How To Make Ice Without An Ice Tray 2023: Top Full Option

How To Make Ice Without An Ice Tray 2023 Top Full Option
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Do you want to know how to make ice without an ice tray? We’ll show you how to quickly turn any container into a maker that creates good old-fashioned ice cubes. This alternative machine is an excellent alternative to buying at the store. This alternative machine is nothing more than a bucket of water and salt.

Unless you happen to have a tray lying around, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg at the grocery store. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to make and clear without a tray in no time at all.

How To Make Ice Without An Ice Tray

How To Make Ice Without An Ice Tray

Using a Silicone Molds

1. Choose a mold that will hold water easily without spilling.

A silicone baking mold that is strong enough to hold water in place while you move it around will work as an ice cube tray. However, solid molds such as squares and circles are the best. But you can also use ones with designs.

Each “best cube trays,” since silicon molds are used often to make shaped cookies or candies, will take the form of the mold.

2. Fill the shapes with water.

Your tap should be run over each mold until the water reaches all of its parts. Do not let water drip into any other shapes or sit over the depressions. This can lead to a thin layer of ice forming on top of the cube trays.

If you don’t want to risk a thin layer, leave some air at the top of each one.

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Using a Silicone Molds

3. Freeze the molds for at least 4-8 hours.

The ice cubes must be kept in the freezer for a few hours to ensure that they freeze entirely. To ensure that the cubes don’t melt or break as quickly, freeze them for 8 hours. This overnight process is the best way to make ice ensure that you have solid ice the following day.

4. Pop the ice out by twisting the mold, just like a tray.

So, how to make molds without a tray? The silicone cube softens slightly, allowing the cubes to separate and be pulled out. Easy release loose cubes. You can pat the tray on the underside. The mold can break or become damaged if you are too rough.

If you have trouble breaking the ice, use the flat end of a spoon handle or fork to reach between it and the mold.

Ziploc bag – The Way How To Make Ice Without An Ice Tray

Ziploc bag - The Way How To Make Ice Without An Ice Tray

Ziploc is made from thick plastic and has a zipper lock at one end. These bags are easy to use. Ziploc bags come in many sizes. You can fill the smaller bags with water, usually three by five inches. For freezing, place in the freezer. For solid freezing, it usually takes a few hours.

The larger bags can be used if you don’t have the smaller bags. This first method makes an individual ice cube trays out of each small ice bag. You can also use larger Ziploc freezer bags. The Ziploc should be filled to the quarter-full mark.

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Ziplock the bag containing the water. Place the bag with the water in a flat place on the side of the freezer. Allow the bag to freeze until it is completely covered with water. This usually takes several hours. Because the freezer in this bag can be larger, you may need to break it into smaller pieces not to ruin your glass.

Improvising with Egg Cartons

1. Choose a styrofoam egg carton for a simple, waterproof ice tray.

You already have a tray alternative if your eggs are in a styrofoam container. The styrofoam is almost waterproof, and water will not stick to it like it would with paper.

To eliminate food-borne diseases like salmonella, wash the carton well in advance.

2. Line a paper carton with foil if you don’t have a styrofoam one.

You can still make cubes from eggs that have been placed in a paper carton. Use aluminum foil to make squares and press them into the dimples. The foil will form a waterproof barrier between water and paper as long as there are no holes.

To ensure a seamless lining, use a square piece to make sure there are no gaps. Press it into the center of the dimple.

To make it easier to remove the ice, it is a good idea to leave the foil a little higher than the carton.

Improvising with Egg Cartons

3. Fill the dimples with water.

You can fill the dimples with tap water, regardless of whether you’re using a lined paper or styrofoam carton. It would help if you did not fill the dimples more than necessary to avoid spilling into each other. The carton will be filled with ice, which will create little dome-shaped shapes.

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This is especially important if you’re using a paper carton. The water can cause the paper to be dissolved.

4. Freeze the carton for at least 4-8 hours with the lid off.

The lid should not cover the dimples when placing the carton in the freezer. This could prevent the water from freezing quickly. The ice must be kept at room temperature for at least four hours to become solid. It should remain at room temperature for at least eight hours for melting and breaking.

Before filling up the carton, you can also take off the lid.

5. Remove the ice from the carton by pressing up on the bottom.

Pushing down on each dimple will put pressure on the ice, helping you get it out of your carton. You might be able to pull the foil off a foil carton if there isn’t much condensation between the paper and foil.

Portable Icemaker

An icemaker is an ideal way to make ice without the need for a tray. Sometimes called countertop makers, portable makers can also be used. Countertop makers are great for tiny homes, boats, and RVs.

The maker is an excellent addition to the kitchen. Particularly useful for families that have a high demand for ice. Even if a small fridge freezer does not suffice to provide the family with ice,

Portable makers typically make more ice than other methods, and they do it faster than using a Ziploc or freezer bag. Ice machines work on autopilot, making in no time at all. The machine creates ice instantly, usually in seven minutes. You can choose the size of the cubes. There are three sizes available: small, medium, and large.

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It is very easy to use. It is easy to plug it in. Fill the reservoir up to the top. Turn on the machine and choose the required size of ice – small, medium, or large. After a few minutes, the first batch will be ready. A portable machine can make one batch of ice between seven and fifteen minutes. The machine will automatically shut off when the bin has been completed.

The ice in these machines is kept frozen for a long time because they are well insulated. The ice will begin to melt after a while. New ice will be formed when the melted is pumped back into the reservoir. Check out my review of makers, where I’ll share the pros and cons.

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What can I use instead of a cube tray?

A zipper bag is an excellent option if you don’t have access to ice cube trays or need ice. It doesn’t matter if you need a gallon, quarter, or sandwich-sized bag. It is easy to fill it with water, zip it shut, and then put it in the freezer. Keep some air in the bag as the water expands when it freezes.

How do you make a crystal clear ice cube tray?

Make a wire loop to support the ball mold on top of a pot of boiling water.

  • The pot should be filled with water up to the wire. Fill the ball with water.
  • It can be frozen.
  • It should be frozen before you can remove it.
  • That’s one sexy iceball!
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Is it OK to freeze water in plastic bottles?

Your risk of developing cancer is not increased by drinking water from plastic water bottles that have been frozen or heated. Plasticizers are substances that make plastic flexible and less brittle.

What is the coldest ice you can get?

XIV is the coldest ice found at 160° Celcius. It has a simple molecular arrangement—credit to Science. Scientists discovered two forms of ice previously unknown, which were frozen at temperatures around minus 160 degrees Celsius.


Ice can be made without trays, and this post offers several ways to do so. If you want to know more about this, please read on! For those looking for a fun way to cool down from the summer heat, making ice without a tray is an option to consider. In this post, I will share the various methods you can use to make ice without a tray.

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