How To Make A Waterproof Cooler Radio: Top Full Guide 2023

How To Make A Waterproof Cooler Radio Top Full Guide 2022

A waterproof radio is essential for picnics. Ever wondered How To Make A Waterproof Cooler Radio that is just for you? Imagine if your unique item is something that many people will admire.

Publican Anker is certain that it will be great. It not only saves money but also makes you stand out from others. Regrettably, you have skipped this tutorial. Follow the instructions at the end to create a waterproof cooler radio.

How To Make A Waterproof Cooler Radio Quickly And Easily

How To Make A Waterproof Cooler Radio Quickly And Easily

Step 1. Materials

My cooler would have speakers, an amp, LEDs on the exterior and retain its functionality. This cooler stereo is made of simple materials:

  • Cooler: Any cooler will work. I bought mine from Craigslist for $5. It holds about fifty quarts. It had to be big enough that it could still function as a cooler.
  • Amp: You can choose which amp you prefer. The Pyle Hydra mini marine amp was my choice. It is simple to use, sounds great, and runs well so far.
  • Speakers: Once again, you have the option to choose as many or few as you like. I chose the Infinity Reference 6.5-inch marine speakers. They are perfect for the job and sound great.
  • Spare wire: Any wire will work. I used 20 gauge cheap wire to wire my led projects. Any gauge is acceptable, but 16-20 is preferred.
  • Battery: It worked great with a small motorcycle-sized battery. It is compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport the cooler.
  • The battery maintainer plug is a plug that attaches to the battery to allow it to be changed easily without having to remove the plastic cover.
  • Optional: LEDs You can search amazon for “led strip” and find large rolls of lights for around ten dollars. $10
  • ABS plastic: If you want to protect your electronics from using your cooler as a cooler, you will need abs plastic. $20
  • Silicone: I used it to seal my abs plastic to give my silicone a waterproof seal. You can find this at Menards, Walmart, and most hardware stores.
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Step 2: Tools

These are the items you will need to make your cooler stereo:

  • Drill
  • Drill bit 3/4″
  • You could use a soldering iron and soldering glue (clamp-on clips could also be used).
  • Strippers for wire
  • Caulk gun (optional. You could push the silicone out with both your hands).
  • Use a jigsaw or drill to remove the speaker holes.
  • Heat shrink tubing or electrical tape
  • Knife

Step 3: Cut Speaker Holes

Cut Speaker Holes

Each speaker has a cutout diameter that is specific to it. Mine was 5 1/8″ Once you have found the diameter (mine was 5-1/8″), you can use your Dremel to make the holes for the speakers.

Step 4: Drill Holes for Toggle Switches and Maintainer Plug

This is where you drill the holes for your toggle switch, which powers your system. Also, mount any other items to the cooler. My system includes a toggle switch to turn on the power, volume control, and an auxiliary input Jack.

I made sure that my holes were at the same distance from each other and the speakers. As with all toggle switches, my toggle switch required a hole of 3/4 inches. These were drilled using my 3/4 inch wood bit.

Step 5: Put on LEDs!! (Optional)

Although this step is optional, I highly recommend it. The light strips can be placed wherever you like, but you must wire them.

So that the light wires could be run through the hole in the speakers, I chose to place one strip underneath each speaker. After mounting the LEDs, connect the wires to the speaker.

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Step 6: Wire Everything

This step is the most difficult. This is the most confusing step. The speakers should be connected directly to the amps’ speaker inputs.

You will need to run power, ground, or remote wires to connect your amp to the toggle switch. Although it is best to use clips, I decided to solder the wires. Once you have connected your wires to the amp, run two wires to the toggle switch. These wires will be power and ground.

There are two possible ways to wire your LEDs. The first causes the LEDs to flash in conjunction with the music. This is what I did. You can also tie the LEDs to a switch so they turn on/off but don’t flash.

  • First, take the positive and the negative wires from the led strip and connect them to the speaker’s positive and negative terminals.
  • The second option is to connect the power and ground wires from the LEDs to your toggle switch to the same terminals as the amp. Don’t forget to connect your battery maintainer plug, red to the positive and black to negative.

Step 7: Mount Everything in Place

After you have wired everything together, it is important to ensure that nothing moves. I just screwed my amp in the floor of my cooler and mounted my speakers using the screws provided.

I used a plate that came from a fried drill battery charger to mount the battery. Then, I screwed it into the ground and then put the battery in it. It is possible to glue wood strips around the battery.

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This is where your cooler’s maintainer plug should be connected to the battery. Either drill a hole in the wall for your retainer plug or remove your drain cap to use it as a maintainer plug. It was placed right next to the battery with as little hole as possible.

Step 9: Mount the Abs

Building DIY cooler radio

You can use silicone and abs plastic to keep your cooler cool. First, you need to decide how you want to wall off your stuff. Next, measure and cut the plastic according to your measurements. If your plastic is bent, you can place it on a flat surface with a torch and apply slight downward pressure to it. It worked great.

Step 10: Seal Off the Plastic

Once your plastic has been installed, seal it and brace it to ensure it doesn’t flex or leak. I applied liquid nails to the entire plastic and then added silicone.

Make sure to seal the hole you have drilled for your maintainer plug. This will ensure that everything is watertight.

Your cooler is now complete! Your masterpiece is complete after spending about 200 dollars and hours of labor. Although my cooler stereo was quite expensive, it could be easily lowered using cheaper materials like the amp and speakers.

You could also add a solar panel that plugs into the retainer plug on your cooler. This would allow you to charge your battery while you are out tailgating/doing other things.

These are very easy to construct, but you might consider hiring someone to do them if they’re not for you. I would expect to pay 250-300 dollars depending on the materials used.

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FAQs about Cooler Radio DIY

What is The Best Way to Waterproof My Cooler Radio?

There are a few things you can do to waterproof your cooler radio.

  • First, you can buy a waterproof case or bag to put your radio in. This will protect it from the elements and keep it dry.
  • You can also seal the seams of your cooler with waterproof tape. This will prevent water from getting in and damaging your radio.
  • Finally, you can apply a waterproofing spray to your radio. This will create a barrier against water and help keep your radio dry.

What Are Some Tips For Making a Cooler Radio Waterproof?

If you’re looking to make your radio waterproof, you can do a few things.

  • First, ensure that all the seals on your radio are tight and secure. This will help to keep water from getting inside.
  • You can also use a waterproofing spray or coating on your radio to help protect it from the elements.
  • Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your radio in a waterproof bag or container when you’re not using it, just to be safe.
  • Taking these precautions can help ensure that your radio stays dry and protected, even in the most inclement of weather.

How to Make a Bluetooth Stereo Cooler?

How to Build a DIY Cooler Bluetooth Speaker?

How to Make Cooler Boombox DIY?

This is a great question! There are a few things you can do to make a cooler boombox.

  • One option is to add a subwoofer. This will give your boombox more bass and make it sound fuller.
  • Another option is to add an amplifier. This will make your boombox louder and give you more control over the sound.
  • Finally, you can add cool accessories like LED lights or carrying cases. These will make your boombox stand out and give you a unique look.
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If you want to learn how to make a waterproof cooler radio, be sure to follow the instructions at the end of this blog post. You’ll be glad you did, and your friends will be impressed by your unique creation! Finally, thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to visit Publican Anker to get more useful knowledge.

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