Summit Refrigerator Review 2022: Best Information For You

Summit Refrigerator Review 2022 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

This article Summit Refrigerator Review will provide you with information on the best refrigerator for your kitchen. Refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, with varying costs.

The summit refrigerator review will help you decide what size and style of the refrigerator are right for you. Summit refrigerators are the most highly rated.

Summit refrigerators are known for their dependability, capacity, and the best warranty. Summit refrigerators are made of energy-efficient components that will last for many years. These refrigerators are large enough to hold everything you need.

You can choose from our available widths and heights to fit your available space. We have the most energy-efficient, high-quality Summit refrigerators on the market.



In 1925, the Summit freezer refrigerator made its debut as a fridge company. They were primarily wholesale for smaller brands and began assembling their fridges in 1946. The company has since expanded to become the second-largest refrigerator manufacturer in North America.

Its main headquarters are located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, but has manufacturing plants across the country. It has subsidiaries in Canada, South Korea, and Mexico. Its major distributors are Best Buy, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Home Depot, Kmart, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, and Canadian Tire.

SPR627OS 24' 4.6 Cu. Ft....
16 Reviews
Summit AL54 ADA Height 24'...
23 Reviews
Summit FFBF249SS 24' Counter...
6 Reviews

Summit sells its products through more than 3,000 retail stores, more than 1,500 of them in the United States. Summit freezer refrigerator is also one of the leading refrigerators suppliers for hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, airports, banks, and public offices. As you can see, NBS is not your typical sub-$100 stock.

Even though it trades for around $100 per share, that’s more than four times its book value of $25 per share. That means if the company were to liquidate today, shareholders would be paid back about $25 per share.


In this article, you’ll be taken through a few of the features that Summit refrigerators have to offer. Summit freezer refrigerator has a wide selection of styles and colors that will appeal to a wide range of customers.

Other Summit features include:

  • Energy Star listed models within each category
  • Models with fingerprint-proof stainless steel doors
  • Wide range of colors
  • Reversible doors
  • Curved handles
  • Glass shelves available
  • Refrigerator and refrigerator/ freezers that are Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant
  • Frost-free available in each category Commercial, under-counter models have built-in locking mechanisms

Well, the name of the game in the residential industry is differentiating yourself from everybody else. And Summit has done a great job of doing that over the years. They are starting with design and finishing with value.

The refrigerator is available in various styles and colors, which should appeal to a wide range of customers. In the past, about 40% of Summit’s revenue came from sales of its top-of-the-line French door models. Last year, the company’s top-selling refrigerator was a model with glass doors.

Summit freezer refrigerator also makes freezers, wine coolers, and outdoor grills. The company was founded in 1973 by John J. “Jack” Stackhouse III, who now serves as its chairman. It has 1,500 employees worldwide.

In fact, in 2011, this was the only style in which sales grew year-over-year. However, starting in 2012, the French door model sales began to fall from around 40% of revenue to about 30%. This was due to introducing the more efficient Powerwall in late 2012, which has since become the most popular Tesla storage product.

Instead of competing with the company’s mainstream products, it seems that SolarCity is now focusing its sales efforts on commercial and industrial customers looking for massive projects.

Design and storage flexibility

Design and storage flexibility (1)

This is a stainless steel exterior refrigerator, a black cabinet with metal wire shelving, and an interior drawer for food storage. The Summit freezer refrigerator can store up to 18. 6 cu ft.

Plus, it’s Energy Star rated and has a slim design, which allows it to be stored in tight spaces and offers users the option of not needing a high and wide product to fit around outdoor faucets and other objects. The 11-inch and 14-inch models of the UltraLite work with both 20- to 80-gallon water tanks, and the company also offers a toilet lid to replace the standard one on the larger unit.

However, the design of this refrigerator is almost entirely dependent on the storage configuration, which reduces its flexibility to accommodate varying needs. And unlike a refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom, it cannot be easily converted to a stand-alone or refrigerator-freezer.

The Summit refrigerator is rated at 21 cubic feet of capacity, slightly smaller than the UltraLite’s but has more flexible options for customizing the interior. Like the UltraLite, it can accommodate 20- to 80-gallon water tanks, and it also has the option of adding the optional under-counter freezer model.

We specialize in unique sizes for smaller kitchens and carry the industry’s largest collection of built-in under-counter and ADA compliant refrigeration.

The Emerging Energy Giant

The American refrigeration company, Summit freezer refrigerator, aims to become a global energy giant. Their ambitions are to use their investments in hydropower to help reduce the cost of refrigeration across the world.

The company aims to create the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and flexible cooling technology globally. By using hydropower, they will be able to provide clean energy at low costs. The advantages of hydropower are that it is renewable and doesn’t pollute as fossil fuels do.

Summit recently secured its foothold in the US market by acquiring the former LG subsidiary, Daikin Industries.

Daikin markets about four million air conditioners and heat pumps in the US every year. By taking over this company, Summit appliance will expand its product range to other areas like coolers, freezers, and home heating.

Energy Star rated top freezer refrigerator with a sleek exterior design, the Summit FF1511SS might be a better choice for you, pricing at $1,065.

This model received recognition as the Most Efficient of Energy Star 2016 and has reversible stainless steel doors with a platinum cabinet. As for storage, its 17.1 cubic feet of usable capacity is a lot for a top freezer, but you can find roomier models in the category that are several inches shorter.

The ice cube tray is an oddity: it is large but only holds Summit’s special small-sized ice cube trays. No worries – I just use regular ice cube trays elsewhere in the frig. (This model doesn’t have an ice maker, and I didn’t need one as there’s no plumbing in that part of my kitchen.)

Originally, I didn’t want to purchase a frig without seeing it first, but the box and home improvement stores don’t carry it in the store, and though there were other sellers with it, they were typically commercial.


Summit refrigerators have a 10-year warranty to work in a customer’s home. Summit appliance has a great selection of affordable refrigerators and ranges so customers can find the perfect fit for their space, taste, and budget.

Summit guarantees the reliability of its appliances. If any part fails, Summit appliance will replace it with an exact, like-for-like replacement or repair. All repair and replacement parts will be new or factory-refurbished. The entire gasifier, including the burner and thermocouple, is warranted for five years.

The company has excellent customer service and technical support teams to help customers determine the right size, features, and benefits for their specific needs.

The product is very well built and provides the value that the company claims. It has a relatively compact design and can be placed in tight spaces in garages and other areas in which it is used.

Is Summit Refrigerator Worth It?

At first glance, the $3 000 price tag might be a little much for a refrigerator. But there’s much more to the Summit than meets the eye: it features one of the largest ice makers on the market, has one of the best cooling systems, and includes LED lighting that saves energy.

Plus, it has a high-quality and durable exterior and interior. With all of the features and benefits of the Summit Refrigerator, you’ll wonder why you ever paid so much for your previous appliance. With the Summit, you can store up to 64 cans of your favorite drinks or other items.

You can also easily organize your perishables in the fridge drawer. If you’re using the refrigerator for any special occasion, you can use the adjustable shelves to fit your dishes exactly where you want them.

Last but not least in our Summit refrigerator reviews is the Summit FFBF286SS, a counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator priced starting at $1,525. At 16.8 cubic feet, it offers a solid capacity while maintaining a small footprint.

Customer review: However, this being a bottom freezer, I found that I would have hated shelves on the freezer door. Instead, I bought some clear shoe boxes from the dollar store to corral my little stuff. Now I just pull the box onto the counter where I can conveniently rush through the contents. That works out better.

Instead, Summit specializes in manufacturing and importing major appliances in widths and depths that the major players just won’t touch.

From 15-inch under-counter wine coolers and single-burner cooktops to stainless-steel kegerators, Summit sells small appliances in small volumes through small independent retailers—and it’s a big business.

Is a Summit fridge worth the money?

For years, the standard refrigerator has been able to hold a family’s food for their entire stay. Today, a family might be lucky to have a few days before fresh groceries become old. The only way to avoid this is to buy a summit fridge for about $2 500. For those with a large family or who cook often, this investment will pay off quickly.

The majority of users in our group, however, have opted for the Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme. Some wanted to cool their food without it getting any colder than necessary. Others didn’t want to buy a fridge to camp with that cost more than their car!

If you purchase a Summit refrigerator, you will be buying a high-quality product that will last for years.

In my opinion, the only reason that you would consider paying more for a Summit Fridge is if you don’t have a standard fridge in your home.

For example, the Summit Ingenious Series FF1935PLIM , $1,500, stands 73 inches tall, which is a good foot taller than many top-freezers. It also looks like no other top-freezer we’ve tested, thanks to its exterior digital control panel and a drop-down door that lets you grab snacks and drinks without reaching into the main chamber. The platinum finish and curved door design are also unique.

This is the only reason why I would even consider getting one. If you don’t have a standard fridge, I would say it’s worth it to upgrade, but if you do, just get the $1000 model. What about you? Did I miss anything? Please leave your questions and comments below!

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Are summit refrigerators quiet?

The summit fridge is excellent because it is hushed. It also looks great in my kitchen. I was surprised at how much space the fridge has; the door has a compartment with a handle for bottles that can be removed to store taller items. The freezer is very spacious, and everything is straightforward to find.

Where are Summit products made?

The Summit products are manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Is Summit a good wine fridge?

The Summit appliance line of wine fridges is well-known for its clean and simple design and has many features that make it a desirable choice.

For example, the Summit wine fridge has an expansive collection of space inside for your wine bottles and other storage options like a corkscrew drawer and a reversible glass door. The best thing about the Summit is that it doesn’t take up as much room as a wine cabinet but has all the same perks.

Are summit appliances made in China?

Summit appliances are manufactured in China. Summit’s quality control team inspects every appliance before leaving the factory and follows up with additional inspections at various checkpoints during shipping.

The Summit limited warranty against defects in materials and artistry includes coverage for all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and finish components. Full one-year warranty on labor – we will pay labor costs to repair covered defects in materials or artistry during the first year after purchase.


Publican Anker hopes you have made the best choice about the Summit refrigerator. Designers have created top refrigerator brands using the latest technology.

Consumers buy this brand because of its performance and service quality. These customers always recommend other customers to buy such high-quality products to make the purchase decision.

Thanks for choosing Publican Anker to solve your appliance problems. We’re here to help you get the best service possible.

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