What Cooler Is Comparable To Yeti Top Full Guide 2023

What Cooler Is Comparable To Yeti Top Full Guide 2023
  • Paul Kahan

Is a YETI cooler better than other coolers? What cooler is comparable to yeti on the market today? You have probably heard numerous reviews of YETI Hopper, all praising its powerful cooling system. Many coolers can be found that are very similar to YETI but at a lower price.

Publican Anker will present you with the best-selling soft cooler products, which are comparable to YETI Hopper. You can also compare these products, so you have a better chance of finding the right product.

Should You Consider A Cheaper Soft Cooler Than YETI?

Yeti coolers are amazing, and there is no doubt about that. It is bear-proof and built to last. I tested it. But Yeti coolers are not cheap and can cost hundreds of dollars.

It makes sense to take a moment and look at other options before you rush to buy a new Yeti.

Yeti Roadie was the first to introduce high-end coolers in 2006 when they introduced their rotomoulded coolers.

This early entry was used to establish a strong brand and expand its distribution through partnerships with thousands of local shops. They avoided discount retailers like Walmart and Costco.

It’s been a while since 2006, and there is now a large selection of copycat alternatives.

Yeti soft sided coolers are relatively unchanged over the years. However, every new cooler has attempted to improve upon Yeti’s original design and make a soft cooler for a lower price.

Except for a few rare exceptions, most of these hard sided cooler brands offer their products at a lower price than the Yeti.

You should consider buying a soft cooler from Yeti, as it is not the only company that makes durable, rotomolded coolers with exceptional ice retention.

You may find that some hard coolers, regardless of their price, are better suited for your needs. Take a look at these soft sided coolers to decide if you prefer a Yeti Roadie or something else.

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Coolers Comparable To Yeti

Coolers Comparable to Yeti

1. ENGEL ENG35 Hard Sided Cooler and Icebox

Engel High-Performance coolers are just as good, if not more than a Yeti, in many ways. It is bear-resistant, just like the Yeti. This makes it almost indestructible.

The Engle hard cooler is similar to the Yeti. It has UV resistance which provides long-lasting color and appearance. The Engle cooler’s marine-grade latches are similar to the Yeti lid latches. They hold the lid in place and ensure an airtight fit.

The Yeti Roadie and Engel coolers have many similarities, but the Engle is superior in certain areas. Engel soft sided coolers can retain ice for up to 10 days, three days more than the Yeti cooler.

You should keep in mind that the price of the hard cooler may fluctuate depending on the color you choose. This cooler brand can withstand the most difficult and harshest situations.

You can be out in the woods hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking with your cooler. It can take a lot of abuse, making sure it is durable and keeps your food and drinks cool. Elite coolers with the Engel name can do both.

2. Pelican ProGear Elite

My top pick for the best cooler, similar to Yeti but less expensive, is the Pelican ProGear Elite cooler. It is the most affordable Yeti alternative and has higher ice retention than the Yeti.

This cooler is my favorite because it has so many extra features that make it better than any other on the market.

Handles – The handles of the Pelican are fantastic. You can choose between molded handles to carry your bag by yourself or thicker, more durable fold-out handles to share with someone else. These handles are more comfortable than the rope handles on the Yeti and feel much better to hold.

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Latch System – Pelican’s latch system is a league ahead of other coolers. The latches click into place when you press the button. You can easily undo them by pressing and lifting the red button.

It is easy to do and very robust. These Pelican coolers are bear-resistant without the need for padlocks. All other coolers require padlocks.

The Pelican cooler has slightly higher ice retention than the Yeti and is also one of the most expensive on the market.

This was my first cooler, and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

3. ORCA Coolers

Orca Coolers is one of those brands that don’t market themselves as being less expensive than YETI.

But, there are tons of people who believe they are better in terms of performance and quality.

Orca coolers are a huge draw, as they are all made in the USA, which is a big difference from other YETI. This is what has caused YETI’s loss of many of its loyal customers. Even though they have outsourced some of their manufacturing to China and the Philippines, they still charge top dollar.

You can choose from many sizes with the Orca cooler range, including popular ones like 20, 26, 40, 58, and 75 quarts. Amazon has all the sizes and colors you need.

4. Canyon Cooler Outfitter Series

Canyon Outfitter coolers are perhaps the most similar to Yeti. Both models have similar ice retention capabilities, so your food and beverages will last longer. The Canyon Outfitter, 22-quart Yeti Tundra, and the 20-quart Yeti Tundra are similar in size.

The 22-quart Canyon is slightly bigger than the Yeti’s, but it has thicker walls. This means that both elite coolers are similar in size.

The Canyon, like the Yeti, is bear-proof. The Canyon is almost indestructible, so you can take it wherever you want, even up to the highest mountaintops. Both the Yeti as well as the Canyon have rope-like handles.

The only difference is that the Yeti cooler’s handles have rubber handles, while the Canyon’s are made from plastic. Because they are easier to use, especially when colder, the Canyon’s latches beat the Yeti’s.

Canyon Outfitter offers a lifetime warranty, while the Yeti has a 5-year warranty. This is perhaps the best feature of Canyon Outfitter.

5. Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled

What do you think of a cooler that can keep your ice for a Yeti but is over $300 less? It costs less than $50, which is the same price as a regular plastic cooler.

The Coleman Xtreme cooler is a great value for money. It can store ice for up to 3-5 days. I have tested it, and it works well.

  • It lacks many of the same features as the Yeti, as well as the build quality.
  • It’s not rotomolded
  • It does not have non-slip feet.
  • No pull-down handles
  • No commercial grade gasket
  • It is unlikely that the container will be watertight when it is tipped over.
  • Bearproof is not possible.

It makes up for what it lacks with features in terms of value for money.

My next favorite cooler is the Coleman Xtreme, second only to my Yeti. It’s large, light, and has cup holders. I use it for shorter trips, where ice retention is not as important.

It is stronger than regular coolers. The 50-quart model has wheels and can be sat or stood on. A Yeti wheel kit will set you back upwards of $100. The Coleman Xtreme is $50 and comes with thick plastic wheels and a pull-up suitcase handle.

This allows you to move the cooler around by yourself, which is a great feature.

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The Coleman Xtreme cooler is a great budget option with excellent ice retention and is light enough to be easily moved around by its wheels.

6. Blue Coolers

Blue Coolers is another brand that’s a bit under the radar. We wrote a piece about it a while back, and we predicted great things.

Their coolers provide thicker insulation than the YETI. This is a rare feature for companies whose primary marketing goal is low prices.

Blue coolers can keep ice for several days and are constructed with almost the same materials as YETI. Insulation-wise, the only difference we have seen is that Blue coolers had thicker walls. (Watch the video below).

Blue coolers can be purchased at extremely low prices because they are made overseas and sold only online. It’s very competitive pricing at just $3.64 per gallon for the 55-quart, mid-sized cooler.

The actual sizes are only three at 30, 55, 100 quarts. You can also get the medium one as a wheeled cooler. They are all available in three colors (yes, even blue).

7. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Yukon coolers are top-rated, high-quality, and high-performance coolers. Igloo Yukon Cold Locker coolers are similar to Yeti because they offer many of the same features. Yukon coolers offer many benefits that the Yeti don’t have. This makes them even more appealing for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Yukon coolers can withstand the most severe environments and are built to last. This cooler is capable of handling whatever you throw at it, whether you’re carrying it through the woods or hauling it across jagged rocks to get to your favorite fishing spot.

Superior quality durability

The Yukon is durable because the lid has a thick, durable construction and 3 inches of polyurethane insulation. However, the cooler’s body contains 2 inches of polyurethane insulation.

The cooler’s thick and unique design ensures that it retains ice for 7-14 days, even in temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can extend your hunting, fishing, and camping vacation by up to two weeks.

The Yeti lacks a fish-keeping scale or measuring tool, but Yukon coolers do have it.

A ruler is included with the lid so avid anglers can keep track of the size of their catch. The scale allows them to report the weight of the fish caught accurately. You can also use the lid to fillet fish or prepare food by having a slightly raised texture.

Dual locking lids ensure that your food, drink, and other belongings are safe no matter what. Cool Riser Technology by Yukon maximizes the cooling performance of the cooler to preserve its freshness. The cooler’s drain plug is tethered, making it simple to drain and clean, so it is ready for your next adventure.

A cooler large enough to hold your fish is essential for anglers. The Igloo Yukon Cold Locker cooler comes in many sizes. A 70-quart size is ideal for fish storage.

8. TechniIce Cooler

TechniIce Cooler

Although the TechniIce may seem like a surprising choice, it is undoubtedly the best cooler for ice retention. In ice retention tests, it outperforms all similar-sized coolers and coolers that are larger.

Why Does The TechniIce Have Such Good Ice Retention?

This cooler increases ice retention in two ways.

Double Gasket – It is the only cooler that I know of with a double gasket. This cooler has not one but two commercial-grade rubber gaskets on its lid. This cooler keeps the cool air inside and the warm out more effectively than any other on the market.

Thicker Insulation – Most Pelican coolers have between 2 and 3 inches of insulation in their walls and 2.5 to 3 inches in the lid. Technica’s walls are 2.8 inches thick. This is 40% more than other coolers like Yeti.

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Insulated Bung Plug – Heat rises, and cold falls. Most coolers have a weak insulation plug. Technische solves this problem by insulating their drainage plug of 2 inches.

Technische cooler’s feet raise it higher than other models. This makes it less likely to absorb heat from the hot ground and allows for more airflow below.

These features all combine to make the TechniIce one of the most reliable ice retainers in the industry.

9. Thermik Coolers

A while back, we did an in-depth Thermik Cooler Review. This was back when the product first came to market. We had virtually no reviews or customer feedback.

They were a brand we had a lot of positive things to say about back then.

We hate to brag, but it turns out that we were correct.

Since their first batch of premium Roto-molds was released, the company has done well, and customers have praised it.

This brand is very similar to YETI. Their main advantage is that they are about half the price of top brands.

The only thing that we can say negatively about Thermik Coolers is that they have not expanded their sizes. They started with three sizes: 25QT, 45QT, and 75QT. These are the only ones available as of 2020.

For more information and photos, as well as real customer reviews, visit Thermik’s Amazon listing.

10. K2 Coolers Summit 50 Team Color Edition Cooler

K2 Coolers may not be as well-known as the Yeti or any of the coolers like Yeti, but they are quickly becoming popular among campers, fishers, and hunters.

The K2 has many features that are similar to the Yeti. It offers similar ice retention promises of 5-6 weeks and thick insulation for the maximum freshness of food and beverages.

The K2 cooler is rotomolded with the same polyethylene material as the Yeti. This means they are both durable. K2 coolers have rope-like handles with rubber grips that comfort your fingers and hands while you carry them.

The K2 cooler is made with high-quality materials so that it can be used for all outdoor adventures.

Super easy drainage

The K2 has a unique drain plug design. You can twist the drain plug only partially to ensure that it doesn’t get lost. You can drain your cooler and clean it with just one turn.

The K2 coolers might not have the same amazing features as the coolers mentioned above. Many people who have a K2 cooler are very happy with its durability and quality.

You won’t be bored if this isn’t enough. The gasket lid on K2 coolers allows for increased freshness and ice retention. These coolers also have POSITRAC latches that allow for easy opening or closing.

It also offers sufficient security to ensure your belongings remain in the cooler, no matter the circumstances.

K2 coolers can withstand even the most challenging environments. A seven-year warranty covers them, so even if anything were to happen, it would not be a problem. Yeti comes with a 5-year warranty.

11. RTIC

RTIC coolers look almost identical to Yeti in nearly every design aspect. Their entire marketing campaign was based on comparing them to the Yeti cooler when they launched.

RTIC was eventually sued and forced to redesign its coolers. However, even after the redesign, the coolers still look like Yetis. It is only the logo and a few minor design elements that make it an imitation cooler.

RTIC’s slogan says “Overbuilt, not Overpriced”. Their coolers are considerably cheaper than Yeti. You can save over $100 on their 45-Quart cooler and even more on larger coolers.

It doesn’t compromise on quality. Multiple ice retention tests have proven RTIC to be either on par or better than the Yeti. Amazon reviews are high, with hundreds of positive reviews. Many of these reviews come from former owners of coolers, and they highly recommend RTIC.

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The Major Difference Between RTIC and Yeti – Size

The only difference between the RTIC coolers and Yeti is their size. Because the Yeti have smaller capacities than you would think, this is why the numbers are misleading.

An RTIC 45 is 45-Quart, while a Yeti 45 is 37.6-Quart.

An RTIC will save you hundreds of dollars, and you get cooler than the Yeti at a lower price.

12. Kysek

We fell in love with Kysek a long time back and have continued to follow their progress since their introduction on the market.

These guys are all about innovation: Their coolers and soft-ice packs are full of innovative, well-thought-out, well-designed features that are fully functional and not just gimmicks as other brands have tried to pull off.

Kysek Coolers can hold ice for up to 10 days. But, our favorite feature is the unique CodeBlue Mobile App & Sensor alerts when internal temperature drops below a certain range.

This is the coolest way to sync your smartphone to an app. We are certain it will continue to grow in popularity over the years.

All models, sizes, and weights (ranging from 25 to150 liters) come standard with integrated bottle openers and heavy-duty removable wheels.

TIP: This full Kysek Coolers review covers all features and is available here.

KYSEK Ultimate Ice Chest in Marine White, 50…

13. DeWalt 25 Qt Roto-Molded Cooler

DeWalt coolers offer the most bang for the buck of all mid-range performance coolers. This includes the Yeti cooler and other coolers such as Yeti. DeWalt coolers have fewer features than Yeti. They offer a more durable cooler for a significantly lower price. DeWalt coolers offer the same cooling insulation as Yeti.

DeWalt’s 25-quart cooler has a metal handle that can be detached. It is very easy to hold. You can remove the handle if you have more than one person carrying the cooler. Each person can then hold the cooler using the rubberized side grips. The handle can be detached to reveal a bottle opener. You don’t need to bring an extra bottle opener. It’s pretty handy!

14. Orion

Some coolers cost more than Yeti, but it is true. They are few since most brands compete on price. But there are a few.

Orion is one of the most popular brands, packing more features in their cooler than any other.

Orion also offers additional features such as:

  • Non-slip standing pad
  • Thicker insulation than Yeti
  • Tracks for recessed gear
  • Bottle openers
  • Motorcycle quality handle grips
  • Recessed cam-operated latches
  • Base locking feature
  • Each cooler is unique in its color design.
  • Made in the USA

Completely Unique Colors

Orion coolers can be used in any location. The exact color combination is different for each cooler. It all depends on how the roto-molding process produces them. This is a cool feature that makes your Orion cooler even more personal.

Made in the USA

Orion coolers are entirely manufactured in the USA. This keeps profits local and jobs locally. Many Yeti can be found offshore in China or the Philippines.

The Orion is a great option for the Yeti if you have the cash and love the cooler.


Reyleo’s portable arctic cooler is a new product in the market. The latest model is futuristic in design and practical for everyday use. This cooler is comparable to Yeti models and offers a very good price.

Polyurethane foam insulation provides insulation and protection. It is also an odorless cooler. You don’t have to worry about bears when you camp.

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Although the handle might seem a bit less sturdy than its counterparts, it is still quite stable. The handle has a comfortable padded grip that ensures minimal tilt and allows for lock settings.

However, the latches may not be as secure as Pelican or Igloo. It is a great option for its additional features and insulation time. You can also take a cooler with you when you go camping.

16. Siberian Cooler

The Siberian cooler was once the most affordable cooler, with the 40-Quart selling for less than $200. The Siberian cooler is now comparable to other coolers such as Yeti but at a lower price.

This cooler is great, regardless of its price. It is more efficient than the Yeti in ice retention and offers all you would expect from a cooler.

The Yeti has rope handles, but it also has recessed grip handles that make single carrying much easier.

The lid has 4 cup holders molded, which is great because your drinks won’t slip off while you’re on a slope/boat.

It is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is a great cooler, and I recommend it as an alternative to the Yeti.

Why You Should (Maybe) Buy A Yeti Over A Cheaper Cooler

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a Yeti cooler before you decide to buy one.

Yeti Has Created A Cult-Brand

You’re not just buying a Yeti, but a lifestyle. Some shoes are better than Nike and phones that are better than Apple or Samsung.

These brand names are trusted by many because they offer quality and a sense of belonging. Nike shoes can help you perform better. Apple products will make you more creative.

Yeti has also created a cult brand in the outdoor market. Yeti will make you more adventurous.

Yeti is focused on making your life amazing, while other brands are more concerned with price and features. The Yeti advertising video is below. This is more of a documentary rather than an advertisement.

Yeti’s Quality is Top of the Line

Although it’s difficult to show in photos or explain, Yeti coolers stood out to me as a premium product compared to top brands such as Engel and Pelican.

It was a strange feeling. The plastic’s finish felt more expensive, while the white color felt premium. However, the Engel and Pelican shades seemed cheaper.

The cooler feels premium and has great branding.

Tried and True with Thousands of Reviews

Yeti is a company that has been in existence since 2008. Their products have been tested and proven to work for more than ten years.

While I’ve seen many other cool manufacturers go by, Yeti remains my favorite.

Amazon has thousands of customer reviews and happy customers.

They aren’t perfect, and there are some negative reviews. However, you know the odds of winning because of the many people who have tested.

Yeti’s Missing Features Are Often Easily Purchased For Cheap

Many of the coolers above are very similar to Yeti, with minor variations. You can find different handles and additional features, such as bottle openers or a fishing guide on the lid. Yeti has very few ‘nice-to-haves.

You can still get a lot of these features for a very affordable price. For example, I attached a $2 bottle opener to my Yeti’s side with some rope. I have a bottle opener that I can use whenever I need it. You can add your fishing rules to the bottle by marking it with a permanent marker or an engraver.

While the added features are great, it is worth considering whether they make the cooler more worth investing in over a trusted brand like Yeti.

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Which Cooler keeps ice the longest?

You might have guessed by the title, and Yeti is one of the best. The Yeti Tundra 45 keeps your items cool for the longest time.

It can hold 26 cans of ice for a two-day trip and has some extra time. Although it can hold some perishable items, it is too small to store anything else.

This is only possible in extreme heat conditions. It can keep your items cool for up to 72 hours in mild heat conditions.

Is Ozark Trail cooler as good as Yeti?

The Ozark Trail coolers cost half as much as a Yeti cooler. They are also about half as expensive as Yeti coolers. However, they are not as good as Yeti coolers. There are still some good features, despite their shortcomings. This is a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Is RTIC as good as Yeti?

Both RTIC and Yeti are very similar when it comes to rotomolded coolers. You could even mix the two if the logo weren’t there.

These features include drain systems, heavy-duty handles, and anchor point molded tie-down slots. They are also bear-resistant certified. There are two main differences between brands: quality and price.

Yeti is the brand with the best quality, especially when it comes to price. This is true for accessories and parts.

Yeti offers more options than any other brand. RTIC is close but not yet Yeti. It might be the best option for those who don’t have the money to buy expensive coolers.

Why is Yeti cooler so expensive?

Because of the manufacturing process they use, Yeti Coolers can be very expensive. Rotomolded polyethelyne is used to make them. Although it’s more expensive, it makes a cooler that lasts longer and does a better job of keeping things cool for longer periods.

Why are Yeti coolers so good?

The brand revolutionized the cooler market in 2006 when it first appeared on the scene. Its products cost $200 more than normal and were considerably more expensive than you would find elsewhere.

People soon discovered that the high price paid for a quality product was worth it. The company quickly became a major success in America and soon expanded to other markets.

Are YETIs overrated?

Yeti coolers are very well-known in the cooler market. They will likely be the first brand that you think of when looking for a cooler. While some people swear by them, others say they are expensive and overpriced. … Many people believe that Yeti coolers are the best.

What is the best size cooler to buy?

A 40-quart cooler will suffice for three people on a day trip. A 50- to 60-quart cooler will be sufficient for the same group of people on a weekend camping trip. Don’t buy a cooler too big. Food will stay colder for longer if it is tightly packed.


Why do we put YETI first? You already know the answer. However, many similar products are quite affordable. This article will help you to compare YETI coolers with other similar products. We hope you find the right cooler model for you!

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