Best Refrigerator Under 2000: Top Brands Review [2023]

Best Refrigerator Under 2000 Top Brands Review [2023]
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With so many counter-depth French door best refrigerator under 2000, it can take effort to figure out what you want from one. Luckily, we’re here to help! 

The best french door refrigerator is the Samsung RF285HDZ. This refrigerator has a sleek design and stainless steel finish for a modern and clean look.

This Samsung refrigerator under 2000 has a flat door frame and a safety lock to keep youngsters. Compare these refrigerators’ sizes and styles.

Top Rated 12 Best refrigerators Under 2000 Dollars

Top Rated 12 Best Refrigerators Under 2000 Dollars

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1. Haier HRF15N3AGS

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You love the design and functionality of the best French door refrigerators but don’t have enough space for one. The Haier HRF15N3AGS is a suitable fridge for you.

This fridge is significantly smaller and more profound than another French-door refrigerator. It can fit in a smaller kitchen space but will also allow you to store less food.

The best fridge is compact and therefore very basic. The french door does not have a large ice maker, water dispenser, or shelves that can be adjusted.

This fridge’s cooling is excellent. It maintained temperatures of 37°F and 0°F during our week-long testing. The Haier HRF15N3AGS compact French door is excellent if you don’t extra features or want to make the most out of a small kitchen.


  • Slim profile
  • Consistently cool fridge temperatures


  • There are no through-door dispensers.
  • Shelf adjustability is limited.

2. Daewoo RFS-26ABW Bottom Mount Refrigerator

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Daewoo produces a functionally sound appliance, which is consistent with the brand. There is less emphasis on bells and whistles than on the ability to work within acceptable limits.

The $1,299 Daewoo RFS26ABW Bottom Mount Refrigerator has an ice maker, wet control, and 26 cubic feet. It keeps food cold and includes endless shelves and crisper drawers for condiments.

The Whirlpool WRB119WFBM is a bottom freezer with only one best french door under 2000. The WRB119WFBM has a stylish appearance but a functional inside.

3. Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX735SDHZ

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  • Energy star certification
  • Water and ice dispensers for exterior use
  • Temperature controls by tapping and touching
  • Accu-chill temperature control system
  • Spill-proof adjustable glass shelves
  • Two humidity-controlled crispers
  • Fill measured
  • Utility bills at a lower price
  • Access to filtered water & ice is easy.
  • You can find frequently used items in reach.
  • Simple controls
  • Spill-proof shelves

The fridge also has an ice and water dispenser. This feature is handy in hot months when ideal temperatures can be extreme. It can filter your household water, so you don’t need to buy bottled water.

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You can keep things you often use in the exterior refrigerator drawer. This allows you to grab a quick bite while on the go without needing to open the french door. This appliance is not difficult to use, despite its sophisticated appearance.

If you like the sleek, contemporary appearance of a French door refrigerator under 2000, take a look at the Whirlpool WRF555SDHV.

It keeps the fridge and top freezer cold, and the crisper bins retain humidity to enhance fruit and vegetable shelf life.

Ice and water come out of the door of this fridge. It cools the fridge and freezer on top and adds moisture to the cooler bins to keep food fresh longer.

This fridge door has through-door ice and water dispensers with two ice kinds, which is surprising and nice at this this pricing.


  • Smudge-proof finish
  • Door ice and water dispenser
  • Tap-touch temperature controls
  • LED lighting
  • Adjustable door bins and dividers
  • Great freezer storage capacity
  • two humidity-controlled crispers drawers
  • Spillproof shelves


  • It may be too noisy,
  • Ice maker occupies freezer space,
  • Not Energy Star-certified



The 24.8-cubic foot slate-finished GE GNE25JMKES french door refrigerator under 2000. The best French-door fridge is a large and well-priced.

The sleek exterior and clean lines of this refrigerator are striking, but the inside is what impresses us. The precision temperature control and energy efficiency of this fridge blew us away.

This French door refrigerator lacks through-the-door water dispensers. Still, it makes up for it with adjustable shelves, humidity-controlled crisper bins, a deli drawer, a hidden water dispenser, and a built-in ice maker.

The GE GNE25JMKES looks smaller but still offers the same convenience features as the more expensive one.

With a capacity of 26.8 cubic feet, you will have what you need to stock up for the holidays. It has a wide drawer that might be useful for those who value order and cleanliness. Additionally, it features two crisper drawers and sizeable door bins.

A pleasant surprise is the presence of through-the-door ice and water dispensers. You can choose the size of the shelves, and there’s even a deli drawer and door bins that can fit a gallon of milk between them.

[amazon box=”B01CPUH672″ template=”horizontal”]


  • Maintains consistent temperatures
  • Temperature-controlled drawer
  • Retractable shelves


  • There are no through-door dispensers.
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5. Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36-Inch Refrigerator

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The Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 inch refrigerator under 2000 comes in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. It also has an ice maker. It allows for more freezer space but also makes it easier to clean.

The total capacity of the best french door refrigerator is 26.8 cubic inches. This is a solid French door refrigerator under 2000 at $1,346. You can add an ice maker to the freezer drawer if you need ice.

While both the fridge and the freezer run a little hot, you can easily bump the temperature down on the humidity control panel to compensate. The Frigidaire is an easy choice with this surprising feature set and low price.

6. Samsung RF263BEAESR

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  • LED lighting
  • A storage capacity of 25 cubic feet
  • Energy star compliance
  • Water dispensers for external use
  • Two crispers that are controlled by humidity
  • Spill-proof adjustable glass shelves
  • Door alarm
  • Alerts for when the door is opened
  • Many color options
  • Convenient storage
  • There is plenty of space.
  • Simple to manage
  • Contains leaks
  • Access to filtered water is easy.

A fridge is essential for large families or entertaining guests. The best french door refrigerator under 2000 is a great choice.

The interior is 25 cubic feet in size and can be used to stock up for large gatherings. Bright lighting makes it easy to locate food. Thanks to the cooling plus technology, you can also expect to keep your food fresh for longer.

This means you don’t need to go to the market as often.

The water and ice dispenser is another feature that you will love. The water and ice dispenser makes filtered ice, which helps you stay hydrated during the summer heat. It can produce up to ten pounds of ice each day.

7. Hisense HRF254N6TSE

Hisense HRF254N6TSE

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The Hisense HRF254N6TSE fridge is an excellent value for money. This stainless steel French door is smudge-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. It will keep your food fresh for the most extended possible shelf life.


  • Near-perfect temperatures
  • Water and ice through-the-door
  • Excellent value


  • Storage space is less than the average.
  • There are no innovative features.

8. Electrolux FPBC2277RF Counter-Depth Refrigerator

The Electrolux FPBC2277RF refrigerator and Frigidaire have few differences. The Electrolux features digital temperature controls inside the door. It is priced at $1,599. Instead of standard curved-out grips, the handles have cool bar handles. This gives your kitchen a professional look while staying within your budget.

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9. Maytag MFI2570FEZ

  • Energy star qualification
  • Water and ice dispensers for exterior use
  • Factory-installed Icemaker
  • Water filtration system
  • Spill-proof glass shelves
  • Crispers that are controlled by humidity
  • LED lighting
  • Refuse to fingerprints
  • It is easy to clean
  • Plenty of interior space
  • Interior illumination
  • Simple temperature management
  • The energy-efficient fridge operation

Sometimes it is impossible to keep the fridge’s outside as clean as its inside. It may seem impossible if you have small children. They will leave fingerprints and smudges all over the fridge. This fridge will allow you to embrace a sleek and elegant appearance.

It is resistant to fingerprints and smudges. It is possible to keep the exterior looking new by wiping it down with a damp cloth. You can also keep the interior clean by wiping down shelves that may have spills. It is essential to clean up any mess that someone makes.

People with small children and large families will appreciate this cleanliness. It is easy to make a mess and then not have to clean it up.

This fridge is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and will last for many years. A 10-year warranty covers the compressor and parts. This coverage shows how reliable the machine is. From the shelves to stainless steel handles, everything feels solid. This is a great way to make sure your money is well-spent.

10. Kenmore 73025

The Kenmore 73025 stainless steel French-door fridge is perfect for families with young children. The stainless steel finish is resistant to fingerprints. Thick glass shelves keep out spills. There are two gallon-sized bins inside the door for milk and juice.

The model does not have a water dispenser. But, it is easy to see the benefits: no puddles on your kitchen floor. A child-height full-width pantry drawer may serve after-school food without parental intervention.

Another thing that makes this model stand out is the fresh food freezer compartment. It maintains a consistent and safe temperature.

The freezer’s consistency is not as good, with the temperatures fluctuating a bit. It is OK to store frozen pizzas and ice cream mainly because they don’t last as long in households with children.

Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is Sears’ home appliances brand. It buys the rights to sell re-branded versions of competitors’ models. The Kenmore 78022 is no exception, borrowing its build from an existing LG bottom freezer fridge.


  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel
  • Fantastic fridge temperature
  • Kid-friendly features
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  • Inconsistent freezer temperature
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11. SMETA Counter Depth Refrigerator


The SMETA counter-depth french door refrigerator is finally here. The SMETA has 20.66 cubic feet and a stainless steel fingerprint-resistant exterior. It is currently on sale for $1979, which qualifies it to be included in this list.

This is a good thing, as it’s one of the best French door refrigerators currently on the market. Although it might not be a household name, SMETA is a reliable brand that will last a lifetime. The SMETA is a stylish and functional product controlled by temperature and humidity. It also has affordable features.

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12. KitchenAid KRFC300ESS

Best French Door Refrigerator

  • Energy star qualification
  • Interior water dispenser
  • Automated ice dispenser
  • Filtration system
  • Electronic controls
  • The energy-efficient operation
  • Access to filtered water is easy.
  • Ice is always available.
  • Household water free from contaminants
  • Simple to manage
  • Storage options for convenience

What causes vegetables and fruits to overripen? It all boils down to the ethylene gas they release over time. They become riper and more prone to ethylene gas, which can cause them to go wrong.

This counter-depth removes this gas and ensures fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the fridge’s most remarkable feature. This fridge is a great choice if you want to avoid going to the market as often as possible.

Foods must be kept in a safe environment to preserve their texture and taste. You must also pay attention to the temperature at which your food is stored. The controls of this fridge are simple and can be adjusted as needed. You can also control the humidity levels.

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These factors are under control, so there’s no reason for your food to go bad.

The counter-depth design allows you to create a built-in appearance. You also get LED lighting that makes it easy for you to find food items at different levels.

What To Look For When Buying A Refrigerator

You may be in a rush to replace your counter depth french door refrigerator door if it has just broken down. Before you shop for a replacement or new refrigerator, make sure to consider these points.

Your Refrigerator Cutout

If you are replacing a fridge with a specific cutout, measure carefully. It is not uncommon for people to purchase a gorgeous new fridge only to return it after it is too big.

Multiple times measure the length, width, depth, and height of the cutout. Next, leave one to two inches between the top of your fridge and the above-fridge cabinetry.

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Finally, take into account the fridge door depths when measuring your cutout. If your fridge is close to your cabinetry, you may have problems opening it.

Food Preservation

Nobody wants to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on a fridge that doesn’t keep their food cool.

We measure freezer and fridge temperatures and vegetable bin humidity. This ensures that every fridge can maintain your food’s optimal temperatures and humidity.

Ask the salesman about cooling if you’re shopping for a top freezer refrigerator. Check out our refrigerator reviews for the best beverage refrigerators.

Counter-Depth vs. Not Counter-Depth

“Counter-depth” relates to your fridge’s depth or how far it protrudes from your cabinetry. A regular fridge with a non-counter is usually 30 inches.

If cabinets surround your refrigerator, it will protrude four to six inches. But it might be a problem for individuals with space limits or aesthetic preferences who want a lower-profile fridge. These french door refrigerators might be a better option.

Counter-depth fridges can be up to six inches deeper than non-counter counterparts. There is no standard depth measurement. The shallower profile fridges can result in less interior storage.

Be sure to check the width of your counter-depth refrigerator before you purchase it. Lower-depth refrigerators may touch cabinets and hinder full opening.

Also, remember that counter-depth refrigerators may cost more than non-counter depth versions. Because the maker may rearrange the compartments or storage areas inside.

Through-Door Ice and Water Dispensers

If you are looking for water dispensers and through-door ice, make sure you check the ice types in your fridge. You may need more than cubed nice if you’re an ice connoisseur.

You can also choose from crushed ice or cylindrical ice. Some more expensive freezers have extra features like a Keurig pod coffeemaker or a way to get hot water.

Some fridges have built-in water pitchers or interior water dispensers.

Storage Options

There are built-in shelves inside the fridge, one to two cooler boxes, and movable shelves above the doors. There are many options for extra storage.

You can move shelves in the fridge to adjust their heights, and some shelves can be flipped up or retracted. Some adjustable door bins can also slide and expand.

Some refrigerators come with door-in-door storage. This makes it easy to get to the most-used things in your fridge without having to open the whole door.

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French door fridges feature the most storage, including an additional drawer and temperature-controlled deli/pantry drawers. That may be configured for specific fridge temperatures, bottom pocket storage.


To get an idea of your utility bills, look at the Energy Star rating of a refrigerator to see if you are interested in using less water. The more complex your fridge’s design and features, the more energy it uses.

It’s not much more than simple fridges, but it can add on over time. You will decide if the convenience is worth the increased running costs.

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Which refrigerator brand is most reliable?

Our research shows that Samsung, GE, and Whirlpool are the most reliable refrigerator brands. These are the companies that we identified as producing refrigerators with the lowest number of problems.

What brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

Whirlpool. Whirlpool refrigerators are highly regarded because of their quality and durability. Whirlpool french door fridges are popular for many households as they last longer than other brands and require less maintenance.

Does an affordable French door refrigerator has more problems?

A French door refrigerator repair is, on average, 26 percent more expensive than a side-by-side refrigerator unit. Failings can include:

  • A malfunctioning crushed-ice maker.
  • A bottom freezer that is not keeping temperatures.
  • A loud leaking icemaker.

What is the first thing to check when a refrigerator stops working?

If your fridge has stopped working and the light is off

This is often the case, even though it sounds obvious. A fridge can shut down entirely when it has no power. First, check the circuit that serves the fridge.

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Technology can change rapidly, and it’s hard to keep up with the trend as new appliances are released each year. However, if you’re budget conscious and still want all the features of a smart refrigerator that come standard with the latest technology, then this smart refrigerator should be perfect for you.

The Kenmore Smart Compatible Refrigerator is one of Sears’ most popular and economical brands and comes in various colors and finishes.

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