Bison Cooler Vs Yeti 2023: What Is The Best For You

Bison Cooler Vs Yeti 2023 What Is The Best For You
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There are many coolers on the market, but there are 2: Bison Cooler Vs Yeti for high-quality, more excellent brands. Each company has its pros and cons, so we’ll be comparing them in this blog post. But before we get into that, let’s look at the basics.

Coolers keep your food cold (or hot) for extended periods through insulation and hold ice packs. People who enjoy outdoor activities like boating or camping often use them because they can store food without electricity for hours or even days! What do you think? Which brand is best for you? Let’s find out below!


Bison Hard-Sided Soft Coolers

Bison Hard-Sided Coolers

Although the size options are limited, they offer enough variety to satisfy most people’s requirements. Bison has a range of hard-sided coolers in sizes 25, 50, 75, and 125 quarts. The design of all sizes is very similar, except the 125-quart model with three latches rather than 2. In many cases, additional latches for cooler sizes were added.

Bison Soft-Sided Ice Coolers – Made In The USA

Bison soft-sided cooler has a smaller selection of soft-sided coolers. Bison soft-sided coolers are called “Bison SoftPak Cooler Bags.” There is a 12-can and a 24-can option. These coolers are approximately 18 and 32 liters, respectively in liters. Few product sizes are available, but we have seen the most desired sizes.

Bison Coolers Small 25 Quart...
11 Reviews
Bison Cooler Can XD Series...
32 Reviews
Bison Cooler Can XD Series...
27 Reviews
Bison Coolers Soft Sided...
73 Reviews

And it’s not only because of their superb performance but also because they’re advertised as the only soft-sided cooler made in the USA. What we love is their design. If you’re looking for a soft-sided cooler that has the absolute best maximum ice retention possible, then you can’t go wrong with the Engel HD30.

The Softpak is Bison’s soft-sided cooler offering. It’s compact, lightweight, and portable like many affordable coolers on the market. Although the insulation isn’t quite as heavy-duty as their roto-molded coolers, it has impressive cooling abilities.

Bison Coolers Review

Their rotomolded coolers look great and are durable. The classic boxy shape is still there, with squared edges and an X in the middle. Rotomolded coolers don’t consist of multiple pieces glued together and have seams that could fail or leak. This cooler is made in the USA from a single piece of heavy-duty plastic with 2″ thick insulation. It gives you amazing ice life. We’ll get to that in a moment.

This is cosmetic, and it’s not a problem. The cooler’s flat shape makes it easy to transport it with your stuff or store it away for winter. This is a great feature to have on the ice chests. While some cooler brands have lids with a lip that extends beyond the cooler’s body, we like the Bison cooler’s low profile.

You’ll notice a reduction in bounce when you transport this Bison ice chest. This is due to its four large rubber feet. Quality was a top priority. You also have the feet to help.

Available In A Variety Of Sizes

Bison has updated this article to reflect the new generation of their brute coolers. There are four sizes of Hard-sided Bison Coolers available. They range from 20 quarts up to 125 quarts. With 21 cans of ice packs, the 20-quart Bison ice chest is ideal for road trips, day trips, and trips to beaches. Multi-use coolers in 50 quarts or 75-quart sizes can be used for camping, fishing, and family gatherings.

The 125-quart Bison ice chest, the giant cooler made in the USA, is essential for anglers, hunters, and anyone looking for maximum storage. This size cooler is often a backup fridge for extended power outages. Below are the dimensions of the coolers.

We recommend the Bison coolers 75 quart or 50 quarts as they are the most versatile sizes. The 75 quarts will fit in most SUVs, but the 50 will work well if your vehicle is too large. The Bison cooler is a good option if you plan to go on larger hunting and fishing trips.

Bison Coolers Review

Insulation and Ice Retention

Bison’s first-generation coolers had less insulation than their competitors. The standard for insulation is 2 inches, so they used it on the lid. The sides were 1/8 inch and 5/8 inches. They had lower ice retention than their competition.

Bison coolers are now 2 inches thicker. This gives them 7-day ice retention that is comparable to other brands. This cooler is more reliable than many others on the market. Many factors can impact ice life. However, you can expect more than 6 to 7 days in almost all scenarios.

Bison Coolers are unique in that they are available in various colors, so you can choose one that speaks to your heart. However, the lids for coolers with darker colors are still white. Coolers with darker colors can retain the same amount of ice as light coolers by reflecting heat from the hot summer sun. This keeps everything in your Bison cooler cool.


These coolers can almost all be carried by one person, despite being quite large. This can be done in two ways. You can grab onto the rails underneath the lid. These are strong and easy to hold in your hands.

The rope handles are another option. These items can become quite heavy if you have a lot of food. These cases are where the rope handles make it much easier to grasp. The tube that holds the grip is all you need is a tube. Although it’s durable, we have seen better ergonomic grips. These rotomolded coolers can be pretty heavy, so these ropes must be comfortable and durable.

Bison coolers come with an optional wheel kit, the Bison Hauler. This allows you to transport food and beverages more efficiently from one place to another. The coolers can get very heavy with all the ice, drinks, and food you have brought along. We recommend the Hauler for the park, beach, and getting to the harbor.

High-Quality Features and Build Quality

A high-end cooler should have a few key characteristics, which Bison does. The large rubber lid gasket (like you would see on an ice chest freezer) keeps the cooler airtight and keeps odors away from wildlife.

Rotomolded coolers are equipped with rubber latches. These can be pulled/stretched to lock the cooler in place. These are very annoying to use. They close in a way that makes rubber brittle. Over time, the rubber degrades, and you often kick your knuckles.

Bison cooler latches can also be rubber, providing flexibility and heavy-duty durability. However, they are cantilevered, making them easier to open because of how pressure and force are distributed.

Bison also went beyond the ordinary with a couple of other premium coolers. A ruler is integrated into the lid if you love to fish. Once you have your catch, you will know if it is legal.

The drain was another improvement on the ice chest. If you want your ice retention to remain frozen, the liquid must be removed from the cooler. Ice melts quicker when it is in liquid. Bison installed two drains so you can drain them from either end if it is on an angle. They are also designed to drain quickly.


The coolers had a few basic but well-designed features. There are also additional features that can be purchased as accessories. These Bison Cooler accessories can make your cooler more valuable and appealing. These are our top picks:

Bison Hauler

It is fantastic to keep food for a week on hand. However, having to transport it all by yourself? It’s not so easy. The hauler functions just like the red wagon you used as a child. It is made of the same rotomolded material as the cooler, so it is highly durable.

You can easily transport it on dirt, over rocks, and down any trail you can walk. If you are going up steep terrain, the deck of your cart won’t be able to lift it. There is no better way to transport food than this cart.

A bison cooler is sufficient as a hunting cooler for your wild game, a marine cooler for your big catch, or a camping cooler to keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold. Still small enough for one person to carry, though it’s easier with a friend. It’s a great size for a multi-use, all-around ice chest.

Cooler Divider

Bison isn’t the only company to offer a divider. It’s also one of the most requested add-ons. It is very affordable and adds significant functionality to your cooler. It is water-tight when inserted due to how the walls have been molded.

This divider is much stronger because Bison is the only brand that offers dual drains. The ice retention will last longer if you keep meats and perishables dry. If you use one side of the ice retention for drinks, it’s best to keep it flooded. Ice will melt quicker, but it only pulls heat from your drink.

SteelCore Security Strap

This isn’t your average Coleman cooler. You don’t want it to get lost or damaged when you go fishing. It’s easy to see rotomolded coolers, and you don’t want anyone getting it. The security strap looks like a tie-down, but it is made of metal.

It looks just like any other nylon strap from a distance. It is made of stainless steel wire, which is extremely difficult to cut even with the most powerful cutters. You can be sure that your cooler is secure and keyed.

Traction Lid Graphics

You can customize the appearance of your cooler. There are many graphics you can choose from. Some graphics are straightforward. Many camo designs include American flags, fish, and the Texas flag. Bison is constantly adding custom graphics. You can view them all here.


Bison Cooler offers hard-sided and soft-sided models, many of the same features we are looking for in a long-lasting, rugged cooler.

Bison’s hard-sided coolers have a durable, roto-molded design. This is the standard for premium coolers in this industry. One-piece construction eliminates any weaknesses that may be found in multi-piece coolers.

The latch system is also imposing. Bison Coolers uses a thick rubber component similar to other competitors, but instead of a T-latch design, they chose to use a cantilever. This increases the contact area of the latches, which puts less strain on them. It also makes it easier to open and close the locks.

Bison also offers a 5-year warranty on all hard-sided coolers. This warranty is one of the longest in the industry, and it is a good indication that Bison stands behind its products. Bison SoftPak cooler bag comes with a 2-year warranty. This is still a good deal for this type of cooler.

All Bison products are proudly manufactured in the USA. We have seen coolers imported from China that are of high-quality build quality. However, the premium quality coolers and fit of a USA-made product are always better.

SoftPaks aside, Bison also has some tricks up its sleeves.

Visual Appeal

We have a common problem with smaller cooler brands due to their limited color and customization options. This problem plagued bison in the past, but their Gen 2 models have made things much more manageable.

The color options available are average, with five colors on the hard-sided coolers and four on the soft-sided coolers Bags.

The color options are not groundbreaking. But what sets Bison apart from the rest is its customizable options. Bison has created a customized program that allows custom lid graphics for their hard-sided coolers and soft-sided SoftPaks. They also allow custom embroidery on their Soft Cooler.

Bison Coolers allows people to design a unique cooler with its logo or other cooler’s creative elements to stand out from the rest.

However, customizations are not possible. You won’t customize the cooler with a custom color or a two-tone cooler that covers the entire lid and body. While many cooler wrap companies can assist you, we prefer to be able to do it in-house.


Although the asking prices for Bison coolers vary by size, they tend to be in the premium cooling price range. The prices are comparable to those of other brands. They fall between lower-end premium brands like RTIC and Engel and higher brands like Yeti and Orca.

SoftPaks are priced more like Ao and Polar Bear coolers than the soft-sided offerings of Yeti and RTIC. We are not surprised by this as Bison Soft Coolers Bags have a similar shape, features, and performance to Yeti and RTIC.

Here are our thoughts:

The hard-sided coolers we feel are priced too high. We feel that premium coolers’ ice life and other coolers’ features are not exceptional. As such, we expect a premium sector price to be more “average” if it isn’t budget-friendly.

Bison could find some bright spots to justify their asking price. These products are made in America and come with a great warranty. This alone will drive more costs than coolers imported from China or India. We also see a better fit and finish; you don’t need to ship the product across oceans to complete warranty work. This is definitely worth the extra price.

Those who want the best performance at a low price, however, will be disappointed. Many cooler brands offer better ice performance, more features, and a lower price.

Bison SoftPak cooler bags are cheaper than RTIC and Yeti soft-sided coolers. They also have a shorter ice life. We suspected that the ice life of Bison soft-sided cooler bags is similar to Polar Bear Coolers and AO coolers. Also, their asking prices are very comparable. We are happy with the prices for those.

Bison Coolers vs. Yeti Coolers: Overview

Bison Coolers vs. Yeti Coolers Overview

These days, it seems that nothing can be done without competition. As the saying goes, you never miss what you had until it’s gone. This is true when it comes to coolers as well. Even though their products are not directly competing against each other (Yeti being a soft-sided cooler and Bison Cooler being a refrigerator), these two companies have set the bar for what a cooler should be.

Bison Cooler is an active company, which means that they are constantly adding and improving their products. They regularly update their design, features, insulation technology, year warranty program, and pricing options to keep up with the market demand.

Bison coolers have gone through many changes since their first introduction, and it is for this reason that Bison coolers have become a leader in the industry.

Yeti soft-sided Cooler is well known for its products’ high-quality manufacture and commitment to exceeding customer expectations regarding product quality, performance standards, and year warranty coverage.

These two companies are competing in many ways, but they also accomplish the same goal: to provide consumers with a high-quality product that will last.

Even though Bison is relatively new in soft-sided coolers, it has already gained popularity, especially among outdoor enthusiasts. They have upgraded their manufacturing plants to produce new models with better capacity and enhanced leak protection.

Both Bison and Yeti designs are awe-inspiring. The manufacturing quality is top-notch, and they use the same high-quality artistry to produce their products.

Yeti makes a more sophisticated design, and Bison keeps things simple with just enough curves to make them attractive without overbearing or overdone.

Bison Coolers vs. Yeti Coolers: What Is The Difference?

Bison Coolers vs. Yeti Coolers What Is The Difference

The most significant differences between these two soft sided coolers are the design, price, size, and insulation material.

Design (Exterior)

Yeti Cooler has a more sophisticated design with advanced external texturing that gives it a sleek look without being overly aggressive. On the other hand, the Bison cooler uses fewer curves in its exterior design. It has a straightforward design with only enough curves to make it attractive.

Ice Retention

Yeti coolers have a higher rating, especially regarding ice retention. They can keep ice chest for many days, which Bison needs to work on and improve.


Yeti coolers are made with military-grade plastic, which is why they are more resistant to dents and scratches. On the other hand, Bison coolers use a thicker tempered glass for their door latch and an extra rubber bumper that has been added to protect corners from bumps and drops.


Bison Cooler’s most prominent feature is its self-defrosting technology. This unique feature comes from a small fan that circulates air, which helps maintain the soft-sided cooler’s temperature even when it has reached maximum capacity and needs to be refilled with ice and food.

Ease of Use

Bison Cooler and Yeti Coolers have easy-to-clean interiors, but the latches differ between these coolers. The latch on Bison is made of rubber, making it much easier and simpler to use. The latches on Yeti, however, are metal. This could be a bonus or a drawback because some people like metal latches while others prefer rubber.

Price & Warranty

Bison coolers are significantly more affordable than Yeti Coolers since they are newer in manufacturing soft-sided coolers. However, keep in mind that Bison will not improve their products for years to come because there is a limit to how much they can produce.

Bison coolers may be a good option for those who want to buy a significantly less expensive heavy-duty soft cooler with a relatively short shelf life.

Yeti hard-sided Cooler offers two great options for soft-sided coolers, the Tundra Series and Roadie Series, both high-quality coolers with unique insulation technology. Yeti also has a “Lifetime Warranty,” which Bison cannot offer.

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What is the best cooler compared to Yeti?

This depends on your needs and preferences. You can do to compare these two coolers by reading cooler reviews about each of them before making a final decision. Those who have used both hard-sided coolers can give you a more informed decision about the best cooler to invest your money in.

Are bison coolers bear-proof?

The exterior of Bison Coolers or any other heavy-duty soft coolers, for that matter, cannot be considered bear-proof. You need a bear-resistant food storage bag if you want your food to be protected from bears.

Who owns Bison coolers?

Bison Cooler was founded by two brothers, Tom and Dave Stogner, natives of the United States, Virginia, and Georgia.

What is the best cooler?

It depends on your needs and preferences. You can do to compare these two hard-sided coolers by reading reviews about each of them before making a final decision. Those who have used both heavy-duty soft coolers can give you a more informed decision about the best cooler to invest your money in.


The Bison cooler is one of the best-selling soft coolers this year. It has many differences to make you have an excellent choice for your need.

Publican Anker always offers many options for you, so if you want more information about these two brands and their features, please visit our website. We advise customers to buy Yeti because it’s worth its price and lasts a long time than others do not matter how much they cost!

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