Camp Zero Cooler Review 2021: Top Full Guide For You

Camp Zero Cooler Review 2021 Top Full Guide For You

Camp Zero Cooler review is made from the high-quality closed-cell foam known for its lightweight and strength. These coolers are tough as nails! In this review, you will find out everything you need to know about the world’s most durable cooler. Camp Zero Coolers are tough as nails, and they’ll keep dry ice for up to 48 hours!

Available Sizes And Dimensions Of Camp Zero Coolers

Available Sizes And Dimensions

Coolers have had variety since the beginning. It tells you so much about a company. Camp Zero may not be as famous as Pelican, but it still offers a variety of choices between soft-sided and hard-sided coolers. Let’s see if it has what we need.

Camp Zero Hard-Sided Coolers

Hard-sided coolers are, in essence, the key to variety because they are aimed at invested buyers looking more for a long-term partner than a casual companion. Camp Zero is proud of its six models, and it’s rightfully so.

The brand offers coolers from 10 to 20 Qt up to 80 and 110 Qt. Camp Zero can meet most market requirements, even if there are a few extra sizes. You won’t need a huge cooler unless you are looking for one.

Camp Zero Soft-Sided Coolers

Camp Zero’s soft-sided coolers are ideal for those who want a compact and practical cooler.

Camp Zero seems to be one of few brands that devote equal effort towards soft-sided coolers. Camp Zero offers a gradual transition from a 12-can capacity to a 40-can beast with three other sizes in between.

Soft coolers can handle impossible situations with hard-sided coolers despite being considerably weaker than those made of metal.

A Camp Zero soft-sided cooler is a great choice if you are into camping, hiking, or just simple 24-48 hour adventures.

Build and Materials

Camp Zero Coolers are generally made from rotomolded plastic ethylene. This means they can withstand the most severe ice chillers. Its unique rotomolded construction makes it almost indestructible and is ideal for outdoor adventures.

These coolers are IGBC certified, which is a great thing. Your food will be safe from hungry bears.

Camp Zero Coolers have a unique latch system that locks the lid. These latches can be opened easily to reach your drink.

These coolers are also faithful to the brand. Camp Zero Coolers are designed with convenience in mind.

It has an anti-slip lid and cup holders. Comfortable molded handles make it easy to carry. There is also a locking system that keeps its insides cold and sealed. The feet are reversible nylon rubber feet that prevent them from falling over. These are only a few of our favorite features.

We are impressed by their tough construction and use of premium materials. They are also lightweight and portable, making them suitable for all situations.

Ice Retention And Insulation Ability

Ice Retention And Insulation Ability

For products that spend most of their lives outdoors, resilience is crucial. But performance is equally important. Portable coolers are purchased for dry ice retention according to priority. This pushes many companies to go above and beyond the limits of their budget.

Camp Zero coolers are roto-molded, which should make them stand out from other “cheap” coolers. This type of build involves a dual axle rotation process to create the mold of the best cooler as one piece.

After this is done, Camp Zero coolers are sealed and protected from every corner. This gives them an advantage in harsh outdoor conditions.

The next step in the insulation of Camp Zero coolers is the same as any premium cooler. The coolers are then injected with a dense foam material that fits tightly between the walls. This creates a divider that reduces external temperature. The foam contains a lot of small bubbles that diffuse heat and cold, slowing down the process.

Camp Zero coolers have a rubber gasket that seals the lid to the cooler. This secures the best cooler against any warm air and makes it impenetrable. This extra barrier will prevent warm air from entering the best cooler by locking it.

Camp Zero doesn’t endorse any shiny slogans about how effective their ice retention is. It can only retain dry ice cold for days
on smaller models and slightly more than five days on larger models.

Although it may sound disadvantageous, it is essential to remember that these coolers are expensive and should be compared with the market value. You’ll see that Camp Zero coolers are decent.


Camp Zero Coolers are also of high quality. As you can see, all Camp Zero coolers are subject to strict quality control protocols.

The Camp Zero Ice Chest is also equipped with commercial-grade insulation and a freezer-grade sealing gasket. We’ll be glad to discuss this further.

Camp Zero’s hardware is made of stainless steel. This tells us they can withstand long periods.

Overall, we are very impressed by the quality of the Camp Zero Cooler.


A cooler’s features are often in its favor, except when they become a nuisance. Camp zero 16l premium cooler seems to have put enough effort and time into creating these coolers to provide you with the best practical features at a significant discount.

Virtual indestructibility

Camp Zero coolers are made to last. Camp Zero coolers are built to be free of attachments and pieces so they won’t get damaged beyond repair.

Therefore, even if you spend most of your time outdoors, you probably won’t need another cooler.

Animal Attack Certified

Rotational molding, which uses the most brutal polyethylene combinations, also creates a bear-proof cooler.

Camp Zero coolers are among the most affordable animal-proof coolers, which benefits hunters and campers who enjoy camping.

Molded-In Latching And Locking System

Camp Zero coolers are an affordable option. Could you take a look at their latching system? These coolers have latches that are very similar to those found at Walmart, which is not bad.

Camp Zero cooler latches are reliable, simple, and easily replaceable.

Multi-purpose Lid

Portable coolers have recently adopted this trend. A lid doesn’t need to be just a cover. Camp Zero joined the multi-functional lid caravan by adding a few drink holders to the top.

The non-slip texture lid has two lock slots at the front and molded tie-down slides to provide extra security.

Anti-slip Rubber Feet

Rubber feet are small but can make a big difference to those who are constantly on the go. This little feature will make your car more stable, no matter what vehicle it is.

Easy Grip Handles

The smaller models have an aluminum handle that looks like Yeti Tundra coolers, but the larger models come with flexible rope handles.

Rope handles are the best option for outdoor use because they are flexible and less likely be to snap or twist under pressure.

The handles have a plastic grip to make them easier to hold and less painful.

Other Features

Here’s a list of honorable mentions to help you get started with your Camp Zero coolers review.

  • Fully protected hinge bar
  • Fine threaded draining device
  • Reversible feet
  • Secure fit with integrated hinge
  • Molded-in handles
  • 5-year limited warranty

Camp Zero Coolers – Value For Money?

Camp Zero Coolers can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Prices can vary depending on size. Most small coolers cost $79, and the largest coolers cost over $400. They are half the cost of YETI coolers. This is very impressive. We’ll get into more detail about Camp Zero vs. YETI Tundra later.

We believe this brand has a great price per quart cooler when compared to the features of its coolers.

A 5-year warranty covers all hard-sided coolers.

We don’t know where the product is manufactured at the time we write this. Although the design was done in the United States of America, it is unclear if the manufacturing process is outsourced. Given the low price, this may be possible.

Camp Zero Coolers offer a decent alternative to premium coolers if you are on a tight budget.

Who is it for?

Camp Zero coolers offer a great deal of versatility and affordability, making them a perfect fit for anyone. These coolers can be used to serve everyone, regardless of the size.

You will find the right match for you in the wide range of products from the brand, no matter if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, picnic, beach cooler, or a hunter, angler, or camper. You won’t be disappointed if you’re satisfied with the brand’s ice retention capabilities.

Camp Zero Vs. Yeti: Which Is Better?

Although it’s almost impossible to compare Camp Zero with Yeti Tundra, we can still draw a distinction. We hope that the Camp Zero cooler review will be satisfying once we have finished our little comparison.

Camp Zero coolers are undoubtedly durable and will last a lifetime. Yeti Tundra has made this an even more important aspect of their product. Yeti coolers can be untouchable, as they have stood the test of time.

Yeti Tundra also has one of the largest ranges on the market, with many lines and tens to choose from for coolers. Camp Zero still offers a wide range of coolers, including soft-coolers. Camp Zero is not going under, even though Yeti Tundra is better.

Pricing is a controversial topic because most people disagree with it. Many buyers will go to great lengths to obtain the best product, but some are looking for the best value. That’s the exact difference between the two brands. Even though Yeti Tundra coolers can be expensive, they don’t perform well. This makes Camp Zero more attractive.

Similarly Priced Coolers Worth Looking At

You might be hesitant to buy a Camp Zero Cooler. However, you may also consider these similar-priced options. These are the most important features that we have found.


Cordova is an alternative. Cordova is a 100% American-made the best cooler that’s IGBC-certified and rotomolded construction. It also comes with thick, eco-friendly insulation.

It has an ice retention rate of up to 10 Days for larger coolers and as low as 7 Days for smaller coolers.

Cordova Coolers also feature patented metal handles with top-down latches so that you can be sure they are built for heavy-duty use.

The brand is very competitive when it comes to pricing. They are 100% American-made coolers less expensive than Camp Zero’s and come with lifetime warranties. This is a great deal for the price.

The only problem we can see is the fact that Cordova offers only five cooler sizes.

RTIC Coolers

RTIC, a well-known brand of affordable coolers, has sold millions to satisfied customers. RTIC has been field-tested over the years to ensure reliability.

RTIC has five sizes available, which is less than Camp Zero’s 8. However, the large RTIC cooler was cheaper than Camp Zero’s largest size for the price per quart cooler. However, the price of their smaller and medium sizes is nearly equal.

Both brands share the same technology and offer similar features. However, they also lack a bottle opener. Camp Zero’s advantage would be the molded cup holders at the lid.

RTIC Coolers Review is an affordable and proven alternative that will not disappoint. If you have more details about RTIC, let’s click here:

Engel Coolers

Engel Coolers is the place to go if you want more options in size. Engel Coolers offers 12 sizes, which is more than YETI Tundra.

Engel Coolers was founded in 1962. They are one of the first companies that offered rotomolded coolers. They are IGBC-certified and feature 2-inch closed-cell foam insulation. This insulation can provide up to 8 days of ice retention.

Engel Coolers are a fraction more expensive than Camp Zero Coolers but offer a 10-year warranty. These coolers were made in Thailand, so it is worth considering before you buy. Reading more here:


Camp Zero coolers are durable containers that can be used to store food while camping. They come in many different shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your needs. They are sturdy containers with high-quality insulation, so your perishables will be safe even when it gets hot out.

The lids on these coolers are made of tight seal plastic, making them easy to carry on your back or bike. This is a great product for anyone who loves to go camping!

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