Coleman Xtreme Cooler Vs Yeti 2023: What Is The Best For You

Coleman Xtreme Cooler Vs Yeti Which One Is The Best 2023
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Do you want to know more about Coleman Xtreme Cooler Vs Yeti? Are you frequently unsure which cooler is best for your family’s picnic and travel needs? You’re in the right place!

Publican Anker will be comparing the differences between these coolers in this article. You will be able to make informed decisions if you can clearly explain their differences.

Who is Coleman?

Who is Coleman

Coleman is a household name, especially when it involves coolers and car camping gear.

Coleman invented coolers in 1954 with a steel belter cooler and later started making plastic coolers a few years later.

Coleman offers a wide range of outdoor products. Coleman sells coolers, drinkware, furnishings, tents, and other automobile camping gear. They are a well-respected company.

Coleman, Yeti’s biggest revenue competitor, doesn’t make a good rotomoulded cooler.

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Yeti Tundra Cooler vs. Coleman Comparison

People are eager to get outside as soon as spring arrives. Picnics are a great way for people to spend a long time outside in the fresh air.

What picnic is complete without an outdoor cooler? We decided to compare the two most well-known coolers with the ultimate Yeti cooler and Coleman cooler.

The Coleman Xtreme and the Yeti Tundra are two of the most popular outdoor coolers. Which one are the best coolers?

Yeti Tundra Cooler vs. Coleman


Let’s begin with the price. People love to save money and will most likely buy a cooler if it is cheaper.

The Coleman Xtreme coolers are available in a range of $40-50, which isn’t too expensive. However, the Yeti coolers can cost more than $300. The Coleman is much more pocket-friendly, but what about the other features?

Ice Retention

It would help if you also considered the job that a cooler does. Ice retention is the bread and butter of a cooler. Coleman Xtreme has been known to hold ice for longer than ten days in some cases, but these are rare and uncontrolled situations.

The Yeti will outperform the Coleman in warm weather. It’s the warmer weather that a cooler can shine, and the Yeti Tundra wins this category, which is logical considering the price difference.

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The Coleman still does a great job. Yes, the Yeti can keep ice for up to seven days. But Coleman Xtreme lasts between three and six days. The Coleman is better if you plan to spend at least two to three days outdoors.


The Yeti shines here, and it does. Rotomolding is used to give the Yeti Tundra a strong and sturdy structure. It is then filled with pressure-injected insulation. To have some fun, you can throw a Yeti around and even run over it with your truck. External scratches are the most serious.

The Yeti Tundra is stronger than the Coleman, and the Coleman would be just as resilient. The Coleman Xtreme is made of thinner plastic which makes it easier to break. They are still decently built and UV-resistant.

If you take good care of your cooler, it won’t be likely to burst. The Yeti Tundra will not give up if it’s dropped too often. However, you should ask yourself how likely it is that you will drop a cooler. It’s likely to remain on the ground. The cooler will be your best friend if a bear knocks.

The Drainage Plug

Coleman Drainage Plug vs Yeti

The Yeti’s drainage plug is a 1-inch screw-plug. You can use the drainage plug to drain the water. This is a high-quality plug that will not leak.

The Coleman, on the other side, has a pop-off plug that doesn’t instill confidence. Although it won’t pop out on its own, someone could accidentally break it loose and cause accidental draining. Although the drain plug on the Coleman Xtreme may not be perfect, it is unlikely.


The Yeti does not have the best latches available. While they are of good quality and do a decent job, you will find better alternatives. Yeti’s latches can keep the lid closed tight with rubber pull-down models.

The Coleman does not have latches. Only friction between the lid and the body of the Coleman keeps it in place is what holds its lid in place.

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The Yeti is a great choice if you need a tight seal. This is especially important for bumpy roads.


Coleman is now the winner. The Coleman Xtreme has thick plastic wheels that can cross most terrains. It also features a retractable T handle, which allows you and the cooler to be carried around like a suitcase. This is a great feature that not all coolers offer.

Even though the Yeti is more expensive, it doesn’t have wheels. Full-loaded Yetis can be very heavy, so it would have been nice to have a couple of wheels instead of putting in a lot of legwork.

Coleman shines in this area, besides its low price.


The Yeti isn’t a good option if you are looking for a wheeled cooler. Most of these coolers don’t have wheels. The Coleman comes with wheels to make it easy to transport, but the Coleman lacks many other features.

Coleman Xtreme, a 50-liter cooler, is a good option if you need it to keep your contents cool for a few more days.

The Yeti cooler has a better build quality. Even though it costs more, it is strong and can take a lot of damage.

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Yeti’s rubber feet are non-slip and allow air to flow. This allows for heat to be absorbed by the cooler while also allowing it to remain in place.

These rubber feet are non-slip and allow you to keep your Yeti safely in your vehicle, truck, or van.

Coleman coolers have a flat base made of plastic. The base of Coleman coolers is generally a flat plastic base. It can absorb heat from the ground and also slide around easily.

Rubber Gasket

The Yeti uses a rubber gasket that is commercial-grade, while the Coleman has a plastic lid. The rubber gasket seals the lid tightly, keeping cold air out and warm air in. This seal helps increase the Yeti’s ice retention.


Both molded-in and hanging nylon rope handles are available for the Yeti. They have a firm rubber grip. The Coleman Xtreme handles can be either inbuilt on the black-wheeled model or pulled up on all other models. The plastic handles are held in position by small plastic pins, which I worry could deteriorate and eventually break.

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Bear Proof

As stated previously, Yeti coolers can be certified bear-proof if the two front corners are secured with padlocks.

It means that no bear can enter the cooler, which makes your campgrounds and contents safer. You can also lock your Yeti against theft from humans, keeping your chocolate bar safe from your friends’ paws.

Problems with Coleman Coolers

Coleman coolers are cheaper, but there are some issues you should consider before buying one.

Not watertight

The cooler’s lid has no rubber gaskets or latches that will hold it down. If you knock the cooler over or tip it to the side, the lid will open and the contents will spill out.

Even with the lid closed, water will still flow out of a Coleman cooler if you tip it to the side. This is what I did to test it in the video.

Ice Retention Suffers In Warm Weather or When Not Fully Packed

The Coleman Xtreme can hold ice for more than ten days, as shown in my ice test. However, this is only possible in ideal conditions.

I discovered that the Coleman didn’t hold ice for as long as the Yeti. The cooler might not have been filled with ice, leading to a significant decrease in ice retention.

It is frustrating because I don’t want to spend on four bags of ice for my cooler when I only need a few things.

Hinges and Handles Likely To Break

The Coleman’s handles and hinges feel cheap. Particularly the hinges feel cheap and fragile. I can easily see how they will break with sun exposure and consistent use.

If you need to replace the handles and hinges, it’s possible but more work than worth considering that this cooler costs less than $50.

You Need To Be More Careful With It

Although the Coleman is still a durable cooler, it’s not yet as tough as some others. This means you need to be more careful.

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The Yeti’s exterior plastic is thinner than the Yeti’s interior plastic. Impacts are therefore more likely to crack the cooler’s body.

It can still be sat on, but you need to be more cautious overall.

Benefits of Coleman over Yeti

Benefits of Coleman over Yeti

A Coleman Xtreme cooler is a better option than a Yeti cooler. These benefits are derived from the cooler’s design.

Way cheaper

This is a clear benefit that we already discussed in great detail. Coleman coolers are 8-10x more affordable than the Yeti.

Many people prefer to spend $40–50 on a functional cooler than $300+ on a rotomoulded with all the bells and whistles.

My campervan was my only source for refrigeration, so I lived in it for a time. I also went off-grid for a few days and didn’t want ice to run out.

The Yeti was a great choice for my family and me. The Coleman is more than enough for the job. We don’t use the campervan much during school holidays and aren’t off-grid.

Made in the USA

  • Kong Coolers made in the USA.
  • Coleman coolers, on the other hand, are made primarily in China. Yeti coolers can be found only at overseas locations.

Customers love to buy products made in the USA as it creates more employment for hardworking Americans.

Lighter and Easy To Carry

Coleman coolers offer this huge advantage. Coleman coolers are lighter than Yeti coolers and so easier to transport.

Because it’s easier to transport, I prefer the Coleman for short trips in my van.

It’s easier to transport from my home to the van, and it’s also easier to move around at the campsite since it is lighter.

Although the Yeti isn’t too heavy, it’s not frustratingly heavy duty. The Coleman is easy to transport.

Cup Holders

Coleman coolers also have cup holders built into the lid.

The Coleman is my companion when driving in my van. It also serves as an extra cup holder for when I’m driving.

The children can use the cup holders to hold their bottles or cups on the site. The cup holders can also be used to hold a beer in place while I light the fire.

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The wheels on the Coleman make a great addition. My Coleman does not have wheels, but I’d love it too.

I would easily move the cooler around when it is fully loaded without worrying about my back.

This is something we’ve discussed in detail in the features section. However, I love that putting wheels in a cooler costs not significantly more.

The Colemans will accept both wheeled and non-wheeled coolers. However, this is not true with Yeti coolers.

Benefits of Yeti over Coleman

The Yeti is more expensive than the Coleman and has better quality. Here are my top picks.

Build Quality and Strength

The Yeti’s build quality is superior to that of the Coleman.

You don’t have to worry about your Yeti getting hurt, and it can take any beating.

It’s sturdy enough to be used as the main step into and out of our van while traveling. It doesn’t break, even if multiple adults or children are sitting or standing on it simultaneously.

Ice Retention

Compared to the Coleman Xtreme, the Yeti retains more ice than the Xtreme.

It can store ice longer, so you can go off-grid longer without worrying about filling it up with water.

The Yeti’s ice retention is more reliable than any other climate. It doesn’t matter if it rains or is hot; I know my Yeti will keep ice for at least five days.

Non-Slip Feet + Tie Downs

They may seem small but are extremely valuable.

My Yeti’s non-slip feet mean I can toss it in my van without worrying about it sliding in the back or smashing into other things.

Sometimes I need to break the cooler suddenly. The cooler slides smoothly and does not cause any damage.

If you’re going on a bumpy or more extreme ride or want to ensure your cooler doesn’t move during the trip, Yeti has tie-down straps.

Branding and Feeling

While the Coleman Xtreme is a great cooler, it’s just a regular cooler.

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The Yeti, on the other side, is a status symbol. My Yeti is stunning, I adore it, and I am honored to call myself a Yeti owner.

Although my Coleman is great, it’s not an instilling pride in me.

However, I want to show my friends the Yeti. They are impressed by how well the cooler works and how much it costs.

Although it sounds absurd, it is just a cooler, but it makes me feel great, which you won’t get from the Coleman.

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FAQs about Coleman cooler vs Yeti Cooler

Are Coleman Xtreme coolers any good?

The Coleman Xtreme Marine Cooler is a good choice. It offers 76.1 quarts usable space. This is pretty impressive for a cooler this affordable. It also performed well, outperforming most budget options we tested.

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What cooler is better than a yeti?

My top pick for the best coolers, similar to Yeti but less expensive, is the Pelican ProGear Elite cooler. It is the most affordable Yeti alternative and has higher ice retention than the Yeti.

How long does ice last in a Coleman Xtreme cooler?

Five days

The Coleman 70-QuartXtreme 5-Day Cooler is a great way to keep food and beverages ice cold at tailgates or campsites. It can keep ice for up to five days at temperatures up to 90 degrees F.

Why are yetis so expensive?

Two simple answers are technology and marketing. The Seiders brothers, enthusiastic outdoorsmen, founded the Austin-based firm after finding no cooler. So that could keep their catch, kill, and drinks cold enough.


This article will help you to distinguish Coleman Xtreme cooler from yeti clearly. Do you know which product is the best coolers for you? This guide will help you become a cooler expert.

Publican Anker also provides answers to many of the most frequently asked questions. We will quickly add information to the problem and check it again.

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