How To Build A Refrigerator Cabinet Top Full Guide 2023

How To Build A Refrigerator Cabinet Top Full Guide 2023

It is always difficult for women to figure out How To Build A Refrigerator Cabinet. What if you are forced to build your refrigerator cabinet by yourself? What should you do? It’s a headache.

The tutorial below will help you solve any problem you may encounter. Publican Anker’s articles are based entirely on real-life experiences. Publican Anker also cares about your health. The methods we offer are almost always going to help you save money and your health. For more information, please refer to the article.

How To Build Cabinets Around Your New Fridge

How to Build Cabinets Around Your New Fridge

You might consider adding cabinets to your fridge if you want to make your kitchen look more appealing. These fixtures will transform your dull, messy kitchen into a stylish, well-organized space. They are easy to install.

Step 1 – Measure the Space for the Refrigerator

Although it may sound complicated, a refrigerator cupboard is not any different from other kitchen cabinets. Measure it at 24 inches. Although it may sound small, by placing the cabinets closer to the refrigerator, you can add more storage and make the cabinet accessible.

Doors can be used to cover your refrigerator. However, the cabinet must be large enough to fit inside the fridge. It is important to ensure that your refrigerator’s clearances are within the manufacturer’s recommended limits.

It is important not to make your fridge too small.

Once you know the depth of your cabinet, sketch how you want it to look. Also, you will need to determine how much space to leave around your fridge.

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Manufacturers recommend that there be a clearance of at least 5/4 inches to 1 inch on each side. You should make sure that ventilation is created at the bottom of any older refrigerator without cooling coils.

Step 2 – Choose the Wood

You likely want the cabinet to match your kitchen. To do this, you will need to track the same wood or finish. You could also offset your cabinets with something else or use simple, edged plywood.

It might be worth matching any crown molding that you have or adding crown molding to the area you do not have.

Step 3 – Build the Cabinet Frame

It is easy to build the cabinet frame. Use a 5/4 inch stock for the side panels. Attach 1/4-inch plywood at the back of your upper cabinet.

The fun part is putting it all together. After your refrigerator is installed, you can begin building the cabinet around it. Make sure you use your level when building cabinets parallel to the walls and floors.

The top will likely need to be shimmed. Next, check that the refrigerator’s top is level. Then, take it out and attach the top cabinet to both the sides panels. You can style or add molding to the cabinet however you like.

If you plan to cover the opening, now is the time for doors. Although you can make your doors, this requires a little more skill and a router. It is best to order the right size and finish.

Install hinges on your doors. One at the top and one towards the bottom. Screw them in place. As you mark the location for the hinge inside the cabinet, a friend or family member should hold the door steady. You can double-check the placement of the hinges and then fix them in place.

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Step 4 – Finish the Wood

You can match your cabinetry with a stain or laminate or create something completely different to make your fixture stand out. You can match the stain and finish requirements with the manufacturer or check if they have a laminate you can use.

Step 5 – Slide the New Fridge into Place

Slide the New Fridge into Place

It would help if you also place your refrigerator in the cabinet. You can slide your refrigerator in by placing a large section of laminate on the flooring. After the refrigerator is in place, lift the laminate while tilting it.

You now have a stylish, modern kitchen with lots of storage.

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Can you enclose a refrigerator?

To allow air circulation, the fridge must be kept open. Otherwise, it will heat up and cause damage to the motor. Sides: Allow 1/2 to 1 inch between cabinetry and walls.

How do you cut the bottom of a refrigerator to fit a cabinet?

Draw a line with a straightedge around the area where the cabinet should be cut. To reduce the length of the cabinet, you can use a circular saw. Once you have cut the cabinet through, trim the bottom to fit back. Attach it from the bottom.

What size cabinet goes over the fridge?

An overhead cabinet’s standard height is 30 inches. However, you can get cabinets that are 36-inch or 42 inches tall to make the cabinets reach the ceiling. This will maximize storage space. The standard opening for refrigerators is 36 inches wide, and the standard width of wall cabinets over refrigerators is 36 inches.

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How do you hide a fridge in a cabinet?

It is usually easiest to recess the refrigerator into the wall. However, other options include building the cabinets on the same wall as the refrigerator to be the same depth or positioning it on its wall and making it into a larger cabinet.


Wow! It’s done. It is done! Publican Anker’s experience shows that you don’t need to be concerned about buying a refrigerator at the store. Instead, the sellers will bring you beautiful cabinets.

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