daily needs. Whirlpool is a well-respected brand that has a long track record.

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How long can Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators last?

Most major brands are reliable and last between 8-12 years. Regular maintenance is required to keep them in good condition.

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Often, a product will live up to the claims that the company has made. The Whirlpool refrigerator won’t disappoint. This fridge is top of the line and more energy-efficient than some others on the market. The shelves are roomy, the door bins are convenient, and the fridge is quiet. With a wide variety of color choices to choose from, there is one to match any décor that you have.

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