Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti Comparison 2023: Top Full Guide

Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti Comparison 2023 Top Full Guide
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The Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti are two of the most celebrated drinks to hit the market this year. An up-and-coming coffee company owns one, while an international conglomerate backs the other. Some say that the Yeti has outdone the Beast in terms of flavor and is a much better option for that price.

The Beast is a high-powered machine that can prepare a variety of beverages, including coffee, iced coffee, iced tea, teas, and smoothies. This makes it ideal for personal or commercial use. Yeti has similar strengths to the Beast but without a tea set, so be sure to check it out!

The Yeti: Pros, Cons, and the Origins

The Yeti Pros, Cons, and the Origins

Roy and Ryan Seiders founded Yeti Coolers in 2006. Their only goal was to create the cooler they could use daily if possible. The Yeti coolers were created with severe outdoor enthusiasts in mind.

They had to be robust, efficient, and practically invincible. They are well-known for its stainless steel and highly insulated coolers, drinkware, and other products.

Flip Pallot, their teacher and role model, helped the brothers Seiders create a product anyone could appreciate. They have been providing durable and eye-catching drinkware to the world since 2006.

It’s true. Yeti has been great since the beginning. Now that you understand where it came from let’s discuss the pros and cons of owning one. You can’t go wrong most of the time, but it is nice to know both the perks as well as drawbacks.


The Yeti was for a long time the only vacuum-insulated tumbler that was dishwasher safe. It was a pioneer in the tumbler market, both in terms of durability and versatility. Many dishwasher-safe tumblers are available, but Yeti’s design leadership is a testament to its innovation.

Another advantage to owning one of these travel tumblers is the Yeti’s unique design. Double-vacuum insulated stainless steel walls, and a mag-slider lid makes it a convenient tumbler. The removable mag-slider lid makes it easy to clean.

The tumbler’s tapered ends make it easy to fit into any cup holder. This allows you to take the Tumbler anywhere and have somewhere to place it. The cup does not sweat, so your hands and other items won’t get wet. It won’t leave water stains on surfaces and, even better, it won’t water stain. Watermarks can be easily removed.

They mean double-insulated. Your Yeti will keep its ice for at least a day. Hot drinks in your Yeti will also last until the last drop. This speaks volumes about Yeti’s reliability.

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There are many styles and colors to choose from for Yeti. You can use them to make wine, coffee, milkshakes, or water. Yeti are non-corrosive, do not crack or fade.

You can pick your style and color, and it won’t break or fade. Tumblers are also rust-free, so you can put them to as much moisture as you like, and they will still be in excellent condition.


There are no downsides to owning a Yeti. There are a few things you should know before you invest.

Although this can’t be directly attributed to Yeti, many fake products can make it frustrating to shop for Yeti. While many of these ripoffs and remakes may look and feel very similar to the originals, they are not made in the same way. A knockoff won’t last as long as the original Yeti.

Depending on what type of drink is being put into the Yeti’s plastic lid, condensation can sometimes form on it. Although this is not necessarily a problem at first, it can cause damage to the rubber rings and plastic lid over time. Mold and mildew can grow if moisture is allowed to sit on the plastic lid.

Although the cup will not be affected, the lid could be damaged and leave behind a foul-smelling odor. Although you can buy lids separately, it is better not to have to purchase a new one. If you take the time to clean the lid, it may not be a problem.

The lid is also easy to clean and holds the cup well, but it is not spillproof. The Yeti or Beast owners did not seal the lids. One owner tried to tip the cups upside-down while they were filled with water. While the Yeti let some water run, the Beast didn’t leak. It doesn’t diminish the Beast’s credibility but is a slight downer.

Plastic o-rings secure the lid to Yeti. These rings can sometimes slip off the lid or become loose when it is used frequently.

The Beast: Pros, Cons, and the Origins

The company Greens Steel makes Beast, officially founded in 2015, is a little more recent than Yeti Coolers. Greens Steel was founded out of concern for the environmental damage single-use plastics can cause to the planet.

The company’s name, Greens Steel Beast, reflects this goal. They make tumblers and other beverageware that are entirely eco-friendly.

The family-owned and operated company is 100% family-owned. Although the parents are the main owners of the store, they mention that their children also participate in the manufacturing and feedback process.

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The company’s mission statement states that they aim to make drinkware free of toxic chemicals that won’t alter the taste or leach harmful chemicals into any beverage.

It is nice to know that companies are willing to put in their best effort while considering the environment. While The Yeti is a fantastic company, don’t forget about the Beast. Let’s learn a little more about The Beast.


The company’s commitment to eco-friendly products is one of its best assets. As stated on its website, it makes every effort to ensure that all its products are non-toxic and economical. They strive to ensure that their products are best for the environment and their customers.

Beast is quite different from most Yeti. The tumbler comes with two straws made of different metals, as well as a straw cleaner. Just like the tumbler, the straws are durable and of high quality. The straw cleaner makes it easy to clean and keep the straws in good condition. This multi-product package is very popular with buyers.

The Beast comes with a full package. It is also constructed from stainless steel and has double vacuum-insulated walls. This construction ensures a durable cup that can withstand most knocks and scrapes. There are seventeen different color options for the beast. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles.

You can even find tumblers for children, in addition to the adult-sized ones. The popularity of the Beast is also due to this wide range of options.

Although they are not as expensive as Yeti ramblers in price, Beast can be several dollars less than the alternatives. A good-sized Ozark Trail tumbler can be purchased for as low as $15 during good sales. This is a great deal for such a durable product. You can buy a Green Steel Beast rambler tumbler at that price if you’re careful and crafty, depending on the type you choose.

Beast is leaked- and spill-proof for the most part. Yeti rambler tumbler comes with a mag-slide lid. This is a great way to keep the lid closed but less effective at keeping the water out.

The snap-shut foldback lids of Beast will keep them in place quite securely. The Beast is a better choice if you are concerned about spillage. This Klean Kanteen tumbler is great for parents with small children.


The pros of a Beast outweigh the cons, but it’s worth knowing what you’re getting into.

The Beast can sometimes be cheaper than the Yeti hydro flask tumbler. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, a Beast might not last as long due to the lower quality.

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Because the quality of the tumbler is lower, the temperature of any liquids that you place in it may not remain at the desired temperature for as long.

Hot drinks may become hotter in a Yeti’s tumbler than they would in a Yeti. A Beast will melt ice faster than a human. Some people are willing to endure this. Others may be willing to pay a little more to have better quality.

Comparison: Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti, Which One Is Better To Buy?

Comparison Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti, Which One Is Better To Buy

Product Build And Sizes

This category is not a winner as Yeti, and Beast have the same size range of up to 32 ounces. These sizes are ideal for everyday use and are the most popular picks. A 30 oz glassware would be a good choice between the Beast and Yeti, as it fits in standard-sized cups.

We can compare the quality of a Beast hydro flask and Yeti’s product build. Although many steel tumblers are made from cheaper 201 steel covers, Beast and Yeti have not cut any corners! These tumblers are made from premium 18/8 Stainless Steel tumbler review, which is high quality and kitchen-grade.

They are also vacuum-insulated to keep the cold water cool and hot water warm for as long as 10 hours. Even after a long day, you can still enjoy the last sip of your favorite beverage in the best conditions. The Beast and Yeti can be washed in the dishwasher.

The durable coating of colored tumblers will not crack, peel, or fade. They are easy to use, durable, and don’t cause any harm to your health.

Let’s summarize: Beast and Yeti have similar No Sweat designs. They are both well-built to resist cracking, breaking and scratching. Both product lines offer a variety of sizes and colors. We have tie-in product sizes and build! Both Yeti and Beast are excellent products to purchase.

Convenience In Lid Design

Because this is the only difference in the product’s build, it is important to me that I compare the lid designs between the Yeti and Beast.

MagSlider Lids are standard on all Yeti. They make it easier to clean the tumbler and also make it more convenient. Although this design can sometimes cause water leakage, I can only see a tiny drop of water, so it doesn’t seem to be a major problem.

Snap-shut lids on Beast tumblers are much more difficult to remove and offer a few additional benefits. MagSlider Lids by Yeti is better if you value convenience.

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Comparing the convenience of their lid designs between Beast and Yeti, Yeti is the winner. So, our list will provide more info about Orca Vs Yeti Tumblers Comparison 2023, let’s access this link:

Price range of Beast Tumbler Vs Yeti

Prices for a Beast and Yeti vary from $20 to $60, depending on what size you choose to purchase. When comparing products of similar size, the Beast Tumbler is usually cheaper. Because Beast offers Amazon promotions, the gap is typically around $10. The most popular size for a tumbler is 30oz.

The Beast 30oz tumbler is $30, but you can usually find it on sale for $23. The Yeti tumbler alternatives in the same size cost $35, and there aren’t many discounts.

You can also get an authentic Beast for a lower price, even if you don’t care about the color of your drinkware. The price ranges among various color options, so you won’t have to wait for a promotion. The original price for a Beast 30oz tumbler is between $23 and $30, depending on its appearance.

The Beast comes with two 18/8 steel straws. One is a wide straw that can be used for milkshakes, smoothies, and bubble milk teas. The other is a curved straw for all other drinking needs. A straw brush is included. This means you get a Beast Tumbler at a lower price and exclusive bonuses. This is a great deal!

Let’s conclude that the Beast is the winner when we compare the prices of a Beast and a Yeti.

Quality ( How they maintain the desired temperature)

Both tumblers can maintain the desired temperature. Yeti is more expensive, but it has a reason. It can keep liquids at the right temperature and freeze ices for up 10 hours. The Beast melts ice faster, and hot reviving tea will soon become lukewarm.

On the other hand, the Yeti can keep your iced coffee cold for up to 10 hours without melting the ice. You can still enjoy your hot morning brew in a Yeti tumbler at the perfect temperature at the end. Yeti can do that and will guarantee the highest quality on the market because of their double-wall vacuum insulation.

When buying tumblers, I think the best feature to look at is their ability to maintain the right temperature for liquids. You can see that Yeti wins in quality over Beast. It can keep the temperature constant for 10 hours.

Quick Summary

Comparing a Beast to Yeti is easy as they have similar product builds, color ranges, and sizes. Because it is often cheaper and more frequently on sale, Beast wins in this price category. A Beast is a great option if you want to save money but still have high-quality products.

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Yeti wins when we compare the quality of two tumblers and the convenience of lid design. Yeti is easier to wash and keeps the desired temperature for longer periods (up to 10 continuous hours).

Beast And Yeti: The Overall Winner

Yeti is the overall winner!

You can compare a Beast to Yeti in four key features that every buyer should consider when purchasing any Tumbler. Yeti is superior in quality and convenience in lid design. They also have a tie on product design. Quality is also important as it determines the price of each tumbler. We all agree that Yeti is the ultimate winner.

Beast – Best for Children and People with Small Kids

A Beast is a great choice for small children or parents with young children. It’s leak-proof and can stop spills. The Yeti’s slab slides closed, making it easier to clean and less efficient if you want a spill-proof tumbler.

Children are generally very energetic and will run around the house all day. They’ll often throw their bags rather than put them down. A Beast is a great choice for kids. I guarantee that water won’t be spilled even if the tumbler is upside down.

The tumbler does a great job of retaining water. You can choose Beast to replace Yeti if you have issues with small water spills.

Yeti – Best For Travelers And White-collar Workers

Yeti is far superior to Beast. It can keep the temperature at the desired temperature for between 10 and 12 hours. Additionally, Yeti makes special tumblers suitable for hikers, which doubles the capacity to preserve the liquid’s original state.

Even after a long hike or hours spent wandering, you can still enjoy your iced tea or hot beverage of choice. Travelers rarely have time to refill their water bottles.

White-collar workers spend up to 8 hours at their desks to complete their tasks. They are often too lazy to make another cup of tea during the day.

You can enjoy your work hours at the office with a Yeti. It comes in hot or cold versions. The Yeti Tumbler will not melt the ice. I can guarantee that.

Yeti is a great choice for anyone who values convenience. Yeti vs. Beast: Yeti is easier to wash and detach because it is dishwasher-safe. The spilling problem is very limited.

You can only see tiny drops of water coming out, so don’t be alarmed. Amazon customers surveyed by over 200,000 said that their Yeti tumblers are easy to prevent spillage.

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What Do Beasts and Yetis Have in Common?

Let’s now talk about the similarities between Beast and Yeti tumbler lid. The pricing is usually the same. Yeti and Beast come in a range of sizes, ranging from 32 to 32 ounces.

Tumblers are available in a range of prices, from $20 to $40 (sometimes less depending on the source), There are some price differences, with Beast being more expensive, but they are mostly the same.

Beasts and Yetis also have similar design and build. Both tumblers are made from tumbler stainless steel and come with insulated interiors.

Both tumblers are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The most crucial feature of both-ounce tumblers is their durability. Both tumblers are resistant to breaking, cracking, and chipping.

It depends on your needs and desires as to which Tumbler you choose. Both are durable and will last for many years. You can’t go wrong with either the color or style. You will be satisfied with what you buy if you shop wisely.


Is beast a good tumbler?

Each cup comes with a straw cleaning brush and performs well. You can keep your drinks chilled overnight without condensation. The lids will stay on. These cups are simply unique.

What is the knock-off Yeti?

RTIC Tumbler

These coolers are intentionally advertised as a YETI-style knockoff cooler but at a lower price. RTIC performs better than YETI in comparing the ice lives of the coolers.

Where are beasts made?


All of our drinkware was made in China. We go to great lengths to ensure they are responsibly sourced.

Read on:

How long does the beast keep drinks cold?

The best-insulated coffee travel mugs are our reusable OZ stainless steel vacuum double-insulated tumbler. This thermos has a copper lining and double walls. It will keep hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours.


To choose the right kind of tumbler for you, consider what use you will get from your purchase. While some items are more portable, others can remain cold or hot for days. Keep in mind that although the traditional tumbler is more portable than the other products, it does not keep drinks cold for long.

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