Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: Top 1 Kenmore

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review Top 1 Kenmore

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator offers you a variety of important benefits. The fridge is at a convenient height, so refreshing frozen foods aren’t hard to see and reach.

Their french door refrigerator shelves will also be broad enough for party platters or dessert preparations, plus they cost considerably less than a French door fridge.

They’re, nevertheless, less energy efficient than top-freezer refrigerators, but a number carry the Energy Star certification. If you are undecided what’s the ideal fridge door for you, then our in-depth manual can help.

And, our assortment of the best bottom freezer refrigerators highlights the design and technical information, in addition to consumer ratings and consumer reviews.

Top 10 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Brand Of 2022

Top 10 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Brand Of 2022

Bestseller No. 1
Galanz GLR16FS2D08 3 French...
97 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
5 Reviews
SaleBestseller No. 4
RCA RFR9004 Cubic Foot Fridge...
36 Reviews
Bestseller No. 5
Kenmore 36' Side-by-Side...
133 Reviews
Bestseller No. 6
Frigidaire 17.4 Cu. Ft. 4 Door...
108 Reviews
Bestseller No. 7
Kenmore Top-Freezer...
96 Reviews
Bestseller No. 8
Kenmore Top-Freezer...
90 Reviews
Bestseller No. 9
Bestseller No. 10
Kenmore Top-Freezer...
60 Reviews

Kenmore Elite 79043 24.1 cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Best Overall

To get a well-designed and operational 24.1 cu. Ft bottom freezer refrigerator capacity, the Kenmore Elite 79043 is the best option.

This french door refrigerator capacity has lots of capacity, using a total of 24.1 cubic feet available to keep your perishables cool and simple to access. Freezer space features like a drawer system at the freezer and deli doorway at the french door refrigerator make it simple to keep everything organized and in plain sight.

Kenmore Top-Freezer...
47 Reviews

A built-in ice maker will store lots of cubed ice maker available for your favorite drinks, without needing to refill and pile ice cube trays. Another popular feature with this 24.1 cu. Ft bottom freezer refrigerator puts is your LED light which makes it effortless to see everything inside in a glance.

Just be forewarned that the glowing lights could be a surprise to the eyes should you get up from bed to get a beverage or midnight snack!

A lot of folks are extremely content with the silent operation of the fridge, which is a frequent complaint about individuals buying a new appliance.

Additionally, this is among the most energy-efficient 24.1 cu. Ft bottom freezer refrigerators are available on the market. The anticipated annual energy affordable price point is just $61.

Overall, the Kenmore Elite 79043 provides a fantastic mix of functionality and style at a lower-than-expected cost point.

LG 33 Inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This LG 33 Inch is among the greatest standing and best-performing grills following the Kenmore Elite. Together with 24 cubic feet of freezer space, this can be the most significant capacity bottom freezer fridges it’s possible to get.

This version is very good if you purchase a great deal of fruit and vegetables and enjoy the ease of a full-length deli drawer.


  • Large crisper bins
  • Pantry deli meat drawer
  • Split sliding shelf
  • Multi airflow
  • 7.7 cu. ft. Freezer
  • Freezer light


  • Restricted shelving choices

The best bottom freezer refrigerators tend to get a lot of flexible half shelves and gallon sized door bins. This LG includes more fundamental shelving and is ideal for men and women who love a lot of fresh produce because the crisper drawers are especially big with two separate humidity controllers.

For toddlers, there are just two full-length glass shelves, but among these is a sliding divider shelf to generate height for tall items. The doorway bin layout is quite much like the Kenmore Elite analyzed previously.

LG 33-inch Top-Freezer...
12 Reviews

There is a little snack bin directly at the base, two top gallon bins with sliding dividers, a journal hatch box plus a more compact fold upward bin on the very top.

The additional freshness attribute is a multi-airflow system for a much more secure and uniform desired temperature controller.

The freezer compartments are your conventional pull-out drawers with an ice maker, but folks locate the ice maker is loud when hammering the trays.

LG, nevertheless, has among the maximum reliability evaluations and their ice maker possesses comparatively few troubles.

Maytag MBF2258FEZ

Starting our overview of the top five greatest 22 cu ft bottom freezer fridge options for 2022 is your Maytag MBF2258FEZ, accessible fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish just at $1,599. This 33″ wide refrigerator has a 22 cubic foot capacity and a factory-installed ice maker in the freezer.

This Maytag 22 cu ft bottom freezer fridge is designed and constructed in the United States, and it includes some 10-year limited parts warranty on the compressor for your reassurance.

The 22 cubic foot capacity is perfect for families of four or four individuals, but might be overkill for smaller families. We adore the restaurant-inspired industrial appearance of the bar manager!

  • Upfront, easy-to-use temperature controllers
  • BrightSeries LED light
  • Automatic Defrost to Decrease frost build-up
  • Energy Star rated
  • Two cable baskets for business
  • Multiple bins, such as four flexible half-width bins to customize your installation for short and tall Products
  • Adaptive spill-proof glass shelves
  • Length: 32.625″
  • Length: 33.375″
  • Height: 70″

Amana 29-inch Broad Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Garden Fresh Crisper Bins -18 cu. Ft. Capacity

Best Budget

To get a freezer 18 cu. Ft bottom freezer refrigerator at the lowest dollar cost, it is difficult to beat the value of this Amana 18.7 cu. Ft. bottom freezer refrigerator portion.

This budget-friendly version offers all of the conveniences of a base freezer set up with no cost, which can melt your bank accounts.

Offered in black stainless steel or white finishes-or glistening stainless steel for a small upgrade cost -you may add this compact but effective 18 cu. Ft bottom freezer refrigerator to your kitchen for under $1,000.

When there are not a lot of fancy freezer features with this particular budget bottom freezer refrigerator capacity, it covers all of the bases.

From the easy-to-access 18 cu. Ft the bottom freezer refrigerator, you will discover gallon-size door bins to match juice, milk, and much more and more two humidity-controlled crispers produce bins.

The control panel is front and center, which makes it effortless to adjust preferences and keep the optimum freezer and depth bottom freezer refrigerator temperatures.

From the freezer, you’ll locate cable shelving, a pull-out basket, along in-door shelving to keep everything tidy and organized.

With over 90-percent of buyers saying they would suggest this version, you can not fail with the Amana should you want a budget bottom freezer fridge.

Whirlpool 33 Inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This hot Whirlpool bottom freezer refrigerator capacity is a great pick if you would like maximum control on how you use the interior fridge space.

The sound, attractive-looking bins, and shelves are largely half-length and flexible, and you also get one full-length gallon french door bin and two crisper drawers.


  • Four half span adjustable shelves
  • Five half span bins
  • Pull bite out or milk box.
  • Ethylene filter in humidity controlled crispers
  • Energy Star rated
  • Reversible door hinge


  • The crisper drawer is not of high quality.
  • Low borders in the bottom door bin

Aside from maximum flexibility with four half lengths, spill-proof glass shelves, besides, there are five half-span bins, four of which are flexible.

The freezer economizes with two wires pull-out trays, and also the ice maker has comparatively few reported problems.

There are just two crisper drawers, but a lot of users find they are rather flimsy and do not pull out so readily.

On the flip side, the crispers possess a distinctive cold air absorbent filter that eliminates excess ethylene gas so the shelf life of fruit and some vegetables may be extended up to four times.

Regrettably, there’s absolutely no temperature-controlled deli drawer. However, there’s a half-length pull-out drawer that may be used for snacks or milk.

Individuals also discover that the advantages of the base blower door bin are low, therefore smaller bite items might fall out after opening the doorway.

The total height, including the upper hinge, is precisely 70 inches, so this may be a tight fit for several spaces.


If you are considering completely revamping your kitchen with a special matte finish, GE’s slate appliances could be for you!

Not certain how slate steps up to stainless steel? Have a look at our post on the subject – Slate Appliances in Stainless Steel.

The GE GDE21EMKES, 20.9 cubic foot freezer refrigerator capacity, is offered at the eye-catching masterpiece end in addition to stainless steel for $1,749. It is also possible to opt for a more traditional look with glossy black stainless steel or white versions for $1,649.

GE GTS22KGNRWW 33 Inch...
15 Reviews

This Energy Star rated 30″ wide bottom freezer fridge includes a one-year warranty for parts and labour. The slate end is exceptional to GE appliances plus a must-see if you are considering a huge, earth-toned appearance for your kitchen.

This version is a couple of inches deeper than a lot of the alternatives on our listing, clocking in at 36.6″.

In contrast, others are nearer to 33-34″, so that is something to consider if you would rather have a depth bottom freezer refrigerator that is nearer to counter thickness.

  • Crisp, clear LED light
  • The upfront temperature controls with digital temperature display
  • Factory-installed ice maker with an advanced water dispenser filtration
  • Adjustable shelving and cabinets, such as a sliding bite freezer drawer
  • Multi-level freezer drawer storage using two storage containers
  • Never-Clean Condenser
  • Energy Star rated
  • Turbo Cool sets to accommodate frequent door openings.
  • Length: 29.75″
  • Length: 36.625″
  • Height: 69.875″

Bosch 800 Series Free-Standing Fridge-Freezer Drawer

Best Counter-Depth

To get a counter-depth bottom freezer refrigerator, the Bosch 800 Series is a fairly but expensive alternative.

This slender bottom freezer refrigerator comes with an eye-catching glass-on-white complete (black stainless steel or stainless-steel finishes are also available) and provides ten cubic feet of total space.

The counter-depth layout means the bottom freezer refrigerator will not stick into your kitchen area and provides a high-end appearance to your refrigerator space.

Bosch 800 Series B36CL80SNS 36...
5 Reviews

The fridge provides easy accessibility and the vast majority of the storage area, together with 7.5 cubic feet accessible to store produce, meats and cheeses, as well as bottles of wine onto the enclosed rack.

The more compact freezer contains 2.5 cubic feet of space available. However, it is well-organized with three different solid-bin drawers. Be aware that there’s not any shelving on the doorway, unlike any other bottom freezer refrigerators versions.

You will pay a premium with this slender, counter-depth bottom freezer fridge. However, the payoff is a high-end appearance and the silent, remarkable functioning of Bosch appliances.

Fisher Paykel 32 Inch Counter Depth – Greatest With a Water Dispenser

The best bottom freezer refrigerators are going to get an ice maker in the freezer, but through a doorway or indoor water dispenser heaters are somewhat infrequent.

Fisher Paykel’s ice dispenser is the most inexpensive selection with the luxury, and this superior version includes a few nice features. It is a counter-depth refrigerator, and it has a two-year guarantee.


  • Extra slim ice and water dispenser
  • Pocket handles and concealed hinges
  • Gliding stop shelves
  • Ice booster
  • Separate sized crisper drawers
  • Freezer door pantry draw
  • Freezer bottle cool jar
  • Multi airflow
  • Energy Star and two-yr guarantee


  • No split shelves
  • No bottle rack or wine rack

Fisher Paykel’s premium bottom freezer refrigerators are, for the most part, counter thickness. There are quite a few versions with water heaters, and they vary only in the bottom freezer refrigerator and width layout.

This RF170BRPX6 32 inch counter thickness with pocket grips and right-side hidden hinges has excellent aesthetic value, and you still get some adequate space on the interior.

This version is like our very best to purchase a counter depth refrigerator, but it has an ice maker and a chilled ice and water dispenser.

An excess feature with this premium version is that the ice maker increase function will boost ice maker output by 30 percent on these very hot days.

Fisher Paykel RF170WDRUX5N 32...
1 Reviews

The independently controlled crispers come as a third-sized jar along with a two-thirds drawer- that is perfect because the majority of individuals will need additional room for veggies instead of fruits.

Only their 36-inch version includes a deli drawer, but this version has a pantry and a jar chill drawer at the freezer, in addition to a multi-venting system.

The shelving might seem simple with only four adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, but this Fisher Paykels has the very rack slots you’ll find on almost any fridge.

The shelves can also be gliding cease shelves, which means that you may safely pull them out for unloading and loading. The freezer has numerous drawers, so it’s easy to arrange, and minimal electricity is missing once you start.

All the things about Garage refrigerators brand:

KitchenAid 20.9 Cu. Ft. 36″ Width Built-In Stainless Steel Bottom Mount Refrigerator with Platinum Interior Design

Best Built-In

If your kitchen setup requires a built-in refrigerator, then the KitchenAid KBBR306ESS is a slick choice that’ll look great and function well.

With a sleek stainless-steel outside and slender, new grips, this bottom freezer fridge will increase the appearance of any gourmet kitchen.

Within the KitchenAid KBBR306ESS, you will come across a platinum-finish inside with gleaming silver walls rather than the typical white plastic casing.

The freezer is a pull-out drawer layout which makes getting everything indoors simple -particularly with the inclusion of a tiny second-tier drawer. A factory-installed ice maker is going to continue to keep the ice maker bin complete constantly.

This bottom freezer fridge is designed for high performance with two heating systems-one for new foods in the bottom freezer refrigerator and yet another for fresh and frozen foods.

This bottom freezer refrigerator has attracted comparisons to higher-end built-in grills, and it features a FIT System Warranty -meaning KitchenAid ensures it’s going to match your current cabinetry.

Our list of built-in refrigerators maybe you need:

Samsung 23 cu. ft. Counter-Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with FlexZone

Best for Versatility

Whenever you’re trying to find the most flexibility and convenience at a bottom freezer refrigerator, the Samsung 4-DoorFlex is hard to beat.

This bottom freezer refrigerator features a french door refrigerator on the top along with also a freezer on the floor -with two individual fridge and freezer compartments. You may turn the ground right freezer into a refrigerated section should you want more storage for new foods.

And in case your frozen fresh food storage demands increase, only set back the fresh food compartment to freezer style.

The Samsung 4-DoorFlex is the best counter depth fridge for those that do not require a good deal of freezer space because one side may be used for new foods instead.

Samsung RF23M8070SR 23 cu. ft....
30 Reviews

Additionally, it is great if the quantity of frozen fresh food storage varies throughout the month. The only thing to learn about this fridge is the flow mode can be somewhat noisy lots of men and women say it seems something like the bubbling of an aquarium.

Even though this isn’t a deal-breaker for everybody, it might require some getting used to. Most everybody agrees, however, the flexibility of the french door refrigerator with the best bottom freezer refrigerators are super functional and value the affordable price point of the version.

Guide to The Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

When buying a new fridge, you need to know what to anticipate for the type of fridge you wish to purchase.

Bottom freezer refrigerators normally arrive with crispers, gallon door bins and at times deli drawers. More high heeled versions often have broken shelves, sliding shelves, or even a fold upward door bin.

They typically do not have luxuries like ice maker or water packs, turbo heating, double evaporators, or air filters. Their budget is halfway between the side-by-side refrigerator toaster and French door openers. However, they’re offered in a larger selection of sizes.

Freshness Features

Humidity-controlled crisper drawers are fairly standard. There’ll normally be two of these, but occasionally there is not an individual humidity control for every drawer. Fruits and veggies, however, have to be stored at slightly different humidity levels.

Temperature-controlled deli drawers are something that you may expect in much more expensive versions. These permit you to store milk and meat at reduced temperatures. More fundamental versions frequently have a similar bite drawer with no gap in temperature controls.

Multi airflow methods are more effective at distributing air, stopping odors from blending, and also helping to keep a more even and steady temperature.

Twin evaporators are observed in higher-spec versions, and these maintain separate cooling mechanics and airflow to your freezer and the fridge.

Turbo cooling lets you quickly cool items and also stabilize the warmth after the door was open for cleaning or loading.

This attribute is found in greater spec or pro stove base freezers, on french door refrigerator, and side-by-side refrigerator doors.

Air filters rather than so common, but they’re a wonderful feature. They could keep odors at bay and bacteria to a minimum, thereby increasing the shelf life of your meals.


More adjustable shelving permits you to get the maximum out of usable space and to accommodate the distance based on your changing demands.

Cheaper versions will often have two to three full-length shelves, but you must always check the number of shelf places you will find if flexible.

Half-length shelves are much better if you want all of the space you can buy, and they seem much nicer also. Sliding and flip shelves up are often found in premier versions, as fold bins.

A good deal of folks like toaster bins which can take massive bottles so these would be the standard. Some folks like more imagination with a doorway area with half span bins, flip bins up and hatch boxes, other men and women prefer more rooms with only big, full-length bins.

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What’s the Best Size of a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

The most popular size is 33 inches in diameter unless limited space needs one to proceed with a 30-inch version.

For smaller kitchens or storage conditions, you need to consider that a 24 inch, but a lot of them are counter thickness, so check if this is exactly what you need before you purchase.

For local pipes, you need to try out a top freezer bottom freezer refrigerator, or possibly a mini-refrigerator. Some mini bottom freezer fridges have high freezer pockets, but these are not cold enough to maintain frozen foods over three to four times.

While the best french door refrigerator and side-by-side backpacks are readily available in large 36-inch dimensions, for bottom freezer refrigerators, this dimension would be the help of pro-range and built-in versions.

If that is the size you require, then take a look at our reviews of the very best French Door refrigerators as well as the top side-by-side refrigerators.

Heights will vary slightly between 66 to 70 inches, but if you are placing your fridge into a place with an overhead cupboard, check the most height such as the top hinge since this is something we often neglect to do.

How Much Space Do I Obtain?

Popular 30 inch bottom freezer refrigerators toasters need to have a total capacity of 20 cubic feet, which comprises both storage components. Many 33 inch versions will have 22 cubic feet, while others can handle up to 24 cubic feet.

To get a 24 inch, then you can not expect a great deal greater than ten cubic feet.

The number of cubic feet promoted, however, isn’t the usable capacity that you receive after factoring in the distance obtained by shelves, bins and drawers.

The true space will be 20% less, but decent shelving alternatives and layout will be able to help you optimize what you have. A rather general recommendation is 4-6 cubic feet of space each grownup.

Counter-depth refrigerators have shorter depths and less capability, but they also have a more built-in appearance. They are ideal for kitchens that are small, narrow flat spaces, and individuals who do not require a good deal of storage area.

Ice Makers and Water Dispensers: Why Are They Really Worth It?

A lot of popular bottom freezer refrigerators include a factory-installed automatic ice maker. Some folks like this advantage, but some do not. Automatic ice makers boost the cost point as well as energy expenses, in addition to being the largest reason for fixing call-outs.

Automatic ice makers take a link to a water dispenser supply, which means you also must factor in such setup needs and potential added expenses.

For all these reasons, some people today prefer only a manual ice maker using an attached tray. Bottom freezer fridges do not always arrive with a water filter to the ice dispenser, so check before purchasing.

Not many bottom freezer refrigerators include a via door water and ice dispenser, or an indoor ice maker and water dispenser.

With this advantage, you need to consider getting a more affordable side-by-side fridge or a more pricey french door refrigerator. Still, our final product recommendation from the testimonials department has a water dispenser.


Within our range of the greatest bottom freezer refrigerator toaster, we carefully researched and comprehensively five of the highest bottom freezer refrigerators out of the top-rated freezer refrigerators into the many popular, and also an affordable pro stove bottom freezer refrigerator.

When you have anything to add or want to ask a question, feel free to use the comment feature below. We’re always here for you.

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