Your Guide On Building A Smart Kitchen For Your Home

Your Guide On Building A Smart Kitchen For Your Home
  • Paul Kahan

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to just sit in your drawing room and get your lasagna heated? Or get your coffee whipped up with the press of a button from your room? Sounds unrealistic right?

Well, not anymore. In this day and age where everything is moving towards digital be it your air conditioner, your job, or your smartphone. Why not your kitchen? Innovative kitchen designs bring something unique to your kitchen space but also make your life easier and more efficient.

You might think this will break your bank but there are smart devices as low as 30$ in the market. To get you started, Publicananker has put together everything about the Guide On Building A Smart Kitchen you need to know from smart and efficient appliances to your storage and doors:

What Is A Smart Kitchen?

What Is A Smart Kitchen?

We have entered into an era of smart devices long ago but now it’s not just limited to our phones. The Internet of things is a phenomenon that connects different objects over a wireless connection and helps them communicate with each other. The main idea is to make your life easier.

It’s not just connecting your devices to the wifi and operating them from a distance but also keeping you on top of groceries with notifications from your refrigerator to a Bluetooth soundbar for your cabinets. The result is a functional space that helps you enjoy and complete all your work efficiently. Let’s design your new kitchen:

Guide On Building A Smart Kitchen

1. Smart Appliances

Cooking with voice-activated smart devices is a whole new ball game. Not only does it make it fun to weigh things and get them heated or cooked on the command of your voice but also simply too much fun.

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There are several gadgets we want to talk about. Let’s start with Smart ovens. The smart oven will give you notifications when dinner is ready, you can control the temperature via your smartphone and share recipes with it over wifi as well.

Next up is Smart hobs, these are a treat for people or chefs who like to cook multiple dishes at one time. You just have to place your pots and pans on the hob and it will do the rest. Most of them connect to each other automatically.

Last but not the least, you need a smart fridge. These babies have been making noise in the industry for a few years now. They have the power to connect to your entire home with the click of a button or voice. These smart appliances will save energy AND your time!

When we start to choose the smart appliance, the best refrigerator may be the most important product. So, Publican Anker will show you all the great fridges here:

Guide On Building A Smart Kitchen

2. Smart Safety

Other smart devices for safety inside your kitchen are also available. Things such as smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart door locks, and digital thermometers. These smoke detectors are more than just your traditional device, we would recommend investing in them.

They not only detect smoke and carbon monoxide but also keep a check on your overall kitchen air such as humidity, pollen, etc. Smart doors are great for people with a lot of gold in their kitchen and little children.

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Not having to worry if the child broke the manual childlock is gonna be off your plate. Smart thermometers make your cooking easy with the touch of a button but also tell you what’s the optimum temperature for a dish, so you don’t have to remember everything.

3. Smart Storage

One of the main goals of any kitchen upgrade is most certainly creating storage space. There are several smart cabinet options in the market, which not only control the lighting according to your voice command but also show you hidden spaces to store your things with the touch of a button. Motorized shelving and ladders are another perks.

Moreover, there are islands with inbuilt charging solutions. You could just place your phone at one end of the slab and it will charge.

4. Smart Windows

Smart windows are one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen. Whether you need space to cook or just relax, light plays an important role in your overall mood and the aura of the place. These windows open and shut themselves according to the light that the kitchen needs.

Not only this, smart windows can blur themselves with the press of a button if you need privacy in your space. They are a great option if you are a busy person who either often forgets to open or close the window or wants to enjoy the weather as it comes.

These windows are your solution. Not only are these energy-efficient but also come in different styles to go with any type of kitchen too. Add one of these with a comfy chair, you won’t want to leave your kitchen.

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The above-mentioned smart solutions are just the tip of the iceberg, we would highly recommend starting with one product from each range and watch you become a digital savant in your kitchen.

Digital technology has made everyone’s life easier in general when used with care and the same should happen for the kitchen. Let us know what smart device investment you flaunt about to your friends?


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and should be designed to meet the needs of you and your family. A smart kitchen can make life easier by organizing recipes, cooking times, grocery lists, meal plans for busy days or weeks ahead.

It will also help keep countertops clear with its built-in storage solutions that are both stylish and functional. If this sounds like what you need for your own space then read on to learn how to design a smart kitchen that works! We include links to all sorts of useful resources including our favorite furniture brands – just click here if you want more information about how we work.

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