RTIC 52 Ultra Light Review 2021: Top Full Guide

RTIC 52 Ultra Light Review 2021 Top Full Guide

A customer comes to you and asks for a quote on a Rtic 52 ultra light review. What would your response be? Would you recommend purchasing this product? An RTIC 52 ultra-light hard cooler review is a top-of-the-line cooler that is durable and lightweight.

If your customer is looking for a cooler that can get the job done without causing hassle, this is the perfect multi-purpose cooler.

RTIC Ultra-Light 52-Quart Cooler Reviews

RTIC Ultra-Light 52-Quart Cooler Reviews

Rotomolded coolers can be highly durable and efficient. RTIC’s premium hard-sided cooler range is made of rotomolded coolers. They can hold ice for many days. Rotomolded coolers do have one problem: They are heavy. They’re also heavy once they are filled with food and ice.

The injection-molded RTIC Ultralight Cooler is now available. It is 10 pounds lighter than similar rotomolded coolers. What does this mean for the cooler’s overall innovative injected molded design?

Injection-molded coolers are made up of multiple pieces. Each piece can be optimized to reduce weight while still providing insulation. For example, the RTIC ultra-light 52 review still has thick walls with up to 3″ of closed-cell foam insulation.

RTIC may have used adhesives to hold the lid and walls together in some places. You can also see two pieces of closed-cell foam insulation in the traction lid. Screws are holding them together. It’s not as strong as a single-piece rotomolded lid, but it is excellent. It’s very sturdy, and I don’t have any hesitation in standing on it.

Keys to Cooling Power

While thick walls are great for keeping food cool, you need an excellent lid seal. The RTIC Ultra-Light cooler has one person. Although cheaper coolers can be found in department stores, most cooler manufacturers now include gaskets. A gasket is required for multi-day ice-keeping retention performance. This prevents micro leaks that can melt ice.

The non-slip step stool feet of the RTIC Ultralight Cooler keep your cooler in its place at the back. They also elevate the cooler’s base from hot surfaces. This prevents direct heat transfer to your cooler.

These elements can be combined to create a cooler that can store ice for up to ten days.

Total Package Features

The RTIC Ultra-Light cooler is not only equipped with the usual cooling features found in most rotomolded coolers on the market, but it’s also highly user-friendly.

RTIC is a premium lightweight hard cooler that still packs a punch. It is robust and will withstand years of abuse measure audience engagement. You get 30% less weight and 10% more ruggedness. This is a fair tradeoff for weight savings, especially since the cooler will last ten years.

The lid is secured with rubber T-latches. They are solid but not as tight as the ones on my Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer injection-molded coolers. The RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler can be opened by children while their parents struggle with, or can’t open the Cabela’s Polar Cap hard-sided coolers.

RTIC gives you two different handles. The first is the molded-in side handle, which can be used to carry the cooler alone. RTIC also includes padded rope handles that are ideal for carrying the cooler around with a friend.

There are also molded tie-down slots. Besides that, our list has more great info about RTIC Cooler Review 2021: https://publicananker.com/rtic-cooler-review/

Interior Innovative Injected Molded Design

RTIC also includes an interior removable divider. This remarkably slim removable divider can also be used as an ice pack. It will give you a cooling boost if it isn’t in use. It’s pretty clever.

Some cooler competitors offer removable dividers as an add-on accessory, so it was a pleasant surprise to see RTIC include them at no additional extra cost. The included upper basket is the same. An upper basket is excellent for keeping food from drying out as the ice melts.

Two Drain Holes?

RTIC has two drain holes. This seemed odd at first. But then, I rethought it. Although I don’t drain cold water from my injection-molded coolers when camping or out and about, I do it occasionally. Sometimes, my injection-molded coolers are placed in areas where the drain hole is not on the right side. The RTIC Ultra-Light cooler allows you to use the drain hole that is most convenient for you at the time you need it. It’s great.

The Perfect Size

The Perfect Size

The weight savings were already discussed, but there’s more: the internal capacity. Most rotomolded coolers are limited in their same capacity. The cooler looks big from the outside. However, when you open the cooler up, you will find a minimal interior.

The typical 45-quart cooler I have is not big enough to hold everything I need. This means that I end up taking multiple coolers with me camping. The smartest campers will use one cooler for food and another cooler for drinks. If you have interested in Rtic 45 Cooler Review 2021: https://publicananker.com/rtic-45-cooler-review/

It’s okay to run out of ice in your drink cooler. Most drinks won’t go wrong once they’re warm. Keep your cooler cool by not opening the fridge as often as possible.

The problem is when all your vital supplies cold food can’t fit into one cooler.

The RTIC Ultra-Light cooler is 52-quarts. This is a little more than other rotomolded coolers of this size. It is easier to place and orient food containers because of its extra cost interior dimensions.

The RTIC Ultra-Light cooler is my favorite camping cooler in 2021. It has a lot more space and lighter weight. I have tried many injection-molded coolers and outdoor gear and am constantly using the gear I like.

Here’s what I do when I pack to go: I grab the RTIC Ultralight Cooler first, then add other coolers around it depending upon what I am doing. This cooler is very reliable.

To get more storage, why not size up to a 65-quart Rotomolded Cooler? It’s a legitimate question. It’s something I have thought about many times. Although the 60-65 quart range is ideal for camping, it can be a hassle if you need to transport a cooler down a steep river bank.

RTIC’s 65 QT premium hard-sided cooler weighs in at 36 pounds empty. Most people will shout at you to get a friend to help you carry it if it is complete.

Excellent Long Lasting Ice Retention

How does the RTIC Ultra-Light cooler keep things cool? It is very effective at keeping things cool.

It performed well in all temperatures. I tested it out while camping and driving with the RTIC Ultralight Cooler in the back seat of a pickup.

Even though I only used half the recommended ice, I was able to get three days of long-lasting ice retention from the RTIC Ultralight Cooler. For best results, cooler manufacturers recommend that you use a 2-to-1 ratio of ice to food/drink.

My high-end coolers have a 1-to-2 ratio of ice to food/drink for most weekend camping trips. Although it’s not recommended, I prefer to use high-quality coolers. This allows me to consume less ice whenever I need it.

RTIC Ultra-Light Coolers seem to retain ice at a comparable level to other rotomolded coolers. It is certainly good enough not to consider it a major deciding factor compared with rotomolded coolers used for camping.

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RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler Alternatives & Competition

The RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler is an excellent option for the right balance of weight, durability, and cooling power. These are some other options:

Pelican 50QT elite cooler – The Pelican50QT elite cooler has a similar cooling capacity to the RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler. It is also highly rugged. It has a multi-function lid with cup holders and a ruler for fish.

Cup holders are a must-have for anyone who loves cups. The overall weight of the Pelican 50QT elite is relatively light at 26.39 lbs, which is still 5 lbs more than the RTIC. Any drawbacks? The main drawback to the Pelican Elite 50QT Elite is its higher price.

YETI Tundra Haul Hard Cooler – Rotomolded coolers can be heavy, so adding wheels ultra light series makes them easier to transport. The wheels on the YETI Tundra haul make it easier to transport the cooler. RTIC does not make a hard cooler with wheels, and yeti coolers do not make a lighter-weight injection-molded cooler.

A rotomolded cooler on wheels is the best option. Perhaps. The YETI Tundra Haul is exceptionally rugged and has excellent cooling power. The main problem with the YETI Tundra Haul’s 45-quart capacity is that it is smaller than the 52-quart RTIC U-Light Cooler. The price is also relatively high.

Igloo IMX70-Quart Cooler – Although it weighs nearly 5 lbs less than the RTIC ultra light series coolers, the Igloo IMX70-Quart Cooler has more same capacity. The Igloo IMX70-Quart cooler is a solid, injection-molded cooler that you should consider if you require more space.


Is RTIC going out of business?

RTIC will continue to sell all RTIC products as usual as per the www.RTICcoolers.com website, keeping true to its promise of “Overbuilt – Not overpriced” products to all RTIC customers & fans.

Read on: https://huntingwaterfalls.com/rtic-coolers-lawsuit/.

How many cans does a 52 quart RTIC hold?

Coleman Xtreme 52 qt. The Coleman Xtreme 52 qt. Cooler allows you to bring all your food and beverages to your next backyard barbecue, camping trip, or tailgate. The cooler can hold up to 82 12-ounce cans. You can also store snacks and drinks in the cooler.

Is RTIC made in China?

RTIC products, like other major competitors, are manufactured in China to offer the highest quality and lowest prices to you as the consumer.

How much is the RTIC company worth?

Rtic, a Cypress-based company, has earned nearly $200 million in revenues since it shipped its first cooler in September 2015. The brothers now have about 100 employees. John Jacobsen stated, “Seeing the growth in the company is kinda amazing.”


A customer comes to you and asks for a quote on a Rtic 52 ultra light. What would your response be? Would you recommend purchasing this product? A Rtic 52 ultra light is a top-of-the-line cooler that is durable and lightweight. If your customer is looking for a cooler that can get the job done without causing hassle, this is the perfect cooler.

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