Who Makes Cabelas Polar Cap Coolers: TOP Full Guide 2023

Who Makes Cabela'S Polar Cap Coolers TOP Full Guide 2020

Who Makes Cabelas Polar Cap Coolers? Cabela’s Polar Cap Coolers are a must for anyone who loves the colder climates of the world. 

Cabela’s Polar Cap coolers have become a staple in many hunting homes. They are made with durable, high-quality materials so they can withstand any conditions a hunter might face while out on a hunt. These metal coolers come in various colors and styles so you can pick one that matches your taste. 

YETI Coolers Overview

YETI Coolers Overview

YETI coolers can be described as the Rolls Royce of all high-end coolers, with many features drain plug, and premium materials that make them highly durable. For instance, you can choose from multiple sizes, such as the YETI Tundra 105, which has an average volume of 52 quarts, or the smaller YETI Roadie 20 quart cooler (20 quarts) designed for weekend getaways and road trips.

Another great thing about these premium coolers is they are proudly made in the USA out of Houston, Texas. Their designs even carry the Made in America tag alongside their company name Yeti.

They use state-of-the-art rotomolding technology to create solid ice chests with superior heat ice retention abilities. These coolers can be as large as up to 160 quarts, although they are often more expensive than the Cabela’s Polar Cap equalizer Cooler.

Yeti also offers unique accessories that make their products stand out from the crowd. For example, you can select a Yeti soft cooler with wheels or one of their roto-molded grilling caddies and yeti chairs for extra comfort on your next adventure.

See more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeti_Holdings

Cabela’s Coolers Overview

Cabela’s coolers are a slightly cheaper alternative to Yeti when you compare price. However, that does not necessarily mean they do not have some great qualities, especially when it comes to portability and convenience.

Yeti Quart Cooler With Wheels: The Cabelas polar cap equalizer model shown here is the Cabelas equivalent of the Cabela’s yeti cooler with wheels but at a much more affordable price range. Check out our Cabelas vs. yeti comparison article for more information on this product.

Cabela uses rotomolded polyethylene construction in its coolers as opposed to the rotational-molded polyurethane used by YETI. The Cabela’s coolers are made in China but claim to be built to last over time with a limited lifetime warranty on the more relaxed body and a one-year limited warranty for all other parts.

Cabela’s coolers usually run around $300, while Yeti coolers bottle openers can cost up to and beyond $1000 depending on the size and drain plug features you want.

Cabela’s is often cheaper than Yeti because they don’t use as many premium materials, which results in lower manufacturing costs. However, Cabelas has a more waterproof sealant inside their caddies (called Cabelas super seal). So, how do Cabelas polar cap equalizer cooler compare against YETI? Read ahead in our Cabelas vs. yeti article for the comparison results.

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Ice Chests At a Glance

To kick off our Cabela’s more comprehensive inspection, I wish to offer you a rundown of the Polar Cap Equalizer.

Cabela’s ice cubes’ tough cooler lineup comes in white or tan and offers you the choice to package 24, 40, 60, 80, or 100-quart decked out with you while you create the wilderness that is your playground.

Total Design

Total Design

The first thing you want to understand about superior coolers is that they tend to have thick walls and a severe silicone or rubber seal on the lid. Premium coolers are heavier and bulky than inexpensive coolers.

The thick walls provide insulation, which keeps the cold in and out the hot. The seals prevent small air leaks, making a big impact over a few days.

Odds are, if you look at a major top cooler, it will appear large… However, once you open the lid and look inside, you’re going to be amazed by how little the inside space looks.

The modest capacity, in contrast to the exterior dimensions, is normal for any cooler, which promises to maintain ice for more than a couple of days.

The thermal efficiency means you may get away with having less ice over a regular camping trip than you’d use with an inexpensive cooler.

This means more available space could be allocated to food or beverage. Besides, you will wind up with less ice meltdown, meaning less water, so your food won’t begin swimming on your cooler almost after you probably have gotten it previously.

The Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler employs a freezer-grade gasket seal. Sturdy rubberized T-handle latches seal the lid tight and comprise built-in jar openers.

However, Cabela’s requires the layout somewhat further and includes a pressure-release valve, which you may push to equalize the air pressure inside and from the cooler.

If you have ever felt a superior cooler lid feel sticky and difficult to open, you will love this valve since it gets rid of the suction effect you can get from rancid air pressures inside and out the cooler.

To decrease heat transfer across the floor – from the hotbed of a pickup or a hot riverbank – Cabela’s gave the Polar Cap Equalizer increased, nonskid feet.

The most visually noteworthy feature, when compared with the competition, is the double handle system. Cabela’s utilizes both molded handles in addition to rope grips.

This sounds like overkill until you get started hauling the cooler round. The molded rope handles are fantastic for quick pulls and slides, and they give you a simple point for lashing down the cooler on your pickup, boat, or ATV.

The rope manages to excel for all those long hauls down a shore or over rocky terrain where you and a friend are looking for stable areas to set your feet. Turns out, we love both ropes handles several times.

Overall, the Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler is burly and fabricated from the U.S. The hinge is stout, and each part of this design exudes strength and purpose. If you are in a hard-core keep country, you may fully lock the lid with a padlock.

Cabela’s Polar Cap Cooler Review – Let’s Talk Features

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Construction

Cabela’s ice chestCabela’s chief goal in designing the Cabela’s Polar Cap cooler was to make an ice chest with an equal balance of burden to heating power. Their doctrine is that a cooler should not burden a lot simpler to maintain your ice strong and cold beverages.

Even though Cabela’s ice cubes are not feather-light, they have a great weight-to-amount ratio. The 100-quart cooler weighs 47-pounds. The small man in the Cabela’s line-up, the 25-quart, weighs 18-pounds.

The Polar Cap includes a freezer-grade gasket that produces an airtight seal with a closed lid. The airtight seal keeps the cold air in and does not allow warmer air from beyond the cooler to slip in and carry the frost from the headset.

The lid has been strapped to the entire body with heavy-duty rubber latches. As a bonus, the latches contain integrated jar bottle openers to allow you to pop open your beverages without missing a beat.

Between the exterior plastic and interior goodies is a thick coating of warmth-controlling foam that guards against warm temperatures.

Round the cooler base are raised feet that raise the circulation of air across the body of this cooler while still restricting the quantity of heat that can develop under an ice chest sitting right on the ground.

Other small features comprise molded-in handles that allow you to catch on the cooler securely without worrying about the additional space required to adapt them. Additionally, the hinge-less design reduces areas of weakness in the construction.

Where the Polar Cap possesses a hinge, Cabela’s has chosen to construct a molded-in lid hinge that is encouraged by aluminum connecting rods. This triplicate of layout features provides this line an impressive amount of durability and durable energy, which will keep your travel fully loaded for a long time.

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Performance

So there are many fancy features with cool names, but how does this translate to keeping things cold? Well, Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer is built for the long haul. I am not talking about a day of basking in the sunlight.

The smallest cooler at the Polar Cap household retains ice solid at room temperature for five days. The 40 and 60-quart coolers hold for 7-days. The major dog 80 and 100-quart versions have ice preservation for an amazing 12-days.

The cooler keeps cool due to the tight seal made by the latches and the freezer-grade seal. The seal may get super tight if firmly shut for a long time.

To make opening easier, Cabela’s has assembled a pressure release valve to this cooler’s body. The valve alleviates the lid’s strain, allowing you to pop up the cooler to receive your merchandise.

Maintaining cold might be the principal responsibility of the Polar Cap Equalizer. Still, the ice chest construct is equally as striking as its capacity to keep your beverages cold.

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer is an accredited bear-resistant from IGBC. If you inadvertently leave out this cooler in the open while camping outside, a hungry bear will not be able to pop up this cooler such as cardboard and sneak your yummy hero sandwich.

If You Encounter a bear with all the intellect of a dinosaur out of “Jurassic Park.”

Cabela’s ice chest also has an integrated padlock latch to stop Mr. Smarty Bear from popping the latches in your cooler.



Our strategy for your Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers was going to shoot the coolers, together with a 37-quart midsize YETI Tundra 45, to an early-season elk camp in September.

The weather will be sexy, and when we get to the elk, we’re in our remote camp for up to seven days. We filled the 100-quart cooler with cubes of ice and rich the smaller coolers with ice and food.

We also took an inexpensive cooler for drinks and had an additional large low-end cooler available in case we had been effective in our elk search and needed extra space to keep the meat cool on the road back home.

We hunted for three days with temps at the mid-80s, covering a great deal of ground – and departing the coolers at base camp. We heard the elk weren’t anywhere near our place.

They were there last year through September, and they were their mid-summer. This was if something had dismissed them from their drainages and ridges where we had been searching.

Perhaps wolves chased them out, or perhaps it was nothing but the whims of all elk. We chose to save our searching times later in the summer and bailed on weekly.

In terms of the ice hockey, the drink cooler’s ice was gone, but the 40-quart Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler’s ice was hardly melted in any way. Our frozen steaks remained suspended. Our 100-quart ice chest was frigid.

There was a very small bit of ice within our suspended jugs, and also the additional cubes of ice hockey we picked up in the petrol station on the way to camp had melted just enough to fill a glass of water.

In the event you’re paying attention, the YETI food cooler was holding up nicely, too – that the ice and food was in roughly precisely the same form as the Cabela’s 40.

Had we joined with an elk, we are convinced that we’d have managed to keep the meat cool enough to return to culture.

Afterward, we used the Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers for several day excursions during warm September days, making them at the bed of their pickup in the real sun for hours and hours while we searched.

The hotbed of the pickup barely influenced our jugs of ice within the coolers. The upshot is that Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers motivated absolute confidence.

In terms of additional testing, we thought of tossing them from the back of a moving pickup to find out how they held up. We believe in copying detailed ice retention evaluations that you may get around the Internet nowadays.

We chose to stay with real-world usage and impressions – honestly, we would rather be planning our second trip than measuring weighing and water ice.

Update: The Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers are still going strong after some other hot summer and lots of camping and hunting excursions. Super durable, super powerful, and simply magnificent.

What’s unusual about Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler that is better than the competition?

From everything I have seen up to now, each of the very best cooler brands, which have thick walls and also decent lid seals, will maintain ice for many days, particularly if you maintain the cooler from the sunshine or season (pre-cool), the cooler overnight using a bag of ice until you load it up for a lengthy trip.

Incidentally, the cleverest 3rd-party evaluation I’ve seen came out of Field & Stream magazine in 2016 where they stuffed each cooler of relatively the same size using an equivalent proportion of ice inside the measurements.

The 40-quart Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler held ice the greatest in that specific research – but that is not the principal reason we think it is a great cooler.

The Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler is fantastic since it’s such a great price-to-value ratio. As an instance, the 40-quart Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer has the same interior capability as the YETI Tundra 45. However, the Cabela’s prices $250 while the YETI prices $350 $300.

The Truth Behind the Rating

Cabela’s Soft Coolers

Just in the event you desire a milder duty cooler that’s fantastic for all those quick day trips, or you desire a little smaller choice to keep your lure cool, with sufficient space for a couple of drinks and lunch.

Cabela’s soft springs utilize a durable PEVA lining. PEVA is a non-toxic liner material with the properties required to withstand damage while keeping all of your precious frosties fresh to your day filled with pleasure.

This soft palate’s exterior utilizes a composite of 600-denier polyester coated with PVC to produce a thick and badly tough outer liner. You can throw this pup in with the rest of your equipment without fear of ripping and tearing across the way.

Such as the line-up of Polar Cap Equalizer coolers, Cabela’s soft springs have a superb assortment of abilities to fit nearly every need. However, unlike other cooler, Cabela’s tags the soft coolers from the total amount of 12-ounce headphones they could take.

You may select 30 May, 18 May, and 12 skills that come in many colors, such as camo patterns. You would not need your cooler giving your place in the forests, after all.

Along with the main pocket, the soft knobs have three extra pockets to hold more than cold material. The zippered front pocket and mesh pockets on each side of the cooler are fantastic for bringing knives, utensils, napkins, or stowing your telephone and keys while outside on the water in a blind.

Cabela’s Soft Cooler at Action

When you receive a tender cooler, you are aware that you are not obtaining the multiple days’ worth of ice retention, and therefore you have to plan activities that will have the cooler keeping items cold for a day the longest.

As I went through the soft palate’s specific applications, I discovered they were a favorite selection for utilizing as a lunch bag.

This 12-can size is great for a lunch tote. The bigger sizes are great for packaging meals for you and your friends. I enjoy using this 30-can dimensions camo tote to pack together condiments. Therefore my bread does not get soggy on the way.

The cooler is also an excellent choice to bring empty when fishing to package house your catch. When coupled with a good ice pack (find the best ones), the cooler will remain cold enough for you back home or into a campsite as soon as you can wash and prepare the fish for your day cookout.

Cabela’s does create one of the trendiest little knobs I’ve observed. They have a tube-shaped neoprene “Sling Cooler”, accessible, allowing you to throw a six-pack on your shoulder. The sew cooler is a lightweight, practical, and cool thought.

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Cabela’s vs. Yeti

When you examine Cabela’s shop shelves, you will understand a wide array of cooler brands.

One of them is Yeti Tundra (our review), which is widely considered to set the benchmark for heavy-duty milder excellence. I wished to enumerate how nicely Cabela’s coolers pile up against the ice chest mountain king.


Right off the bat, you’ll discover a distinct difference between how these two cooler brands seem. The Yeti resembles a torso; smack some gold, cut those springs, and they can double as the torso you put at the foot of the bed.

Cabela’s has made their coolers seem much like a treasure chest to differentiate themselves from different coolers that attempt to replicate the Yeti’s proven functionality.

The molded handles can make the cooler stand out longer than the Yeti, but they also make the shredder simpler to manage and less likely to split.


The Yeti lineup of ice cubes and Cabela’s are rotomolded plastic, which could resist a bear attack. Regarding durability, little businesses produce a set of hard coolers that can take you from experience for many years when properly following care instructions.


When properly packed, ready, and utilized, the two cooler brands can keep ice for up to a week or even longer. Cabela’s high performance and reduced cost give them the advantage in functionality.

Yeti has a reputation for providing quality and reliability at a greater cost. Consumers of Cabela’s coolers assert that they match Yeti, but you can get them for less than their Yeti counterparts.


Variety is the one place where Yeti places a whopping on Cabela’s. Even though Cabela’s ice cubes provide five distinct sizes and two colors, Yeti has 15 unique sizes to offer you.

Yeti has smaller increments of dimensions which enable you to dial in the dimensions you desire. They’ve included a set of bucket coolers, which are fantastic for big parties or camping excursions. The sheer quantity of choices makes Yeti a very clear winner.

Soft Coolers

Again, both firms put together strong, soft springs that get the business done and last quite long. Yeti wins the appearance competition, though. The Yeti Hopper coolers seem slick and practical without being flashy.

The Cabela’s soft springs seem like your average soft cooler. When it was not for your “Cabela’s” emblem, you could mistake them for substantially more affordable coolers based on appearances alone.

If it boils down to this, Cabela’s still chooses the lead by providing a remarkably well-performing soft cooler at a far lower cost than Yeti.

If a cooler resembles high on your priority list, then go with Yeti. Go with Cabela’s soft cooler if you’d like a well-performing soft cooler at a fair price.

The Main Point

I will certainly wrap up Cabela’s cooler inspection by directing one to Cabela’s well-earned reputation of providing high-quality outdoor equipment. They do not slack from the construction dividers that easily stand up to the competition, invisibility, durability, and functionality.


Are Cabela coolers any good?

We think Cabela’s bear resistant coolers are suitable for the price, but Cabelas caddies are not as durable in comparison to Cabela’s Yeti caddy.

Where are Cabelas polar cap equalizer cooler made?

Some Cabelas models claim to be made in the USA; however other caddies have an “Imported” sticker placed on them even though they say otherwise.

So make sure you check this out before ordering your caddie (for example, one of our readers ordered a caddy then saw the label saying imported and requested his money back). In addition, I wonder what country these caddies were built in when he got it.

What is the best cooler?

It is easy to say Cabela’s caddies are the best caddies Cabelas has put out. They have better prices and more models than Yeti caddies do. In addition, they come with a caddy wheel kit that makes moving them around easier (however, YETI wheels can be installed on Cabelas caddie as well).

Is Yeti Made in the USA?

YETI caddies are made in the good old USA. There is nothing better than a simple caddy with wheels that you can take anywhere and keep your food cool for days at a time. So why not get Cabelas caddy caddie?


They are both excellent options in the world of coolers, but they offer different features to make your decision easier. If you can’t decide between a Cabela’s and yeti cooler, then take some time to consider all factors before making a purchase.

You may find that one is more suitable for your needs than the other! We hope this blog post helped you understand how these two top-selling brands differ, so feel free to explore our website for even more information on which option might be best suited for your lifestyle. Are you ready to use it? Then get it now.

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