Hard Vs Soft Cooler Comparison 2023: Top Full Guide

Hard Vs Soft Cooler Comparison Top Full Guide 2023
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If you’re in the market for a new portable cooler, the hard vs soft cooler comparison is one you should consider carefully. Best Hard coolers have a reputation for being more durable and keeping items colder for longer, but some people like coolers because they don’t dent if they bump into something and the ice melts and leaks out all over the place.

Soft sided Backpack Coolers

Soft sided Backpack Coolers

The soft side cooler can be used for all-day use and is versatile. It’s great for camping road trips and long drives and makes a great option to take to work or the gym. There are many options for colors, size, and capacities. You can find the right product for you from many different brands.

Backpack cooler is lighter than hard-sided because they have an exterior made from vinyl or fabric. They are also smaller, so your stuff will be lighter. It is easy to transport.

You can take your RTIC soft side anywhere, even if they have shoulder straps. However, the true advantage of soft-sided AO coolers is their ability to be collapsed. They take up less space than hard-sided made of hard plastic. They can be rolled up and stored anywhere.

Hard sided Coolers

Hard sided Coolers

If you are prone to being in harsh environments, an Arctic Zone titan cooler is a better choice. A Yeti cooler is a great option for camping trips that last long in different terrains. Camping can be a rewarding adventure.

This is why Gen Xers and millennials love it so much. According to statistics, about 40% of campers are millennials today. Having a suitable cooler can make a big difference if you’re one of these people.

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Hard coolers are more durable and can store more goods. Although they are portable and lightweight, you can’t compare their lightness to Coleman. This is an excellent option if you are camping with your family and need more food and drink.

Hard sided are also more durable because they are made of durable plastic materials. These coolers are ideal for transporting heavy items long distances.

Soft Cooler Vs Hard Cooler

When deciding between a Yeti hard vs soft cooler Reddit, the most important factor is how you intend to use the Otterbox Trooper lt cooler. Both do the same thing: They keep things cool ( stay cold).

There are many other factors to consider, such as what you want them to cool, for how long, and what context. These are all important questions.

It is possible to get a better understanding of each cooler and make a better decision.

Soft Sided Coolers: Daily Basis

Yeti Soft Sided Coolers

These quart coolers can be used daily and are versatile. This Yeti Roadie cooler is ideal for taking to the gym, school, fishing trips, work, and the golf course.

Because they’re not made from hard plastic, they’re known as RTIC. We like to see it differently.

These Yeti are also soft-sided because they can be used for your life’s “soft” part. They don’t require a heavy-duty cooler that can withstand harsh conditions or keep your food and drinks cold for long periods.

However, all Yeti hopper M30 share some unique characteristics.

Coolers are lighter.

RTIC soft pack 20 weigh less than hard-sided ones. The exterior is usually made from vinyl or fabric and weighs less than the hard-sided.

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These coolers are smaller than hard-sided and have a lower capacity. The cooler your ice packs will make up the bulk of its weight.

A cooler backpack is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry. This is why they’re perfect for day trips use. This brings us to another unique feature you’ll find in soft sided.

Coolers are Highly Portable

This is a huge advantage for coolers. They are light and portable. They also come with convenient shoulder straps.

The cooler is similar to a regular backpack on the outside. It can be carried around like a backpack or backpack, and the weight will be equally distributed on your shoulders.

Coolers are more portable than hard-sided. They can be worn on your shoulders, so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything. This is why they are so convenient.

Soft Coolers are Easy to Store

A soft-sided cooler offers one advantage that isn’t found in hard-sided: it can be collapsed. These coolers are rigid and bulky, so they don’t matter how much is in them. This means that you will need plenty of space to store your personal cooler, empty or full.

Soft-sided coolers, however, can be easily folded or rolled up for storage. This means that they will take up much less space when empty than when whole.

Hard Sided Coolers: Adventure-Ready

Yeti Hard Sided Coolers

The other side of the coin is the hard sided cooler review. These coolers are great if you need one that can withstand harsh environments and keep you cool on long trips. These are just a few of the characteristics.

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Coolers have better Ice Retention.

Hard-sided retains ice retention better than their soft-sided counterparts. This depends on which brands you are comparing (check K2 in the image). If you compare brands, however, the hard-sided cooler will retain ice better than its soft-sided counterpart.

Coolers have a much higher capacity.

Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 are lightweight and easy transport. This means that they are limited in their carrying capacity ( hydro flask). It will become difficult to carry a Yeti Hopper Flip 8 cooler. Hard-sided, however, has no such limitations.

Because coolers are meant to hold drinks, they will be compared based on how many cans they can hold. Hard-sided is made to hold food and drink for longer periods and have greater capacities. If you require a cooler with greater capacity, you should consider a hard-sided Igloo Reactor cooler.

Coolers have much greater Capacity.

Because they are rugged, rotomolded plastic, these last longer than soft-sided ones. These can withstand more harsh environments than coolers. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a hard-sided cooler is the best choice.

Checking more info about Small coolers here: https://publicananker.com/best-small-cooler/

FAQs About Hard Vs Soft Cooler

Which Yeti backflip cooler is better soft or hard?

Soft coolers are more portable.

Yeti soft-sided are lighter and more portable than their hard-sided counterparts. They have shoulder straps and carry handles for easy carrying. For even greater portability, the BackFlip 24 has a backpack strap.

Can you put ice in a soft sided cooler?

The cooler you receive is nothing but a bag with a cooling and freezer-style lining. These bags can be used to store ice and ice packs. The bags are easy to zip or fold up, making them very convenient.

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How long do soft coolers last?

The Yeti rotomolded ( removable liner), on the other hand, is high-quality and expensive. They can withstand the most severe treatment for many years. To make them extra strong and waterproof, Yeti Tundra soft-sided is made from 840-denier nylon.

Are insulated coolers better, hard vs soft coolers?

Before you shop for a cooler, you must decide if you want one or two. Cameron explained that coolers are generally larger than stainless steel cooler bags but will work better than larger ones because they have more insulation. A hard cooler is a good choice if you plan to take a car trip.


The two types of RTIC have a few more differences that you might not have known about. A hard cooler is made of a hard material, which can protect your food better from the sun and keep it colder for longer. A Pelican Elite soft cooler bag vs cooler box usually has cotton insulation, but it could be what you’re looking for if you want to pack a lighter.

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