What is Nobu Matsuhisa Net Worth 2023: Weight, Height, Relationships, Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What is Nobu Matsuhisa Net Worth 2023 Weight Height Relationships Wiki Age Family And More

Nobu Matsuhisa, the renowned Japanese chef and restaurateur, has made an indelible mark on the culinary world. He achieved this through his unique fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and Peruvian flavors.

Born in Saitama, Japan, Matsuhisa’s journey to success has been extraordinary. From his humble beginnings as a sushi chef, he built a worldwide chain of high-end restaurants, including the famous Nobu.

He has a worldwide following of foodies due to his unique approach to cooking and exceptional talents. As his power grows, it’s hard not to wonder how well he’s done financially.

This piece goes into detail about Nobu Matsuhisa net worth, showing how his cooking skills have paid off financially.

What is Nobu Matsuhisa’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Nobu Matsuhisa’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of 2023, Nobu Matsuhisa, renowned Japanese celebrity chefs in the world, has an impressive net worth of $200 million.

Most of his money comes from his restaurant business and book deals, but he also gets a lot of royalties. In terms of salary, Nobu Matsuhisa earns an estimated $13 million per year.

Nobu Matsuhisa’s Overview: Why is Nobu Matsuhisa Famous?

Nobu Matsuhisa
Net Worth $200 million
Date of Birth March 10, 1949
Place of Birth Saitama, Japan
Gender Male
Profession Chef, Restauranter, Actor

Early Life

Nobu Matsuhisa, born on March 10, 1949, in Saitama, Japan, faced a challenging childhood. He lost his father at age 8 and was expelled from high school when he was 17.

Despite these hardships, Matsuhisa found solace in the culinary world. At 18, he moved to Tokyo and began working as an apprentice chef at Matsuei-sushi, a family-run sushi bar. This experience ignited his passion for sushi and set him on the path to becoming a renowned chef.

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Career Beginnings

Nobu Matsuhisa Career Beginnings

Nobu Matsuhisa’s job began in his native Japan, where he worked as a dishwasher at Matsue Sushi in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

After learning how to make sushi for seven years, a Peruvian customer asked him to open a Japanese restaurant in Peru.

At age 24, Nobu went to Lima and started a restaurant called Matsue. There, he created his unique style of fusion cuisine by adding Peruvian ingredients to traditional Japanese dishes. However, after three years, the restaurant closed down.

Restaurant Expansion

Nobu moved to Los Angeles after short stays in Argentina and Alaska. He worked at Japanese restaurants Mitsuwa and Oshou before starting his place, Matsuhisa, on La Cienega Boulevard in 1987.

At Matsuhisa, he met star Robert De Niro, who told him he should open a restaurant in New York. In 1994, the first Nobu restaurant opened in Tribeca.

Matsuhisa created the restaurant’s unique blend of Japanese cooking skills and Peruvian ingredients while living in Lima, Peru. This signature style turned Nobu restaurants into celebrity and foodie hotspots worldwide.

In 2005, a Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurant opened in uptown New York. As of January 2023, there are more than 40 Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants on five continents.

Hotel Chain

Nobu Matsuhisa’s hotel chain, Nobu Hotels, blends modern cool luxury with modest Japanese tradition.

The famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, and Meir Teper started the hotel company. It now has properties worldwide, and each one offers guests a unique experience.

The hotels are known for their great services, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, luxury bedding, and access to a personal concierge.

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At the heart of every Nobu Hotel is the world-famous Nobu Restaurant, which combines Japanese and Peruvian foods in new ways.


Nobu Matsuhisa books

Nobu Matsuhisa has authored several books throughout his illustrious career. His literary works include:

  • Nobu Now (2004)
  • Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook (2011)
  • Nobu West (2006)
  • Nobu Miami: The Party Cookbook (2008)
  • Nobu: A Memoir (2014)

These books exhibit his distinctive fusion cuisine, combining Japanese and Peruvian ingredients, and his culinary journey.

Acting Career

Nobu Matsuhisa has also dabbled in acting throughout his career. Matsuhisa has had brief roles in three big films while being best known for his fusion cuisine and restaurant empire.

In 1995, he shared the screen with his business partner Robert De Niro in the film Casino. He later appeared in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).


Nobu Matsuhisa has faced controversy over including Atlantic bluefin tuna on his menus. This fish species was formerly endangered, and conservationists have criticized Nobu for contributing to the demand and market price that leads to overfishing.

In response to the criticism and campaigning pressure, Nobu restaurants offered to add a warning on their menus. Still, environmentalists thought this wasn’t enough to stop the species’ decline. They think more needs to be done.

Personal Life

Nobu Matsuhisa is happily married to his loving and supportive wife, Yoko. Although the couple has not disclosed the year of their marriage, they have been blessed with two children.

Follow his Instagram to update the latest news, pictures and videos.

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FAQs about Nobu Matsuhisa

FAQs about Nobu Matsuhisa

How much revenue does Nobu Restaurants generate annually?

Nobu Restaurants revenue is $3.7 million annually as of 2022.

Who are the investors for Nobu?

Nobu has one investor, Crown Investment Holdings, which invested in Nobu’s Corporate Minority funding round.

How many restaurants and hotels does Nobu Hospitality own?

As of 2018, Nobu Hospitality owns 39 restaurants and eight luxury hotels across five continents.

What is Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature dish?

Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature dish is black cod in miso.

What is Nobu Hospitality’s revenue goal in the next five years?

According to the group, Nobu Hospitality hopes to reach $1 billion in revenue in the next five years.

Who is the richest chef in the world?

The richest chef in the world was Gordon Ramsay. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated at $220 million. Ramsay’s several Michelin-starred restaurants, lucrative television series, and diverse business enterprises have made him wealthy.

What is Robert De Niro net worth?

The American actor, writer, and director Robert De Niro has a net worth of $500 million. Robert De Niro has made much money as a co-founder of the Nobu chain of high-end sushi restaurants and hotels. Today, there are more than 40 Nobu restaurants all over the world. Every year, the business brings in several hundred million dollars in income.


Nobu Matsuhisa’s culinary prowess and entrepreneurial spirit have undoubtedly translated into significant financial success. As of the most recent estimates, his net worth is impressive. Beyond monetary wealth, Matsuhisa’s legacy is culinary innovation and cultural fusion. Matsuhisa’s restaurants do well worldwide, attracting foodies who want to try his signature recipes.

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Nobu Matsuhisa’s success story is an example for aspiring chefs and business owners. It shows that passion, skill, and a little courage can lead to great things on and off the plate.

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