Catergator Cooler Review – Top Full Guide For You 2023

Catergator Cooler Review - Top Full Guide For You 2023
  • Paul Kahan

Catergator cooler Review is some of the best beer coolers on the market because they are made with holds ice, not electricity.

Catergator coolers are incredibly lightweight at only 16 pounds and, because of their design, allow maximum airflow to keep the cold air inside and minimize melted ice.

It’s like a regular cooler, but the original purpose was to make way for a truck bed to hold more. The engineer took a thermoelectric device, attached it to a large metal plate, put a fan on the other side, and attached a heater.

CaterGator Cooler Reviews [ NEW INFORMATION]

CaterGator Cooler Reviews [ NEW INFORMATION]

Triple Insulated Design

The catergator extreme outdoor coolers/ice chest can hold ice and keep food or beverages cold for up to 10 consecutive days.

The triple-insulated design of this cooler/ ice chest can accomplish this impressive feat. A hard exterior layer of food-grade polyethylene protects the inner layers of high-density polyethylene and foam.

This cooler’s exceptional insulation ability ensures you have satisfied guests. It can provide ice-cold drinks and delicious food every time.

Built-In Cup Holders

The lid offers exceptional versatility with a 24-inch ruler along its edge and 2 cup holders. Two bottle openers, which double as metal-reinforced padlock slots, are included.

Self-Stopping Hinges

Access is made more accessible by self-stopping lid hinges. This makes the cooler easy to retrieve chilled beverages and holds ice quickly.

This ice chest can be used to streamline any operation. A forum community dedicated to whitewater kayaking, boating, and rafting enthusiasts.


It has a panel-like front with straight lines running across its face. It has rubber T-latches on the lid that seal it tight. These are pretty common in premium coolers. The T-latches can be opened and closed quickly but hold the lid tightly shut.

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An indent allows for easy opening. It is in the middle of the front face of the cooler lid, between the lip and the cooler’s lip. Lock holes at the corners allow you to lock the cooler using padlocks.

Although there isn’t an official bear-proof certificate for this cooler, bears and curious people will likely find it very hard to target.

The lid has a 24-inch engraved fish ruler. This will allow you to measure your catch with precision. This cooler, which is rotomolded and sturdy enough to support you standing or sitting on the lid, makes casting much easier.

And Ever More Features

Two cup holders are on the sides of this lid, so you don’t need to worry about where you can put your beer bottles or drink tumblers when you go out into the wild.

If the cup holders don’t suffice, integrated bottle openers are also available on the corners.

You don’t need to look at your beer bottles and make a decision.

The lid has self-stopping hinges at the back. Self-stopping hinges make opening an ice chest lid much easier when taking something out.

The CaterGator’s self-stopping hinges allow you to open the lid at any angle, and it will stay there. This allows you to use both hands while picking out the contents.

They are strong and have a single aluminum rod running through them to provide structural strength.

The rubber gasket is made from industrial-grade rubber and helps to keep the lid closed.

Insulation and Ice Retention

You’ll love what you find inside, which will improve ice retention. You don’t often see coolers with thick insulation like this one. CaterGator’s triple-insulated design is a highlight.

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The layer of high-density triple insulated polyethylene construction (or HDPE) is found outside. Between the two outer layers of polyethylene lies a layer of high-density polyethylene foam.

On the inside, a layer of food-grade polyethylene is found. This is what comes in contact with ice and food.

Insulation like this should be expected to have insane ice retention times. According to the company website, ice retention times last ten days.

We haven’t yet tested the ice retention of this cooler, but we will be open about it. We have received reports from friends, as well as scouring the internet for reviews. It seems that these coolers retain ice for about 7-8 days.

However, it is essential to remember that coolers can keep ice icy longer than smaller ones, so smaller Catergators will not achieve the same results.

While I wouldn’t be too conservative with the 10-day warranty, I think this cooler still has solid ice retention based on what I have seen.

CaterGator Ice Chest – Price and Availability

CaterGator Ice Chest – Price and Availability

This cooler is an incredible value for money from a customer perspective. We couldn’t find a heavy-duty cooler as affordable as this one.

It also looks unique, which we appreciate. It is unique and looks different from other coolers we have reviewed. They often look the same as they came from the same factory.

This makes it less well-known. However, we found some at Amazon, though in minimal quantities.

We hope this review will change and people will appreciate the diamond in the rough.

CaterGator Round Cooler

CaterGator offers a round cooler, as if that weren’t enough!

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We’ve reviewed the cooler before, if you aren’t sure.

To learn more about Kula and its benefits, check out our Kula Review. This one looks almost as good as the Kula and is much cheaper!

Available Sizes and Colors

The cooler is available in four sizes: 20 quarts, 45 quarts, 65 quarts, 100 quarts, and 100. We love that the 65 and 100-quart coolers have rubber wheels that are easy to transport.

Interestingly, the space is 100% on all-wheeled options. There are no wheel cavities that could cause your beer to fall!

Six colors are available: Seafoam (White), Tan, White, Gray, and Camouflage.

CaterGator vs. Yeti

How does this cooler compare to Yeti coolers? For discussion starter, Yeti coolers come in a broader range of sizes and colors. CaterGator only has four sizes and six colors. This makes it somewhat limited.

Both coolers are rugged and high-quality. Both coolers are high-performance, and the CaterGator appears to be capable of holding its ground against the Yeti.

Yeti is the best option for ice retention. Yeti has been field-tested. It has been proven to be durable. We don’t believe in the 10-day guarantee. Even better-insulated coolers like Cordova and Blue Coolers need to be pre-chilled to keep ice for that length of time.

However, we are not surprised by the positive user reviews about the cooler’s ice retention.

Yeti has more accessories such as baskets and dividers. The CaterGator spare parts may not be as readily available as the Yeti.

The price is the biggest selling point for CaterGator. This cooler is as good or as close to Yeti but costs half as much as the Yeti. This is hard to overlook!

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This cooler is the cheapest roto molded cooler we have seen this year. You can see Catergator’s performance compared to other brands in our price-per-quart comparison.

Other Coolers like CaterGator Worth Looking At

You don’t have to be convinced. Do some more research and see if there are other options. These coolers are very similar:

Blue Coolers

These coolers are very good quality rotomolded coolers. These coolers are slightly more expensive than the CaterGator, but they’re still well worth it.

They have thicker insulation than the YETI Tundra (and Catergator) and are a unique fact. Even with small or medium-sized Blue coolers, ice retention can last for weeks. The 110q cooler can keep ice for as long as ten days.

Overall, Blue coolers look great outdoors and are Catergator’s best-selling product. However, because they are not made in the USA (hence their lower price), they aren’t as expensive as other Catergator products.

Cordova Cooler

Cordova Coolers are unique because they are 100% American-made and the lowest-priced coolers on the marketplace. This is compared to Catergator, which is very expensive but not made in the USA.

Despite their low price, Cordova coolers are some of the most feature-packed coolers we have seen. It was discussed in our previous Cordova cooler.

Cordova uses a closed-cell foam that is highly eco-friendly and thick. The ice retention is fantastic, and the all-metal handles with integrated bottle openers are unique.

Cordova is, in our opinion, a hidden gem in the world of coolers. They will be one of our top picks as long as they can maintain their current low prices.

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Monoprice Emperor/ Pure Extreme Outdoor

Monoprice Emperor produces pure extreme outdoor coolers. These coolers are affordable for budget-minded shoppers. Although slightly more expensive than CaterGator, they are still well worth it.


Is cater gator a good cooler?

This great cooler/ice chest is built for the great outdoors. It has a sturdy design and a 65 qt. Capacity. It has a large capacity, perfect for holding ice or keeping food cold for long periods. I’ve been looking at coolers for a while.

Where is the Cordova cooler made?

All Cordova has been rotomolded right here in the USA. This cooler is the industry standard, and it’s made in Idaho. You can be sure that your part will be of high quality.

Are all Rotomolded coolers the same?

To meet different needs, coolers come in different sizes and capacities. The empty weight of rotomolded coolers varies from 15 to 40 pounds for smaller models to 40 pounds for larger models.

They will also have less capacity than coolers with smaller walls.

If you have interested in Rotomolded coolers, you should come to our website to learn more:

Does RTIC make a rolling cooler?

Unfortunately, there is no standard RTIC cooler that comes with wheels. RTIC coolers are similar to YETI. There is a way around it. You can purchase adjustable single-axle Badger Wheels for the RTIC 45-quart and RTIC 65-quart cooler.

You will be understood more about the RTIC cooler here:


Concluding their research, Catergator Cooler manufactures and distributes a one-quart cooler with heavy-duty insulation that will keep the cold contents of the ice chest cool for up to 10 hours.

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Catergator Cooler began in 2007 and quickly became a premier manufacturer of high-quality refrigerators and ice chests.

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