Orion Cooler Vs Yeti 2021: What Is The Best For You

Orion Cooler Vs Yeti 2021 What Is The Best For You

We are currently in the market for a new cooler and wanted to see which one is better the Orion Cooler Vs Yeti. We did some research online and found that there were many different reviews for both products.

Some people say that they prefer the Orion because it’s lighter and cheaper than the Yeti, while others say they like the Yeti because of its larger capacity.

What do you think? Which one should we get? Could you read our blog post to find out?

Overview of Orion Cooler

Overview of Orion Cooler

Orion Cooler is one of the top-rated coolers in the market, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 871 Amazon reviews. With a 20 or 45 qt capacity, they are genuinely vast and fit for large families or groups where you need to keep your food or drinks cold or hot for more than three days.

About Orion Cooler: Orion Cooler was founded by Michael Larson in 2008 when he was inspired by Yeti coolers and how their high quality made them so famous amongst customers.

With his background in manufacturing aluminum extrusion specifically, he had no problem innovating and making improvements on existing designs to create the high-quality aftermarket cooler line that it is today.

From its beginning in 2008, Orion Cooler has grown from a one-person operation to the business it is today with over 100 employees. The Orion coolers are available in 15 colors and 13 sizes ranging from 20 quarts to 45 or even 90 quarts.

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Overview of Yeti

Yeti is one of the most popular cooler brands globally, and its Tundra series is one of the best on the market today. They come in sizes ranging from 35 or 45 or even 105 quarts with a price tag that ranges from $225 to $550.

The Yetis also come in 6 colors and 2 or 3 different designs or finishes, which leads us to begin comparing these two premium coolers head-to-head to see how they stack up against each other.

Orion Coolers vs. Yeti – Are Orion’s Worth The Money?

Orion Coolers vs. Yeti – Are Orion's Worth The Money

As you can see or determine from the chart above, Orion coolers are a lot cheaper than Yeti. Not only that, but Orion coolers have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 871 reviews. In comparison, Yeti only has 3.8 out of 5 stars, so it’s pretty clear that Orion coolers live up to their price and even surpass them in many aspects.

Ice Retention and Performance

This is one area where Orion coolers shine compared to Yeti because Orion coolers are known for having ice retention for over ten days. Just 2 or 3 days for Yetis, which means if you go on a fishing trip or a hunting trip and need something to keep your fish or game cool or frozen or need to keep beverages cold or hot, Orion coolers are the clear winner over Yeti.


Yeti takes this one because Orion only has 1/8″ of polyurethane foam insulation vs. Yeti’sRoto-molded Polyethylene, and that extra 1/8″ makes a huge difference when it comes to preventing heat transfer or keeping cold in for more extended periods.

Even if you look at Orion coolers’ 50 qt with the thickest insulation layer they have available, which is 3/4 inches wide, that still falls short compared to Yetis. The latter also have airtight features that improve performance even more.


When comparing prices between these two great brands, there might be a difference, but is it worth choosing either brand? First off, you get what you pay for when it comes to Orions or Orion ice chests because they are made of a higher quality and with better materials and craftsmanship than Yetis or Yeti coolers.

With Orion coolers, you get a more premium or high-end cooler that will keep your items or food colder or hotter for more extended periods.

Compared to Yetis, which can be made out of cheap plastic and the size of each cooler may not match up or be too small for the price being paid for them.

When looking at prices, price isn’t everything, but if there is no difference in performance between the two, then why spend a few hundred or even a thousand dollars on something that has essentially WORSE performance?

On average, Orion cooler’s overall price is about $60 or even $70 cheaper than Yetis, making them the clear winner in this category.

While yetis are priced higher, and Orion coolers come with a nice discount, Orion doesn’t sacrifice anything and still offers quality that surpasses or competes with Yeti.

Design and Feel

If you want to see or know more detailed information or reviews on Orion coolers vs. yeti design or feel, then use these links: Orions’s 20 qt cooler, the 30 qt cooler, or the 45 qt cooler. One of its most unique features is its handle system which allows for two carrying options: a single or double carrying handle or a backpack shoulder strap.

This is great for when you or your group or family need to carry or move the more excellent around. Either is in a rush or have more than one person carrying it or for when you’re on two different terrains, whether it’s sand, grass, or even snow.

Orions’s handles are solid and sturdy, which gives you peace of mind when lifting them or holding onto them while walking or running away from trouble or predators if out camping or hiking.

With the design being created simultaneously as manufacturing, you know that every step from start to finish was considered. While many people would rather pay less money for Orion coolers or Orion ice chests instead of Orion’s price, the quality you get out of orions more than makes up for its higher price point.


Orion Coolers vs. Yeti – Orion coolers have numerous features that are better than Yetis. First, off they are rustproof, have a three or 4-way valve system for easier draining and draining faster with less mess. Making it easier to clean them out as well, which is very convenient when cleaning or just rinsing or disinfecting them if there are any spills or leakages inside of your cooler.

They also come with an insulated lid with a drain plug with extra padding on top of that, and it has a molded-in beverage holder or can holder or even a center plate or cutting board area.

The insulation or Orion coolers are made from 3 or 4 inches thick polyurethane foam or high-density foam. It provides superior heat retention compared to Yeti’s 1/8 inch or even their 1 inch wide and doesn’t have any air gaps.

You may find in other brands or types of cooler insulations that are more likely to let cold air escape or warm air seep into your cooler. It will result in the contents inside your cooler getting warmer or colder. At the same time, Yetis have much better heat retention for more extended periods overall due to their five-layer roto-molded Polyethylene (RTP) construction.

Orion’s or Orion ice chests have an insulated lid or a triple-insulated or double-wall double-walled lid, which will keep the cold or hot air or temperature where you want it to be inside and outside of your cooler.

Orion coolers can also retain temperatures ranging from 0F to -25F depending on how much insulation they have, size or style and use, or if you are using them in multiple conditions or environments.

Orions’s ice chest lids offer easy access to the cold and hot foods inside, which is a significant advantage compared to Yeti’s T-Rex lid mechanism that requires some muscle strength and more work when trying to get food out from their T-Rex lid system.

Orion’s or orions ice chest or Orion cooler lids are also removable, or you can remove or take the cover off of orions coolers, making it easier to clean the top of your cooler as well. While eliminating or taking the lid off of a Yeti may be a bit more challenging overall, especially for one person who isn’t too strong.

These are just some of their features that make Orion coolers better than Yetis, not including the fact that they save both time and money in situations where either of those two things is essential.


Are Orion coolers made in the USA?

Yes, Orion coolers or Orion ice chests are made in the USA, not China or cheap low-quality materials or products.

What is the best cooler brand?

Does it matter as long as they work well and do what you need or want them to do? Material quality, construction quality, and so on will determine how durable and long-lasting a more relaxed or any other product type will be. It is why spending a bit more money upfront can save you from having to re-purchase another one sooner instead of later.

Or if using an Orion ice chest or Orion coolers outdoors, even just camping. Having a better quality product like orions may help keep your food colder longer if needed, such as during hunting season, for example, or other types of outdoor or sporting activities or events or hobbies or professions.

Orion coolers are more durable, better built, and made in the USA out of high-quality materials than cheap Chinese-made or low-quality products or ice chests which you may find for a fraction of the price if not even free from companies like Yeti or YETI knock offs.

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Why are Yeti coolers so expensive?

Yeti or YETI coolers or ice chests, or Orion cooler knock-offs are expensive because there is a lot of hype behind or around them or their name or brand, which people automatically assume are the best.

What is the best size cooler to buy?

A bigger or larger cooler or ice chest will generally cost more money than a smaller one. If you have a small family, it may be better to get something with less space but more insulation.

For example, whereas someone who parties or grills often or likes to take trips or go camping or hunting, having a larger quantity of food and drinks in your cooler may benefit you.

Then getting a much bigger and higher quality one would be better suited overall for you and your needs or wants or uses or situations or whatever you need or want or use your ice chest or more relaxed for.

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With so many options, it is hard to know which cooler best suits your needs. Hopefully, the information you’ve gathered from reading this article will help you decide on what cooler will work for your trip, whether that be hiking up a mountain or sitting by the pool all day.

If not, we have plenty of other articles and reviews about different coolers with more specific features available on our website. Let us know if there are any questions about our products!

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