Yeti 65 Vs 75 Comparison 2023: Top Full Guide

Yeti 65 Vs 75 Comparison 2023 Top Full Guide
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The Yeti 65 vs 75 article discusses the contrasts between these two jackets. It points out that the 65 does not come with a waterproof build but has less weight to keep the individual comfortable. Conversely, the 75 has a waterproof build to keep the individual dry and includes various features to keep them warm.

The two most popular sizes in Yeti coolers have been the Yeti 65 and 75. The 75 has a larger volume, but the 65 offers lower prices for those looking to save money.

Yeti 65 Vs 75 – Comparison Table

Yeti 65 Vs 75 - Comparison Table


The Yeti 65 and 75 are very similar in outlook. Both have a rugged yet sleek feel.

T-rex Latches: T-rex latches are robust latches that can withstand frequent use without breaking. The latch mechanism allows the lid of the gasket to be hugged by the gasket, thus blocking out heat.

Double haul handles made of polyester rope. It is easy to carry, especially when full.

LipGrip handles

Vortex Drain: Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches or pools of ice. The drain plug is rugged, leakproof, and designed to drain water efficiently without tilting the cooler.

Non-slip feet are included to ensure that your cooler does not slip in the back of your truck or SUV.

Tie-down slots: Equipped for fast mounting to your truck bed, your boat, etc.

Size / Capacity

Tundra 65 can hold 42 cans and 52 pounds of ice. Depending on how you use it, this hard cooler can be either medium-sized or large. The soft coolers are a great choice for long trips, as it can store enough to keep a company’s belongings for several days.

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Tundra 75 includes an additional 57 cans and 7o pounds of the ice chest. If you have many supplies to take with you, the 75 has enough space for 15 cans more than the Tundra 65.


The YETI 65 weighs in at 29 lbs and is 5 lbs lighter than the Cooler 55.

Although it may not seem like much, this is your base weight. The load will become heavier when you add all of your belongings. You may be able to save some time by reducing the weight of 5 lbs.

Even if the quart cooler won’t be likely to move from the truckbed, it won’t matter much if you have extra weight. As long as you have a hand to lift it there, that is.

Durability/ Construction

The Tundra 65 & 75 are rugged, burly, and made with the same manufacturing process. The coolers feature rotomolded construction with up to 2 inches of permafrost insulation. YouTube videos have many reviews that show Yeti’s strength by dragging the cooler to the ground and smashing it.

Some reviewers used a chainsaw or bullet to check the strength. The rotomolded cooler passed the rigorous test. They were able to destroy Yeti, but it was not an easy task to penetrate the walls.

Yeti punched holes on both sides to lock the cooler. This protects against thieves and protects against grizzly bears.

The 65 and 75 are made from the same materials and have strengths to enable the chests to withstand the harsh elements outdoors.


These coolers can be used outdoors in extreme conditions. Each cooler is better suited to different activities if you consider weight, portability, size, and other factors.

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The Tundra 75 has more provisions. So you can bring more supplies and don’t have to go to town as often when you’re in a remote forest cabin. On the other hand, the hopper flip 65 is a great partner for weekend warrior couples who want to camp out in the woods.


You can call me superficial, but I prefer the color of a Ice cooler reviews. Here are some options.

The Tundra75 is available in basic white or desert sand. The Tundra haul 65 has more, with aquifer, navy, desert tan, and white. Although preference is subjective, it’s important to note that the tundra absorbs more heat the darker it is.


The Tundra 75 and 65 are long-term investments. I believe their tough exterior and excellent ice retention interior are worth every penny.

But, I understand that dealers may find the high price point to be frustrating. The Tundra 55 offers the same technology but at a lower price.

Ice Retention

There is an arbitrary belief that the Tundra 75 will have a longer ice life because it has more room. Contrary to popular belief, Tundra coolers retain almost the same amount of ice.

You can increase this by packing your cooler properly and reducing the frequency of opening the lid. It would help to consider the weather conditions and how long your cooler is left out in the open.

On average, the 65 or 75 can store four days worth of ice. You can get as much as seven days of dry ice depending on the quality of ice packs, how well the cooler is packed, and real-life situations and weather.

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You can still decide on the ice chest that is right for you. You might need to let go of the price. You can spend a hundred dollars more on the 75, but it’s worth it if you need extra space.

Yeti Tundra 65 Vs Tundra 75 – Who Wins It?

Yeti Tundra 65 Vs Tundra 75 – Who Wins It

There are many things to debate about the specifications of Tundra 65 and Tundra 75. When choosing a cooler, you should consider your needs first. We have compiled a list of the top coolers available to help you decide which cooler is best for your needs.

These coolers can be used in any way that the customer wants. Decide on the differences and find what works for you.

This port also provides information about Tundra 35 Vs 45:

How We Tested Tundra 65 and 75 to Bring You the Results

Here is a list of the factors that we considered when testing Tundra 65 & 75:

Technical Specifications of 65 vs 75

We carefully reviewed the technical specifications of each cooler and compared them to other coolers. We also checked to see if the coolers had been rotomolded. We tried to answer the following questions.

  • What is the cooling capacity of the coolers?
  • What kind of lid gaskets do they use?
  • What type of handles and lid latches does the cooler have?

Materials Used

The coolers were tested for environmental friendliness by our team. We also tested the quality and durability of the materials. We don’t want coolers that fail after a few months.

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Construction and Design

We were hoping you could purchase a cooler that looks great and works well. We solicited opinions from customers to test the fatwall design and construction of Tundra 65/75. We made sure that each feature was tested on both coolers.

Quality Insulation

Ice retention and insulation quality go hand-in-hand. We tested Tundra 65 & 75 by keeping drinks, food, ice, and water for nearly a week.

Comparison With Other Similar Coolers on the Market

What about other coolers similar to the Hard coolers. Are the cooler sizes just copies of the originals, or are they serious contenders for your business? These were the factors that influenced our research and testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Yeti Tundra 75 too big?

These coolers are strong and stylish and will be a great choice. You might consider Tundra 65 or 75 if you are looking for a large, durable, medium, or large-sized cooler from the Tundra range.

Is the Yeti 65 worth it?

It is extremely durable and has the highest-quality insulation available. It can do everything you need, from a chest cooler and more. This cooler is often copied but not duplicated. It has a drain plug that can be used to drain the water.

How many beers will a yeti 65 hold?

Here is what I found. The Tundra 65 is extremely durable. YETI claims that the cooler is bear-resistant, a claim I would not question after seeing its construction. The cooler can store 39 cans of beer and the ice needed to keep them cool. It also has 57.6 Liters of storage.

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Will a yeti 65 hold a deer?

The Roadie 65 cooler is trendy, but it is only 57-Quarts incapacity. It is likely too small to be used by deer. (See all Yeti capacities).

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The 65 and 75 are two of the most popular in the industry and have won a wide range of awards. You can find these speakers at almost any store. They come in different sizes and prices. The only difference between the two is the price and sound quality, which you should consider before buying.

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