Hisense Refrigerator Review 2023: Best Information For You

Hisense Refrigerator Review 2023 Best Information For You
  • Paul Kahan

Hisense Refrigerator is an excellent choice for any family looking to save money on their monthly bills. It has many features not available in other brands, and it offers the best value for your dollar. The exterior of this fridge is made from durable stainless steel that will never rust or corrode, no matter how often you clean it! There’s a giant freezer on one side with room for lots of frozen food.

And there’s plenty of space inside the refrigerator as well – so much in fact that you might need to rearrange some things when you first get it home and make room for all your groceries! In this post, Publican Anker will give you a full Hisense Refrigerator review including it’s features and how good it is.

What Fridges Does Hisense Offer?

Hisense has a wide range of refrigerators. They include space-saving 100L units, as well as large French doors. There are many types of refrigerators available.

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  • Single-door refrigerators are usually the best and cheapest for small households, which feature an Energy rate of 238KW/year Door alarm.
  • Top-mount fridges are the most common type and usually the most economical.
  • Bottom-mount fridges are generally quite energy-efficient and economical.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators: These are the most practical and significant.
  • French Door Refrigerators: Usually the most expensive but feature-packed type
  • Bar fridges are compact and convenient, but they have a limited temperature range.

The fridges will be evaluated not only on their features but also their energy efficiency. The electricity price of 33c/kWh will determine how much it will cost to run the fridges. Remember that different electricity providers may charge different electricity rates.

1. Single-Door Fridges

Single-Door Fridges Hisense Refrigerator

Single-door fridges can be simple and save space in your kitchen. However, this will mean that you have less fridge space. This is not necessarily a problem if you have small families. You can also use single-door freezers or fridges to add storage.

Hisense’s 355LHR6AFF355SD fridge (Ice Maker) is available either as a stand-alone refrigerator or as a pigeon-pair fridge with the HR6VFF280SD single door freezer. Among its notable features are:

  • Energy efficiency rating 3 stars (consumes 238kWh/yr).
  • Electronic touch control
  • Holiday power-saving function
  • Door alarm
  • Stainless steel finish
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The Hisense single-door refrigerator retails at 1,299*. However, a white model (HR6AFF355D) is also available for $200 less.

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It also has a three-star energy efficiency rating. It consumes approximately 238kWh per annum and could add $78.54 to your annual energy bill.

The average price for a single-door 243L fridge is $699 and can go up to $1299 for a model.

2. Top Mount Fridges

Top-mount fridges are a popular choice in Australia due to their simplicity and affordability. The H45TFF272 is a popular option and retails for $699. It has a fridge storage capacity of 204L and a freezer capacity of 68L. You will find the following features:

  • Energy efficiency rating 2.5 stars (consumes 379kWh/yr).
  • Frost-free
  • Ice maker twice
  • Glass shelves with adjustable spill-proof design
  • Electronic temperature control for refrigerator

Hisense top-mount fridges start at $399 for a model with a 92L capacity and can go up to $1299 for a unit with a 534L capacity. This 272L fridge is a good option if you are looking for a cheap fridge.

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It is not the most efficient. A 2-star energy efficiency rating will cost you $125.07 annually in electricity.

3. Bottom Mount Fridges

Bottom Mount Fridges Hisense

A bottom mount fridge is an excellent option for a top-mount unit, especially if you have difficulty reaching high enough to grab frozen vegetables or other everyday items.

The HR6BMFF435D model is available and retails for $1,099*. It’s ideal for mid-sized households, as it has 435L. It can hold 298L of fridge space and has a 137L freezer container.

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These features include:

  • Energy efficiency rating 2.5 stars (consumes 488,kWh/yr).
  • Multifunctional touch control panel to control temperatures easily.
  • Superfast cooling and freezing capabilities
  • For flexibility, adjustable shelves, and drawers
  • Wine caddy

Hisense bottom-mount fridges start at $899 for a 320L model and go up to $1999 for the most recent 518L model. The 435L unit comes with an annual electricity bill of $161.04.

The Hisense 519L HR6MFF519B is rated 6-stars for efficiency.

4. Side-by-Side Fridges

Side-by-Side Fridges Hisense

Hisense currently offers several side-by-side refrigerators for families. The HR6SBSFF624SW (pictures) is one of these. It offers 624L total storage and retails for $1,599*. These features include:

  • Energy efficiency rating 3 stars (consumes 535kWh/yr).
  • In-door water dispenser
  • Super cool and super frozen functions
  • 239L:385L freezer-to-fridge split for bulk freezing convenience
  • The side-by-side design allows for easy access to the freezer.
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Side-by-side refrigerators from Hisense typically cost between $1099 and $1699. This 624L refrigerator is an affordable option, at least upfront, and will run you approximately $176.55 each year.

5. French Door Fridges

French Door Fridges Hisense

Hisense’s French doors range is very competitively priced and offers more options than other french door brands. The HR6FDFF630B french door refrigerator is one of the cheaper French door models by Hisense and retails for $1,999. It is also one of few French Door refrigerators on the market under $2,000.

It has a french door fridge capacity of 436L and a freezer capacity of 194L. These features include:

  • Energy efficiency rating 3 stars (consumes 527kWh/yr).
  • Glass shelves with adjustable spill-proof design
  • Three-tier freezer drawers
  • In-door water dispenser
  • Holiday power-saving function

The french door fridge’s three-star energy efficiency rating means that you will need to spend around $173.91 annually on running costs. You can also expect to pay retail for other Hisense French doors fridges at prices between $1,699 – $3,299.

While we prefer a through-the-door water dispenser, the internal ice and water dispenser are still better than no dispensers at all. If you’re in the market for a basic French door with a sophisticated look, the HRF266N6CSE is a reasonable choice.

6. Bar Fridges

Bar Fridges Hisense Refrigerator

Last but not least, Hisense’s bar-bridges are nothing to sniff at. The HR6BF170B has 170L of storage and a price tag of $499*. Expect a fridge with a capacity of 151L and a freezer that can hold 19L.

It is smaller than larger units but still offers many of the same features as larger models. These include:

  • Energy efficiency rating: 2.5 stars
  • Crisper for fruit and vegetables
  • Temperature control
  • Ice maker compartment
  • Available in red and black

Bar fridges from Hisense price between $299 to $499. The annual electricity bill for this model is approximately $97.35.

Hisense Refrigerator Review: How good are Hisense Refrigerators?

is Hisense a good refrigerator

Dimensions and Design

Hisense aims to make its fridges as user-friendly as possible, so they’ve added features such as adjustable legs (for moving it around with ease) and smart temperature control, to name a few, so that you can have the best on the market at an affordable price.

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Hisense makes several bottom-freezer fridge models. The 17.1 (usable capacity) -foot Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (HBM17158SS), which I tested, is currently out of stock.

You can also find 17.2 (usable capacity) -foot models in the same design. These are the specifications for the HRB171N6ASE Model.

Instead of being at the top, the freezer is at the bottom. This is an excellent setup if you only use fresh food and don’t need to look at your freezer very often.

The foods you use the most are right at your eye level and easy to reach. You can place more oversized items in one drawer while smaller items are stored in the other.

It is approximately 70 inches tall and 31 inches wide. This fridge can be placed in small kitchens. For installation, it requires only 33 inches of space.

You can flip the door so it opens to either the left or right. To complete the task, you will need a Philips screwdriver as well as an 8-millimeter socket wrench.

Negative reviewers seem to have received lemons, though they often complain about the ice maker breaking. We recommend keeping an eye on the ice maker for problems, then taking full advantage of Hisense’s warranty if any issues arise.

Warranty Hisense offers a two-year limited warranty, which is better than the standard one-year offered by many other major manufacturers.

Setup Process

Reviews Hisense Refrigerator

Although it was not easy to get a fridge into a small apartment in New York City, the process was smooth. The maintenance man at our building helped us transport the fridge to the sixth floor using a large cart.

This fridge was chosen because it fits through our elevator, our kitchen doorway, and our entrance to the apartment.

Many fridges are too large, but this one was small enough to fit in our elevator and into our main entrance.

The Hisense fridge was now ready for food. We took out the protective plastic and tape from the shelves and drawers. It took only half an hour to complete the entire setup process.

Inside The Fridge

Three shelves can be adjusted inside the Hisense fridge, and six shelves on the door made of heavy-duty plastic. These adjustable shelves can be moved around to meet your needs. However, the grooves that the shelves must fit into to ensure stability are limited.

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A spacious crisper drawer is also available with two sections that can be used to store your fruits and veggies. The drawer can be adjusted for humidity by simply opening or closing holes with a slider.

You will need to open the entire drawer to access the contents.

This fridge is 12.1 (usable capacity) cubic feet in capacity, which is an improvement over the old small fridge. The bottom shelf of our fridge was large enough to hold a 1.53-liter Tropicana orange juice and a 1-liter Coca-Cola bottle.

You can store small items such as sauces, eggs, and butter on the glass. This will allow you to save space for more giant foods by storing them on big glass shelves.

Seeing all the different jams and sauces displayed on the door glass was amazing. It is now possible to find the hoisin sauce and not move around while the tofu cooks.

The control at the top of your fridge’s interior allows you to set the refrigerator temperature. Hisense recommends that the refrigerator temperature be set to 39 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. We left it as is at the beginning.

Energy-saving LED lights to light the fridge’s interior. This is a standard feature on new fridges, but it is still exciting for those from old fridges with damaged bulbs.

Inside The Freezer

Although the freezer is located at the bottom of your refrigerator, it is still easily accessible. The freezer will open smoothly when you pull the handle.

It has a capacity of 5.1 cubic feet and two compartments. The top drawer pulls out, and the bottom compartment is deeper. We placed all of our frozen foods, ice cube tray trays, and smaller food items in the top drawer for easy access. The bottom freezer compartment was reserved for more oversized items.

Do not overload the top drawer by storing heavy items. It can cause damage to the drawer pull-out tracks.

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Hisense recommends that the freezer be set to -2 degrees to get the best results. The freezer compartment can be set in the same way as the fridge.

Press the “Freezer” button on the fridge’s control panel and wait for a three-second beep. Then, keep pressing the button to cycle through the temperature settings.

That temperature was more than cold enough, we found. Chilling the new Coca-Cola bottle before cooking dinner became icy cold and partially frozen within 20 minutes. It wouldn’t have been chilled that long in our old fridge.

The freezer has a super freeze function, which allows you to quickly freeze food at -13 degrees F in just a few minutes. Hisense claims it helps maintain the freezer’s -2 temperature even when adding multiply unfrozen or partially frozen items at once.

In Daily Use

You don’t have to ruin your mood or your food if you can find it in seconds.

We quickly organized our sauces using the many shelves on the fridge door. Small containers can be kept off the main shelves.

We can now use all the space to prepare larger meals and see what we have. Drinks are more relaxed, too. I didn’t realize our old fridge was terrible until I saw a comparison.

The freezer is a great addition. It’s so much easier to locate things in the fridge if you don’t have to bend down, kneel, or, as I did, lie on the ground while looking through the crisper drawers for garlic.

Some relevant posts:

Is A Hisense Fridge Worth The Money?

Is A Hisense Fridge Worth The Money

  • In some cases, lower upfront costs come at the price of higher electricity bills.
  • Excellent features at a very affordable price
  • Sleek designs that suit all kitchen styles
  • Hisense may seem like a great performer, but every beauty has its faults. Hisense refrigerators don’t have the best energy efficiency.
  • There aren’t any super green fridges in the line-up. The Hisense 519L HR6MFF519B has a unique 6-star rating.
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How Good Is Hisense Refrigerator

Is Hisense A Good Brand Refrigerator?

Yes, indeed, a great buy! I purchased the top freezer model about eight months ago and have been very happy with it.

It’s not fancy, but like most of us, we use our fridge for fresh groceries rather than to store a lot of stuff, so this fits my needs perfectly and has required no repairs nor come with any issues.

It has a decent amount of storage space and still fits my needs, I would have considered an upgrade, but they no longer offer the same model.

Where are Hisense Refrigerators Made?

Products are designed at the company’s St Charles, Illinois headquarters and manufactured in China. This joint venture sells in North America, Europe and the Middle East through a network of sales representatives and in Asia through Hisense Optoelectronics.

Who Makes Hisense Refrigerators?

Hisense is a Chinese manufacturer that manufactures products for many different large appliance brands. Hisense was founded in China in 1988 and has become one of the largest white goods manufacturers in the world and one of the biggest consumer electronics companies.

Their main products are televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners as they continue to expand.

Is There A Recall On Hisense Refrigerators?

Hisense is recalling its 26.6 cubic-foot capacity French Door Refrigerators with Ice Maker sold at Lowe’s. The affected refrigerators were sold from about August 2020 to February 2023.


With so many options available for you, we hope that our blog post has helped make a choice a little easier. Publican Anker has provided information on some of their differences and how they can be appealing to different customer types.

If all these details haven’t been enough or if there’s anything else, in particular, you’d like more clarity about, and please feel free to contact us at any time!

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