Ozark Trail Vs Yeti Cooler 2023: What Is The Best For You

Ozark Trail Vs Yeti Cooler 2023 What Is The Best For You
  • Paul Kahan

Do you need a new cooler for your next camping adventure? If so, then there are Ozark Trail Vs Yeti Cooler – two main options to choose from. The first option is the Trail. This brand offers affordable coolers that are durable and can keep ice for up to three days.

The second option is the Yeti, which provides an excellent alternative for those who want a cooler with more features and durability.

These coolers often come in different sizes depending on how many people will be using them at once or what types of foods they will be keeping cold. Both brands offer great options and should provide anyone with what they’re looking for when shopping around for a new cooler!

Is the Ozark Trail Cooler as good as YETI?

Is the Ozark Trail Cooler as good as YETI

YETI is a great option for people willing to spend a little more on a quality product, as long as they can be sure it will work.

The Trail may be a good option if you have a limited budget. However, it is not as efficient as YETI’s. It’s half the price of a comparable YETI backpack. This is a lot of money that you can use to buy other gear.

YETI vs. Trail Overall Features Comparison

The Ozark Trailer line is an excellent alternative to Yeti coolers, as you can see from the review. In this section, we will compare the YETI vs. Trail based on premium and standard features. Let’s get started…

YETI vs. Ozark Trail Overall Features Comparison


When buying a cooler, portability is an important consideration. There are a few different handles available for the Ozark Trail coolers. The Trail 26-Quart has an overhead handle made from stainless steel.

The 52/73-quart coolers have high-performance side handles. Cushioned grips are also featured on the side handles.

YETI’s smaller models also have an identical overhead stainless steel handle. For easy transport, the larger models come with side handles that have a cushioned grip for comfort.

Booth the Trail, YETI also has anti-skid rubber feet. These coolers can be placed on almost any surface.

Price – More than Half the Price of Yeti

Price - More than Half the Price of Yeti

The Trail coolers are half the price of Yeti coolers with a similar size.

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These savings of more than $100 on the 26-Quart size and $200+ on larger 73-Quart sizes.

The table below shows a price comparison between both brands.

As you can see, coolers from Walmart are much cheaper than Yeti coolers. We need to examine the quality of Ozark coolers and decide if they are a good value or just a poor imitation.


Although they look similar, the Ozark is much more awkward and less expensive. As with RTIC and other brands, I think twice about calling their coolers or products “knockoffs” of Yeti products. Although it may sound harsh, I believe it is true. The Ozark is a clone, in fact, of a Yeti.

Yeti is a brand. But it’s also a cool style. While there are many benefits to using the innovative products of competitors, there is also something to be said about paying more to get the model everyone else is using instead of settling for something less expensive and cheaper.

A Wal-Mart product doesn’t always inspire confidence in morality, in my opinion.

This is a good decision by Yeti. They created their product and their design rather than waiting for a company to invent something. Yeti wins by a long shot because it is simple but modern.

High Quality and Long-term Durability

These coolers, especially YETI, are not very affordable. You won’t buy a backpack every day. You will need a cooler that lasts a long time when buying a new one.

It would help if you were careful about the quality and durability of the backpack that you buy.

The Trail coolers are a far superior product in terms of build quality. These coolers have a rotomolded design, a stainless steel handle, and a rugged body. We can still tell you that the Yeti is the best-built quality choice.

However, this doesn’t make the Ozark a bad option.

You already know that the Trail coolers have the bear-resistant certification of the IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee).

This is possible because the Trail backpack can achieve this despite being ruggedly built.

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Ice Retention – Yeti Outperforms The Ozark

Although there are no direct comparisons between the Ozarks and Yetis, the few that exist show that the Yeti outperforms the Ozark.

The Ozark claims that it can retain ice for up to 7 days, but real-world examples and tests show that it is more likely to keep ice for around four days.

My ice test revealed that my Yeti 45 kept ice for 10+ Days. However, this was in excellent condition with a soft cooler full of ice and kept out of direct sunlight.

An estimate of a Yeti that lasts 6-7 days is more realistic.

Ozark coolers perform better than standard Coleman coolers, which is exactly what you would expect from a cooler half the cost of Yeti.

Although a cheaper cooler retains more ice than a premium one, it is not as effective as the premium model.

If you are looking for superior ice retention, the Ozark is not the right one. A Yeti is better than any soft , while coolers like the Kong and the TechniIce are better.

Features – A Few Features Yeti Doesn’t Have

Features – A Few Features Yeti Doesn't Have

Although the Ozark is very similar to Yeti’s, it has a few distinct features that Yeti coolers do not have.

Cup Holders

This is a great feature and one I wish my Yeti had. Few roto-molded coolers even have a cup holder, which I find frustrating.

Cup holders can cause insulation loss in coolers.

Ozark has solved this problem by adding four shallow cup holders at the corners to the lids of larger sizes and two shallow cup holders at the corners for the smaller sizes.

Fishing Ruler

A molded ruler is found on the lid of the Ozark Trail. This ruler is only inches (no cms) and can be found on all sizes of Ozark coolers.

The Yeti coolers do not have a ruler.

The ruler is used for fishing. This ruler allows you to measure your catch quickly and determine if you can keep it or throw it away.

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The rule on the cooler’s lid is not something I use, so it’s not something I worry about. This may be useful for some people.

Fast and Slow Drain Plug

The Ozark features a unique fast- and slow-draining plug that is compatible with garden hoses.

The 1-inch black cap can be removed, and the soft can be drained that way. If you need to drain your cooler’s water, you can attach a garden hose to the 1-inch drain hole.

The larger plug can be removed, and the soft cooler will drain very quickly. You can also drain large amounts of ice chest from your cooler by using the larger drainage plug.

You can also attach the drain plug to your cooler to avoid getting lost. This was one of my issues with my Yeti, so Ozark is thinking about it.

Reversible Anti-Skid/Slide Feet

This feature is a great addition. Non-slip feet are one of Yeti’s best features. Rubber feet grip the ground so well that you don’t often have to tie down the cooler.

Ozark also has non-slip feet that are similar, which is great.

Sometimes you might want to be able to slide your cooler around your campsite, caravan, or in the back of your truck. It isn’t easy to do this with non-slip feet.

Ozark has invented reversible feet. To have sliding feet, you can remove the non-slip feet and flip them over.

You can flip between the 2, but you will need to remove and screw them back in if you want to replace them.

Certified Bear Resistant

Ozark coolers have been certified bear-resistant by the IGBC. This means that they can withstand bear attacks for more than 60 minutes without any bears getting in the cooler. The same testing was done on Yeti. They are also certified bear-resistant.

It is important to remember that the cooler must be secured with a padlock to keep it from being eaten by bears. The same applies to the Yeti.

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Double Pin Hinge

The lid of the Ozark Trail is secured to its main body by a double pin hinge.

Although it is stronger than the plastic hinges on a regular cooler, it isn’t as sleek as the Yeti’s single-pin hinge.

Affordable Wheel Kit

Roto-molded coolers can be heavy. They can be difficult to transport due to their thick insulation and dense plastic shell.

They become very heavy once you fill them up.

Many roto-molded coolers don’t have wheels, and those that do come with them are very expensive. You can see from my list of Yeti-style wheeled coolers that there are few good choices.

Although Ozark coolers do not come with wheels, you can purchase a wheel kit for under $40. Simple to install and use. This wheel kit is available in the two largest sizes (but you don’t need them for the small size). It’s a great addition.

Some Benefits of coolers here:


Your priorities will determine which cooler you consider more valuable. The Yeti is a great choice if you want a better and more valuable cooler than other features.

Yeti provides a great guarantee and is a leader in nearly every quantitative field applicable to premium coolers.

The Ozark is a good option if you’re trying to save money and want something that can produce great results at a low price.

It’s very functional and has many of the same positive attributes as the Yeti. However, it doesn’t bring anything new or original to the conversation, which is precisely why Yeti is so remarkable.

Although Yeti offers more bang for the buck, I understand that not everyone is financially secure or comfortable enough to put extra cash into their cooler. The Ozark is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

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Is Ozark Trail cooler as good as YETI?

This question can be answered in one sentence: NO. The YETI coolers outperform the Trail coolers, in our opinion. The Trail has some similarities to the YETI coolers.

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However, the Ozark models are not of high quality.

The Trail coolers are more affordable. If you want quality, then you should choose any Yeti model.

The Ozark trailer coolers are also less expensive, making them more affordable than a YETI .

Is the Ozark Trail cooler worth it?

Insulation Capability

Although it is not as expensive as premium coolers, the lower price makes it more affordable. Most people find that ice chest can be kept for three days or longer. This makes Trail Coolers ideal for weekend trips.

Search for: https://www.thecoolerzone.com/ozark-trail/

Are Ozark Trail and YETI the same?

They are not the same brands, and therefore different products. YETI, a Texas-based manufacturer of outdoor and lifestyle products, is here for your information.

Since 2006, they have been in the industry for more than 14 years. Yeti is well-known for its premium coolers and drinkware products.

On the other hand, the Trail is a manufacturer of lifestyle and outdoor products from Arkansas, USA.

Walmart, Inc. currently owns them. They are well-known for selling high-performance coolers with soft- and hard-sided sides, as well as drinkware.

Even though Trail & YETI may not be the same company, they both sold similar products and items for a long period all over the globe.

What Cooler is Equal to a YETI?

There are many types of coolers on the market. You can choose from a Canyon, an Engel, an RTIC, or a K2. However, these coolers may not be as good or as feature-rich as a YETI.

Some users claim that there is no other brand that can match a YETI regarding quality and features.

What cooler is better Ozark or a lifetime?

Because they are frequently on sale, Lifetime coolers tend to be cheaper than Ozark coolers. However, Ozark coolers can be roto-molded, making them more durable than Lifetime coolers that are blow-molded. Both coolers have similar ice retention and features, but they also have some issues.

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Source: https://huntingwaterfalls.com/lifetime-vs-ozark-trail/

How Long Does Ice Last In An Ozark Trail Cooler?

Ozark Trail offers many models on the market. These models have different ice retention capabilities.

The Trail 73, for example, can keep ice for as long as nine days. The Trail 52 can retain ice for as long as seven days.

The Trail can store ice for up to 12 hours, depending on its model.

Based on our experience, the actual ice retention ability can vary depending on many external factors. It will also depend on how often the cooler is opened and closed and other factors.

Why are yetis so expensive?

Because of the manufacturing process they use, Yeti Coolers can be very expensive. Rotomolded polyethelyne is used to make them. Although it’s more expensive, it makes a cooler that lasts longer and does a better job of keeping things cool for longer periods.

Click here: https://beardedblade.com/why-are-yeti-coolers-so-expensive-are-they-worth-it/.

Is Trail the Best Cooler for the Money?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many coolers from different brands.

We believe that most models on the Trail are well worth the investment.

These coolers are very affordable and come with premium features.


Now that you’ve read this blog post, you should have a much better idea of how to keep your drinks cold without freezing them. You will also know which cooler is the best one for keeping things cool and how long it takes for ice to melt in different conditions.

If all of those facts about cooling still seem too complicated, don’t worry! We can help you choose the right cooler with our expert advice on what to look for and what not to get.

And if we haven’t answered any questions or concerns yet, feel free to contact us! Our team would be happy to answer any remaining questions from this article and provide assistance in finding a YETI perfect for your needs (and budget).

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