Yukon Cooler Review 2022: Top Full Options For You

Yukon Cooler Review 2022 Top Full Options For You
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If you’re looking for a high-quality cooler that can stand up to the heat, the Yukon Cooler Review is a great option. Made with a stainless steel frame and a solid plastic door, this cool riser technology will keep your drinks colder longer. The Yukon is made from suitable quality materials and has been designed to be rust-resistant.

Yukon Lineup

Igloo Yukon Cooler Line up

Over the years, the Yukon Series went through many changes. It was initially called the “Yukon Cold Locker Series,” but Igloo decided to change it to “Igloo Yukon.”

The labeling will still display the phrase “Cold Locker.” They have also reduced the number of model options. There was a 120-quart option, as well as a 50-quart wheeled option. Now, the only options available are 50-quart or 70-quart (both not-wheeled).

These soft coolers are great sizes. However, customer reviews who need a large cooler to store all their chilled goods or pack up for a tailgate might find the 120-quart cooler too small.

Yukon Features

This cooler is not just an Igloo cooler. It has all the same features as premium coolers. Igloo designed this cooler to compete with cooler companies at the top of the Canyon cooler world. You will also find many of the features you’re used to seeing in Mammoth or K2.

The Yukon’s most distinctive feature is the thick insulation. This will be a significant factor in the retention of an ice chest. The insulation on the body is a minimum of 2 inches thick, and the insulation on the lid is a minimum of 3 inches. This insulation is very impressive and one of the best in the industry. Roto-molded construction allows for this insulation to be installed in one piece.

The Igloo Stable Grip Integrated Handles are also very popular. The majority of brands use a rope handle. However, the Stable Grip Handles have a larger size, better suited to people who makes Yukon Outfitters coolers wear gloves or have large hands and can’t grasp traditional rope handles. It can also double as an anchor to tie-down loops.

It is also nice to have an extra-large tethered drain connector. It’s easy to unscrew and screw, and it allows for fast and efficient water removal. The rubber gasket, which is quite large, seals the body and lid well. This seal is crucial for maximum cooling performance.

The latches can be used to keep the lid and body snug. Igloo chose a unique design. Most brands use the “T” part to hold the latch, but these latches have a hole at the middle that hooks onto the attached steel pin on the cooler’s body.

You will also see steel used throughout the Orca cooler. The pins are made of steel as well as the rods and any other hardware. This provides long-lasting performance as well as corrosion resistance and even rusting.

There are many other features to be noted, but the two that we will focus on are the integrated fish ruler (and built-in bottle opener) and the integrated fish ruler. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably encountered situations where you had to measure something outdoors without a tape measure.

Fear no more! The Yukon has a ruler embossed on the lid. Having a bottle opener is always lovely.

Ease of Use

With simple latches and a lid that stays closed, the Yukon performed well in our ease-of-use testing. It also drained wholly and quickly with very little splashing. The drain plug’s leash is long enough to fit into the handle of hard models. This keeps it out of the way during draining.

Some smaller ice cubes can be lost during draining. This can be frustrating if you want to get every bit of insulation performance. The Yukon earned a top score of 8 in our ease-of-use test. This included scores between 5 to 8.


In our portability testing, the Yukon scored six on an average. This is a metric that scores anywhere from 4 to 7. Although the unique, stationary extended handle design makes it easier to move around once it’s loaded into a trunk or other containers, it doesn’t perform as well as other handle designs for transport. All other rigid handle designs that we tested pivot at this point.

Although the Yukon’s handles are not designed to distribute loads unevenly on rough surfaces, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for walking over them. We found the Yukon to be one of our beefier models. It is too big to fit in one of the Yosemite National Park bear boxes. This area is not helped by the Yukon’s absence of pivoting handles.

This model is the only one that has reversible feet. They are rubberized on one side and smooth on the other. You can choose to have the cooler move around in your pickup’s bed or keep it still in a rocking boat.


Our durability ratings rated the Yukon as one of our top performers. It features high-end construction, beefy extended handles, and molded into its cooler body. The only model that tested this feature is the one with a metal drain plug leash.

The Yukon was built to last. The Yukon scored the highest among all models in our durability tests with a score of 8. This is significantly higher than the scores of 3 or 4 earned by traditional models.


Our insulation test scored the Yukon a 6. It was capable of holding ice for six full days while maintaining safe food temperatures for four days. This placed it in the middle of high-end coolers. This range of performance is quite wide, but most models are at the top end.

Our insulation test gave us a score of 4 for the worst-performing high-end model. It held food at safe temperatures for three full days. All four other high-end models held food temperatures at safe levels for five to six days. Accordingly, they scored 8 or 9.

The Yukon’s insulation performance was better than traditional models that kept food safe for two days. However, we expected a little more from a higher-end model.


The Yukon performs above average when compared to the rest of the models. Its performance is below average when you only consider high-end models. The model also has the highest price tag, at $462. We believe that a model with a below-average performance at a high price is not a good deal.

Yukon Ice Life

Yukon Cooler Ice Life

The Igloo Yukon Cooler features must excel in ice life to be competitive with premium cooler brands.

According to Igloo’s Yukon, they can keep ice for up to 7 days. These numbers are impressive and comparable to many premium cooler brands.

However, how accurate can they be?

Igloo’s recipe for long-lasting ice is a rotomolded structure, thick insulation, thick gasket, and other quality components. Cooler companies are known for exaggerating their ice numbers by using “best-case” scenarios. This means they fill the cooler to the brim, store it in a dry place, and never open it. This is not how coolers are used in real life!

We put our coolers to real-life testing. They are left out in the heat and not filled with ice. We occasionally open them.

The actual ice numbers are quite impressive, as you can see. The 70-quart model can reach nearly a week of ice life with a hall full (which is very close to Igloo’s numbers).

As expected, the cooler with more ice will typically outperform the cooler with less.

Yukon Appearance

Yukon uses a safe but well-proven design approach. While you won’t see a lot of brightly colored custom graphics, you will find an icebox that looks sturdy. Side handles are the best feature, both design-wise and functionally. Side rope handles are a common feature on coolers, so this alone will make the Igloo Yukon coolers unique.

The latch design is also different from the traditional “T-latch,” which we are used to. This combination, along with the handles and the “bling,” from the stainless-steel hardware creates an elegant look that will be admired in all social settings.

However, your color options are limited. Both the 50-quart and the 70-quart can be made in white or tan. Although we would be happy if Igloo expanded its color options, it is not a major complaint.

Yukon Price

Igloo is often associated with affordability. Igloo is a well-known brand that offers coolers at an affordable price.

The Yukon, however, is quite different.

It is unavoidable that the asking price for this product is very high. This will be comparable to what you have come to expect from premium cooler brands. This cooler review is not your average Igloo Cooler. This cooler is tougher than other premium coolers and can even beat them in ice life and features.

The Igloo Yukon Cooler 20 is therefore priced at a premium price. This yko cooler 65 is still an excellent value for the money you get.

Yukon Cooler vs Yeti

Although it might not make sense to compare an Igloo Cooler review with a Yeti, this is an excellent example.

A Yeti cooler will typically have a longer ice life, be more durable, and offer more value than an Igloo Cooler. A Yeti will also be more expensive.

The Igloo has many of the same attributes as the Yeti and can be used step-for-step.

Yeti has a wider range of sizes and colors for the Igloo Yukon and more accessories. It is also known as a “Yeti.” While a great company, Igloo doesn’t have that reputation when someone looks at one of their coolers.

However, the Igloo Yukon is slightly more ice-friendly than a Yeti of similar size. They are almost equal in terms of toughness and build quality. The Igloo Yukon is a little more affordable than the expensive Yeti, even though it’s more expensive.

Although it is difficult to compare, the Yukon has a stronger case due to the savings.

We hope you find the comparison of the Igloo vs Yeti cooler useful. Check out the ratings we gave each metric here: https://publicananker.com/yeti-cooler-vs-igloo/

Why Buy The Yukon?

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker coolers are made by one of the most respected manufacturers in the world, known for producing high-quality coolers that can withstand heavy use. You’ll get exactly what you want, no bogus advertisements.

While the Yeti and Grizzly coolers are hot right now, Igloo has been around much longer. The Igloo Sportsman Series cooler keeps ice for five days longer than the Yeti Tundra in our Five Day Ice Challenge. The Yukon is often available at a lower price.

Yukon has an integrated fish ruler. This is a handy ruler that you won’t find on many other brands. Yukon does not use rope handles. Instead, it uses a sturdy grip handle that is wide enough to withstand heavy and harsh handling.


How long does Yukon keep ice?

The 70-quart model can keep ice frozen for 6 to 7 days, even in summer. This is quite impressive. Although the 50-quart model is slightly smaller, it should still last multiple days.

Where is Yukon made?

Yukon can be made in the USA, while Yeti coolers must be manufactured primarily overseas.

Are Igloo coolers roto-molded?

Because they offer a remarkable ice retention life of up to seven days, roto-molded coolers such as YETI or Pelican quickly gain popularity. Although the older Igloo coolers may not be as competitive, Igloo isn’t content with sleeping. Igloo coolers are now offering roto-molded models.

Is Igloo a good brand?

Igloo is a great brand to use for cooling products. The Igloo brand name appears on many of the top 10 recommended lists for a number of their products.

Read on: https://bestunder250.com/is-igloo-a-good-brand/.


Yukon coolers at bucees are made for those seeking to chill every drink on the planet! Made from quality materials. These coolers will keep your drinks cold for up to 10 days. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as shapes and sizes that cover all of your needs.

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