Yeti Hopper 30 Review 2022: Top Full Options For You

Yeti Hopper 30 Review 2022 Top Full Options For You
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For the perfect balance of comfort and stability, the Yeti Hopper 30 review is an excellent choice for your next jump. It’s simple enough for beginners to get on and off and offers a tough bag and ultra-comfortable memory foam seat.

The Yeti Hopper review is a great way to get started jumping. It has a sturdy design and is easy to get on and off of. The seat is made from memory foam and is incredibly comfortable.

Performance Comparison About Yeti Hopper Two 30 Review

Performance Comparison About Yeti Hopper Two 30 Review

Insulation Value

The M30’s signature closed-cell foam maintained temperatures at 40 degrees F or lower for an incredible 78 hours of torture testing. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable in the business.

It has thick, waterproof magnetic strips that seal the cooler’s top. Two straps over the top clip the cooler reviews shut and pull the top in tighter. This adds insulation and protection against spillage if the cooler is tipped.

The magnetic strips are much more secure than the zippers on other hopper coolers, which require a lot of muscle to open and close.

Ease of Use

It is difficult to load the cooler review yourself due to the magnetic strips that “auto-seal” it when not in use. It is so desperate to seal it that it will eat your wrist, hand, or whatever you are trying to load/take out of it.

It will take three hands to open the cooler. It would help if you also had something to hold it open and something to push it against. The cooler opens wider than the predecessor, but it won’t stay open by itself.

In the grocery store parking lot, we found ourselves holding the cooler against our lower legs and the other on a hubcap so that we could fill it with the required amount of ice. While trying to load a large bag of ice into the cooler, we were frustrated and annoyed.

While we appreciate the added security provided by the two buckles at the top of the cooler to secure it, we are baffled why they aren’t adjustable. The straps won’t stretch far enough over the cooler to the brim full of goodies.

Once the ice has melted and finished your food, the straps will be loose. This bag is like many coolers, but there isn’t one dry storage pocket, unlike most other coolers.

Although the HitchPoint system allows you to attach extra pockets and gadgets, we believe coolers should have more features right away. We think the essential design elements are present for a great and practical cooler, but our testers believe that the real devil is in the details, especially when it comes to this cooler.


The M30 cooler is one of the largest in our review. It’s not going to be a portable option. Even after you load it up with food containers, gallons, and ice, the M30 weighs in at just 7 lb. It’s not terrible for its carrying (messenger bag), but it’s not great. It’s much more comfortable to carry because the shoulder strap padding is thick and comfortable.

It can be carried as a tote or as a bag with two high over-the-top handles. The cooler can also be carried on its backside by a single handle located near the top. This is especially useful when the cooler has been empty.

The shoulder strap’s connection is not something we love. The strap is clipped to each end just below the corner. This makes it difficult to grab quickly. It can be placed precisely where you need it to carry, but it is more often awkwardly placed.

Although it’s not a significant issue, we appreciate the ability to carry it either sideways or cross-body. However, it can sometimes be annoying.


This bag is made of 840D thermoplastic urethane and has a double-sided cooler. This cooler is practically impenetrable. It has reinforced connections, welded seams, and waterproofing. It is extremely abrasion and puncture resistant.

Like previous models it’s also built to last without any zipper problems or maintenance. The only problem with the M30’s construction is the strong ammonia-like odor it emits from the interior.

It is imperative to keep it sealed, as the intense smell can build up even overnight. It makes us wonder if the cooler is off-gassing that odor and how it might affect food stored in it. This issue was not present in any of the coolers that we tested, but there were several reports from online users of similar off-putting smells.


Yeti is not a cheap brand, but they make quality products that last for years. This bag, which is large and tote-style, is worth the price if you don’t mind the zipper.

We feel, however, that this cooler is not ideal for single persons and that there are better alternatives. We hope that future updates to the model will make our minds change.

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Key Features of YETI Hopper 30 Portable Cooler

Key Features of YETI Hopper 30 Portable Cooler

Each model of YETI comes with a unique set of features that will meet your specific needs. The 30 is no exception. This part of the 30-cooler review will focus on the key features that make it so desirable to so many.

DryHide Shell

We are most concerned about the soft DryHide fabric on coolers. They use it both inside and outside, rather than using it just for the interior. The cooler is antimicrobial, resistant to mildew, and extremely strong.

The material is very similar to whitewater rafts. They are waterproof and stitch-free, thanks to their RF-wielded seams. Water can’t get inside or out of this seam.

Food-Grade Liners

Hopper cooler uses an FDA-approved food-grade liner, as I have just mentioned. Soft sided coolers are more likely to neglect the liner while waterproofing their interior. Hopper 30 sale was created with these minor details in mind.

It is entirely air- and waterproof, making it an ideal travel companion for humid climates. The outer and inner layers are protected from mold and mildew by resisting moisture from the outside.

HydroLok Zipper

One of the biggest problems with coolers and travel bags is their stiff, fragile zippers. They are difficult to open in one smooth movement. Hydrolock zippers are found in 30 Hopper survival suits, HazMat protection gear, and high-performance fishing waders.

They are durable and virtually indestructible, as you can see. These zippers are waterproof, heatproof, and airtight.

Hitch point Grid

Hopper 30 includes multiple HitchPoint Grids. These might not seem like a lot until you need them. All accessories such as molle bottle openers and carabiners can be attached to the Hopper 30, including YETI’s SideKick Dery Gear Case and Molle Zinger.

The customized gear case can be easily attached to your hopper. It is waterproof and leakproof so that you can keep your keys, wallets, and phone safe. This is especially useful if you’re going to the beach or in a tropical location.

Buying the YETI Hopper Portable Cooler: What You Need to Know

Although there are many great products on the market, not all are made for everyone. It is important to determine if the YETI 30 Hopper Cooler suits your needs before you buy it. This review will cover the Hopper 30.

Breaking-in your Hopper

Many people complain about the cooler’s stiffness. It is just like a good pair of shoes. A soft cooler from YETI takes some time to get used to. The material is very durable and can feel relatively rigid at first. It becomes more flexible the more you use it. It becomes easy packing and unpacks as the material gets more flexible.


You don’t need to do much to take care of your Hopper 30 cooler. However, if you plan to keep it cool for many years, you will need to clean it regularly. Keep your cooler sidekick dry.

The brand suggests that you leave the Hydrolock Zipper open with the slider fully extended to the U-dock. This will protect your Y30 Hopper, as well as keep the zipper and waterproof seal intact.

Sun Exposure

Unlike other soft-coolers, Hopper is more resistant to heat, sun, and hailstorms than the rest. Even though the Hopper is heat-resistant, it will gradually fade colors from regular UV exposure.

This is true for all outdoor bags. The main difference between Hopper 30 and other soft coolers on the market is the slower color loss.

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Is the YETI M30 Hopper worth the price?

If you’re looking for a high-quality soft-sided cooler made by a trusted brand, the Hopper 30, is worth the cost. You can also find coolers for a fraction of this price.

The M30 will make you realize why YETI is so popular. You will be able to enjoy a cooler that lasts a lifetime.

Why is YETI M30 so expensive?

YETI coolers can be among the most expensive. Because they use rotomolded construction, which is comparatively more expensive than usual, they are costly.

The Hopper M30 alternative cooler uses closed-cell foams and high-density fabric. Survival gears and HazMat suits inspired the zipper design. To build these extra details takes a lot of work. YETI is expensive because of this.

How many beers will a YETI M30 hold?

The standard YETI m30 can hold 18 beer cans and enough ice to keep them chilled for up to 72 hours. You can carry up to 24 carbonated drinks or coke bottles inside the M30.

The best thing about Hopper 30 is that it’s still straightforward to transport and use even after all the cans and bottles.

YETI vs. RTIC, which one is better?

These soft coolers are very popular with travel enthusiasts. RTIC can store more members than a m30. The RTIC can hold around 30 beers, but the ice retention volume remains the same.

The beers don’t stay as cold in a cooler. The cooler’s temperature starts to rise after two days, while the M30 can keep its temperature for up to 4 days.

Is YETI the best brand for soft coolers?

YETI is known for its high-quality materials and sturdy structure. People who have purchased a soft-sided cool swear by their ability to keep beers chilled for hours.

The ice keeps the interior insulated for many days because it doesn’t melt quickly. They are perfect for outdoor activities. This lightweight softshell is ideal for carrying on a fun, sunny adventure.

How long will ice last in Yeti hopper 30?

2-3 Days

YETI 30, despite its softshell, can retain ice retention for up to 2 days. The foam is closed-cell and can keep 40 degrees F for up to 73 hours. Comparing this product to similar products will show that most can last 48 hours on a good day.

Can you put stickers on the YETI hopper?

Yes. I applied a simple decal, and it worked pretty well.

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A hopper 30 is a fantastic backpack with a wide array of features, including the ability to carry large amounts of water and other essentials such as food and clothing.

The pack is large enough for trips of up to five days and doesn’t get weighed down by even the most challenging terrains. At only 12 pounds, it is lightweight and versatile enough to be used on your next camping trip.

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