Side By Side Refrigerator Vs Bottom Freezer 2023: What Is The Best For You

Side By Side Refrigerator Vs Bottom Freezer 2023 What Is The Best For You

There are a wide variety of choices available when shopping for a new fridge. Two of the most popular types of refrigerators are the side by side refrigerator vs bottom freezer.

Side-by-side refrigerators have the freezer compartment on the left and the refrigerator compartment on the right. While bottom freezer models have the freezer located below the refrigerator compartment.

Each type of refrigerator has its own unique features and benefits. And it ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators vs. Bottom Freezer

Side-by-Side Refrigerators vs. Bottom Freezer

Both types of refrigerators have their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing one over another depends on what features rave reviews from consumers.

For instance, the bottom tends to be less expensive and more energy than side-by-side models, but they offer less convenience and flexibility in terms of placement.

On the other hand, a side-by-side refrigerator is larger. Overall, it offers more excellent cold storage space, making it ideal for families who have large appetites or like to stock up on groceries before heading out.


The space need is a key distinction between the two configurations. French doors refrigeration units are built with two doors, one on either side.

This allows each entry to open independently, which means you don’t always have to reach across the entire unit to retrieve something from the back.

Although these models can be pretty significant, they are much more functional than the bottom. In addition to larger storage capacity, side-by-side units usually include an ice maker and water dispenser for convenience purposes.

On the other hand, Bottom always has one door in the front that opens up to both levels of cold storage space. While this arrangement may be easier to use for some, it can make storing more oversized items difficult.

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The installation process will significantly depend on the model of refrigerator you choose. Both French door and bottom-freezer refrigerators are available in both freestanding and built-in models, which means you have a few options when it comes to placement.

Because they can be set up next to or even on top of an existing counter, side-by-sides are ideal for apartment dwellers and anyone with limited kitchen space.

The bottom is often built into cabinets, meaning they can be placed almost anywhere as long as an outlet is close by. For example, you can put one under a kitchen island and countertop combination if it has room around the sides.


When it comes to saving money, both bottom-freezer and side-by-side refrigerators shine. On average, side-by-side units are larger and more expensive than the bottom, but they offer greater flexibility in terms of layout.

On the other hand, the Bottom is much less expensive than the French door, and they can be installed as long as there is an outlet for the refrigerator to plug into.

However, they tend to have limited storage space due to only having one door, making storing more oversized items difficult.

Energy Efficiency

Buying a refrigerator might help you save money on your monthly power bill. Although not as energetic as other appliances, both side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators can help you cut back on your monthly power bill with intelligent design choices.

The bottom is the most energy efficient because they work off a single door in the front.

That means you don’t have to open both doors simultaneously, and they are much easier to reach into when storing items in the freezer section. Keeping a full fridge is another easy method to save on utility costs.

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This helps keep things cold longer and can increase the compressor’s life, helping you save on a new replacement cost. These models are much larger and offer more flexible options for storing food items.

Energy efficiency can also be improved by selecting the right setting on your refrigerator. Both models offer different temperature ranges, so you should choose the location best suited for your needs.

A french door can be set anywhere from zero to five, while a bottom freezer will range between one and five. The lower the temperature, the less energy your refrigerator uses.

Variable Temperature

Variable Temperature

Side-by-side refrigerators are convenient since they have two temperature zones. If there are kids in the house or anyone with food allergies, this may be a lifesaver.

For example, most top freezer models only offer one setting for both compartments. This means that all foods must be stored at a single temperature at eye level.

French doors can help you give everyone in your family their own food storage space. One drawback to side-by-side models is the high cost, which may put them beyond the budget of some households.

One tip that can be applied to both types of refrigerators is adjustable shelves. They allow you to store taller items in the fridge and things used less frequently in the door compartments.

This helps keep everything within easy reach when you need it most.

Best Use

Side-by-side refrigerators are the best way to store a lot of food. Many models hold up to 33 cubic feet, while the bottom generally has much less capacity.

For example, most bottom freezer models only offer 15 cubic feet of space. Another counter-depth feature that can help you utilize the space in your refrigerator is a condiment tray in the door.

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It is the perfect way to store smaller items in a single, convenient location. This also maximizes space in the main compartment and can help keep everything organized when you open the French doors.

Refrigerators with separate doors for both compartments are another great choice if you need to store lots of food. The best ones have 24 cubic feet of room, which is about the same as a full-sized refrigerator.

On the other hand, a single-door type may be best if your kitchen is small and you want to save floor room.

These counter depth models can also be installed French door when necessary since they feature separate doors for each compartment. However, they do not offer the same flexibility for storing more oversized items.

Since it is hard to fit large cartons of milk and other tall items, the freezer space in these refrigerators will often be used for small frozen entrees and pizzas. This can help you avoid wasting food when your family doesn’t want to finish a full meal.


Space isn’t the only thing that can be affected by your refrigerator’s size. Depending on the counter depth model you choose, it may also impact other aspects of your kitchen décor.

Side-by-side models are much more comprehensive than stainless steel and may not fit through standard doorways in older homes.

Most models are quite attractive and should blend in easily with modern kitchens. However, it is a good idea to measure the doorway size before purchasing your refrigerator to ensure it will fit.

The best way to increase space inside a French door unit is by adding an ice maker and filtered water dispenser on the outside of the left door panel. These features are often available in stainless steel or other matching finishes.

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Water and Ice

Another significant advantage of side-by-side refrigerators is the ability to have filtered water and ice on demand. Many models include this feature as standard equipment, while stainless steel is more limited in the type of dispensers they offer.

If you own a home with hard water, getting clean drinking water without an unfiltered system can be challenging. With the help of a filtered water pitcher, you can make sure that your family always has clean water to drink.

Water filtration systems are also helpful if you want the convenience of ice cubes but don’t want to buy a particular appliance like an icemaker.

Some models include an ice maker on the outside of the left door panel. Fill the ice tray, and it will soon produce enough cubes to meet your daily needs.

Many models also offer a selection of colors, finishes, and styles to help you find a refrigerator that works for you.

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Reaching and Bending

It’s important to consider the layout of your kitchen before making a final decision on a refrigerator. Top freezer models are enormous and may be hard to reach items on the top shelves.

This can be challenging for people who are short or have limited mobility issues. The same is true if you opt for a single-door model that only offers room for tall items in the freezer. If this is your situation, it may be best to purchase a second refrigerator rather than deal with an appliance you can’t easily reach.

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Generally, top freezer refrigerators are between 30 and 36 inches wide when measured vertically. This makes them smaller than most top freezers but larger than the bottom.

As a result, they will usually fit in a standard-sized kitchen without any problems. Bottom is generally wider due to the size of the compressor needed to support the simultaneous operation of both refrigerator and freezer compartments.

However, they can still be an attractive option if you have limited space for your appliances.

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Do side-by-side refrigerators have more freezer space?

It’s a common misconception that top freezer refrigerators have more freezer space than other models.

Manufacturers may list the total cubic feet of available storage on their labels, but that is often done for marketing purposes and does not always reflect reality. To understand how much food you can store in each type of refrigerator, you need to research.

Most side-by-side models offer about 12 cubic feet of freezer space. This is a smaller capacity than most top freezers but more significant than most bottom.

When comparing sizes, make sure that the numbers are listed in cubic feet rather than just total volume. Bottom freezers offer a lot of storage space because they are free from any internal supports in the freezer compartment.

This allows them to store more oversized items than top freezers or side-by-side units with reinforced shelving on the sides and door panels.

However, you should also make sure that you have enough room to store the model. Verify that the refrigerator will fit in your space, and measure carefully before you buy anything.

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Are bottom freezer refrigerators better?

It is often said that side-by-side refrigerators are better than bottom freezer models. In many cases, buyers choose a top freezer over a bottom freezer because they don’t properly compare them with each other.

For example, you may have heard that bottom is better because they have less frost buildup inside than the top freezer.

More information:

Does a fridge work better, full or empty?

A fridge actually works more efficiently when it’s full rather than empty. This is because a full refrigerator has less empty space that needs to be cooled down, so it takes less energy to maintain the temperature.

The food and other objects within the refrigerator also serve as insulation, limiting the amount of warm air that may seep through the door.

However, don’t stuff the fridge to the brim; doing so might obstruct airflow and make it harder for the fridge to cool everything evenly.

Remember that a crowded refrigerator might be more challenging to clean and organize than one with some empty space, and try to find a happy medium between the two extremes.


If your goal is more space and less noise, then the top freezer refrigerator may be perfect for your needs.

Alternatively, if you need quick access to items on top shelves or open up all crisper drawers simultaneously with one hand, bottom freezer refrigerators are worth considering. No matter which type of fridge you choose in the end, we hope that our blog post was helpful!

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