How Long Will A Yeti Cooler Keep Ice Top Full Guide 2023

How Long Will A Yeti Cooler Keep Ice Top Full Guide 2023
  • Paul Kahan

The most frequently asked question on cooler forums and websites is, How Long Will A Yeti Cooler Keep Ice? This is why this topic is so hot. Are you certain that the cooler can hold all your food without any ice? It is impossible, isn’t it?

Publican Anker has some basic information about the cooler, so you don’t have to wait. YETI also has tips for keeping colder longer. Let us handle the rest!

10 Tips To Keep Ice Longer In Your Cooler

10 Tips To Keep Ice Longer In Your Cooler

1. Start With Chilled Cooler

Cooling the cooler will not be possible if it is kept in warm areas. To cool your cooler down, you can either preload it with a sacrificial bag or store it in a cool area before you load it up.

2. Use Twice The Ice As Your Contents

It is important to ensure that your cooler has enough. It is best to use 1/3 of the contents and 3/3 of the ice in your cooler. If you are filling your cooler full, one-third should hold cold drinks or food. The other third should be filled. The cooler will last longer if you add more.

3. Ice Temperatures Vary Significantly

Warm ice (around 32 degrees F) is usually wet or dripping and doesn’t last very long. This below the freezing point will be more stable and last longer.

4. Block Ice Vs Cube Ice

Cubed that is smaller in size will chill coolers and contents faster, but block-ice melts much more slowly. Mixing both will chill contents and ensure long-term ice retention. This is what most pros do.

5. Air Is The Enemy

Your cooler’s air volume will increase melt because it is consuming the air and not your contents. If space is an issue, you can fill it with extra, towels, or crumpled newspaper.

6. Don’t Drain The Water

Do not empty your cooler’s cold water once it is used. The water acts as an insulation to the ice. The water should not be used to insulate exposed foods and meat.

7. Sunlight Is A Heat Source

When possible, keep your cooler out of the direct sun. Shade can extend the life of ice by up to two times. Pros even use towels or tarps to cover coolers in shaded areas.

8. Limit Cooler Access

You are exchanging cold air from the cooler for warmer air outside. This will cause faster melt. To make it easier for everyone to find what is where you can put a few pieces of tape on top of the cooler to act as a “colormap”.

9. Dry Ice Is Best (Hard Coolers And Ice Budgets)

All dry ice is compatible with the Tundra and Roadie Hard and YETI TANK Buckets. However, Hopper(r), Soft Coolers are not. Dry ice can keep food and beverages colder and longer than regular when used with a hard cooler. These are some ways to use dry ice.

10. Yeti Ice Supplement

YETI can extend the life of your regular. It can be set to a temperature below regular to do all the cooling and keep regular ice from melting. Check out the YETI Configurator and the rights reserved before buying to find the right size for your Tundra.

How Long Does Ice Last In a Yeti Tundra Cooler?

How Long Does Ice Last In a Yeti Tundra Cooler

Yeti are well-known for their durability and long retention. They can hold ice longer than regular. How long can ice stay in Yeti coolers? And what factors affect retention?

I own a 45, and I have used it as my primary cooler in my campervan. I also did ice tests to better understand its performance to know how long it can keep.

If the soft cooler is full, it can keep for 3-5 days. The smaller 160 coolers can hold for 2-4 days, while the larger Tundra 160 can keep for up to 2 weeks.

Retention is affected by how you use the soft cooler and how it is exposed to different conditions. This is why it can have a wide range of storage capacities.

Several articles you will like:

How Long Does Ice Last In a Yeti When You’re Using It Every Day?

This cool test is intended to demonstrate how long coolers can hold ice. However, these conditions are not realistic.

It’s unlikely that you will fill the soft cooler with only ice. You’ll be using it if you plan to put ice in it.

I used the soft cooler to store my dry food and a Coleman Xtreme for secondary storage.

Living in a van with a Yeti fridge as your primary refrigerator will give you an idea of how long it can keep ice.

It can keep ice for up to three days with regular use. It all depends on how much ice you have, how often you open it, and how many warm items you put inside.

We would need 1-2 bags to last us for three days. However, we rarely use more than five days. We would usually drain the water from the cooler around days 3-4.


Do Yeti Coolers Really Keep Longer?

All dry ice is compatible with the Tundra and Roadie Hard, TANK Buckets, and the Tundra and Roadie Hard, but not Hopper Soft. When used with a hard cooler, dry can keep food and beverages colder and longer than regular.

Does Ice Melt In A Yeti cooler?

Although coolers are known for their 7-10 day retention, sometimes your ice can melt in less than 24 hours. These are the reasons your Yeti may be melting fast and how to fix it.

Why is the Yeti So Expensive?

Because of the manufacturing process they use, Yeti can be very expensive. Rotomolded is used to make them. Although it’s more expensive, it makes a cooler that lasts longer and does a better job of keeping things cool for longer periods.

Which is Better, Pelican or Yeti?

Pelican offers seven sizes, whereas it has a greater range of styles.

Pelican is more able to hold longer than YETI, while YETI has a freezer-quality gasket. Pelican handles and latches are simple, while handles can be bulkier.


A cooler is a great way to store food for those who specialize in picnics and outings. The cooler is the best out of all. Publican Anker has compiled the best answers to your problems. Thank you for reading this post.

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