How To Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils Top Full Guide 2023

How To Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils Top Full Guide 2023
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This tutorial will show you How To Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils. This is perhaps a problem that someone who values cleanliness as much as you can’t ignore.

Experts say that keeping your refrigerator clean is good for you and your health. What is the secret to this? This is the most amazing thing about refrigerators. Once the fridge is cleaned from the inside, food will not get spoiled or infected.

Steps To Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils

Steps To Clean Kenmore Refrigerator Coils

Step 1: Unplug the Refrigerator at The Wall

To avoid electrocution, always turn off your refrigerator while cleaning it or repairing it. After turning off the main power switch, turn off the power cord.

Don’t worry about your food. The cleaning process is fast, and the fridge will likely maintain its temperature throughout the cleaning process.

Step 2: Pull Your Kenmore Refrigerator from the Wall to Access the Fridge Coils Located at The Back

You will find coils in the back of old Kenmore refrigerators. Move your fridge forward for approximately one meter. Condenser coils consist of metal tubes in a U-shaped.

A distance of one meter will allow you to clean the coils thoroughly. For refrigerators without wheels, ask a friend for assistance to move them.

Step 3: Unclamp the Fridge Bottom Panel if Coils are Not at the Back

Modern Kenmore refrigerators have their coils concealed below the bottom panel. To remove the coils, you will need to unsnap the panel and place it safely.

If you have difficulty removing the bottom panel, you can lift it gently and jerk it towards you. For more information on removing this toe grill, it is recommended to consult the owner’s manual.

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Step 4: Remove the Dust Using a Soft-Bristled Brush

how do you clean the coils on a kenmore refrigerator

The grime builds up over time and can cause damage to the Kenmore. To clean your coils, you might need a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove as much dirt and dust as you can from the coils. You can also clean between the refrigerator coils to remove large clumps and dirt.

If you have difficulty seeing the fridge coils, you can use a flashlight. The brush can be slipped between the grids. To reach corners or tight places, twist the brush.

Step 5: Suck Up the Remaining Dirt and Dust Using a Vacuum

Attach a narrow nozzle to the end of your vacuum cleaner hose. This will make it much easier to collect dust between the coils.

Slowly move the nozzle across these coils to allow the vacuum to capture all the grime. You can also vacuum underneath your Kenmore refrigerator once it is removed from its original position.

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Step 6: Reinstall the Toe Grill/Bottom Panel Back to the Refrigerator

Vacuum all dirt and grime that has collected on your floor. Put the refrigerator toe-grill back in its original place. After your Kenmore has returned to its original place, plug it in again and switch on the power.

Your Kenmore coils should be cleaned at least twice per year. This will keep your Kenmore cool and efficient. It is recommended that pet owners clean the coils frequently as fur from pets can quickly get stuck and make them less efficient.

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Where Are The Condenser Coils on a Kenmore Refrigerator?

The bottom of the fridge houses the condenser coils. These coils cool down and condense the refrigerant. The coils can’t release heat efficiently if they are blocked with dirt and dust. So, click here to read more tips to avoid refrigerator repairs.

How Do You Clean The Bottom Coils Of A Refrigerator?

A step by step guide:

Step 1: Pull the refrigerator from the wall gently.

Step 2: Unplug your refrigerator.

Step 3: Locate and connect the coils.

Step 4: Start vacuuming.

Step 5: Use the paintbrush for stubborn dirt.

Step 6: Clean up any dirt that has gotten on the floor.

Can I Use Compressed Air To Clean Refrigerator Coils?

Vacuum inside: Attach a narrow brush attachment or nozzle to your vacuum. Use this attachment to vacuum as many exposed coils as you can. This will remove smaller dust and dirt particles. A compressed air blower may be used to blast dust from the inner coils.

Do Kenmore Refrigerators Have Drip Pans?

Although refrigerators come in many different designs, the drip pan is located almost everywhere in the bottom. This is because gravity allows liquid to flow freely from top to bottom.


This guide will show you how easy it is to clean the Kenmore coil. If you don’t have the exact location, likely, you haven’t located the Kenmore. Publican Anker asks that you read the entire article to ensure that you don’t miss any useful tips.

Publican Anker will monitor and filter all questions. Your feedback is a great way to help make the post better.

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