What Is Scott Sartiano Net Worth 2023: Weight, Height, Relationships, Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What Is Scott Sartiano Net Worth 2023 Weight, Height, Relationships, Wiki, Age, Family, And More

Scott Sartiano is a well-known person in the hospitality and entertainment industries. He is known for his great work as a restaurateur and business owner. His charisma and unusual business ideas have made him a well-known industry name.

This article explores his journey, the secret behind his fame, and Scott Sartiano net worth in 2023. Consider visiting Publican Anker’s informative posts for a more detailed account of his life.

Information Details
Full Name Scott Sartiano
Gender Male
Birth Date October 31, 1974
Age 49 (as of 2023)
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian-American and Irish/Polish-American
Education Columbia University
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Allie Rizzo
Children Henry (son)
Dating Not currently dating (previously dated Anne Hathaway, Ashley Olsen, Jamie-Lynn Sigler)
Net Worth $5 Million (as of 2023)
Source of Wealth Restaurateur, Co-founder of nightclubs 1Oak, Up & Down, and restaurants Butter and The Darby, Owner of Zero Bond Social Club

Why is Scott Sartiano Famous?

Why is Scott Sartiano Famous

Scott Sartiano’s fame lies in his outstanding achievements as a restaurateur. He created 1OAK and Up&Down in New York City, among other restaurants and clubs.

His ventures are frequented by celebrities and high-profile personalities, amplifying his fame.

Sartiano’s success comes from his intuitive understanding of the hospitality industry and his talent for designing exclusive venues.

Moreover, his dynamic personality and celebrity connections further enhance his reputation and visibility.

What is Scott Sartiano’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Scott Sartiano's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

By 2023, Scott Sartiano will have made a fortune in hospitality. His net worth stands at $5 million.

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Because of how Sartiano runs his businesses, it’s hard to say exactly how much he makes each year. However, based on his high net worth and the success of his companies, it’s safe to say that he makes a lot.

Scott Sartiano’s Overview

Scott Sartiano's Overview

Early Life

Scott Sartiano was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 31, 1974. His parents were Irish/Polish-Italian Americans. Before studying in New York City, Sartiano grew up in Columbia, South Carolina.

He played tennis at Columbia University while earning his undergraduate degree.

However, an unfortunate wrist injury abruptly ended his promising tennis career. After this setback, he focused on the hospitality industry and later succeeded.


His career began in earnest after an unfortunate wrist injury ended his promising tennis career. After this setback, he turned to hospitality and made his mark.

Sartiano and Richie Akiva opened Butter Restaurant in NYC in 2002. The restaurant’s prominence launched Sartiano’s hospitality career.

Five years later, in 2007, Sartiano and Akiva co-founded 1Oak Lounge. The nightclub was a big hit, so Sartiano opened more in cities like Dubai and Las Vegas. This added to his image as a successful restaurateur.

Sartiano’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. He continued to venture into new projects, opening The Darby, a restaurant emulating a supper club, in 2010.

Alex Guarnaschelli, a renowned chef, was appointed as the executive chef, adding to the restaurant’s appeal. Sartiano opened Up & Down, a celebrity-favorite nightclub, in 2014. He opened Broken Coconut fast-casual eateries that year.

One of Sartiano’s most notable ventures is Zero Bond, a private social club in New York City. Initially slated to open in April 2020, the club’s opening was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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However, it finally opened its doors in October 2020. Sartiano envisioned Zero Bond as a London-style social club for creatives, actors, surgeons, bankers, athletes, and more.

Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have visited the club.

Sartiano’s success in the hospitality industry has not gone unnoticed. At Zero Bond, he hosted Mayor Eric Adams’ election night celebration.

He was also selected to the Metropolitan Museum of Art board of trustees, demonstrating his influence and success.

Personal Life

Scott Sartiano is married to Allie Rizzo and they have a son named Henry. Before his marriage, he had been linked with several high-profile celebrities, including:

  • Anne Hathaway
  • Ashley Olsen
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler

But he is not currently dating anyone.

FAQs about Scott Sartiano

FAQs about Scott Sartiano

Who created Zero Bond?

Scott Sartiano is the creator of Zero Bond.

Who owns 1 Oak Nightclub?

1 Oak Nightclub is owned by Scott Sartiano and his partner Richie Akiva.

Can anyone go to Zero Bond?

While anyone can apply for Zero Bond membership, getting in takes work. Applicants must have a reference by a current member, and membership fees are $3,000 annually, with a $500 initiation fee.

How big is Zero Bond?

Zero Bond is a 20,000-square-foot space that occupies the top two floors of its building.


Scott Sartiano is known for his successful restaurants and clubs and vibrant personality. His fame is rooted in his innovative business ventures and strong connections in the entertainment industry.

As of 2023, his success in the industry is reflected in his impressive net worth. His story is an inspiring example of creativity, hard work, and savvy entrepreneurship.

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