Drawer Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Drawer Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
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Drawer refrigerator review is always in demand, as many people want to know the benefits of having one. Reviews for this type of fridge can come from anywhere, including people who have owned them for years, blogs by people who may not be the most informed on the matter, and even sometimes professionals.

To find out which drawer refrigerators are accurate, one should look for unbiased and most accurately detailed reviews. This would be the only way to get a good understanding of what refrigerator one should purchase.

Some websites provide customer reviews for specific brands so that people will know what features they have and the pros and cons of purchasing them.

Why Refrigerator Drawers Are Different

Why Refrigerator Drawers Are Different

Refrigerator drawers offer two additional features that make it possible to add more refrigerator space to your kitchen.

Soft close drawers can be accessed from the top, making it easier for you to find and organize your items.

For a seamless look, under-counter drawers are flush with cabinetry.

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Drawer fridges are also a convenient place to store snacks and foods for children. Parents can encourage healthier eating habits through the creation of their food drawer. This allows them to certain stock fruits, vegetables, and snacks while also freeing up space in their main refrigerator that could be used for kids’ foods.

A Luxury Kitchen Upgrade

Luxury kitchens always had a custom-style range and range hood.

Built-in refrigerators need extra storage capacity because they are too large to fit flush with cabinets. Built-in fridges often have less space than the freestanding models to achieve the desired depth.

A 42-inch built-in model will be approximately 24 inches deep but will measure in at 84 inches high, seven feet. All of this while having the same capacity as a counter-depth fridge, measuring around 36 inches in width and 72 inches high.

Why is this important? Extra space has its own set of concerns, like:

  • The larger the built-in fridge, the more space for additional kitchen accessories like cabinets or ventilation.
  • An open kitchen design can be affected by a large-capacity model.

Working with minimalist or slim kitchen appliances designs will be more challenging if a built-in fridge is not completed with a custom-panel front.

  • Most importantly, a large refrigerator built-in may not be the best use of space.

Isn’t that the point of a larger refrigerator? But extra storage space is not just for food storage. It also has to be cleared from doors, whether the wall is large enough, whether the kitchen appliances can accommodate the fridge without causing obstructions in workflow, and keeping track of all items (and preventing spoilage).

Refrigerator Drawers Provide Enhanced Organization

We aren’t saying to get rid of built-in fridges. Although we recommend considering all the above points, built-in refrigerators offer a luxurious experience that freestanding units can’t match. We recommend elevating that luxury experience by adding an under-counter drawer to allow users to customize their kitchens even further.

JennAir double refrigerator units feature a Produce, Assorted, Beverage, or Meat setting to properly chill and store refrigerated items, while JennAir refrigerator/freezer units feature the same, plus a Soft Serve, Spirits, or DeepFreeze setting in the freezer.

These are some of our favorites.

1. Snack Zone

This suggestion takes the idea of a kid-friendly refrigerator area to the next level. It uses refrigeration above and a freezer beneath.

The Thermador(r), 4.7 Cu. is our favorite. Ft. Double Drawer Refrigerator/Freezer.

With 26 cu. ft. of room on the interior, you’ll have a generous amount of room for food for your whole family. This model is its temperature-controlled refrigerator drawer with five custom settings for different kinds of foods. The five settings offered include Meat/Fish, Snacks, Cold Drinks, Deli/Cheese, and Thaw.

The Whirlpool WRX986SIHZ offers a single refrigerator drawer in this 36″ wide French door refrigerator, available in stainless steel and black stainless steel.

This drawer comes with two dividers and you can adjust the temperature. In the main fresh food section, you’ll find triple crispers – and the freezer also features three tiers of storage rather than the typical two.

2. The Avid Cook

A well-seasoned cook knows that having everything you need for cooking is a great way to make it more fun. A drawer allows users to keep fresh ingredients in their refrigerator, rather than rummaging through the fridge and hauling them over to the counter.

The Sub-Zero 36-inch double fridge drawer – Stainless steel is an excellent choice for the ultimate prep station if you have the space. This fridge drawer of 6.6 cubic feet can store ingredients and preserve them. It can regulate temperatures to a certain degree, as well as advanced humidity management.

Bonus tip: Combine the Sub-Zero ID-36R’s large storage capacity with a Sub-Zero 36-inch option to have storage that rivals 48-inch refrigerators.

The stainless-steel interior will keep it more sanitary than a porous plastic interior would, and it also helps the fridge absorb the cold better. This unit is UL-approved to be placed outside due to its solid stainless construction.

The Preserva dual evaporator and compressor system uses two independent cooling systems for the fresh and frozen sections. An included herb storage compartment provides space for fresh herbs.

KitchenAid’s Platinum interior design features multi-level LED lighting and a gray interior with tempered glass shelves and stainless steel accents. The freezer has three tiers of storage rather than the typical two.

3. The Entertainer

It’s not only useful for entertaining, but it also makes a great conversation starter. A refrigerator drawer is more convenient than having guests open the main fridge. The compartments can also be personalized, so guests always know where they are.

JennAir drawers in obsidian are available in two styles: the sleek Noir and the bold Rise collections. They have a 4.7 cubic feet storage capacity and can be controlled independently. They can also be customized with wood panels or a stainless steel front.

JennAir double – Stainless steel features a Produce or Assorted, Beverage, Meat setting to chill and store refrigerated goods. JennAir units have the same features, plus a Soft Serve or Spirits setting in the freezer.

You can attach hanging bins and other accessories to the FlexBar. Stainless steel trim in the fresh food section, Wi-Fi connectivity, and three tiers of storage in the freezer section are additional premium features.

Besides that, customers are highly reviewing Sub-Zero. Sub Zero today is one of the most reputable built-in refrigeration brands in the residential appliance market. They built the first drawers over 20 years ago and have improved ever since with touch controls and LED lighting.

LED Interior Lighting – This allows for better visibility when selecting an item.

Smart-Touch Control Panel – An interactive and easy-to-use touchscreen that allows for precise temperature control.

Customer reviews: But before that, I’ll quickly mention that the particular model we have is from a few years back, and Samsung has since released an updated version of this model with extra features like Wi-Fi connectivity. The basic specs I’m including are for the current version, but the differences from what we have are minimal.

Another customer says: The appliance is fine but could be a lot better with soft close drawers and drawer floors that are flat so bottles are more stable. Also, ice maker takes up a lot of freezer space.

Refrigerator Drawers vs. Beverage Centers

Beverage centers, as mentioned, won’t have the same sleek look as refrigerator drawers. However, there are a few benefits to having a drawer fridge in your home bar.

Innovative Storage Solutions

You can find beverage centers that have dual-zone and multi-zone temperature settings. However, a separate fridge or freezer drawer will ensure there is no temperature transfer between them.

This means that users can store soda and beer in one chamber and water in another. The temperature of the flavor profiles can be adjusted in both chambers.

Refrigerator drawers can be accessed from above, unlike beverage centers which require you to crouch to stock and get access. Although it’s an insignificant detail, it can make a huge difference when considering how many bottles and cans the average cooler can hold.

This also makes it easier to find items, reduces the time they are open, and helps to maintain cold temperatures.

In addition, it gives you 25% more shelf space (compared to Whirlpool French Door models without MicroEdge). Pizza Pocket. If you’re a pizza lover, you’ll appreciate this feature. The freezer has a specifically designed spot for pizza storage, so you won’t have to struggle to get it to fit in your freezer upright.

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Where Else Can I Use Refrigerator Drawers?

Where Else Can I Use Refrigerator Drawers

Soft Close drawers allow home designers to think outside the box and create unique solutions for almost every space in a home. These are some of our favorite refrigerator drawers.

  • The Media Room: Interruptions are unacceptable when it comes to entertainment. A media room should have a fridge drawer so that you can grab cold drinks and snacks right away.
  • Home Office: Many people are getting used to working from home. This can lead to missed lunches or skipped meals to keep them focused and on the right track. At-home workers can stay productive by having a fridge drawer installed in their home office. This allows them to stockpile snacks and meals in the workspace.
  • A Garage or Home Gym: After a hard workout, the last thing you want is to have to walk further for a post-workout drink or treat. A refrigerator drawer can be added to a home gym, garage, or other space for water and shakes.
  • The Outdoor Bar and Patio: In addition to all the above benefits, drawer refrigerators can be added to your patio or outdoor bar area. This will help keep indoors neat. A beverage center can be placed outside to keep the kids from spiking water into the kitchen.


Why are drawer fridges so expensive?

Built-in refrigerators are expensive because they’re high-end appliances. Built-in refrigerators are expensive because they’re high-end appliances. Although this is true to a certain extent, high-end freestanding refrigerators are available that cost less than half as much.

How long do refrigerator drawers last?

According to the United States Department of Energy, refrigerators can last for approximately 12 years. It’s time to replace your refrigerator. You may also want to replace your refrigerator if it isn’t energy-efficient.

What are refrigerator drawers?

The drawers can be accessed from the top, making it easier to find and organize items. For a seamless look, refrigerator drawers are flush with cabinetry.

Moreover, it seems that every appliance review has nothing but glowing comments about almost every product, yet you read customer reviews and they are almost universally bad.

We are here to fill in the disconnect. We’ll give you the best features, and the drawbacks as well, including reliability based on over 37,000 calls performed by our service team just last year.

Which drawer do vegetables go in?

High humidity drawer

The majority of your vegetables should be kept in the high humidity drawer. However, most fruits and vegetables should be kept in the low humidity drawer.


The drawer is becoming more popular due to the many benefits that they have. Drawers offer convenience because you can easily find food by the categories it is organized in.

They provide flexibility to one’s kitchen because they can be added or removed without difficulty. Their size is perfect for any household by having the maximum storage available. Their design also brings an innovative look to any modern kitchen appliances.

Since they are pretty famous, it is wise to know some of the best double drawer refrigerator brands.

Thanks for reading. Publican Anker knows that a lot of people have a lot of different opinions on drawer refrigerators. Most people say they are a waste of money or that they don’t work at all. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on them.

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