Yeti Tundra Haul Review 2022: Top Full Guide For You

Yeti Tundra Haul Review 2022 Top Full Guide For You
  • Paul Kahan

The Yeti Tundra haul review is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal. It holds three times as much ice as other coolers and keeps food or drinks cold for up to twice as long.

The Tundra Haul is built with features that make carrying everything easy, including a padded carry handle. This comfortable handle makes it easy to take around camp while adjusting to being an arm sling for when things get rugged.

Meet The Tundra Haul – The First YETI Cooler with Wheels

Meet The Tundra Haul – The First YETI Cooler with Wheels

YETI had grown a lot since their humble beginnings back in 2006. Their website features a touching story about their father’s installation of a deep love for the outdoors and their passion as co-founders.

They had one problem: the coolers they used at the time weren’t up to the task. They were constantly in trouble. They broke into different parts and couldn’t survive harsh wild conditions.

These coolers seemed to have been made for backyard picnics with the family or tailgating parties. These coolers were not made for real hunters but discount hunters.

They did what every entrepreneur does when they don’t have what they want: went out and created it. Yeti was created that way and has never looked back. It is now the industry standard for almost every type of cooler. However, it was too late for the wheeled cooler party.

The good folks at Yeti finally listened to their fans and gave them what they wanted. Yeti’s first wheeled cooler was the Yeti Tundra Haul. They didn’t leave anything to chance, as you would expect from Yeti.

They set out to create the perfect wheeled cooler. It’s not my intention to reveal too much before I dive into this YETI Tundra Haul Review. All I can say is that we are rarely as excited to review this product. So, what are exactly the best-wheeled coolers? Let’s read more here:

Why Wheeled Coolers?

These coolers can be wheeled and are unique. It was as simple as taking a regular cooler and giving it wheels. What you are doing is much more. Your customer has the option to transport their cooler standing.

Proper posture is crucial when carrying heavy objects. If you are carrying the object with your arms, your posture will suffer. You can transport your items while standing with a wheeled cooler.

The ability to carry more is also possible with wheeled coolers. This cooler is also wheeled, so it won’t have the same stress as large coolers lifted from the ground. It can support a more significant capacity because it is on wheels.

Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler Review

Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler Review

Design: Grizzly-tested for toughness

The YETI Tundra Hard Cooler’s rotomolded construction is one of its most distinctive features. Rotomolding is simply a process where plastic is formed using heat and rotation to create hollow, one-piece pieces. For unmatched durability, the cooler is built using a “Neverfail hinge” system. It uses two hinge pins as well as an interlocking design.

This cooler is highly durable, with solid corners and hollow walls. The Tundra has been certified bear-resistant and is approved for use on public lands and national parks that are home to grizzlies. It is indestructible.

YETI coolers are well-known for their durability and ease of use. We like the fact that the cooler’s drain plug is located on the opposite side to the T-bar handle. This means that we only had to lift the handle to drain the cooler.

Two “T-Rex” lid latches and keepers are included in the cooler. They are made from heavy-duty rubber and are molded directly into its body. These rubber latches are amazing! We have never seen them before on coolers. They lock in fast and won’t move unless you tell them.

Hinge System

I have already spoken a lot about permafrost insulation, which is, quite frankly, the best. What other great features does this cooler offer?

First, the cooler’s features are designed to withstand high loads and stress loads.

Our first focus was on the hinge system. A cooler of this size requires a hinge system that can withstand any damage.

This is where the NeverFail hinge system, which has been trademarked, comes in. The interlocking design ensures that your hinges will never break, and there are two hinge pins per piece.


The handling system is another feature that shares the same spirit. Although it is a wheeled cooler, there will be times when it needs to be carried with you (e.g., to put it on a truck).

The LipGrip handles are a great help during such situations. They have been embedded into the cooler’s side to make it easier to transport the cooler over short distances.

But that’s not all. The handle is what you use to pull the cooler around while it’s being pushed.

A heavy cooler will require a cooler that doesn’t easily break. This one is heavy, oh my! It is 37 lbs empty and weighs more than Tundra 65.

The handle should be comfortable to ensure your hands don’t get too hot when you’re done.

You’ll also want one that can be pulled to either the left or right so that you can pull at a position that is comfortable for you.

Tundra Haul’s handle does all that. It’s made from welded aluminum, which makes it super strong and long-lasting. The handle is comfortable and has a good grip. It can also track left or right to support towing from any angle.

The Yeti Tundra, despite its weight, is easy to maneuver and roll. Even when fully loaded, this truck can be easily rolled by a child.


As usual, the latches are the standard T-Rex lid latches. They are heavy-duty, made from rubber and patented technology. We have never had to deal with a broken Yeti latch. They are not disappointed with Tundra Haul.

…And Wheels!

Finally, the wheels. The Yeti Haul’s wheels are flawless. They are large enough to transport your cooler comfortably.

They are also constructed from one piece, so they won’t crack or break on impact. These wheels will last for many years.

Portability: Goes anywhere

We were not surprised by the toughness and quality of the Tundra Haul’s two single-piece tires and T-bar handle. This is a testament to the YETI brand’s reputation as a durable cooler manufacturer. The ‘Neverflat” tires are puncture- and impact-resistant and can roll over any terrain.

The tires performed flawlessly on gravel, dirt trails, and pavement. The wheels are free from grooves that could allow gravel or rocks to get stuck in.

We love that the wheels do not have grooves in which gravel or rocks can be lodged.

The “Strongarm” handle of the cooler is made of welded aluminum. It has comfortable grips for easy holding. The handle clicks in place when the cooler is rolled and folds neatly down when it’s not. Side “Lipgrip” handles allow you to lift the cooler with no wheels.

The Haul was easy to use, even with its total capacity, during our testing. We didn’t feel the Haul would tip over because the shape and size of the cooler had evenly distributed the weight. This cooler was easy to transport in our SUV and the backseat in a smaller car. We used it for camping trips and road trips.

Capacity: Large and versatile

This cooler is ideal for long-distance trips and single-day storage. It can hold up to 55 pounds of ice or 45 cans with ice.

Tundra Haul can carry 55 pounds of ice or 45 cans of ice.

This cooler was a great size. It’s both heavy and light. It was equally comfortable camping as it was for tailgating or at the pool.

Color Options

The Yeti Tundra was available in many colors from the beginning. This cooler is now available in four colors: charcoal, desert tan, and ice blue.

As the popularity of this color grew, more colors were added, including river green, navy blue, and coral. You can find something for everyone here.

Insulation: Stays cool for days

Tundra Haul has extra-thick walls and two inches of polyurethane foam insulation. The lid is sealed with a freezer-quality gasket. It covers the entire length of the lid to block heat. If you prefer dry ice compatibility, it can also be used as a dry ice compatible gasket.

This cooler keeps cold for a very long time. We packed the cooler as tightly as possible according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It retained its icy temperature for six consecutive days. It could be even more durable in colder temperatures. We tested it in the desert.

Price: Very expensive

Yeti did not say much about the cooler’s ice retention abilities. Based on our past experiences with Yetis, however, we expected a good number.

We were correct. It turned out. This cooler is simply amazing in its ability to keep ice icy for several days.

You can expect that if you use only cubed ice and don’t pre-chill beverages, the ice should last for at least 3 to 4 days.

If you are packing it for a weekend camping trip, you don’t have to worry about preparing your cooler.

The YETI Haul can keep ice for longer trips if you want to do a few more things.

In our case, we have used three blocks of 10 lb ice and then added about 20 lb ice to top it off. All drinks were pre-chilled. The cooler was stored in a garage for a few more days before being packed.

The cooler was kept in the shade for most of the trip (about 70/30 shade/sun). It was more than 90 degrees.

Results? On day 7, there was still about 70% of block ice left, and we felt no need to refill the ice.

Price: Very expensive

The Tundra, which costs $400, is no secret. Although a comparable-sized rolling cooler is available for a lower price, the Tundra Haul’s permafrost insulation and durability make it a worthwhile investment. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Yeti Haul Wheeled Competitors

YETI was a latecomer to the wheeled cooler race, as we mentioned earlier. Yeti must contend with stiff competition, especially from lower-priced brands. Let’s take a look at three of the top brands and see how they fare.

Fatboy Wheeled Cooler

Fatboy’s wheeled cooler can hold 70 quarts. That is quite impressive. Fatboy, a relatively new brand to the market, makes affordable coolers that offer almost all the same features as more expensive brands.

T-Rex latches are used on the Fatboy, just like the Yeti. These latches have a unique feature: they don’t slip off like rubber latches and feel loose like other coolers. We think the Yeti’s latches work well, but the Fatboy’s might be better.

The Fatboy’s lid is non-slip, and the bottom is non-skid. There is also a vacuum press to open the lid. This is something that we couldn’t find on our Yeti.

The Fatboy’s plug has an outer, smaller plug and a lower plug for greater volume drainage. It is a great cooler, especially considering the price.

Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Refrigerator

The Coleman can hold 62 quarts. This Coleman is a great large cooler. This is the cheapest wheeled cooler that we are aware of. It has serious flaws. It’s not rotomolded and retains ice for only five days. It also feels plasticky and isn’t as durable as the Yeti.

This cooler is not recommended. Coleman Xtreme 5 Coolers are always the best choice for you, please check more details here:

Pelican ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

The Pelican ProGear Elite cooler is the best. This cooler is top-of-the-range in both price and performance. It also has some cool features you’ll love.

This cooler retains ice for ten days. This is a remarkable number for a cooler this small. It’s better than the industry average of 7 days. This cooler can be taken on fishing trips and will still work.

The insulation is made of polyurethane, which is the same as that used by Yeti. The insulation also includes a freezer-grade gasket that matches the Yeti for additional insulation. It seems that Yeti was inspired by the cooler, as we have seen it since the Pelican’s arrival.

However, the latches of the Yeti’s are slightly different from the Yeti’s because they are press and pull latches, while the Yeti’s latches use T-Rex rubber lats. They are strong but not as strong as T-Rex’s.

The overall quality of the Pelican ProGear is comparable to the Yeti’s, but it’s more costly than the Tundra Haul. This is a first when comparing another brand with the Yeti.


Is the Yeti Tundra worth it?

Yeti coolers can be worth the investment because of their excellent ice retention and high build quality. They are also almost indestructible. However, they may not be the best option as there are cheaper options and brands with better performance.

I am reading more here:

Can you sit on the Yeti Tundra haul?

Can You Sit on Yeti Tundra Coolers? Yeti Tundra Coolers can support almost any weight, standing or sitting.

How long does Yeti haul keep ice?

If the cooler is complete, it can keep ice for up to 3-5 days. The smaller Yeti 160 coolers can hold ice for 2-4 days, while the larger Yeti 160 coolers can keep ice for up to 2 weeks.

What size is Yeti Tundra?

The Yeti Tundra Haul is approximately 19.5 inches high, 18.5 inches wide, and 28.5 inches long.


The Yeti Tundra is all you’ll need to beat the summer heat. This one truck is equipped with a cargo cube and can comfortably seat up to six passengers. It also features the powerful Six Shooter 270 HP engine and ABS braking system.

The beautiful blue and silver exterior color make it easy to spot, and the silver and black interior will put you in that laid-back summer mood.

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