RTIC Vs Yeti Cooler 2023: What Is The Best For You

RTIC Vs Yeti Cooler 2023 What Is The Best For You
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Are you curious about the differences between RTIC Vs Yeti Cooler? What are the benefits of each? Are you ever unsure which cooler is best for your trip? You’ve found the right place. Publican Anker is a specialist in articles about appliances that will help you make the right choices.

This article will discuss the differences between the two most popular coolers on the market today. Let’s discuss their differences so you can make an informed decision. For more information, please refer to the article.

Brand History



YETI rambler was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2006. The company has revolutionized the cooler market. Ryan and Roy Seiders, brothers who had been tired of having their rtic vs yeti coolers break, created YETI and RTIC with quality and a target market for outdoor junkies, such as hunters, anglers, and campers.

YETI rambler was a leader in the durable, high-quality cooler market. It also boasted the longest ice retention. Its soft coolers cost $200 and were considerably more expensive than the 40-50 YETI soft coolers available. The company quickly grew, and consumers realized the value of a premium product.

Since then, YETI’s loyal and passionate followers have grown. It has grown from its roots as a country boy to become a publicly traded, billion-dollar leviathan.


Many consider RTIC a carbon copy YETI. Funny enough, RTIC was founded in Texas by two brothers. John and Jim Jacobsen started their company in Cypress, Texas, in 2015. They wanted to produce similar products as YETI rambler and RTIC but at a lower price.

RTIC sells its products almost exclusively directly to consumers, which allows it to sell at a cheaper price and still make a profit. RTIC products are not available in local shops, so they use social media instead of traditional marketing.

RTIC’s model is so popular that it now has one of YETI’s largest competitors.

YETI vs. RTIC: What Are The Differences?

YETI vs. RTIC What Are The Differences

Both brands’ product lines look very similar on the surface. RTIC vs YETI hopper have almost identical sizes of soft-sided coolers and hardshell coolers.

These features include drain systems, heavy-duty handles, and anchor point molded tie-down slots. They are also bear-resistant certified. There are two main differences between brands: quality and price.

YETI hopper has a wide range selection of rugged and heavy products (read: built to last), and the prices reflect that. The manufacturing process is the only thing that has been a problem for the brand. It is a matter of great speculation about how many of the products it uses are manufactured and sourced in the United States.

YETI roadie states on its website that Our Tundra coolers were manufactured at facilities in Iowa and Wisconsin, a facility in the Philippines. Hopper coolers were made in China.

It is still not clear where the materials came from. If you are interested in rtic vs yeti coolers made in the United States, please contact the brand at (512) 394-9328 to place an order.

YETI hopper also offers a wide size range of accessories for your products. The Austin-based company makes seat cushions, beverage-holder attachments, and waterproof gear bags. You can even customize it.

You’ve probably seen social media recommendations for RTIC coolers if you’ve ever searched for high-end coolers. YETI sued this brand for copying its products and has thousands of followers. Why? Its prices are a fraction of YETI hopper.

RTIC is almost directly opposed to YETI by its slogan Overbuilt – Not overpriced. RTIC sells products at half the cost of YETI, which is a substantial difference for a product that appears similar.

RTIC, for its part, manufactures all its products in China. RTIC’s brand quality is rated very similar to the YETI hopper year warranty by many RTIC customer service. This makes RTIC a viable option if you are on a tight budget. RTIC might be a good option if you are looking for something cheaper.

RTIC Review

RTIC coolers may look a lot like YETIs. RTIC had to make a financial donation to YETI in 2017 and agree to reorganize its product portfolios. These look very much like YETIs, so people often ask if they are the same company.

The confusion can sometimes be caused by the fact that both companies were started in Texas by brothers. After Roy and Ryan Seiders established YETI, John and Jim Jacobsen created RTIC in 2015.

Although they may be very similar, they are not the same company. RTIC, on the other hand, is direct to consumer retailers. This means that you can only purchase their products online.


RTIC are more affordable than YETI, but is the quality better? RTIC and YETI coolers are both made of rotomolded construction. Ice can be kept frozen for several days if properly sealed.

RTIC and YETI have subtler design differences. RTIC is an acceptable alternative for those looking to save money. We prefer YETI.

RTIC’s pricing model has the advantage of not including retailer mark-ups and other expenses in their pricing. This allows some products to be a bit more affordable.

Their website claims RTIC 20 customer service can save up 35% versus “the competitors,” and their slogan is “Overbuilt.” What does this all mean? RTIC has a similar product size range to YETI hopper but sells products at a lower cost. However, we aren’t sure if the price difference is significant.

RTIC’s bread-and-butter product is the rotomolded, hard sided cooler. However, they also have other coolers that can be customized to your specific needs. Although they have expanded into other camping and cookout equipment such as a propane campfire grill or a campfire grill, we will be focusing on their cooler-like portfolio.

RTIC Hard sided Coolers

RTIC hard sided coolers currently offer their RTIC Hard sided Cooler in five sizes, ranging from 20 quarts to 145. The RTIC 20 Quart cooler has a metal handlebar and a comfortable grip handle. This hard sided cooler can hold 24 cans plus ice. It is ideal for family trips to the beach or for hiking in the early morning.

The RTIC 145 Quart hard cooler is the bigger of the two. It will keep you hydrated for many days, if necessary. It can hold 155 lbs. It can hold more than 36 gallons of water or ice.

RTIC Soft Coolers

RTIC primary Soft Pack Can Cooler is available in four sizes. This cooler features 2 inches of closed-cell foam insulation. It is, therefore, like Yeti.

It is also leakproof and has an antimicrobial liner to fight mildew. This is a common problem with soft-sided coolers.

RTIC also sells the RTIC SoftPak and five other soft sided coolers, including a backpack similar to Yeti’s Backflip. The RTIC Day Cooler Insulated Tote Bag is our favorite RTIC product.

Tote bags make them easy to transport and are great for day trips with the family. The RTIC Day Rotomolded Cooler Insulated Tote Bag has a zippered pocket inside and the same mildew-resistant properties.

For quick picnics or daily lunches, soft-sided coolers are essential. RTIC offers a variety of small cooler bags to choose from.

Are RTIC coolers worth it?

RTIC hard sided coolers offer a functional and more affordable alternative to YETI. RTIC is more stylish than YETI coolers, but they will do the job at a much lower price. RTIC offers a variety of sizes, but YETI offers more options and better quality.

RTIC may be the best coolers option if your primary concern is price or frequency with your cooler. If you’re trying to find out what RTIC Cooler Review 2023 means, it sounds more like “Arctic.” Accessing the link to be known more info: https://publicananker.com/rtic-cooler-review/

YETI Review

YETI would have made this article possible if it wasn’t for them. YETI created a better mousetrap* and transformed a niche market into a lifestyle business. As our grandfathers split their loyalties among Ford and Chevy, so do people today who are loyal to YETI or RTIC.

This level of loyalty is not something you would expect from the soft cooler segments, but it speaks volumes about the quality, and innovation YETI brought to the market.

You might feel tempted to purchase a matching hat or t-shirt when buying a cooler. This would be perfectly understandable. YETI transformed the soft cooler business into a lifestyle brand that represented our most treasured memories and dreams.

YETI is most well-known for its rotomolded soft-sided coolers. These coolers are designed to keep ice life cool for several days. It can keep your ice life cold for several days. Its hard sided coolers are made with innovative, rotomolded designs and come equipped with heavy-duty hinges, latches, and handles because every product is only as good as its weakest link.

What is Rotomolded Construction?

Roto-molding or “rotational mold” is a manufacturing method that is great for coolers. Once the plastic powder has been added to the hot mold, it is rotated continuously until the plastic melts into shape. Then the plastic cools and continues rotating.

This makes it possible to create a seamless structure that is extremely durable. It also allows for even walls and extra thick corners to increase impact resistance. Because of their durability, rotomolded coolers are very popular. The hollow construction also allows insulation to be pressure-injected.

YETI is the coolest cooler company in the world. They have over 20 soft sided coolers to choose from, so you can find what you are looking for.

Whether you’re going on a day hike or out into the open ocean looking for your next big catch of fish, YETI has a premium cooler to suit your needs. Here’s a quick overview of YETI’s product line-up.

YETI Roadie Hard Sided Cooler

YETI’s Roadie can slide behind your driver’s or passenger seat to make it the ideal companion for road trips. It is slim enough to fit behind your seats but tall enough to hold your wine bottle. This makes it ideal for day trips to remote locations or picnics.

If you have snacks or other items you need to keep from the ice life, the YETI Roadie can be used with a dry bag. A seat cushion is also available if you feel you may need to rest your feet.

YETI Tundra Hard Coolers

There are twelve sizes and variations of the YETI Tundra series. The smallest Tundra is the YETI Tundra35 Hard Cooler. It can be slipped inside an inner tube if your goal is to float down the river with cold drinks and snacks. However, it still has up to three inches of PermaFrost insulation.

The YETI Tundra may have been the catalyst for the wide range cooler culture revolution. It spawned a variety of brands, from ORCA to RTIC coolers.

The YETI Tundra350 Hard Cooler is on the opposite end. This hard cooler is ideal for those who need it to cool their catch or kills and industrial uses such as large events management and catering.

This cooler is well worth the price, at over $1,000. It features freezer-quality gasket circles and an interlocking cover that creates a barrier to keep outside temperatures from affecting internal temperatures.

Most people don’t require anything in the Tundra 350 size range. YETI offers twelve different cooler options to suit every need. These cooler’s size range from the Tundra 35 to the Tundra 350.

The Tundra Haul Hard is a personal favorite of ours. It adds wheels to the Tundra series and has a pull handle. This cooler is ideal for family outings where both parents and kids need to wrangle their gear.

The biggest question I had about this model was its wheels. However, the Tundra Haul Hard has single-piece construction tires that are puncture-resistant and impact-resistant.

YETI offers seven soft coolers

The YETI Hopper backpack is designed with a chest strap, belt, and other features that are most commonly found in hiking ice packs. It has a leakproof zipper that is 100% waterproof and can be used for any adventure, whether it’s a family trip to the beach or into the wilderness.

The RTIC soft-sided coolers line by YETI features a closed-cell rubber foam that is known for providing superior insulation compared with old-school soft lunch boxes.

Niche YETI Coolers

YETI is the market leader in outdoor coolers and has a few products worth mentioning.

The YETI Series is a great example. It has a retro exterior in stainless steel, but it’s as innovative and modern as any product YETI ever produced.

The Series has a retro look, but it is YETI’s fusion between their ever-popular Rambler (*) and their legendary Tundra coolers. When it’s made from stainless steel, you know that you have found a high-quality product.

They don’t fall under the cooler category, but they are my favorite drinkware. It’s hard to count how many Ramblers I have, but I know that it is a lot.

YETI also offers ice life or ice buckets with a rope handle that is insulated. These are great for keeping drinks cool at backyard parties or tailgating.

Another little thing to note is the following. Vortex Drain plugs from the YETI year warranty allow your cooler to drain out melted ice life even though the plug is closed. These drain plugs are compatible with the Roadie, Tundra coolers, and the TANK ice life jar. YETI has thought about everything to keep your cooler content cool.

Are Yeti Coolers worth it?

YETI coolers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for the highest quality cooler on the marketplace, designed specifically to suit your needs. There’s a reason that you’ll see people wearing YETI hats or t-shirts in grocery stores.

It’s not because YETI has a great logo or that they have trendy t-shirts. It’s because YETI makes premium products that reflect the adventurous lifestyles many of us desire to live.

To be clear, YETI tends to be a bit more expensive than other competitors when you compare prices. However, they have created a modern cooler market and offer the best coolers money could buy.

YETI year warranty also sells other gear. Check out their waterproof tote bags and camp chairs, as well as outdoor blankets and pet gear.

If you spend any time outdoors, there is a good chance that YETI gear and equipment will help improve your life. The coolers are top-notch.


Is RTIC really as good as Yeti?

Although RTIC is cheaper than YETI in terms of cost, most people will be happy with the performance of the lower-priced gear. However, if you plan to put them through their paces and possibly subject them to severe punishment, it may be worth paying a little more.

Search for: https://hiconsumption.com/yeti-vs-rtic-cooler-comparison/

Did Yeti copy RTIC?

In 2017, Yeti and RTIC Coolers also agreed to settle several lawsuits Yeti had brought against RTIC Coolers in 2015. RTIC was required to revise the products and pay Yeti.

Source: https://www.statesman.com/news/20190709/austins-yeti-coolers-files-another-trademark-lawsuit

Is RTIC going out of business?

RTIC will continue to sell all RTIC products as usual per the www.RTICcoolers.com website, keeping true to its promise of Overbuilt – Not overpriced products to all RTIC customer service & fan.

Read on: https://huntingwaterfalls.com/rtic-coolers-lawsuit/.

Are yetis worth the money?

Is it worth the cost? It’s worth the investment if you are fishing, hunting, boating, or camping. Skip it if you are keeping your beers and brats chilled.

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Both coolers are well-received in today’s market. This article will make it easier to choose the right cooler for you. Publican Anker also provides basic information about each type to help you understand its unique functions.

Are you still deciding on your product? You can leave a comment below if you have any other ideas. Publican Anker, what product would you like to compare? Please note the product name. We will verify it and then implement it. We wish you all the best coolers with your purchase.

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