Yeti Hopper 40 Review 2022: Top Full Guide For You

Yeti Hopper 40 Review 2022 Top Full Guide For You
  • Paul Kahan

Yeti Hopper 40 review is a backpack designed specifically for hikers. It has a convenient side entry design for easy access to gear while on the trail, an organization panel that is perfect for storing extra items, and multiple straps with self-adjusting load lifters. For the most rugged of outings, Yeti Hopper 40 price is the most rugged of backpacks.


  • Durable, puncture-proof dryhide shell
  • HydroLok is 100% leakproof.
  • Transportable and lightweight
  • For soft-shell coolers, excellent ice retention


  • A bit expensive
  • It would help if you lubricated the zipper once in a while



The Hopper 40’s main advantage is its ice retention, even though it’s a softshell cooler review. The coldcell insulation allows you to keep food and beverages cold for up to 2+ days. The Hopper can withstand heat up to 95 degrees in summer. This product can be used side-by-side to cool down with any soft-shell cooling product.

The HydroLok Zipper, based on high-grade hazmat suits and is leak-proof and completely airtight, can be found on the Hopper 40. The zipper prevents heat and water from entering and melt ice from escaping. To ensure that the zipper stays in place, Yeti also provides a small amount of zipper lubricant.

The Hopper 40 hard cooler is more durable than any other soft-shell cooler. The Hopper 40 has D-Rings built on that lock tightly and provide a lot of pull. Dry Hide Shells with RF welded seams seem almost indestructible and can be dragged through dirt and rocks. Mildew and UV rays are not an issue. The Titan deep freeze cooler will go with you wherever you find yourself in the wild.

The wide-mouth design makes it easy to access your goods and pack up your cooler. You can see the inside of the portable soft cooler review when you open it. This allows you to see the inside of your drink without having to go through the ice. It’s a nice feature. It’s much easier to pack the largemouth.

YETI ice also included a hitchpoint grid to their bag. This is a pair of strap handles with stitched ends that run along the vertical side. It is also known as a MOLLE system by backpackers. You can attach many tools and accessories to your bag by hooking, clipping, clamping, and clamping them.

YETI sidekick dry has a lot of tools and accessories they sell separately. You can also hook up your items like bottle, fishing instruments, karabiners, etc. It will quickly become an indispensable addition to your soft cooler.

Its portability is what makes the YETI Hopper 40 used shine. Soft-shell coolers are popular because they are easy to transport. This soft cooler weighs just 6 lbs, so it should be easy to transport from one place to another ( customer reviews).

To make it more comfortable, they’ve added padding to the shoulder strap. The purse-like design is a welcome change from the bulky, awkwardly-carryable coolers we see so often. Once you are done, you can compress the bag and put it away in a small space.

YETI HOPPER 30 VS. 20 VS. 40

These coolers only have a few differences in terms of the contents they can hold, their weights, and their dimensions. The Hopper 20 can hold 20lb of ice, while the Hopper 30 can hold 30lb and the Hopper 40 lbs. You can decide how much ice you want to carry around the bag while it is on your shoulder.

Remember that each bag is about one pound heavier than its predecessor. This is not a huge difference, but it is noticeable. The dimensions of each bag are slightly more prominent on the outside and inside. A giant bag may be better if you plan on carrying heavier items but not necessarily more.

Each cooler has its pros and cons. It is essential to compare the different coolers to determine which one best suits your needs.



The RTIC 40 is a different model than the YETI Hopper two 30. The Hopper bodies have a slimmer profile which is great for carrying your portable cooler field tan / blaze orange. The RTIC 40, on the other hand, can be helpful if you need a giant lid that is more compatible with your traditional cooler. It’s much easier to pack large quantities of stuff and pour large amounts of ice into your RTIC.

In terms of build strength, the seams of the RTIC coolers aren’t as strong as the YETI portable coolers. The fabrics also don’t compare well. Many wear and tear tests have been conducted online to show the superiority of YETI coolers ( problem filtering reviews). Both soft coolers are about equal in terms of the ice chest.


Does the Yeti hopper 40 Reviews have a warranty?

The Hopper 40 and all products in Yeti’s soft-shell range come with a 3-year limited warranty. The limited warranty applies only if the product is defective due to manufacturer error. You can also read about other warranty conditions here.

What is a molle system?

MOLLE ZINGER, which is pronounced “Molly,” stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. This acronym was created to identify a specific type of load-bearing equipment used by NATO countries, including the United States, Britain, and the UK.

YETI names its MOLLE bottle opener system because it uses the same heavy-duty nylon stitches that can hold various accessories, pouches, and more.

How do I clean my hopper 40?

To give your Hopper a new look, you only need to mix water with dish soap. You can rinse the Hopper with water and dry it with a towel. It is best to leave the container open for at least a few days after cleaning it. This will ensure that it dries properly and prevent mold growth.

Is the Yeti Hopper 40 dimensions worth it?

If you are looking for a strong soft sided cooler from a well-respected brand, the Hopper is worth it. While you can get cheaper coolers, some people prefer the Yeti brand. That is fine. Out of all the soft-sided coolers that we tested, the Hopper is the most durable and robust.

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Is Yeti discontinuing the hopper?

Yes, both the Hopper 20 and 40 sizes have been discontinued. In June 2018, the Hopper TWO sizes 20 and 40 were discontinued. The Hopper TWO size 30 was discontinued in late 2019 when the Hopper M30 cooler was introduced.

Besides that, our list has more great info about Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Reviews:

How long does the Yeti hopper 40 discontinued stay cold?

The foam is closed-cell and can keep 40 degrees F for up to 73 hours. Comparing this product to similar products will show that most can last 48 hours on a good day.


The Yeti Hopper two 40 can be used in different locations like the beach or a boat. This cooler is perfect for those who need a cooler on the go as it can be carried using a comfortable grip handle that can fit any size hand and slide into a backpack.

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