Lifetime Cooler Vs Yeti 2023: What Is The Best For You?

Lifetime Cooler Vs Yeti 2023 What Is The Best For You
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Are you curious about the differences between Lifetime Cooler Vs Yeti? What are the benefits? Are you ever unsure which cooler is best for your trip? You’ve found the right place.

Publican Anker is a specialist in articles about appliances that will help you make the right choices. Let’s talk about how they’re different so you can choose wisely.

Lifetime Cooler Review

Lifetime Cooler Review

1. Design and Construction

This particular ice chest is our favorite because of the color scheme. You don’t have many color selections, but they’re decent.

The combination of blue and gray is so harmonious that the cooler instantly feels cool.

Roto-molded is what the cooler is, which we love about coolers. We’ll ask you if your cooler is roto-molded. If it isn’t, we’ll approach the advertised insulation, ice retention, and durability with some skepticism.

We might believe it’s a roto-molded cooler. Ok, it might not be gospel truth, but we will be delighted with this cooler.

This cooler is made from roto-molded plastic, making it durable and strong. Its rugged appearance shows it was built to withstand the most severe conditions. This cooler is more than it looks.

Its one-mold construction ensures that it can withstand bear attacks and drops. This cooler is bear-resistant (certified by IGBC).

Its overall design and shape aren’t quite Yeti-like. This is a big plus for geeks who have become jaded by coolers made by brands that look too Much Like Yeti Tundra coolers.

Although it has the basics covered, it is trying to be unique in its own right. It does, however, bear some resemblances to RTIC and Kong.

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2. Features

Let’s begin with the lid. It is sturdy and has a rubber gasket that is commercial-grade. This provides excellent insulation and keeps the cold out.

Lifetime latches. The lid includes rubber latches that allow for tight closing. They are easy to use and have an easy mechanism for locking them.

They function similarly to the T-Rex on Yeti or other popular coolers. They don’t look exactly like T-Rex latches. Lifetime gets an extra point because the design is unique.

The hinges on the back of your lid are strong enough to withstand almost any pressure.

You can secure the lid using a padlock by drilling a hole in its middle. Securely attach the rubber latches to the lid and secure the padlock.

This will make your cooler invulnerable to bear attacks. Campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will love to hear this.

Lifetime nylon handles. It is striking how the cooler’s color contrasts with the cooler’s gray.

These size handles are both strong and convenient. There are two sizes available: the 55-quart and the 77-quart coolers. These coolers are extremely heavy when fully loaded.

It is important to be able to transport them. It is easy to transport this cooler with nylon handles.

Despite this, it makes more sense to have wheels for easy transporting, considering the size of the coolers.

We have anti-skid feet at the bottom. When you are hauling a cooler this big, it needs to be stable. It shouldn’t slide around or shake the contents. Anti-skid feet prevent that from happening.

A handy, screw-on drain plug is included with the cooler. This makes it quick and easy to drain any water leftover from melting ice.

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You won’t lose the plug if you open it with a rubber leash. The lid also has a stainless-steel bottle opener. This is handy for when you forget your bottle opener.

We didn’t like the cooler’s dry goods basket. It doesn’t contain items you don’t want in direct contact with the ice. We hope that future models will include this feature.

3. Ice Retention

Lifetime advertises 7-day ice retention. We noticed many more YouTube reviews by customers who put it at between 3 and 4.

We decided to test the cooler’s ice retention and did so. The cooler was kept out of direct sunlight, and the lid was kept closed. After four days, the first signs of the melting occurred.

It could survive for 5+ days without being exposed to direct sunlight like that. Even though it doesn’t last as long as it says it will (7 days), it’s still good enough for most people.

4. Available Sizes & Colors

There are two sizes of the cooler: 55 quarts and 77 quarts. The cooler comes in one color: gray with blue highlights at the handles and latches.

5. Warranty

Lifetime provides a 5-year limited warranty on its cooler. To be eligible for the warranty, you would need to register your cooler via their website.

We loved that they offer lifetime customer support when you register and buy a cooler. Lifetime has a great customer service team!

6. Purpose

This cooler is versatile and can be used for any purpose. It’s a great deal for the price!

Yeti Cooler Review

Yeti Cooler Review

Finding a cooler that can keep up with the Yeti is hard. This thing is a beast. It’s big, it’s burly, and it’s built to last, which is also one of the most expensive coolers on the market.

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The Yeti is made from rotomolded polyethylene, which is basically fancy talk for “it’s tough.” It also has a thick layer of insulation, which means it can keep your ice cold for days. We’ve tested the Yeti, and it lives up to the hype.

The Yeti is a top-of-the-line cooler to handle anything you throw.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line cooler to keep your food and drinks cold for days, the Yeti Cooler is the way to go. This cooler is tough, with thick walls and a durable lid that seals in the cold.

It’s also large enough to hold plenty of food and drinks for a group, making it ideal for picnics, camping trips, and days at the beach. The Yeti Cooler is pricey but worth the investment if you want a high-quality cooler that will last for years.

Lifetime Vs Yeti Cooler: Similarities

Lifetime Vs Yeti Cooler Similarities

A few key similarities between Lifetime Coolers and Yeti are worth noting. Both companies make high-quality coolers that are built to last.

They both use rotomolded construction, making the coolers durable and able to withstand much abuse.

Both companies also use high-density foam insulation to keep things cold (or hot) and have heavy-duty latches and hinges. Finally, both companies offer a limited lifetime warranty on their coolers.

Lifetime Coolers Vs Yeti: Which is Better?

It’s almost as if all the reviews have led to this part. Yeti vs. Lifetime coolers Which is better?


You won’t find a cheaper Yeti online if you look closely. The Lifetime 28 Quarts are less than $100. Compare that with the roadie, which is nearly three times as expensive. There is no disputing that Lifetime is the best cooler’s price.

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Lifetime coolers are among the most cost-effective on the market. These guys make coolers at dirt-cheap rates.

Winner: Lifetime

Construction & Durability

While the build is made from polyethylene, Yeti uses the Roto molded process to make their coolers.

Polyethylene vs. Roto Molded – Which One is Stronger?

Yeti vs Lifetime cooler

Blowing molds can be used to make Lifetime coolers. Although it’s not as thick, you still get the same effect.

The weak lid is the main problem with lifetime coolers. The lid is also not watertight, as water can leak from the opening in many tests. The loose gasket is directly responsible for the inability to stop leaks.

Yeti coolers are thick and sturdy. The tundra line coolers have a freezer-grade gasket around the lid and seals well. Some users also noticed that lifetime coolers are susceptible to warping and scratches over time.

The criticisms should be milder given their price since they are only a fraction as expensive as the Yeti.

Overall, the Yeti is the best cooler buy-for-life product in terms of durability and construction.

Winner: Yeti


Lifetime offered a lifetime guarantee with an unlimited warranty of up to 5 years. The decision was made to give them an advantage as a cooler on the market.

Yeti has a more complicated warranty. You must understand the details to ensure you don’t violate your warranty by using their coolers.

Yeti does match the 5-year warranty, but it is limited. To fully understand the conditions, you must read the warranty.

Winner: Lifetime

Ice Retention

Ice Retention Yeti vs Lifetime

The Lifetime cooler lives up to the title, but you won’t be able to get ice for your entire life here (pun intended). Lifetime coolers performed better in ice performance tests than Roto molded coolers.

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The performance of lifetime coolers varied based on their size. We found a pattern in which the larger models retained ice more effectively.

The following results were obtained from pre-chilling Lifetime models.

The 28-quart container held ice for five days.

The 55 quarts did better in 6.5 days, and the 77 quart was even more successful in eight days.

The Yeti slightly outperformed its lifetime counterparts in each test, but it was slightly better than the Yeti. A day is usually the most common outcome that divides coolers. But we all know that a day can make a huge difference outside.

Should I Buy a Lifetime Cooler Or Yeti?

Lifetime coolers and Yeti coolers are both great choices for anyone in the market for a high-quality cooler.

  • Both brands offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from which comes down to personal preference when deciding which one to buy.
  • Lifetime coolers are a great value, as they are typically less expensive than Yeti coolers. Yeti coolers are also a great choice, as they are built to last and offer various features.


Lifetime vs Yeti coolers


Are Lifetime Coolers Any Good?

Lifetime’s 55-quart is rated five stars by customers which is larger than expected. It performs better than roto-molded coolers, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

The bad is that you can get the same performance from an Igloo MaxCold cooler for half the price.

Which Cooler is Better Ozark Trail or A Lifetime?

Because they are frequently on sale, Lifetime coolers are cheaper than Ozark Trail coolers. However, Ozark Trail coolers can be rotomolded, making them more durable than Lifetime blow-molders.

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Both coolers have similar ice retention and features but also some issues.

How Long Will A Lifetime Cooler Hold Ice?

Seven days

The Lifetime cooler is backed by a 5-year warranty, 7-day ice retention, and 60 cans of ice. It will outperform the rest.

Read on:

Are Yetis Worth The Money?

Is it worth the cost? It’s worth the investment if you are fishing, hunting, boating, or camping. Skip it if you are keeping your beers and brats chilled.


Both coolers are well-received in today’s market. This article will make it easier to choose the right cooler for you. Publican Anker also provides basic information about each type to help you understand its unique functions.

What product would you like to compare? Please note the product name. Publicananker will verify it and then implement it. Wishing you all the best coolers with your purchase.

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