ROvR Vs Yeti Comparison 2023: Top Full Guide For You

ROvR Vs Yeti Comparison 2023 Top Full Guide For You
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Do people often argue about which of the two famous insulated drink containers, the ROvR vs Yeti? ROvR recently changed its name, which may be changing how people see its products. Fans don’t understand why they took the metal lining out of their can because of health concerns. Is ROvR better than Yeti?

Who is ROvR?

ROvR was first launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in September 2017. They raised $533,889 together to get the ROvR into full-scale production.

They set out to make the soft cooler reviews with the most features ever, and they seem to have achieved their goal.

I don’t think any rotomolded cooler, other than the Coolest Cooler, has as many great features as the ROvR.

Tommy Defrancia founded the company, and it is located in Boulder, Colorado.

The company started with a 60-Quart size. They have expanded to sell a smaller 45-Quart cooler as well as a larger 80-Quart ROvR cooler review.

ROvR Vs Yeti Compare Of 2023

ROvR Vs Yeti Compare Of 2023

Ice Retention: 10+ Days Ice Retention

ROvR claims that their cooler can retain ice for 10+ days. However, this is unlikely if the Yeti hopper cooler is used regularly at a 45-Quart capacity.

Even though there aren’t any straight comparisons between Yeti and ROvR. When it comes to ice retention, a company-made video shows ice retention for ten days. However, this was done inside with the cooler full of ice. It was not clear how many days the cooler review was open each day.

Customers report that the Yeti cooler can store ice for up to 4 days with regular usage. This is comparable to the Yeti’s ability to keep ice for as long as four days.

I couldn’t find any information about how thick the ROvR’s padding is, but it looks like Yeti. This leads me to believe that it would perform similarly to Yeti or slightly better in an ice test.

Build Construction

ROvR is of exceptional quality. The Yeti and ROvR are made of materials that are roto-molded, which makes them very strong. Insulation is then pushed into them under pressure. This allows them to keep ice indefinitely. Find out more about the Yeti cooler.

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Yeti coolers are cheaper than others, but they sacrifice the quality to make them cheaper. Ozark Trail coolers are prone to warping.

ROvR has created a cooler of exceptional quality that will last a lifetime.

Yeti has the best cooler build quality, in my opinion. Their plastic feels premium. There are no blemishes or scuff marks on the soft coolers. They are nearly flawless when compared to other coolers.

Bear Proof

Both Yeti and ROvR are bear-proof. To make the backpack cooler bear-proof, you need to lock the front corners using padlocks.

Find out how hard-sided coolers can be certified bear-proof.


The ROvR and the Yeti come with a limited 5-year warranty. This protection will protect you if there is a problem with the way your Pelican Elite cooler was made.

You can return your hard cooler to the company if it has any problems within the first five years.

This does not cover damage to the marine cooler caused by negligence or accident. It only covers manufacturing defects.

Wheels For Easy Pulling

Roto-molded coolers can be heavy even when empty and even more so when full.

Except for the Yeti Haul cooler, most Yeti don’t come with wheels. Instead, they must be carried by rope handles or molded-in handles.

I have a Yeti 45, and I cannot carry it fully without inflicting severe injuries to my back.

The wheels make it so much easier to move the rolling cooler around.

ROvR comes with large inflatable wheels measuring 9 inches and larger sizes that can be carried on a pull-up metal handle with wide grips.

The wide grips make it possible to pull the cooler alongside you. This reduces the chance of the cooler clipping and causing injury to your heels. If you prefer, you can pull the cooler from the middle.

The 45-Quart size cooler has a central suitcase handle. This is fine because the cooler is smaller and doesn’t weigh as much.

The Yeti is very similar to the ROvR in how it is controlled. But it has “Never Flat” tires that can’t be broken and aren’t inflated. They are made from a single tire, which makes them bumpier. But they are still big enough to carry a fully loaded cooler over rough territory.

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Attach This Cooler To Your Bike

Attach This Cooler To Your Bike

ROvR offers something unique – the ability to attach the cooler directly to your bike.

This is a unique feature that I can see being very practical for some people.

You can pull your cooler by yourself, making it more convenient than non-wheeled.

The BikR Kit will cost you an extra $50-60, but it’s well worth it if this is something you are considering.

It has been tested extensively with mountain bikers. It can travel well over uneven terrain and jumps.

ROvR Accessories

ROvR has a few essential accessories for a cooler to be “The Most Features-packed Cooler.” The accessories are elegant and can be clipped to the cooler’s side.

Prepping board – This small cutting board attaches to your cooler and doubles up as a table.

Dual Cup Holders – There are no molded cup holders in the lid, so this dual cup holder attachment is great for bottles and cups.

Stash Bag – This bag is perfect for keys, wallets, keys, and lighters. It has a main compartment and a smaller zipper compartment.

Umbrella/Rod Holder – If you are looking for a ROvR as a fishing cooler, the rod holder is a great way to store your fishing rod.

Smaller Distribution Than Yeti

Yeti is well-respected in the USA and has a growing global reach.

ROvR can only be purchased in select stores within each state. They are only available for shipping to the US continental states. They will hopefully soon be available in more countries.

Problems with ROvR ROLLR

Problems with ROvR ROLLR

The ROvR is great, but it’s not perfect. There are some issues with the ROvR that you need to be aware of before purchasing it.

It’s Heavy

The ROvR, like all roto-molded coolers, is heavy.

It has wheels, making it easy to pull along the ground but not for lifting the cooler into your car or truck.

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It is cumbersome when empty, but one person can lift it. But, it can be lifted by two people when full.

Internal Dry Storage Bin Compartment Floats

Although the internal wagon compartment in the cooler is great, it sits at the bottom of the cooler.

The cooler’s ice melts and runs underneath the storage container, making the bin float. This can cause ice to build up under the cooler, making it difficult to close.

External Basket Can Be Unstable

When the basket is flat packed, it is secured with four velcros. However, when expanded, it is held down by two velcos. If you aren’t careful, this can make the basket unstable and can tip over.

  • Wheels Aren’t Big Enough For Soft Sand.
  • Although 9-inch wheels sound large, they won’t work well with soft sand.
  • You can either carry your full cooler or drag it along the soft sand.

Wheels Deflate Over Time

The wheels are inflatable, so they will deflate over time and need to be pumped up. You will need a bike pump.

It Smells

Customers have complained that it smells strongly of plastic.

This issue is present in most coolers, but it’s not a problem with all coolers.

More Expensive Than Other Coolers

ROvR has a price similar to Yeti, making it one of the most expensive coolers available.

Before you spend your money on a ROvR, there are cheaper roto-molded coolers and cheaper coolers.

Features The ROvR Has That The Yeti Doesn’t

Features The ROvR Has That The Yeti Doesn't

ROvR is determined to make the cooler with the most features possible. They have added a lot of unique features to Yeti.

Internal Storage

Many coolers have a dry basket that is placed above the ice. While this can be useful, I find it irritating to use because you need to reach items beneath it.

You may find it a little too small because it is so close to the lid. Items can quickly get squashed if this happens.

ROvR coolers come standard with an innovative removable dry bin.

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The deep freeze-dry bin goes all the way to the top of the cooler. So anything you put in there will be at the same level as the ice.

You can also organize your stuff by separating it into three smaller compartments.

No more random juices mixed in with your ice, and sandwiches becoming soggy.

External Wagon Bin

ROvR’s wagon is another cool feature I haven’t seen in any other cooler.

The cooler can be folded down completely when not in use.

When you are ready to use it, you can fold it up, and it becomes a large box that you can pack with all the gear you need.

The cooler can be pulled or towable by having wheels. This is a great feature that allows you to transport so much more.

You can also obliterate the wagon bin box from the cooler to transport items or store them in your car.

Features Similar To ROvR Vs Yeti

The Yeti and ROvR share many of the same extra features, making them more efficient than regular coolers.

Let’s take a look at what they share in common.

Thick Insulation

The walls and lid of both coolers are insulated by 2-3 inches. This compares to a regular cooler, which might have 0.75-1 in. of insulation in its walls and an empty lid with no insulation.

This insulation is what allows coolers to keep ice indefinitely.

Rubber Gasket

The lids of both coolers are sealed with a rubber. This helps to keep the coolers cool.

This seals the cooler’s body and lid tightly, allowing cold air to pass through. It also increases the cooler’s ice chest.

Rubber latches

Each cooler has pull-down rubber that locks the lid to the cooler’s body when it is not in use.

Rubber latches can be slightly different. Yeti uses a T-style latch, which you pull down with your two fingers to close the lid. To pull the latch down on ROvR coolers, you can use a hole in your finger.

Both work in the same way, but I prefer the Yeti-style latches because they are easier to use.

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1-Inch Drainage Plug

Each cooler has a 1-inch drain plug, which can be removed partially to allow for draining.

You can also obliterate the plug to drain your cooler. It is important not to lose the plug, as it isn’t attached to the cooler’s leading body in any way.

Single Pin Hinge

Each cooler has a single pin hinge that connects the lid to the cooler’s body.

This hinge is strong and unlikely to break, which is a problem with coolers such as the Coleman Xtreme.

Price – Similar Price to Yeti

ROvR rollR coolers are almost identical to Yeti, with pricing that matches up almost exactly to a comparable Yeti.

Below is a comparison of the Yeti and ROvR coolers. To view more information at Amazon, click on the affiliate price link.

Both coolers can be seen to be similar in price.

ROvR has decided not to try to be cooler and cheaper than Yeti. Instead, they are trying to compete with Yeti by offering more features for the same price.

Other Wheeled Cooler Recommendations

Other Wheeled Cooler Recommendations

While there are other coolers than Yeti worth looking at, some are better than others.

You might also consider the following coolers if the ROvR is not what you are looking for:

Ozark Trail Wheeled Cooler: BUDGET PICK

The Ozark Trail coolers, which are Walmart’s brand of cooler, are solid coolers that are half the price.

The 60-Quart size has built-in wheels and a suitcase-style handle, similar to the ROvR45.

It is bear-proof and has cup holders built into the lid.

The Ozark is a great choice if you are looking for a cooler with good ice and durability that doesn’t cost too much.

Pelican Wheeled Cooler: MADE IN USA

The Pelican ProGear Elite is a fantastic cooler. This cooler looks great and performs well.

Although it’s not as cheap as Yeti or ROvR, it’s made in the USA and not overseas as Yeti.

The 55-Quart Tailgate Edition also features a 2-lid opening system that makes it easier to access your cooler.


Although the Igloo Maxcold cooler can’t be roto-molded or bear-proof, it has a unique design and features.

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It has some of the biggest wheels I’ve ever seen on a cooler. This makes it easy to travel over uneven terrain or soft sand.

It is convenient and has excellent ice retention.

It looks like a Mars Rover, which speaks to me as a nerd.

You can read more best-wheeled coolers 2023 when clicking on our list:


Is ROvR better than Yeti?

Winner: ROvR Rollr 60 ($399)

The high ground clearance and large inflatable tires are to be credited. It was slightly better than the Yeti and slightly worse than the Pelican when it came to ice loss, but it won the temperature-over-time test.

Read on about camping gear:

Are ROvR coolers made in the USA?

ROvR Products which made the first high-quality camping cooler made in the United States. It has hired Verde Brand marketing as its official marketing agency.

Is the Yeti with wheels worth it?

It depends on your specific needs and preferences. The Yeti with wheels can be a great investment for those who frequently travel with their cooler, as the wheels make it much easier to transport.

Additionally, the Yeti brand is known for its high-quality products, so the cooler itself is likely to be durable and effective at keeping your items cold.

However, the added cost of the wheels may not be worth it for those who don’t travel often or don’t need the added convenience. Ultimately, weighing the benefits and drawbacks and deciding if the Yeti with wheels is worth the investment is up to you.


Since the start of the summer, many Americans have gone into the search of finding the perfect ice chests or ROvR cooler that will suit their needs for the next few months.

Over the last couple of years, more and more consumers have been starting to see the benefits of purchasing a ROvR cooler over a Yeti since it is a less expensive alternative without sacrificing ice retention or durability.

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