Can You Use A Wok On An Electric Stove 2023: Top Full Guide

Can You Use A Wok On An Electric Stove 2021 Top Full Guide

You have an electric cooker but have a lot of conventional wok pans. Did you wonder if Can You Use A Wok On An Electric Stove and search for a very reasonable response? Then have a look at the post below. We’ve assembled the most accurate info that will assist you.

To begin with, we must comprehend the way the electric stove works and its weaknesses and strengths. Following that, the brand new response is persuasive.

Can You Use A Wok On A Glass Top Electric Stove?

It’s possible to use woks onto a glass top electric stove. What style you use is your decision, but many chefs assert you need to use a flat-bottomed.

The flat-bottomed motive works are preferred must do with heat conductivity. Since round-bottomed woks will need to take a seat wok rings, they take more time to heat than flat-bottomed versions.

If you’re utilizing a flat-bottomed wok on a glass-top electric stove, then make sure you give it a more thorough cleaning to prevent staining your stovetop. Additionally, please do not transfer your flat-bottomed work too much since this may cause scratches.

How to Use a Wok On an Electric Stove

How to Use a Wok On an Electric Stove

  • Forms of Electric Stove

Today it’s time to discover how a wok operates in an electric cooker. You have to be aware there are two sorts of electric stoves- it’s an electric coil stove and the other one is a glass-ceramic cooker.

  • In an Electric Coil Stove

With an electric coil stove, you need to use a flat-bottomed, which may be put right on the cover of the heating coils. In this manner, the warmth can quickly spread across the base evenly and make it possible for you to cook your meals properly.

Notably, a carbon-steel-made wok does an excellent job with this situation. In terms of the round-bottomed wok, this kind of cooker isn’t much suitable to operate on as you can’t make it stand around the cooktop steadily. It would help if you always held among the grips while functioning.

  • About a Glass-Ceramic Stove

Together with the glass-ceramic cooker, it would help if you used a round-bottomed for more significant support. However, before that, you will need to put a wok ring onto the cooktop, and after that, it’s possible to continue to keep the wok onto it.

This permits the wok to remain secure on the cooker. To stop some scratches, this ring constantly keeps a 1/2″- 1″ between the wok base and the cooktop. This is why you can’t utilize a flat-bottomed wok onto a glass-ceramic cooker.

In addition, the glass-ceramic cooker is a better alternative for a round-bottomed wok for an additional reason, since it’s constructed from a solid substance so it can manage the extreme temperature fluctuations without breaking.

But if you shed any complex thing, a crack might happen on it. For this reason, you can’t utilize the carbon-steel work on this type of top.

Preferred Heat needs for Wok

Regardless of which kind of cooktop you are using but in each circumstance, you have to preheat your wok for a minimum of 10 minutes, then add oil to the wok.

Subsequently, whirl it to allow the oil to create a coat within the whole wok. When the oil becomes hot, add all of the food components by your recipe and stir to fry.

But at the beginning, you have to heat your wok gradually and gradually raise the temperature to 3000- watts or longer. Implementing maximum warmth in the front can create your wok warp. The weather out of 145°F into 300°F is necessary to cook different food at a wok.


Seasoning is a vital job that must be accomplished with your Wok if it’s brand new. Because of stopping it from rusting, the maker consumed a few oils. This ought to be eliminated before cooking time. For this use, you need to adhere to a procedure.

  • Then, wash the wok from inside and out with a stainless steel scrubber and a liquid soap to take out the chemical coating.
  • Set the wok onto the burning cooker and allow it to dry with higher heat.
  • If the black spots look at the base and the wok turns into gunmetal gray, your wok is heated.
  • Now permit the wok to cool.
  • Insert some over-heated oil into the wok to make a thin non-stick coating.
  • Preheat the wok again, add two tablespoons of oil, and then spread it all around the wok.
  • Add some chopped ginger and stir fry for 15-20 minutes. In this manner, the metallic odor will be gone, and your wok won’t rust from the future again.
  • Remove the mixture from the wok and take it to the cooker. Let it cool.
  • Wash the wok with a sponge, and in this manner, your Wok is prepared for cooking.

What Kind Of Electric Stove Can I Use?

What Kind of Electric Stove Can I Use

Even though various brand names might predict them, all flat-top cookstoves are produced with a glass-ceramic mix instead of all-ceramic or even all-glass. This mix of ceramic and glass has a fantastic cooking surface.

Every appliance firm has a brand new name for the manufacturer of glass-ceramic. Some stovetops are made of, or even known as ceramic.

These sleek tops are made first as glass and then treated with warmth, which leads to the glass partly crystallizing.

This procedure provides the cooktop with the growing capabilities of ceramic minus the porous character of ceramic. Thus, these glass-ceramic cooktops can handle extreme temperature fluctuations without breaking.

The issue is this: IF you fall a rigid object on the glass-ceramic surface, it is going to break, and should you drag your wok around the glass-ceramic surface, the wok can scratch the stovetop.

For all these reasons, glass-ceramic cooking surfaces aren’t the best for utilizing a flat-bottomed wok. However careful you’re, your wok will scratch your cooktop. I wouldn’t use carbon steel on a glass-ceramic stovetop.

A cast iron would be advocated for glass-ceramic stovetops. The capacity for scratching the stovetop is diminished.

The wonderful thing about cast iron is that it is heavy and doesn’t move around in your cooktops like carbon steel. This retains the “scrape the glass variable” down to a minimum.

You still must take care not to fall the wok on the glass-ceramic surface since it can crack. The Kassian House cast iron wok is a fantastic alternative.

The Kassian wok has a wooden handle, a helper handle, along a wooden top. It’s just 12 inches in diameter, which makes it ideal for a couple of people. It is possible to observe this Wok here in Amazon.

If you use a round-bottomed, you need to use a ring. A wok ring helps stabilize.

If you attempt using a round-bottomed wok onto a top ceramic cooker, it will scrape the glass if it isn’t stabilized. Using a wok ring, the wok base doesn’t contact all the cooking surfaces. This safeguards your stovetop, but it also poses the issue of not having the ability to get the wok hot enough.

Some relevant posts:

Induction Stove Top

Granite stoves are a much better option the glass-ceramic or ceramic stovetops. Induction stoves demand a high iron content in the pan.

Carbon steel pans and woks are 99% iron and 1% carbon, making them ideal for using an induction range. The sole drawback is their stovetop surfaces may also break.

If you fall carbon steel or cast iron wok on the stovetop, it will crack, so be mindful. Don’t use a wok ring when using an induction stove.

Can You Use A Wok Ring On An Electric Stove?

Can You Use A Wok Ring On An Electric Stove

You can use a wok ring on your electric stove if you’ve got a round-bottomed. You want a solid ring holder to maintain your wok secure while cooking.

Make sure you schedule additional time in case you use a ring. Because round-bottomed Woks do not come from direct contact with a heating element, it will take longer for this pot to warm up.

How Hot Does an Electric Glass-Ceramic Get?

This Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner Countertop Engineered Ceramic Cooktop gets 1500Watts.

How Hot Does an Electric Coil Stovetop Get?

Electric coil cooker tops are often rated in wattage. The wattage may vary from 100 to 3000 watts. Based on the version, several burners will be using different wattage ranges.

I recommend using flat-bottomed on electrical coil stovetops, ensuring the wok base is as horizontal as you can.

I use a gasoline stove.

If I needed to use an electric cooker, I’d restrict it to 2 options:

My first choice is the electrical coil stovetop since I could place my flat-bottomed right on the coil heating components. Additionally, I wouldn’t need to worry about scratching or cracking the very top of these burners.

My next option is to use an induction stovetop since it heats the base more evenly and more rapidly than glass-ceramic stovetops.

The induction stovetop employs an electric, magnetic heating main. The drawback is that the top layer of the induction cooktop could crack if you fall a cast iron or carbon steel pan onto it.

Remember that you’ll require a high iron content on your cookware if you use induction cooking. Carbon steel cookware is ideal since it’s 99% iron and 1% carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, cast iron has about 97-98percent iron and 2-3% carbon but is still OK to use with induction cooking. Though you may use cast iron cookware or works, I’d still like to utilize a carbon steel burner because carbon steel warms up fast and cools down faster.

It’s lighter in weight, easier to create nonstick, has a higher iron material, and is not as likely to crack the glass surface of this induction cooking cooker.


After studying the guide, maybe you’re more protected with the proper response? Strictly, Wok may be used on electric stoves. It is dependent upon the sort of pain it’s. Accordingly, as well as for instructions on the best way to utilize it, we also supply more information concerning the varieties of pans ideal suited to induction cookers.

If you found this helpful post, please leave a comment below. We’ll quickly update the report to be complete!

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