How To Install Electric Stove Top 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Install Electric Stove Top 2021 Top Full Guide

Among the most challenging questions for us is How To Install Electric Stove Top without the support of a professional assembler. If you’re a self-made individual and need to understand more about installing a stove, this tutorial isn’t to be overlooked. We’ve relied on actual experiences to provide you with the most accurate source of advice.

The first thing you have to do is determine the difference between different kinds of electric ranges. Follow our post for more in-depth info.

The Difference Between Electric Range Types

The Difference Between Electric Range Types

Freestanding ranges: Come in various widths (typically 24 in., 30 in., and 36 in.). They’re completed on the sides and front to be set up between cabinets or a cabinet run. Freestanding ranges are usually 36 in. Tall in the foundation to the cooking surface (average counter height) and have a built-in veneer.

Slide-in ranges: Come in comparable widths to freestanding ranges and are made to break on the ground, but they need to be installed between cabinets since their sides aren’t enclosed. The rooftops of all slide-in ranges mushroom slightly in the back and sides to float the countertop, to get a more built-in appearance.

The overlapping new cooktop prevents dirt and away from working its way into the spaces between the cabinets and appliances as a practical matter. Slide-ins do not possess an integral backsplash.

Drop-in ranges: Are all intended to rest on a stage or framework between cabinets. Much like slide-in ranges, drop-ins have mushroom cooktops that overlay the countertop in the back and sides. Odds are, you will have to acquire or earn a filler panel that fits with your cabinet finish to fill the area under a drop-in range.

As soon as you’ve selected the perfect standard style that suits your space along with your kitchen, then your job isn’t done! Within each design class, you will get a vast array of features, such as various burner settings, single and double ovens, convection and induction technology, and automatic cooking choices.

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How Does An Electric Cooktop Function?

The mechanics of almost any gas or electric cooktop is that it employs the stream of electricity to heat ribbons or strings. The heat from such well-arranged lines is precisely what cooks your meal up. It’s a button that could be utilized to control the present, hence managing the total amount of electricity that gets right into it.

The typical voltage range to get an electric cooktop is 120-240 volts. It typically comes with an automatic regulator which controls the cooking time.

With all the appropriate tools, below are a few well-explained actions that you should take to get a proper replacement.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Install Electric StoveTop

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Install Electric Stove Top

Step 1: Take Out the Former Electric Cooktop

Taking out the current cooktop is the very first thing you should do when there’s one. However, if there’s not one, then continue with another item.

To eliminate it, you need to cut any stream of electricity across the field of the older cooktop to prevent electrocution. In addition, you eliminate any binding material and all connecting positive and negative cables before moving the new cooktop.

When you have turned off the energy as a precautionary step, endeavor to inspect the relationship with a professional to understand whether there is still present inside. Stroke the tester on the negative or positive wires, and if it shines, then there’s still present. Thus, it would help if you disconnected it nicely.

Additionally, be aware of all of the wires’ patterns, creating a mental picture of it. Or snap it since that is the same manner that you will cable the new cooktop—telephone for help to elevate the gadget from its position.

Step 2: Make Adequate Space for the New Cooktop

Endeavor to make adequate space for your new cooktop. The conventional area is usually suggested in the manufacturer’s handbook for that specific cooktop, and you ought to follow it properly. On the other hand, the overall approved distance demands are 0.76mover and 0.6m about it.

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Step 3: Pick the Suitable Connection Box

The relationship you pick has to be acceptable for the electrical needs of a new cooktop, but that is if you’ve got many. Make sure that the voltage of the new or old cooktops is the same.

A Normal cooktop would Require a link box of 240volts since it’s a voltage range of 30-50 volts.

Step 4: Get the Measurement of your Cooktop Opening

It would help if you attempted to receive the dimension of the existing cooktop opening in your kitchen, so you will purchase a new one that suits you. Measuring it’s going to assist when replacing.

However, if you’re placing it for the first time, utilize the Stepment of your existing cooktop. Subsequently, add 125mm-225mm on either side to cover the expansion of the countertop.

Step 5: Arrangement for the Countertop Cutout

To make things simple, start looking for a gas cooktop that has a fitting installation bit and cutout size together with the older one. It is good to acquire a brand new cooktop with the same maker as the older one. This offers you the benefit of asking for pruning to cover any space made by a bigger-sized cutout.

If the cutout is smaller, you need to call for assistance from a professional since it’s always advisable to attempt and expand a cutout. But if you insist on doing this yourself, which you ought to do, of course, conquer the endings using a diamond grinder or wheel. Find a means to decrease the liquid and dust which drop out of it, but don’t produce a new cutout.

Ensure that the cutout’s edges are curved, mainly if your present countertop includes a solid design. Instead, avoid using a jigsaw. Instead, start looking for a swoop router jointly using a sole-fluted piece of 1.5cm diameter and a 1-cm shank. Employ a professional to deal with the job, and therefore you don’t allow it to be cluttered.

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When the countertop is plastic, utilize a 1.2cm drill bit and around mouth saw or perhaps a jigsaw.

Step 6: Modify the Countertop Opening to Match Cooktop

When changing the countertop opening to the cooktop, variable in a 1-3cm additional for the expansion. However, if the setup is a new one, you’ll have to create an opening with the appropriate dimensions. You should do the same if it’s tinier, which means that you have to expand it to match the cooktop.

From the process of expanding or creating a new opening, it could be too enlarged. Therefore, all you want to do would be to stuff in chips. Use them to throw up the excess space.

Make sure you do not cut on the counter area with tiles on it. Use a wet saw to bypass instead.

Step 7: Disassemble the Units Attached to the Cooktop

It would help if you were wise to revamp the brand new cooktop and detach those supporting elements, such as the covers and burners. Fix from the ribbon clamps that clasps the cooktop securely to the countertop.

Attach them to the cover of the cutout finish and secure them together with the pins. Use two-sided adhesive tapes in case your countertop is that of granite.

Step 8: Hang the Cooktop in Its Position

To begin with, pass the electric cables to the holes made for it. Subsequently, hang the cooktop to its position, pressing it in the ribbon straps.

Gently push it down until it clicks in the clamps. Then, put the tiles back you eliminated, if any, so it rams together with the borders of this installed cooktop. On account of this fastener, you must wait at least a day before beginning again.

Ensure it dries before placing the cooktop to block it from getting cluttered. Then reconnect the electrical wires into the power supply utilizing the design of cooktop wiring used at the older cooktop.

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However, make sure there is no electricity flow to prevent electrocution. Then, connect the wires using the image you took initially.

The positive and negative wires (black and red ) provide power supply to the cooktop. Ensure that you link it to their corresponding terminals on the link box. Then join the unbiased cable (white) to the corresponding terminal from the junction box; do not forget to enter the ground wire (green).

You need to bind all linked cables using a cable nut, which functions like a bit of lid that divides the wires from cleaning every other. The main reason is the fact that it might lead to short-circuiting. Thus, intertwine the wires before capping them with the cable nut.

Step 9: Attach the Detached Units

You need to attach back any parts you float throughout the mounting of this induction cooktop. Features such as the removable burners and covers must be positioned to finish the setup process. Switch to the electricity to assess whether the cooktop is working fine. If so, you may use the induction cooktop with no anxiety.

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Precautionary Measures For Installation

You need to stick by the National Electrical code of behavior, such as Alloy cables. Ensure all-aluminum cable links are fused using the specific connecting tools provided in this code of conduct. Additionally, you must adhere to the procedures with their stipulations.

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The inappropriate connecting of metal wires (aluminum, copper, or direct home cables) can result in a fire epidemic or electrical short-circuit. Endeavor to follow the laid down instructions in the maker’s manual for installments.

When passing the wires through the countertop opening, prevent wriggling them that you don’t change the arrangement. Moreover, take care not to expose some of these wires in the tube.

Any function that involves wiring ought to be exposed in which the eye could see, don’t stuff cables into ceilings or walls or concealed places.

Ensure to connect all wires to their corresponding terminals and don’t attach them to some other cable to prevent an electrical burst.

Electric cooktops arrive with a polyester spacer in the peripheries and enrich how they position the induction cooktop on the launching. Ensure that the polyester isn’t eliminated, so the induction cooktop does not emit too much heat to cause a fire. Attach the back with adhesive should they start falling off.

Try not to position a wooden kitchen device right over the electric cooktop. Instead, put a range hood port at about 13cm beneath the kitchen device. This lowers the possibility of a fire danger happening during utilization.

Proceed through your producer’s instruction carefully and especially to study the service avoidance checklist. This listing includes apparatus malfunctions that don’t come from deficient setup or gear in the attachment.

You can speak to the producers for complaints, compliments, or another issue employing the help cell numbers and speech at the guide. You can do so either by phoning or writing to the address.


Do I need an electrician to install a cooktop?

Do I need an electrician to install an induction cooktop? Yes. It’s recommended you contact a local electrician for any cooktop installation or a gas fitter for gas cooktop installation.

How much does it cost to install an electric cooktop?

The national average materials cost to install an electric cooktop is $518.70 per cooktop, with a range between $325.04 to $712.37. Install an Electric Cooktop: national average cost. cost to install an electric cooktop National Cost Range (labor and materials) for 1 cooktop $469.22 – $942.71.

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Learn more:

How do you install an electric cooktop on granite?

The induction cooktop is installed on the granite once the granite is in place and secure. Examine the edges of the granite around the cutout for the cooktop. Locate the marked positions on the sides of the cooktop where the cooktop will connect to the spring clips. Seal the edges of the spring clips with a silicone sealer.

Apply pipe sealant to the threads where the hose attaches to the cooktop. Brush the sealant liberally on all the threads but be careful not to get any sealant inside the hose.

Should Stove Top be flush with countertop?

All stove manufacturers advise that the induction cooktop should be even, or flush, with the countertop surface. However, it can be a bit of a challenge leveling the stove properly while also aligning it with your countertop, especially if the stove is being installed in between two countertops (one on each side of the stove).


In case you’ve seen the posts on installing gas stove stoves by publican Anker, then you can’t miss this report. Complete instruction about the best way to set up the stove is a job that we will need to finish wholeheartedly. But through our study, we’re sure you are confident enough to perform the stove set up yourself with no help.

We think this is one guide that will assist you out of a beginner to an “expert” in stove setup. In any case, we provide answers to the most frequent questions on the discussion now. In case you have some other problems that require assistance, comment below. We’ll assess and add info as rapidly as possible to assist you in solving the matter.

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