How To Paint A Cooler Top Full Guide 2023

How To Paint A Cooler Top Full Guide 2023
  • Paul Kahan

Do you ever wish to be different from everyone else? What do you think? Publican Anker shows you How To Paint A Cooler. With one unique cooler, you can get a lot of people to look at your face.

These tips will help you create a cool, cooler drawing fast and easily. While drawing on a cooler can be more difficult than on sand paper. This tutorial will help you show your creativity wherever you go. Keep checking back for more information.

Product Suggestions


  • For texture and finish, use heavy grit. Use fine grit for smoothing.
  • You might consider getting a detail power-sander together with your sisters. The cost is less than $30 at Home Depot, and it eliminates the tedious work of painting.


  • Krylon Indoor/outdoor primer
  • Krylon Fusion is the best for white plastics, and you don’t need to sand.
  • Bulls Eye Water Based Primer and Sealer, Zinsser. Apply two to three coats to ensure it dries quickly and flat. You can purchase it at most home improvement shops.
  • You can purchase adhesive primer at any auto supply shop. It should be located near the Bondo and is designed to make the paint stick to metal and plastic.


  • Minwax (the spray-on works well too)
  • Outdoor Mod Podge Paint On (green label)
  • Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic (clear semi-gloss)
  • Mod Podge Spray Sealer
  • Mod Podge Paint-On sealer (a messy product, but one of the best).
  • Krylon Clear Matte Finish


  • Cooler Connection Facebook Group
  • TSM’s Gallery of Photos
  • Tailgate with a personalized cooler invites you get in the semester.
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How To Paint Your Cooler For Dummies

How To Paint Your Cooler For Dummies

New cooler painting skills have become a Greek tradition. Painting coolers can be painted for formals, birthdays, and big/small reveal parties.

A cooler is always appropriate for any event. Even though it seems easy, you need to be able to make a drawing that is not only resistant to water, weather, and chips but can also withstand a loud party.

What you’ll need

  • An own perfectly customized cooler (fewer curves and texture means it is easier to paint)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Spackle
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint Pens
  • Mod Podge
  • Wax Paper
  • Polyurethane Sealer
  • Primer Paint
  • Sharpies
  • Pencils
  • Brushes (bristle, sponge)
  • Wax/Tracing Paper
  • Painter’s Tape

The Process

The process painting cooler

Step 1: Sand And Spackle

First things first. Use your spackle to smoothen any indentations. Let it dry completely and smoothen them.

This is the time to put in some elbow grease and sand your cooler till it looks as good as freshly shaved legs. However, it might seem tedious and exhausting, which is worth it when your cooler looks fresh years later!

Step 2: Primer

Once your cooler is smoother than McCoy’s, it is time to get to the priming stage. Spray paint adhere that adheres to plastic is a great way to save time and effort. Spray paint sticks better to plastic and dries quicker than traditional paint. To ensure that all sides are properly primed, apply a few coats.

Step 3: Pick Your Designs

You might have an idea of what you want in your cooler. However, this is the perfect time to sketch out what you want and plan where it will go.

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You can print logos, photos, and crests. Then trace more complex pieces with a pencil on wax or tracing paper. You can also freehand things if you feel brave. But you should know that stencils and tracing papers exist.

Step 4: Transfer Your Stencils Onto The Cooler

You can freehand your logos and designs onto the cooler. If you are using tracing papers, place the tissue paper with your image onto the cooler in the way you wish it to look. Tape it to the cooler so that it doesn’t move and affect the image’s look.

To transfer your extremely complicated image, you can either use a pencil to press it down or a Sharpie. It would help if you were careful with Sharpies, as it can show through paint after everything is done.

You can print a high-quality image of a complex that you need more confidence reproducing. Modify Podge the image onto the cooler later.

Step 5: PAINT

Get out your paintbrushes and pens because it’s time for some color! You should only paint one side at a time. Other than that, you can handle where you begin.

For minor details and lettering, use paint pens, sponges, foam brushes for huge areas, and ordinary brushes for anything else.

Tape certain areas to make sure you don’t paint on the wrong side or ruin another area. You can paint a side of your cooler a different color. Also, you might consider painting bow ties or golf balls to smoothen the transition.

Mod Podge each layer of paint after it has dried. Mod Podge may “pull” paint from the cooler. This is also where you would Mod Podge intricate images!

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Step 6: Let It Dry

After you have finished your side, wait for the paint to dry completely. You can apply Mod Podge to the cooler to ensure the paint doesn’t chip. Let the Mod Podge dry completely on the cooler for at least a day.

Step 7: Seal It Up

This is the most tedious but most important step. Before you apply the next layer of sealant, make sure that each layer is dry completely. Spray or brush-on sealant can be used, but make sure to clean your brush thoroughly after you’re done.

Step 8: Dry And Load It Up

Allow the sealant to completely dry for at most one day after you have applied it. Then, fill it with whatever all the goodies you like. Enjoy!

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What Kind of Paint Do You Use On the Cooler?

Any Acrylic paint will work well with COOLERS by paint coolers. Our Acrylic Paints range or any new high-quality matte finish the greatest results. To create fine letters or to touch up small areas, use Paint Pens/ Sharpies.

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Can You Paint A Beautiful Cooler Without Sanding It?

The paint will peel off with a scratch on your paintbrush if you don’t sand. If I didn’t make it clear enough, SANDING IS NOT OPTIONAL. Sanding is required if you plan to paint any area of the cooler. The cooler freehand should be coated with a semi-white coating if done properly.

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Can You Paint A Plastic Cooler?

Tape the cooler’s interior with tape and tissue paper. Spray paint primer for plastic. After the drying process, spray paint with primer for the plastic. Voila!

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Cooler?

This project took approximately one week to complete. The total time spent painting was probably 12 hours. The rest of the time was used to dry the cooler sides.


Do you want to add a new touch to your cooler? The most sought-after decorative is drawing on your cooler. Publican Anker is certain that you’ll create a unique cooler after you read this article. These methods are very effective.

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