Counter Depth Refrigerator Vs Standard 2021: What Is The Best For You

Counter Depth Refrigerator Vs Standard 2021 What Is The Best For You
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Do you want to know the differences between Counter Depth Refrigerator Vs Standard? What are the benefits? Are you often unsure which refrigerator is best for your family? You’ve found the right place. Publican Anker is a specialist in articles about appliances that will help you make the right choices.

This article will discuss the differences between the two most popular refrigerator types. Let’s discuss their differences so you can make an informed decision. For more information, please refer to the article.

Counter-Depth vs Standard-Depth Refrigerators

Counter-Depth vs Standard-Depth Refrigerators

What’s the difference between standard depth and counter depth refrigerators? This article will help you to decide which style is best for you.

The appliances that are available today have changed with home design. It is no longer sufficient to have one size refrigerator to fit all kitchens.

When choosing a refrigerator, homeowners have the option to choose from two main styles: counter-depth or standard-depth.

However, your kitchen design will dictate the type of fridge that you choose. To ensure that the fridge you select will fit your space, it is important to measure it carefully.

These are some things to keep in mind when choosing between different design styles. Let’s get started.

Standard-Depth Refrigerators

You’ve probably seen rows of standard-depth refrigerators when you’ve been shopping for appliances recently. These refrigerators can be as deep as 30 to 34 inches, a vast difference from the 23 to 27 inches found in counter-depth models.

It’s a popular choice for homeowners today because it gives you more room to store your groceries and leftovers. However, this extra depth can cause additional space in your kitchen, leading to problems if you live in a small home.

Your refrigerator will also protrude from the cabinets and countertops around it, creating an eye-sore in some kitchens. Designers often design cabinetry specifically for today’s refrigerators. These cabinets offer more storage space and are also easier to install.

Standard-depth refrigerators are more common, so you will find more colors and styles to choose from when you shop. You won’t have to wait to order the model you desire from the factory. This will allow you to enjoy your new kitchen sooner.

Standard-Depth Refrigerators

The standard depth refrigerators are also cheaper. It is possible to use cost savings for other features of your home.

Pro Tip: You might be able to make your standard-depth fridge look like a built-in if you are remodeling your kitchen. This will give you the look of a counter-depth refrigerator but still have enough space to store all your groceries.

This is possible by investing in cabinetry 27 inches deep, which will conceal your deeper refrigerator’s body. You can also ask your contractor for a cut in the wall behind your refrigerator to allow it to slide back.

Counter-Depth Refrigerators Defined

Counter-depth can be misleading when it comes to refrigerators, as counters can vary between homes. When the depth of the counters is measured, they will be approximately 25 inches. Cabinets are usually 24 to 24 1/2 inches deep.

This means that standard refrigerators today, which measure approximately 30 inches deep, will protrude a few inches from your countertop’s edge.

Counter-depth refrigerators that are best for customizing your kitchen look will be as flush as possible with your cabinets and countertops.

It’s important to remember that counter-depth refrigerators will not always be the same size as your countertops. You’ll still need enough space for the doors and shelves to open.

The refrigerator’s doors will often protrude sufficiently to be easy to open and not rub against adjacent counter space. Counter-depth refrigerators can be used in narrower kitchens due to their smaller size.

Samsung refrigerator models offer the most extensive selection of counter-depth styles. Counter-depth refrigerators have some disadvantages. Counter-depth refrigerators are less popular than standard-depth refrigerators, which can impact the unit-level price.

Manufacturers often use thicker, more expensive insulation materials to maximize interior space. This contributes to their higher price.

There are many styles of counter-depth refrigerators, including French door and side-by-side models.

Capacity Comparison

Let’s take a look at the dimensions of the refrigerator in 36 inches.

Counter-depth refrigerators can range from 20 to 24 cubic yards. Different brands have different refrigerators. Some fridges make more space.

Depending on the brand, a standard depth refrigerator can range from 22 to 30 cubic inches.

As you can see, although the counter depth refrigerator looks sleeker, the standard depth refrigerator has more interior space to store perishables. This problem can be solved by homeowners who have extra garage space or basements.

A standard depth fridge is a good option if you have limited storage space. This is especially true if you have a large family or bulk shop.

You might find it easier to stuff longer items, such as celery, into the crisper tray.

Pros and Cons

Still, need help deciding? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Counter Depth: Pros and Cons


  • Cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • This opens up your kitchen floor to more light.
  • Large trays and platters can be accommodated on trays that are not as deep.
  • For buried items, you can reach the back of your fridge.


  • Usually, more expensive.
  • Storage and capacity are smaller.

Standard Depth: Pros and Cons


  • The counter depth is more affordable.
  • More models and options
  • Larger storage capacity


  • Cabinets are free from juts.
  • You can use more of your kitchen space.
  • Workflow disruption

So…Counter Depth or Standard Depth?

A refrigerator is a large appliance. It’s important to consider how you want your kitchen space to look. Counter depths can be complemented with front panels that match the cabinets to create a sophisticated, clean look. Standard depths offer more storage space and are more affordable.

This is a good idea to do before you install countertops or cabinets. The fridge can be customized to fit your space perfectly. This allows you to integrate your fridge into your kitchen. Explore Abt Electronics Refrigerator Buying Guide to see all the options available from Samsung to Whirlpool.


Why are counter-depth refrigerators more expensive?

A counter-depth refrigerator is primarily for aesthetic reasons. These fridges are also more costly and have fewer features.

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Do you lose space with a counter-depth refrigerator?

Counter-depth appliances can make a kitchen look more elegant, but they have their drawbacks. These drawbacks include: This could mean less countertop space and a wider door, which requires a greater swing radius. This special design can be more expensive than standard appliances.


What is standard depth vs counter depth?

Although counter-depth refrigerators are generally smaller than standard depth, they will usually be larger or wider. The unit is typically 23 to 27 inches in depth. This makes it easier for you to reach the back and blend it with the surrounding environment.

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What is a standard counter depth?

24 inches

The standard countertop depth is 24 inches. This is measured from the edge of the counter to the wall. Remember that backsplashes and tiled countertops can make a difference.

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Both refrigerator types are well-received in today’s electronics market. This article will make it easier to choose the right refrigerator for you. Publican Anker also provides basic information about each type to help you understand its unique functions.

Are you still deciding on your product? You can leave a comment below if you have any other ideas. Publican Anker, what product would you like to compare? Please note the product name. We will verify it and then implement it. We wish you all the best with your purchase.

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