Sub Zero Vs Thermador Refrigerator 2023: What Is The Best For You

Sub Zero Vs Thermador Refrigerator 2023 What Is The Best For You

Are you trying to decide on a refrigerator for your home? You might wonder the difference between a Sub Zero Vs Thermador Refrigerator.

Well, there are many differences. A sub-zero has a sealed seal that locks in cold air and keeps food fresh up to four times longer than other column coolers.

This is also a feature of the Thermador French Door. But it is better than the Sub-Zero because it only lasts twice as long as other freezers.

Another big difference is that the Sub Zero will cost you $20,000. While the Thermador will cost you between $10,000 and $15,000. This blog post discusses all of these differences, so stay tuned!

About Thermador Refrigerator

About Thermador Refrigerator

Founded in 1947, Thermador is the market leader for high-end residential cooking products. The company’s headquarters are in Washington. But it does business in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia through a joint venture relationship in China.

The company’s high-performance goods, technology, design, and workmanship are industry-leading. Thermador sells:

  • Column refrigerators
  • Ranges
  • Cooktops
  • Wall ovens
  • Combined range/microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Built-in wine coolers
  • A full-service dealer network


Thermador’s patent-pending flush-back design is the first of its kind in the industry. It removes gaps between the tabletop and the fridge, making it easier to clean the inside of the doors of a bottom-freezer.

Thermador’s bottom freezer has unique features, such as:

  • A filtered water spigot that is easy to reach
  • Crispers that control humidity
  • A drop-down freezer basket

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About Sub Zero Refrigerator

Sub Zero refrigerators are built to last. They are the most reliable name in the business, which is why so many people call them “bulletproof.”

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Sub-Zero has more goods than ever before. It includes wine coolers, beverage centers, freezers with all the features anyone could want. Sub Zero’s high-end equipment can be found in some of North America’s best kitchens and houses.

William Dickson founded sub-zero in 1949. His idea led to an industry first: a fully finished, built-for-the-kitchen sub-zero refrigerator. The sub-zero with a control panel ready always sets new standards for how fresh, well-built, and reliable they are.

Sub-Zero now leads the whole business with design ideas that take cooling far beyond what people thought was possible. Subzero is an active member of the whole HVAC community through continuous innovation.

Sub Zero Vs Thermador Refrigerator – Which is better?

What’s the difference between sub-zero and Thermador? Is one brand better than another, or are they about equal in quality? This article will help you choose between sub-zero and Thermador refrigerators and freezers.

Thermador vs. Sub Zero – Which is better

Here are some features Subzero and Thermador have in common:

  • Available in French doors, bottom freezers, side by side, top models, and beverage centers
  • Upfront controls with digital temperature display (Thermador)

Other sub-zero features include:

Sub-zero feature stronger open door assists due to their thicker gauge stainless steel. Sub-zero fridges have wooden or stainless steel doors. Subzero refrigerators cost less than Thermador’s Prisma range.

Sub-zero also offers twin ovens and separate freezer chambers, normally only in higher-end models. Subzero freezers include locking doors and concealed hinges for security.

Other sub-zero features include:

Sub-Zero has a 14-year warranty on the compressor a no-cost parts repair program for the first five years, and free service calls for life.

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All sub-zero products are certified. Subzero and freezers have high-tech features. Frost-free freezer compartment provides you with more room than most other freezers.

Thermador offers many unique features:

  • Thermador refrigerators come standard with subzero-like, multi-door ice and filtered water dispenser. This allows you to pull out a filtered water pitcher from the door assist.
  • Thermador offer an auto defrost system that never loses suction. So the refrigerator is always panel ready while other manufacturers must clean their evaporator coils.
  • Thermador refrigerators are very quiet. It is built into each Thermador refrigerator from the factory. Sub-zero does not provide this feature.


Sub-zero refrigerators are available in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Sub-zero offers no side-by-side models – it only offers bottom freezers and French doors. sub zero stopped manufacturing their side by sidelines due to poor sales

Other sub-zero configurations include:

  • The Sub-zero’s line includes the sub-zero freezer, counter-depth, and under counter.

Thermador’s configurations include:

Thermador offers French doors, bottom freezers, side by side, top models, and beverage centers. Available with either a single or double-drawer freezer compartment. Thermador refrigerators are also available in compact, counter-depth and undercounter sizes.

The Door

There are a wide variety of sub-zero and Thermador refrigerator doors. Sub-zero comes with a stainless steel door with solid wood available for lower cost. Subzero’s high-end lines have thick stainless steel ultra-quiet doors with hidden hinges.

Subzero is also available with a sub-zero freezer drawer. Subzero offers a confidence system, which allows you to check the temperature from a smartphone or laptop.

Subzero can preset your digital thermostat’s temperature display. So power outages don’t need resetting.

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Sub-zero also comes with freezer, which provides 3 inches more storage capacity. Subzero also offers the sub-zero sub-bin drawer for added convenience.

Thermador refrigerators have thick stainless steel doors in all lines. Their doors are available with subzero-like stainless steel hidden hinges and magnetic seals.

Thermador has thick laminated tempered glass door liners and no center post to obstruct shopping.

Thermador refrigerator doors are made of solid wood with sub-zero hidden hinges. Thermador offers a complete line of French door to a one-door compact refrigerator for extra storage space.

Both sub-zero and Thermador have easy-to-use controls.

Subzero also offers sub refrigerators an advanced defrost system. So you never have to worry about cleaning your evaporator coils and losing suction in the unit.

Thermador fridges are equipped with a refrigerator temperature display that is fully adjustable from -22° F and +8° F.

Subzero and Thermador have interior lights, glass shelves, and adjustable glass shelves.


Both Thermador and Sub Zero have glass shelves. The lower-end Thermador fridges also come with full-width wire baskets.

High-end versions include an in-door ice maker, a sub-bin drawer, and a freezer with a water filter.

Low-end High-end Thermador have custom-made ice shelves and a single full-width wire basket.

Shelving can be customized in a refrigerator. Subzero offers bespoke Thermador shelves in clear or tinted glass for storage and sight.

Sub-zero controls temperature with soft-closing doors and fresh air ventilation.

Air Cleaning

Both sub-zero and Thermador have air-cleaning features. Sub Zero filters smells and other airborne pollutants from fresh air entering. Sub-zero uses an Ozonator to destroy bacteria in the air.

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Subzero also uses an activated charcoal filter. Thermador employ a Sub-zero with an auto-clean venting fan to manage airflow and odor.

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Is Sub-Zero or Thermador more expensive?

Thermador is more expensive than a sub-zero refrigerator. For example, a Thermador refrigerator ranges from $4,000 to $20,000 while the sub-zero are around $20,000 and above.

Another misunderstanding is that sub-freezers are superior because they cost more. Both sub zero and Thermador have a wide range of prices depending on the features you want for your kitchen. This is why we say that Thermador fridges are more expensive than Sub-Zero.

What refrigerator brand is most reliable?

Thermador is highly rated for having the least amount of repairs. Subzero and Thermador are both great brands, with excellent engineering behind them.

Which refrigerator has the minor repairs?

You will have fewer repairs on Thermador as it is more expensive. It should work better than sub-zero. So consider this when buying your next refrigerator.


Publican Anker hopes you’ve found the best refrigerator for your kitchen. We offer contemporary and classic refrigerators with large freezer compartments.

Let us know if none of these solutions meet your demands, and our staff will locate one that meets your budget and taste.

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There are many great choices, but if this is a big purchase decision, it’s essential to make sure it’s right for you. Visit today to start shopping now!

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